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Julia Kalin

Jacksonville, FL

#1 Jan 13, 2011
I would really like to take a minute to tell you just how much we love our wedding video. You were so very easy to work with and were so professional, punctual and thorough on our wedding day! You captured every moment perfectly and some moments that we don't even remember but were so happy to see. Matt and i went back and forth about hiring a videographer for the wedding but to tell you the truth we both agreed after seeing your work that it was one of the most important decisions we made for our big day. My advice to brides is even if you are on a budget remember that the flowers will die and nobody will remember what the cake tasted like so why not invest in something that will last a lifetime. We have shared all our extra DVD's with our family across the country and overseas and they really loved it. Even through we had a fairly small wedding it was still a blur between making sure we talked to all the guests and got all the photos taken and the toasts and traditions. It's just nice to be able to sit in the comfort our living room and see every detail that we missed and reflect on the most important day of our lives. Thank you again for everything!
Matt and Julia Kalinski from Ponte Vedra Beach
Wedding on September 25 2010 at Casa Marina Hotel and Restaurant
Kathy Price

Jacksonville, FL

#2 Jan 24, 2011
I just wanted to tell you that my entire family thought you did an awesome job with our wedding video!!! I was extremely impressed, and would recommend you highly! In fact, I already have! I am so glad we decided to do the highlight video, and your picks for the video were excellent. I had the whole family over last Saturday to watch the highlight video. Lukeís dad said it was the best wedding video he had ever seen, and he was skeptical at first. In fact, so was I. I thought the pictures would be enough, but thanks to you I got to see and hear my entire wedding, something I could not have done otherwise. Thank you so much!
Brittney Robinsen

Jacksonville, FL

#3 Feb 2, 2011
Our Wedding Video was awesome! We now get to watch every moment of our wedding day.:-) Thank you so much!! Some of our favorite moments had to be the exchanging of vows and ceremony. Then of course the dancing at the Reception, lol. Our family members said they loved the Wedding Video!!! You captured all the fun and emotion, down to every detail!! We loved the Highlight Video Version! You are absolutely a professional! We are so glad that we chose you as our videographer. Thank you so much for capturing our special day!!!
Jodie Hoschton

Jacksonville, FL

#4 Feb 21, 2011
I'm so thankful we found you! This was a "blended family" wedding and it's absolutely priceless to have these DVD's to pass on to our children so they can always remember being a part of it! I couldn't believe how much i loved it - we've had so many people over to watch it with us and they all love it! The groom getting ready with the boys.....the dancing our kids were doing as we were dancing as a couple at the reception...). The things I wouldn't have wanted to miss were exactly the things you were able to captured on video!!!!!

I couldn't have asked for a better experience! I totally forgot you were even there! The first time I watched the video I kept saying "Wow, i didn't know anyone was there!" You really did an amazing job of being "there" without getting in the way of anyone's enjoyment. Thank you so much!! You have helped us capture the most important day of our lives and given us a way to pass it on to our children as well!!!*Jodie*
Greg and Tracy Brown

Jacksonville, FL

#5 Mar 9, 2011
Thank you for our videos. We have really enjoyed them. In fact, we have watched it several times, and have had to rewind several parts as we were laughing so much!! It was awesome! There was so much that I didn't see during the wedding and reception that I was glad you captured on video. The highlight video was very nice. You were very professional and a pleasure to work with. Again, we really enjoyed your video. We will definitely recommend you to whomever we come across! Thanks again for being a big part of our wedding celebration! We will definitely recommend you to whomever we come across!
Shanah Fuller

Jacksonville, FL

#7 May 19, 2011
I loved Brentís work! I canít thank him enough for shooting our wedding video the very last minute. OMG IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! HE DID AMAZING JOB i cried when i saw it, he is an amazing videographer, thank him soo much for being apart of the most important day of my life!!!I canít thank him enough i have told everyone about him!!! I will love to write on his website i will get to it tonight- thank you i really cant express how beautiful it came out you are AMAZING
erin hackford

Jacksonville, FL

#8 May 26, 2011
We all sat down and watch our video of the going away party Wed night. It was so good!! I love the transitions Brent used and i am so HAPPY to have the video as a keep sake of some friends here in Jax. I am amazed at all of the angles he was able to catch..... it allowed me see what was going on when i was zoned out talking to guests - TONS!!! I didn't realize so much else was happening, in fact i didn't even really pay attention to the games and the winners that night, and usually i am all over that at parties. I Thank him for the excellent videotaping, Brent ROCKS!
jeanilla lass

Jacksonville, FL

#9 Jun 22, 2011
My husband David and I viewed our video and we wanted to thank our videographer Brent Nicholaysen so much for his efforts. We really appreciated it. We really got to see the wedding instead of just being in the wedding. We liked how Brent captured the interaction with our guests and all of the candid shots of us as a couple. We loved our wedding video!

Jacksonville, FL

#11 Jul 17, 2011
We thank our videographer again for everything. My dad watched the entire wedding day and highlight videos and was so impressed. He said our videographer did an awesome job and he is so happy I nagged him to get a wedding videographer. It is amazing how many things I forgot happened at the wedding and I am so happy to have this video so I can keep the memories of our special day alive. When my husband and I watched the video we kept saying how we didnít even notice our videographer was at the reception (which is what we wanted!). The video was complete in two weeks! The quality of the wedding video looks great. The opening scene gives a brief preview of what is to come. Everything in the video is very clear and there isnít any shaking of the camera which is something Iíve seen sometimes with other wedding videos. Definitely! Professional, Very much so. Our videographer was hardly noticeable but still made sure I was happy throughout the day and evening. It is lovely to see everyone together and having a blast. It was nice to see the parts of the wedding ceremony and reception that we were away from (from being on the balcony or talking to friends, etc). I loved hearing our personal vows to each other and since my husband had a mic on for the ceremony, I was able to hear what we whispered to each other during the ceremony which was so sweet. I enjoyed watching my bridesmaids help me with my dress and of course the reception. I love how he captured all the special moments and speeches. We absolutely loved the video and couldnít wait to share it with friends and families. Having our wedding captured on video was Definitely a valuable way of preserving lasting memories! Pictures are wonderful but unless we had a video, I wouldnít be able to relive the special moments like getting dressed, walking down the aisle, saying my vows, dancing with my husband for the first time or hearing speeches from our loved ones. It was simply wonderful.
Florida Cracker

Jacksonville Beach, FL

#12 Jul 17, 2011
I hope he will be the videographer for my soon to be exwife and her african american lovers wedding
Jackie Davis

Jacksonville, FL

#13 Aug 20, 2011
We loved our wedding video DVD's! Videographer Brent Nicholaysen did such a beautiful job! Rave review, we truly appreciate everything he did.

Jacksonville, FL

#14 Sep 7, 2011
I loved Brentís work! I canít thank him enough for shooting our wedding video the very last minute. OMG IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! HE DID AMAZING JOB i cried when i saw it, he is an amazing videographer, thank him soo much for being apart of the most important day of my life!!!I canít thank him enough i have told everyone about him!!! I will love to write on his website i will get to it tonight thank you i really cant express how beautiful it came out you are AMAZING.
Marisa Gorden

Jacksonville, FL

#15 Sep 22, 2011
I am so glad I got a videographer! I was very pleased with the video. I think that may day was captured very well. The quality and the turn around time of the video were excellent. I loved being able to see what was going on around me at my reception. Brent Nicholaysen was great and I am truly happy with his final product. Thank you so much for everything. Everyone hasn't watched it yet, but I am sure they will love it like I did.
George Rugan

Jacksonville, FL

#16 Oct 13, 2011
George Rugan
Wedding June 25, 2011

I definitely feel like having a videographer was the best way to preserve our wedding. We watched the highlight video last night and it was great!!! Our videographer Brent really captured the whole event. There was so much on the video of the actual reception. We are both very happy with the results. My favorite part of the highlight video was us walking down the isle of the Church after we were married, our wedding song while we danced to it and also enjoyed the cake cutting. I really liked how our videographer caught the University Club before everyone arrived so we could see how great it looked because by the time we got there everyone was seated. We both loved seeing everyone interacting and having fun. The quality of the video was great. I think Brent did a great job moving around and capturing everyone in a natural setting. I'm sure he already knows but everyone thought he was very professional and very unobtrusive. I just sent a copy to my family and Amy's mother watched everything but the highlight video and she said it was much better than she imagined. We were very happy about how fast we received the video. We are going to be playing it for more family this weekend at my father in-laws surprise birthday party. We will definitely be recommending videographer Brent Nicholaysen to anyone we know getting married. Thanks Again Brent!
Joan Ullah

Jacksonville, FL

#17 Nov 10, 2011
My husband Sam and I got back from the Honeymoon and we finally had the opportunity to gather some family together a few days to watch the highlight video. We all loved it!! The wedding day goes by so fast, that it is hard to remember all of the details - this video was a great way to re-live those special moments!

I was surprised at how quickly we got the videos and that they were such high quality. The pictures and sound were both very clear and the highlight video flowed really well. We also really appreciate the fact that our videographer provided the extra copies. We plan to give those as gifts to our parents - we know that it will be really special for them!

I loved seeing all of our friends and family on the video - we didn't get to spend as much time as we wanted with everybody, so it was fun to see everyone at the reception talking, interacting and enjoying the evening. Some of my other favorite moments are, of course, the ceremony, our first dance, dancing with our parents, cutting the cake. But, it was also the other little moments - getting dressed, seeing they guys getting ready and what they were doing...all of those things I didn't get to see before the wedding. The video kind of gives you a complete picture of the day!

It was interesting, when I mentioned I had my wedding video, my uncle commented that he didn't even really notice that there was a videographer at the wedding - which I think speaks volumes about how well you just blended in, but still captured so much!

If someone were to ask me whether to do a wedding video or not, I would absolutely recommend it! After receiving mine, I can't imagine not having it.... we are looking forward to enjoying this video for years to come!!

Thank you so much!
Joan Ullah
Holly Tobie

Jacksonville, FL

#18 Dec 9, 2011
Simply perfection. Brent captured everything magical on my wedding day. He was so professional and yet personal, it was such a joy having him record our special day. From talking out the details and going over questions months in advance, to going over the timeline and shooting the big day Brent was amazing. He always answered all my questions promptly and made me feel so certain I picked THE best videographer around. On our wedding day he spoke with both my husband and I briefly then he was behind the scenes all day. 2 weeks later we had our video in our hands and watched it. We were grinning ear to ear reliving the wedding through the video. The highlight video was perfect for showing our friends and family members and the full part 1 and 2 videos were magnificent at catching all the special moments that made our day perfect. Brent got so many details of our wedding that meant the world to us, it truly is heartwarming to think about the thought that went into it. Brent is a master of his art and I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone in the greater Jacksonville area!
Tom Stauris

Jacksonville, FL

#19 Jan 25, 2012
We thank Videographer Brent Nicholaysen for being a part of our wedding celebration. So far we already watched the video a number of times and just wanted everyone to know how extremely satisfied we are. It's amazing to see how much video was captured during that day and it was great to see all of our friends and family celebrating with us. The quality of the video was excellent and we thank Brent for the extra editing he provided. Brent Nicholaysen was extremely professional and captured all the right moments. This wedding video is something we will always cherish and watch on every one of our future anniversaries. I will highly recommend videographer Brent Nicholaysen to anyone of my friends. Sincerely, Tom Stauris
Anne Hampton

Jacksonville, FL

#20 Mar 15, 2012
We were all very pleased and thrilled to watch our beautiful video! We loved our wedding day and I am so happy I am able to watch it whenever I want! This was crucial to us as we want our future kids and family to be able to watch and enjoy as well as us be able to relive the day throughout the years on anniversaries and just because. My dad was struck by the vividness of the colors and my mom really appreciated that you got the surroundings and details for friends and family who were not present to see. A record of our wedding day and the surroundings were set up beautifully with the camera. Thanks so much for our video! It's been amazing to look back over the wedding and to get to see all those things we never saw! We received our video back within weeks of getting married. Very timely. You were extremely professional and considerate. You have been timely and thorough.†Thank you so much for your hard work!
Marian Gill

Jacksonville, FL

#21 Mar 22, 2012
Thank you so much for your phenomenal work! Our wedding video is incredible, we are still hearing family raving about it! All of our families want a copy! The video was very clear, HD quality, and you captured all the things that we weren't able to see. It is such a treasure to be able to relive that day through more than just pictures. My favorite parts were the funny moments like watching our relatives dancing crazy, the hilarious best man speech and the sweet moments like being introduced as husband and wife, our first dance and my husband adding a little cake to face! These things can only be captured to a certain extent with a photo but video takes you right back to that place, the best day of my life, and that is priceless! This video is not only amazing, but we received the video within a week of our wedding and were given extra copies. Thank you so much for one of the greatest gifts!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Renia and Tommy Noris

Jacksonville, FL

#22 May 4, 2012
Wow! We received our wedding video immediately after our wedding. We love the quick service! Thank you so much for shipping it to us! We watched it that evening and enjoyed reliving our special day again.

You were so professional throughout all the chaos.

We are so pleased with your work. The best gift we gave ourselves was hiring you. You were able to capture our day from beginning to end and all of the footage was wonderful. There was not a dull moment in your video and we really liked that aspect of your service. I love the still shots at the beginning of each part. The introduction was really nice too. Thanks for sending multiple copies!! Our parents will love these!

Hands down you were the most valuable to attend our wedding.
We are so thankful to you for accepting our Invitation. Keep up the awesome work! St Augustine is lucky to have you!

Renia and Tommy Noris
Greenville, Sc

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