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Savannah, GA

#23 Sep 28, 2012
History of the John Birch Society
History: The John Birch Society was, for a long time, the principle radical right wing of the Republican Party. Radical Republican right-wing groups opposed the New Deal legislation before World War II.... things like Abolishing Progressive Income Taxes, Eliminating Social Security,...and eliminating Unemployment Insurance.

So now we have Ayn Rand wanting Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment Insurance Abolished.

Then we have Ayn Rand's Disciple Paul Ryan wanting to Abolish Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment Insurance.

And we have the Multi-Billionaire Koch Brothers wanting to Abolish Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment Insurance.

And we had the Father of the Koch Brothers, Fred Koch, a Founding Member of the John Birch Society, also wanting to Abolish Social Security, Medicare, and Unemplyment Insurance.

And we have the Libertarian Party (Ron Paul) wanting to Abolish Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment Insurance.

And we had Paul Ryan Co-Sponsoring the Bill to Privatize Social Security back when George Dubya Bush was President.

Now, Paul Ryan claims after hero-worshipping Ayn Rand since his high school days, that he just found out Ayn Rand was an Atheist.

And Paul Ryan claims he wants to "Fix" Social Security, yeah right!

I might have been born at night, but it wasn't Last Night.

Romney and Ryan are promising Seniors that they will leave Social Security and Medicare, "Just as it is for Seniors."
"Just as it is" ......."Just as it is"
Have you noticed that you get a cost increase in your monthly premiums for Medicare nearly every year?
Have you noticed that some years you get a "Cost of living increase in Social Security," and some years you don't?

So, "Just as it is," means Romney and "Kill Medicare & Social Security Ryan" can double and triple your Medicare Premiums each year and deny you a cost of living increase in Social Security.

Any Senior Citizen who listens to Paul Ryan's Lies, and Mitt Romney's Lies about "Fixing" Social Security," needs his head examined, or exhumed, since he is probably brain dead.

And you younger folks never know when you might be injured and forced to retire on Social Security Disability. If you vote for Romney/Ryan the odds are 95 to 1, that Social Security will NOT be there when you need it most.
Senior Citizen

Savannah, GA

#24 Sep 28, 2012
President Eisenhower called himself a Moderate Progressive Republican and he followed what he called "the middle way."

Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower detested Republican Conservatives and Eisenhower despised Republican Right Wingers and fought with them all through his Political career, and after he left office. Eisenhower fought the Republican Conservatives and Republican right Wingers until the day he died.

When Republican President Dwight David Eisenhower was elected President of the USA, the Millionaires and Billionaires went running to Eisenhower to get Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, and the whole Roosevelt "New Deal" repealed.

Eisenhower Refused! And the fight was on for the heart and soul of the Republican Party between the Middle of the Road, Moderate Progressive Republicans and the Conservative Right Wing Republicans.

Are you smart enough to keep your Social Security and Unemployment Insurance?

This is Document # 1147 of the Eisenhower Presidential Papers in his first term.

Obviously, Republican President Eisenhower thought the American people were too smart to fall for the B.S. put out by the Conservative and Right Wing Republicans.

Eisenhower held off the extremists in the Republican Party during his terms of office. Today, the Radical Extremists have control of the Republican Party.

Read the third paragraph, Ike is talking about Hunt Foods, H L Hunt, and he is talking about the Big Oil Multi-Billionaire Koch Family, Fred Koch and his sons.

Eisenhower said here, that any party that tries to Abolish Social Security and Unemployment Insurance
is Doomed to the dust bin of history. We shall see.
Senior Citizen

Savannah, GA

#25 Sep 28, 2012
Senior Citizen

Savannah, GA

#26 Sep 28, 2012
Dwighty Eisenhower Memorial Controversy
Today's Radical Conservative Republicans don't like Ike Eisenhower.
The feeling would be mutual, Eisenhower wouldn't like them either.
Senior Citizen

Savannah, GA

#27 Sep 29, 2012

Ayn Rand: The GOP's Godless Philosopher

Republican Preacher, it is past time for you to abandon ship and depart from the Republican Party.
Senior Citizen

Savannah, GA

#28 Sep 29, 2012
Republican Preacher,
I am sure you remember Ken Mehleman, the Republican National Committee Chairman when George Dubya Bush was elected President. Ken Mehleman produced Truckloads of Anti-Gay Republican Propaganda to be delivered to the Preachers and the Churches, inspite of the protests from Laura Bush. If you want to get the Church Vote, you have to stir up the congregations.

George Dubya Bush's Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehleman Was and Is GAY, and Dubya knew it!
Dubya Bush even used Gay Ken Mehleman as his National Re-Election Campaign Chairmanin 2004.

The Atlantic Wire News, Bush Capaign Chief and Former RNC Ken Mehlman said, "I'm Gay."

Dubya Bush even had the gall to have Ken Mehleman produce Anti-Gay Republican Propaganda to be distributed to the Preachers, Churches, and Republican Candidates for office, Over the Objections of Dubya's wife, Laura Bush.
Senior Citizen

Savannah, GA

#29 Oct 1, 2012

American Values Network: Christians Must Choose Ayn Rand or Jesus
Senior Citizen

Savannah, GA

#30 Oct 2, 2012

Paul Ryan, 30% of Americans Want a Welfare State, 70% of Americans get back more from the Federal Government than they pay in Taxes.
Senior Citizen

Savannah, GA

#31 Oct 2, 2012

Mitt Romney's 47% of Americans are Moochers speech.

Apparently, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney study the books of Ayn Rand together.
Senior Citizen

Savannah, GA

#32 Oct 9, 2012

Did the Koch Brothers buy Paul Ryan Pick with a $100 Million Dollar Pledge to the Romney Campaign
Senior Citizen

Savannah, GA

#33 Oct 11, 2012

Veterans News Now. Com, Paul Ryan, An American Taker
Seeker of losers

Pooler, GA

#34 Oct 12, 2012
Didn't have to go far to find some.
Senior Citizen

Savannah, GA

#35 Oct 17, 2012

Fox News, "Does America Need Ayn Rand or Jesus?

What about it Republican Preacher? Do you want to sacrifice your Christian Church on the GOP Ayn Rand Altar of Unrestricted Capitalism?
Senior Citizen

Savannah, GA

#36 Oct 28, 2012
Paul Ryan's View of Social Insurance as a Socialist,... economistsview.typepad.com/economistsview/201... ...
Sep 29, 2012 ... In Paul Ryan's eyes, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, SNAP, etc. are all socialist, collectivist systems that must ...

Ayn Rand's Disciple Paul Ryan wants Unemployment Insurance and ALL other Social Safety Net Programs Abolished.

“A Shot In The Eye”

Since: Nov 12

Location hidden

#37 Nov 4, 2012
The Tea Party is bad for democracy.

Omaha, NE

#38 Nov 5, 2012
Truth For Legume wrote:
The Tea Party is bad for democracy.
So is SEIU, The Occutards, ACORN, Muslim Brotherhood, AFL-CIO, and that shit for brains 'Senior Citizen'.
Senior Citizen

Savannah, GA

#39 Nov 7, 2012
Rep. John Barrow wins tough Ga. re-election fight | www.ajc.com www.ajc.com/ap/ap/legislative/voters-to-decid... ...
4 hours ago ... Democratic Rep. John Barrow held off a Republican challenger Tuesday to win a tough re-election battle in an east Georgia district that had ...

The Koch Brothers' FreedomWorks Tea Party spent a lot of money trying to defeat Democrat John Barrow.
Senior Citizen

Richmond, VA

#40 Nov 18, 2012

Ayn Rand: The GOP's Favorite Bonkers Demagogue - The Daily Beast

www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/06/06/ayn... -... www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/06/06/ayn... -...

Jun 6, 2011 ... It was a bit rich last week to hear Paul Ryan, as he emerged from the House Republicans' White House meeting, whining about being the victim ...

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