Group wants to make BF transit easier

Group wants to make BF transit easier

There are 19 comments on the Brattleboro Reformer story from Feb 4, 2010, titled Group wants to make BF transit easier. In it, Brattleboro Reformer reports that:

A new nonprofit group seeks to promote alternative modes of transportation in the greater Bellows Falls region.

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Jack Bauer

South Burlington, VT

#1 Feb 5, 2010
Why are we duplicating another service ? We already have a Goverment funded bus service in Rockingham. What are they going to tour ? All the beautiful Land Trust houses,run down old mills give me a break. Wouldn't it make more sense to rent a bus from The Current . We all know the town has an investment in that with donated gravel and cash. Isn't this the same Gary Fox who was going to do the Intermodal Transportation down town , then decide to go some place else. I would proceed with caution he is only looking for a job. Didn't he get let go from the Current ? Yes he did maybe we should find out why. Seems to me Gary has a personal agenda here for his own persnal gain. We would be better off renting a bus once or twice a week from the Current very little expence here.Didn't some else try renting bikes one other time, it didn't work then it won't work now. Lets face it this isn't Cape Cod.Lets put the Frederal money to better use . Oh I know you will say its not our money . Well guess what its mine I work and pay taxes along with some of the oother residents of BF.Where are you going to put the Kayaks and Canoes in ? I hope not the Canal!!!! Seriously lets look at other options here that make business sence. The taxx idea is great get a 15 passenger van , use it for a taxi then on certain days it could be used for touring. Just because you have a million dollars don't blow it to give Gary a job. Ask you self a question . If Gary got let go from one transportation company , what makes you think he can run this one. Maybe some one should investigate this.
Tinker Bell

Cambridge, VT

#2 Feb 5, 2010
just what ya need a trolley,how cute,how much will the selectboard spend on this like they did on the bus terminal,how much will this cost the taxpayers.

they want to relive yesteryear let them start by getting some real jobs here.

oh but wait its Rockingham we just need the fixings and no way to pay for them,I'll bet the selectboard contributes alot just wait and see.

maybe the party goers can catch a ride to the ultimate old party spot "Barbers Park" and have a tottie

Newfane, VT

#3 Feb 5, 2010
Tourism? What does BF have to offer, other than the train station and perhaps a trip to the Rockingham meeting house & cemetery?
Brian M

Rochester, VT

#4 Feb 5, 2010
Give me a break what Tourism ? I try not to be negative but what are they going to look at. First the Artist came to town and sold us a bill of goods, now Gary is trying.The Artist get subsidised rents for their studios with out tax dollars. Now Gary will be employed with more subsidised money. Wake up BF what we need are good paying jobs. Did you see a Korean company is opening up a plant in the Northeast Kingdom with 250 jobs. This is what our leadership should be looking at JOBS!!! I agree with Jack don't duplicate this we all ready have this in our Town Government. The Island could be put to better use .
Easy Rider

Haverhill, MA

#5 Feb 5, 2010
Hey Jack, lighten up a bit on Mr Fox... all he did the past few years was develop and engineer one of the finest examples of non-profit rural transit (The Current aka CRT) in the state... out of the bankrupt ashes of a defunct and failed private bus company.

Without his earnest efforts and vision, there would very likely be no bus service from Exit 3 to Exit 11 today. The fact that he had a personal falling out with his board of directors, in no way negates his vast accomplishment with the birth and viability of CRT.

What have you done lately, Jack? I personally applaud Mr Fox, and wish him the best in his latest endeavor to build community pride in an area that could use more like him!
Brian M

Rochester, VT

#6 Feb 5, 2010
Easy Rider or should I say FREE RIDER. Yes you are correct in saying the bus company was defunct and bankrupt . At least twice that I know of. I would wager any amount that it won't be long before CRT is in the same boat. When the federal money runs out they will be in trouble again. This service is ideal in city areas but not in a rural setting. I see several buses daily in BF with no more then 2-5 riders.How long can this last on donations ?
Easy Rider

Haverhill, MA

#7 Feb 5, 2010
Now, now Bryan... don't go changing my moniker, a FREE RIDER I am not, I ALWAYS pay my way.

While it is true that the BF route is one of the least utilized CRT routes, whose fault is that (I ask the residents of BF)?

Certainly that route is more than subsidized by the full commuter buses that ferry folks to WRJ daily, or the Brattleboro or Springfield services for that matter.

If you were remotely cognizant of the vastly utilized Dial-a-Ride and volunteer driver services that enable many seniors and carless poverty level residents to shop, socialize, travel to doctors appointments, etc... perhaps you wouldn't be so quick to negate the fine community service performed by CRT and it's drivers.

Personally, I would rather spend my tax dollars on helping the disadvantaged in rural Vermont, than funding wars or bailing out banks... my bet is you won't see transportation funding declining anytime in the foreseeable future.

Since: Dec 09

Bellows Falls, VT

#8 Feb 5, 2010
I see this as a cart before the horse situation. The people who have commented on unsustainable services have a good point. This fed money keeps going to non sustainable jobs and services. Tourism in BF would have to be a byproduct of something more sustainable. The culinary school would have been good as people would be here spending money and one would assume quality dinning could be established from this. The Outlook had a small story on the Island this week. Dutch Walsh has had success in other towns in utilizing dead space like the old shoe factory in Bratt. If the railroad is leaving the island will the bus terminal still be functioning? What about the millions VT was just awarded for rail? The Island needs a large business or a school of some sort if the Square is ever going to be something more than a subsidized revolving retail carousel. It would make sense to give huge tax breaks to any business that would be willing to re-locate there. The rail component, cheap real estate, cheap power and property tax relief could be attractive. Put a few hundred people on the Island and Mr Fox will have his trolley.
Brian M

South Burlington, VT

#9 Feb 5, 2010
Easy Rider I didn't intend to call you Free Rider.I got ahead of myself. I meant the riders them selves , this is what I mentioned donations. I'm sure most pay and some don't.I do know someone who rides to Brattleboro Mon-Fri and brags about not paying .Yes I would rather help the needy also and not fund the War.Better yet lets take care of our Vetrans. Have a good weekend and please except my apologies.
Easy Rider

Haverhill, MA

#10 Feb 5, 2010
Thanks for coming back with your response Brian... no apology necessary.

While true that some may brag about the free ride from CRT, the gratefulness of the thousands of transportation-deficient riders each month who contribute when they can, largely out-populate the few freeloaders... and the government helps with the rest.

As for the Vetrans, I concur... and CRT makes several stops a day at the Veterans Hospital in WRJ, certainly a "free ride" that most of us would agree is well deserved!!

For those that would denigrate Gary Fox as self-serving, one word - ludicrous. He is a forward thinking, community minded activist with a big heart (and a slow wristwatch).
The primary reason CRT exists today is a result of his vision and determined effort to improve the system for those less fortunate.

Yes, I am a big fan of his, as are most of his former comrades at CRT... investigate that Jack!
theodore busman

Cambridge, VT

#11 Feb 5, 2010
they spend too much monies
on those buses and buy then with tinted glass so you cant see how many riders they dont have , that industrial park should be for manufacturing only and not a bus terminal.
oh lets waste more grant monies on trolleys for
"GHOST TOURISTs", yah right
jim mitchell

Sunapee, NH

#12 Feb 6, 2010
I will weigh in on this subject about BF and the trolley cars.
I had actually suggested when the bus company was moving here that 1 trolley car would be nice here in the village, 1 select-person thought it was a good idea.

The intermodal money still has over 1.2 million left to remodel the railroad station etc, the village/town is working hard to secure some input to putting viable business in that station. I would love to see small AFFORDABLE FOOD STALLS with different food that would entice even the locals to stop by for a hobo lunch.

Things are looking up with the Hotel Project and that is a major player in the vitality and life to downtown.

Keep in mind that trolley can also bring day visitors to the community and spend time here in BF. The more clubs and restaurants we get the more life and money will come.

I still would love to see a clean up of Rockingham and Westminster street to open a view of the river, plant apple and cherry trees and when spring comes, I call the 2nd foliage of VT they will come to see what all enjoy at the Cherry blossom festival in DC if only for a day, we all would benefit.

Just my thoughts.

[email protected]

Montpelier, VT

#13 Feb 6, 2010
Good idea about the fruit trees Jim. Perenial food sources are about the best investment that can be made anywhere. Rhubarb, asparagas, herbs, bush and cane berries, and many others can be grown in Vermont with very little care and add beauty to the landscape and make much more sense than some inedible or poisonous thing that blooms once a year. A small cannery added to the mix would help insure domestic survival in case of food shortages. Okay, so call me
worrier I really don't care, neither does an ant.

Cuttingsville, VT

#14 Feb 7, 2010
Easy Rider wrote:
For those that would denigrate Gary Fox as self-serving, one word - ludicrous. He is a forward thinking, community minded activist with a big heart (and a slow wristwatch).
The primary reason CRT exists today is a result of his vision and determined effort to improve the system for those less fortunate.
Yes, I am a big fan of his, as are most of his former comrades at CRT... investigate that Jack!

In America lots of people aren't thrilled about funding every socialist do gooder plan people dream up for the greater good, they might be well intentioned but get enough well intentioned do gooders going and the taxpayers end up funding thousands of great things that are just gee wiz swell ideas until the mailbox is stuffed with all the bills to pay for them.

the veterans, the kids, the eldery, the poor, the disabled, single mothers and on the list goes of victims that have an army of advocates who think some smuck working 60 hours a week in a factory trying to pay the bills won't miss a few more pennies a week because it's for some victim of something and of course the concerned advocate needs a large salary for being so noble and passing up a high dollar career in private industry to help people.

Reality is most of the not-for-profit hero's wouldn't last 10 minutes in private industry managing even a fast food restuarant so are the last people that should be put in charge on managing taxpayer funds.

"Only the little people pay taxes"
Leona Helmsley
the queen of mean

The rich don't pay taxes, they collect them from the little people and remit them to the government by adding the cost of taxes onto the goods or services they provide to the little people. Wal-mart pays no taxes, they remit them to the government and collect them from their customers same as every high dollar white collar professional does. Doctors, lawyers, dentists, college professors, ect. just pass the cost of taxes onto the little people who use their services.
flat lander

United States

#15 Feb 7, 2010
more ways out could be needed but if there spending your money they are all for it. Just where do they want to go that you can't get already. All the trans. services continue to cut service rather than take a beating in the wallet which is the responsibility of their budget. It seems the trouble and drugs come and go without much disruption.
Easy Rider

Haverhill, MA

#16 Feb 7, 2010
Comrade just means "friend", "colleague", or "ally"... except for some folks who just see "Red" when they see that word.

You must have been a kid once, Joe... and needed the help of family, friends, and your community to get to the point where you could fare for yourself.

Don't know if you were a veteran, but if you were enlisted to fight in any of the petty (non-WW) wars in the past few decades, hopefully you came home with mind and body intact... many did not.

Someday, if you are lucky, you will be elderly... past the point of being able to work your 60 hours a week, too old to drive or care for your escalating needs.

And unless you are heir to Leona Helmley, you most likely will look forward to, and appreciate the help and assistance of those do gooders in your community that make it possible for you to live out your years with some small sense of independence, security, and dignity.

And hopefully, our country will find a way to cease funding wars and bailouts, eliminate taxes to those that can least afford to pay them, and divert the remainder for the sake of the truly less fortunate... or maybe just health care and education for all in need.

Cuttingsville, VT

#17 Feb 7, 2010
Comrade means "friend", "colleague", or "ally". The word comes from French camarade from Latin camera (room). The term has seen use in the military, but is most commonly associated with left-wing movements, where "comrade" has often become a stock phrase and term of address.

When the socialist movement gained momentum in the mid-19th century, socialists began to look for an egalitarian alternative to terms like "Mister", "Miss", or "Missus". They chose "comrade" as their preferred term of address. In German, this practice was started in 1875, with the establishment of the Socialist Workers' Party of Germany.[1][2] In English, the first known use of the word with this meaning was in 1884 in the socialist magazine Justice.

You socialists use the guilt trip garbage all the time so you can milk the suffering industry funding to make cake jobs you can't fail at. Most of them can't do squat themselves so go find some supposed victims to supposedly help and throw a guilt trip on the public while stuffing their own pockets and making more people dependant on the government in the process.

The fact is Americans can take care of themselves and help each other out without the nanny state, they managed to do just fine for a long time without a massive army of nannies.

Years ago an old guy hit me up for a ride in NJ,he was at the last rest area before the george washington bridge, claimed to be trying to get to the CT. VA Hospital. He looked like WW1 and managed all on his own to ask for rides so he could get someplace, I gave him a ride and some money and got him as close as I could. He said thanks and would find a way to get the last 5 miles.

He wasn't raised with the victim mentality and didn't sit around waiting for something to be handed to him like door to door service from the government.

Bleeding heart liberals have bankrupted this country. New Orleans was a perfect example of people waiting for the government to help them and thinking the government would take care of them. Midwest gets hit by floods and the towns people don't sit around waiting for help, they get to work helping themselves.

People manage to form car pools on their own, they manage to ask relatives and friends for rides. They do things for each other without being asked or expecting to get paid.

I was a kid and managed to go swimming,skating and do all sorts of things without the nanny state provided a pool or rink. That was back in the days prior to America becoming a nation of victims and their advocates.
Easy Rider

Haverhill, MA

#18 Feb 7, 2010
Now-now Joe, let's not denigrate to name calling when in truth you know nothing about me other than an opinion or two I have expressed in this diatribe.

For my entire work life, I worked in a blue-collared industry where 12-18 hr days were not uncommon. I was a blue collar worker, and later managed those same workers with my blue collar ethic... hence my legitimate use of the term "comrade".

Your tendency to label people who enjoy helping others (even though they may not be family or friends) as "self-serving Socialists" could be construed as a fine example of narrow-minded, stereotyped bigotry in some circles. Helping others less fortunate is a personal choice, not for everyone, but one that creates less of a "dog eat dog" world for others to emulate or at least admire.

If spending more money on helping others through trial and tribulation is in your opinion a "Nanny" state,so be it... what in our primarily military-industrial approach of the past can be construed as "managed just fine"? What bankrupted us was the countless majority of our tax dollars spent on bombing others into submission, and reaping the benefit for the privleged and powerful.

Years ago, I once hitched-hiked across country and back... but I wouldn't try it today, unless there was no alternative. Your vet was lucky enough to have two good legs, but I bet you a chestful of purple hearts he would have appreciated a subsidized bus to get them there and back in one fell swoop if it had been available.

Certainly your analogy regarding folks in New Orleans vs the Midwest is apples to oranges (more likely grapefruit to kumquat)... the breadth of any mid-western flood in memory pales in comparison to Katrina and the level of infrastructure devastation which occurred... I suppose in your mind those Haitians should quit holding out their hands, roll up there sleeves, and get to work rebuilding themselves.

Personally, I will take a society which leans toward "bleeding hearts" over "cold-hearted, me and mine" anyday... but thats just me.

Cuttingsville, VT

#19 Feb 7, 2010
Like I believe your blue collar joe biden style story LOL

Not many people around who wouldn't help somebody out that is in need, there are lots of people sick of watching people milking the suffering of others to put money in their own pockets while telling anyone who complains they are full of hate or something to that effect.

Considering the amount of money spent by the government over the decades to help people, everything should be just fine, but when wealthy people like Michelle Obomba stuff $300,000 a year in their pocket from a hospital so called job while married to a wealthy Senator and Elizibeth Dole stuffs $200,000 a year in her pocket from the red cross while married to a wealthy senator and millions of other noble people join in on the feeding frenzy sucking money out of everyones pockets so many are unable to help somebody they know. If the person in need doesn't qualify for some program they are chit out of luck.

I would sooner have the money in my pocket to decide who to help than give it to the government so they can pass a small fraction of it onto somebody in need after they take their cut which is most of it and waste lots of it also.

What if a neighborhood kid being so called raised by some trailer trash mother gets a old bomber car at 16 and has some trouble with it so might loose the job he/she just got, is there going to be a government program for that or could We The People keep our own money so We The People can help the kid out ?

People rip off government programs to no end, not just the people employed by the suffering industry, also the professional victims that go out of their way to make sure they get in on the action.

some whining american wrote into the paper about the school doing away with 7th grade spanish & french

like wow it's free for anyone who wants to learn on their own so the nanny government doesn't have to offer it.

There isn't many people in the country that wouldn't give somebody a ride or find a way to help the person find a ride so your sniviling and throwing victims in peoples faces is a joke just like the sniviling about 7th grade spanish & french.

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