who is she

Memphis, TN

#1 Dec 2, 2010
what kind of person is she? she treates her grandkids bad and did a really bad job rasin her kids. would anyone know if she is on meth or what kind of drugs is she on?every time i see her she looks high or something. what do people think about this woman? i heard she is all the time talking about killing people. is that true? if so why is she not locked up were she cant hurt anyone?? info please??
lostthemgrandbab ies
#2 Dec 2, 2010
I know she is sorry as hell and always has been. She wants to walk around high as a kite saying "I'm trying to live right." Which if smoking pot , downing zanax like candy, and Living w a man around your sons age while F***ing anything else that walks including some of the men her daughters date is living right then I guess she is. Thank God her grandkids are being raised outside her white trash family. Anything you want to know about her ask her brother, The Jacksons in Pickwick or the dads and real moms taking care of her grandchildren.
who is she

Memphis, TN

#3 Dec 3, 2010
well she was sleeping around with my old man. so that is way i need to know about her.should i go get a hiv test?any woman to sleep with a married man is nasty white trash but to top it off she is on drugs and a boyfriend that is herr son age??is he the werid guy that is like 30 or so and were a best grandpa tee shirt?? what a joke!!he looks to be as crazy as she is.
lostthemgrandbab ies
#4 Dec 3, 2010
Don't know why ur old man would want that but u better get checked to b on the safe side. She looks like she might have something. Her daughter is Debra Hartley if u know her then u know the apple don't fall far from the tree.
white trash

Memphis, TN

#5 Dec 3, 2010
you are so very right that apple sure did come from the same tree.they both are the most selfish people ever to cross my path.fran all she does is trash her own daughter but at the same time she has not a thing to do with her to oldest grandkids. that god the jackson want let her come in and out of there lifes any more.i also know that her grandson dalton the one that her and her weird crossed eyed boyfriend thinks is there son.well his dad and his wife is rasing him and now her acting crazy and butting that boy throw pure hell she cant even see him.hell i think if my our daughter was a no good mom then i would try to make it up to my grandkids for rasing there mother so bad.i also heard that she was messing up her relationship with her son and his girlfriend withn there child.whenwill this ho bag learn???never i guess she is like around 50 now.grow up and lay off the drugs and do you grandkids a favor and dont come around them bc they dont need you.
I so know

Toledo, OH

#6 Dec 3, 2010
Okay first off this bit*h is a drughead shank hoe whit trash woman hell woman ain't even right to say bout this b*t*h!!! She has never been a good mother and sure ain't been a good grandmother good damn thing the grandiose fathers & wifes and other grandmothers take care of them poor babys!!! The jacksons are good people that take very good care of them babies you know they don't even ask bout Fran hell to then she's dead to them the same as their mother she says that her grandbabies will come find her when their 18 bitch don't hold your breathe they might fin you to tell you how much they don't like you and are glad your not in their life!!! Adam and Megan are damn good to Dalton Megan is more of a mother than Deborah and the Jackson aren't even blood kin an are better to him then Fran and her fucked up boyfriends he even calls them nana and papa!!! Them babies know right from wrong and who really loves them and are always there for them so Fran you need to stop tryin to interfer with them babies life and go smoke you another one you crack whore!!! You weren't a good mother and sure aint a good grandmother and will never be a grandmother to then babies!!! And asfar as James he's a good man the beat put of the whole damn bunch and I hope he keeps doin great and don't let that crazy drughead mom fuck him up like she did her other two kids!!! Peace

Hendersonville, NC

#7 Dec 3, 2010
People who call DCS about children that are being well taken care of are not "LIVING RIGHT." Thank GOD your grandchildren have people who truely love and take care of them because with a white trash grandmother like you will screw their heads up the same way you did your daughter.Don't you realize when you report people to DCS over and over, they know how you are!!!
white trash

Memphis, TN

#8 Dec 3, 2010
it's so funny everything you talk to her she sounds f*cked up or is it the fact that maybe she is slow???

United States

#9 Dec 3, 2010
Come on, Everyone who's ever met her knows she SLOW & F*cked UP! She has proven that!!!
ummm what she said

Memphis, TN

#10 Dec 3, 2010
yea! i went to school with her nasty ass daughter.i party with her pregant many of times.they are some retarded people.i know she get's that baby dalton and has him around all kinds of sh*t.if his dad and step mom only knew.boy, she wouldn't to 100 miles around that baby.she goes to church ever blue moon and acts like she is all full of da holly sprite:) i dont know what god she prays to but the bible dont say to get fu*cked up everday, sleep with married men and have a liven boy.she should never be around kids.ever!

Olive Branch, MS

#11 Jan 2, 2012
dont you wish you people really knew what you were talking about!!!
get facts right

Cookeville, TN

#12 Jan 3, 2012
SO THANKFUL THESE IGNORANT PEOPLE WONT BE JUDGING ME ON JUDGEMENT DAY!! yall dont seem no better than the person your trashing.....think about that!!!

Millington, TN

#13 Jan 5, 2012
I love her to death and think she is a wonderful woman! back off haters
Cracking up

United States

#14 Jan 5, 2012
fucktheworld wrote:
I love her to death and think she is a wonderful woman! back off haters
This really made me LOL!

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