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Ben and Michelle Jackson

Norwich, NY

#41 Oct 25, 2011
I just found out like last weekend that my sister is in jail hopefully it does help her cause i would really like to see it to help her. I think that she needs to get out and get help then maybe get to know her kids again. Thats what she need to do. The jail part wont help her at all. I think awhile she is in jail she thinking but that wont help her by staying off what she has been doing. I think if she putts her mind to it cause she is smart she can do it. I believe she can do it. Thats all i have to say about this. oh yea, there wasnt no bail on her for her to get out of jail maybe they are doing something she can get help for herself or they know something that i dont. Whatever it is in least in is off the streets and she isnt using. She is in a better place for now but you never know what going to happen next.
you know me

United States

#42 Nov 15, 2011
i had the displeasure of meeting the pig known as tanya over the summer. she was running around the bars in a bikini acting like a drunk skank. i feel bad for anyone who is associated with that trash. i didn't know duane but from the actions i seen from her... i wouldnt doubt she had everything to do with it. hope the nasty pig gets what she deserves... death or prison!
someone who knew them

Norwich, NY

#43 Nov 15, 2011
I woulsnt say death i would just rather for her to go in prison!!! cause for one thing the kids wouldnt have a parent at all to see anymore so i would go for prison...Sometimes people change when they go through prison and i dont think she killed duane but i wasnt there to see what was going on in their lives so i would have to say that if there is proff then i will beleive but for right now no proff no waitness and nothing that came about all of this so that all i have to say about that issue. Have a good life and live it like its your last...

Oneonta, NY

#44 Jan 27, 2012
Ashley you are delusional it was white trash murrrrrrrrrrrrrder
Dixie Womer

Louisville, KY

#45 Apr 19, 2012
overdose wrote:
Do you think tanya killed duane???
I thought Dixie Womer did..
tough taco

Oneonta, NY

#46 May 27, 2012
i met tanya in a bar. and it wasnt with her husband. i seen the stuff she dose. she thinks its ok to shoot up in front of the kids. or taught it was funny to fight her old man,,all cuz she needed a hit. i was called when r dwayne had past. just like there was a fight the night before. listen tanya is a skank. since when dose she get all druggy and sleep in a bed while the man on the couch...for real. hores dont sleep by them selfs. and i will call her out and say it to her face. every one in this valley knows tanya. free piece, didnt matter. and it wasnt even a week after her husband got killed she was out sleepen with that old man. so she busted herself. she got her freedom and we have to deal with the lose of one we watched grow up with. so for those who dont know tayna ya cant speak,,unless ya her druggie to. she always gets out of jail, why. cause shes a valley rat
tough taco

Oneonta, NY

#47 May 28, 2012
heres something i knew tanya for a long time. and shes not no angel. i no what i see with my own to eyes. what about the time she got busted at the candle light for doen coke in the girls bathroom. or the time she got busted for having sex with a stranger for booze at the rustic grotto. or what about the time she was busted in the lehigh? tanya is known for a shot up druggie whom will have sex with any one to get what she wants. even while she was married. she downed the family and all they have ever done. its tanyas nature to go with a different man at any time. and she will do any drug you put in front of her. if shes at a party she wakes with a man on her side. if shes at home, she wakes with a man on her side. if shes with you, she wakes with you on her side. so if shes not with you, she still wakes up in some strangers house with a man at her side. so some one please freaking tell me. how she goes home, leave her husband on the couch while shes sleeping ALONE. the dirty whore always has a man on her side. and any druggy who shoots up removes the needles from thier arm before the od kicks in. so how did he die from a overdose and still have the needle stuck in his arm. easy and i aint a dam cop. use your dam heads. a junkie will not leave a needle in thier arm. they tap the site before they inject and rub when done, have to remove the needle. and a whore never sleep alone. but that nite ,,,his needle was in his arm and she was in her bed sleeping. dam ,,,cover up, who she rAT OUT ,,,,,AND SNITCH ON TO GET OUT of a murder. last man who snitch, r.i.p. died...well guess what. bones told me all about ya tayna...time for ppl to know whose turning them in, but ya still get to walk. shes got a warrent out, but she walks the streets in waverly all the time, so why isnt she picked up..nothing but trash
tough taco

Oneonta, NY

#48 Jun 10, 2012
you know me wrote:
i had the displeasure of meeting the pig known as tanya over the summer. she was running around the bars in a bikini acting like a drunk skank. i feel bad for anyone who is associated with that trash. i didn't know duane but from the actions i seen from her... i wouldnt doubt she had everything to do with it. hope the nasty pig gets what she deserves... death or prison!
yep i was there at a bar when she was running around in a darn bikini, at the rustic grotto,,all up on some old man. skank is such a nice word for her...
Jj kit

Oneonta, NY

#49 Sep 8, 2012
Yes. She did. She told people she did.
Ashley wrote:
Ok Autumn if you read correctly as you obviosly didn't you would have read that in no way did I talk shit about Duane. THEY MADE THEIR CHOICES!! You are the one on this page pointing fingers. Further more a Question was asked in the heading so I answered. You don't like what I wrote don't read it. Simple as that. See not speak my mind well that just don't work for me. I will say it again you can reread what I wrote earlier maybe a little slower this time and see that disrespecting the dead I want no parts in. If you wanna walk around pretending to be god and that you know the truth. Go ahead but can I ask you why didn't you step in?? Why didn't you get your uncle help?? Now your entitled to have any opinion you want. And no one can take that from you. So please don't try to take mine. And to answer the question one more time NO I DON'T THINK TANYA KILLED DUANE!!
what to know the truth

Sayre, PA

#50 Sep 13, 2012
Jj kit wrote:
Yes. She did. She told people she did.
<quoted text>
did she really say that..if she did why wont u go to the police or take a video or prove that she said that...i dont really think she said that i think u just think she said that..

Spartanburg, SC

#51 Jan 10, 2013
I've know them both for at least 2 decades and its no surprise. Him and his brother did drugs back then so I'm really really not surprised that there both gone. Been to parties with both and have seen it myself.

Chatham, NY

#52 Jan 11, 2014
The things I have heard what she did to her kids is wrong..if I ever see her again I have no clue what I would to her..I know I'm related to her but if she ever ever get a hold of me I will do something to her..I would love to see her in prison and have nothing to do or eat that's how much I hate her

Chatham, NY

#53 Jan 11, 2014
wow wrote:
i really don't think OMG wants your sister to die , i think they were stating a fact that with the way her life style is going something bad may
come from it. your tonyas sister if you go back and read the beggining of this ,were you are bashing your sister and now your sticking up for her. wow you really need help . honestly you should really think about talking to someone about all this.
I don't need fuc**n help I just needed to know the truth..then I talked to some peeps then I changed my fu**** mind. Its a free fu***n world that people can change there minds..I have no idea who the f*** u are but u just pissed me off!!! U have no idea who I am where I can from or the rest of my family so next time be careful who u talking to cause they can turn u in for saying some shit..just to let u know
What I know

Charlotte, NC

#54 Feb 18, 2014
She could not handle the fact he was gonna leave her nasty ass !!! Look at her Facebook Tanya kitkat !!! She's never loved anyone the way she loves Steve willes posted not even a yr after her husband dies ! The father of her children !!! Duane accepted all of her flaws I mean how many men would be with a woman who had 3 kids by 3 different men !!! But he accepted her he tried with her !! He was way too good for her he deserved better !!! Soo much better!!! He was such a handsome man with a smile that lit up the world !!! And she is so nasty !

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