Sauk Village Crime
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Auburn Hills, MI

#1 Jun 22, 2006
What is going on in Sauk Village? And why isn't it in any of the local papers? Drive-bys? Gunfire? Illegal dog fights? Gang activity? Are these rumors or fact?

Macomb, IL

#2 Jun 24, 2006

United States

#3 Jun 24, 2006
christie wrote:
Facts? How do we know? Where are the fact?

Macomb, IL

#4 Jul 7, 2006
I know because I'm acquainted with many police and dispatchers in the area. Used to be one myself. Why do you ask though ? Did you grow up there ? I remember when it was a new community built in the 70's. Nice homes, backyard pools etc.

Schaumburg, IL

#5 Jul 9, 2006
I still live in S.V. and have for 17 years. My gripe is that I see things happen every week on my block alone (incidents that involve the police)and yet I never see anything mentioned in the paper.


#6 Sep 4, 2006
The reason you don't see any Sauk Village news is that the Police dosen't want there town to look bad if they would get rid of some of there corrupt officers they have maybe something would get done.
I lived in the village for almost 15 years and know what has been going on.
Also my mother was shot like a dog (PEACHTREE L.N)
and the MURDERER'S are still walking.
I live for the day that town gets a good washing.

El Dorado Hills, CA

#7 Sep 18, 2006
You are so right about corrupt officers in Sauk Village, and they are always trying to hide stuff that happens. They are too worried about the stupid folks that call on innocent kids riding bikes and playing basketball in the street instead of the ones running around vandalizing and shooting people. They have arrested my son numerous times for being on an ATV on private property with the owner of that property's permission all because we have an idiot for a neighbor that doesn't even own that property that says he doesn't like it.

Chicago, IL

#8 Sep 19, 2006
I'm sorry to hear all these ill feelings about the police department. I'm in the process of trying to become a officer there in Sauk Village and I hope to make it on. I was hessitant to post a response here, but I figured I would at least try to tell you what it's like so far on the other side that I've witnessed.

I will tell you that from the testing and thorough background investigations that have been done and are on going, the Police Department in Sauk Village do their best to provide the community with the best officers they can. I can't comment on each of your individual cases, but I will tell you, that from everyone I've met (officers and other officials) that they truely care about the people they serve. Please keep in mind that these officers, although you may disagree with some of their tactics, leave their families everyday to serve the community of Sauk Village with the risk of never coming home.

Now this doesn't say that every officer is perfect. But I can tell from my own personal beliefs (being a father and a church going person) that everyone I've met through testing, interviewing, etc. all have the same intentions, compassion for people. You may discount that with some of your personal experiences, but I can tell you first hand that this is the case.

So please, when you see a officer that maybe a bit harsh or not understanding, remember what he has to deal with on a daily basis. Who's to say that the last call he was on was a father that severly beat his own child or a 9 year old girl whos father rapped her, and he had to interview the 9 year old. Sure these could be hypothetical situations, but I can tell you that one of them isn't. Also if you see crime, report it. Report it everyday, and something will be done.

I hope this sheds a little light on what the people are like on the other side. If not, I'm sorry that I didn't do a better job. Take care, stay safe and God Bless.

El Dorado Hills, CA

#9 Sep 28, 2006
Now I have about seen it all. My son has gone to court with neighbors in this town (Sauk Village has written him up three times for the same thing) and now finally they found a judge that sided with them. In most towns, and in speaking with some lawyers, you cannot be issued a ticket three times for the same thing once or twice you have gone to court and the judge ruled in your favor. I wonder who this neighbor knows or is paying off in this town - maybe the chief because we all know how crooked he is now that his head is swollen so big with authority. He used to be nice way back when and I understand that he has to enforce law, but his officers actually told me we have to issue tickets because that guy across the street said we should - even though there are numerous lies in our file - he even sent authority to my house after losing one day in court and said I needed a permit for something I wasn't even doing.

Atlanta, GA

#10 Oct 23, 2006
This comment is for the woman who's mother was killed on Peachtree.
Ive lived in Sauk Village my entire life i actually live on a connecting street (Brookwood), and i would like to know when your mother was killed, I dont want to sound racist but we all know why the Village is going bad, every time some slum in the city gets shut down they send the rif raf to our town to live off the section eight housing. Check the facts its sooooooooo true. The police are fine!!

Evanston, IL

#11 Oct 25, 2006
I have lived in Sauk Village for 10 years now. When I moved out there it was nice but in the last couple years it went downhill. My house got shot at broke windows someone broke in my house and you hear nothing about it on the newspaper or on the television I do blame section eight housing for a big majority of it.
Former Resident

Buffalo Grove, IL

#12 Oct 29, 2006
Its so sad that a community that once was a place where your children could roam the streets safely and parents knew that their neighbors would watch out for all the children. Everyone watched out for each other and you were held accountable for your behaviors. It was a great place to grow up. Then it changed so drastically sending many lifelong residents out of the community because who wants to live next to a section 8 house or renter who has no investment in the community therefore does not care what happens to the schools, the library, the businesses, the homes, the streets. Lifelong members of the community worked hard to keep up their homes, volunteered in the schools, held fundraisers, did what invested community members are supposed to do. They were the rock of the stability in the community not the welfare collecting former city dweller Section 8 renter who lets their kids roam the streets unattended, destroying properties, complains about what the community doesn't do for them while never lifting a finger to put their fair share into the investment of time into the community. Please let's also remember who allowed this mess to begin in the first place, the administration of the town, our town boards... Do you all remember when section 8 was first permitted, what happened to the limits? what happened to the controls of how many rental properties permitted in the community? Lay off the police, they can only get away with what the community allows them to get away with. How about reversing the chaos by going back to limiting rental properties and limiting the number of section renters to the minimum required by Federal Law. Phase out the losers and make everyone accountable for their behaviors instead of investing so much energy into hiding the truth. If people think that Sauk Village does not already have bad reputation without the crime reporting, they are in denial.

United States

#13 Oct 29, 2006
I've lived in SV for eight years and I am a renter...I do have section 8 housing but, you wouldn't know it based on my home and how it's children have never been in trouble with the law nor have I...I consistently call police when kids are hanging out or roaming the streets...I volunteer in my neighborhood and am a great neighbor...I go to work 6 days a week and rest on Sundays...I'm moving next year because I've saved enough money to by a home of my own, it won't be here...this area is really bad...the kids have nothing to do, no community centers or places for them to blow off steam...the one bowling alley they had is closed...section 8 isn't the reason, there are plenty of people with section 8 who are wonderful neighbors and are decent the ones that blast their music or sell drugs, barbecue in front of their yards at 2 in the morning, that don't work and have 5000 kids...I use to think it was just the black folks but, I no people make up 19% of the's mostly white trash...we all have to learn to get kids made it out is at ISU the other at Columbia so, I must be doing something right...academic scholarships, no's the individual, not the system.
former sv res anita

Saint Paul, MN

#14 Oct 29, 2006
I moved away years ago but what is happening seems
to be destined for that area now I never heard or
saw so much violence for a small town I am so glad
we moved should have done it sooner
former sv res anita

Saint Paul, MN

#15 Oct 29, 2006
what about the father of this child who's life was
snuffed out and body dicarded like yesterdays trash. How does he feel that this girl killed his
infant or is he a baby too I have to believe God
has a plan but I dont care why she did it but she
should live her days out incarserated till she dies and hope God has mercy on her at judgement time


#16 Oct 30, 2006
I grew up in Sauk Village and moved out 5 years ago. The Village is a training ground for police. They often move on to higher paying depts. Those that stay usually don't make the cut in the hiring process of other depts. What other town allows 2 officers on duty at busy hours when others have called off??? Go to the party one of them are throwing and there will be 10 on hand(trust me). The Village Police Dept. needs a good cleaning. Try to call the chief with a concern, it will be blocked from him. I know.

Manteno, IL

#17 Oct 30, 2006
I lived in Sauk Village from 1981 thru 1992. I ride thru the town now and then. Personal the town went to the dogs. Ever since the town let people put for sales signs up , the town went nuts. My daughter has been heirased by a guy 2 doors down . The police wont do anything . What are you waiting for until she gets raped The guy is a nut sending her notes flowers etc WAKE UP SAUK VILLAGE COPS!!!!

Addison, IL

#18 Nov 1, 2006
I think Saukvillage has gone to the dogs.All the cops want to do is pull people over for no reason.They give people tickets for walking in the streets. Get rid of Roger Peckham Get Rid Of Him.
I lived in Saukvillage for 17 years. I don't think it is the Saukvillage police I think it is the mayor. Saukvillage has too many bars. They need to get rid of some of the bars out there in Saukvillage. I think Saukvillage is nice area to live in ,but I think they need to clean up their act.Saukvillage police and the residents of saukvillage need to work togeher to clean it up the village and make it a safer place to live.GET THE BAD PEOPLE OFF THE STREET AND THE TROUBLE MAKERS OF THE STREET.The Saukvillage police need to start doing their job.My sister was hit buy this drunk guy and the police didn't do anything.

Allen, TX

#19 Nov 2, 2006

United States

#20 Nov 2, 2006
If anyone thinks that the black population of Sauk Village is 19% you need your head checked. Those numbers are way off. The street I live on is 80% black if not higher, and im sure thats pretty much the same on most blocks. You also have to realize that most black households have more than one family in it. Aunts, cousins, uncles, brothers, sisters and all there children. When they do those polls they dont take that into consideration. And for the woman who said its white trash that turned the village bad she obviously wasnt in the village 15 years ago when it was a nice place to live. Black people who rent ruined Sauk Village and drove out all the white people.
Its called the "White Flight"
And sadly its happening all over this country.
If you bring public transportation and rental properties into any neighborhood the minorties flock to it like roaches...

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