Nancy Grace, Should HLN Fire Her?

Nancy Grace, Should HLN Fire Her?

Created by Nancy Grace Stinks on Mar 22, 2009

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Sacramento, CA

#735 Jun 6, 2011
Shiger wrote:
I'm so glad to have found this site so I can join in with my negative comments about Nancy Grace. I was a huge fan of Court TV since I have been retired for many years. That was interesting!!!
Nancy behaved somewhat differently then. Now on her HLN show she is unbearable to watch and listen. Her anger (faked for ratings???) and screaming at lawyers and some guests who don't agree with her is horrific. Her voice is enough to keep one awake at night. But her behavior toward Daniel Horowitz has been the worst. What a sweet man, a "defense" lawyer, whose wife was viciously murdered a few years ago, and she berates him on air as if he's an idiot since was once a prosecutor. And recently when she is not on air, when Jeanne covers for her, she too opens the show yelling and angry just like Nancy, as well as Jane Velez Mitchell's show who also begins her program YELLING LIKE NANCY. Why does CNN think that this angry "opening" is desired and acceptable to us? I will have to end my 8pm or 10pm HLN Nancy Grace show as "I can't take it anymore." Someone at CNN please do something!!!!!
Nancy gave Daniel Horowitz a huge pass when his wife was murdered... when he was NOT being questioned or treated like a suspect, when Horowitz sought out media attention and tainted the investigation of his wife's murder. She may live to regret that. It appears Horowitz was a wife abuser. This was even reported by Vitale's own sister to police after she was murdered, yet he wasn't treated as a suspect.

Cincinnati, OH

#736 Jun 7, 2011
I just fell upon your network when I was trying to find some coverage of the Casey Anthony trial. What a teaser--------all morning you keep saying that your station will have full coverage of the trial and yet you have little pieces of it just like the other networks. What is worse, you keep playing over and over again the same news coverage, like we are some kind of idiots and don't know the difference. Then towards the end of the days court trial you start letting people know what has gone on.
What a bummer----------

Lincoln, NE

#737 Jun 8, 2011
You tell 'em, Molly! ;-) TruTV, which used to be Court TV, has real-time coverage BUT they do cut away for commercials AND it's not in the BASIC Cable lineup for some areas.

If you want to watch it as it happens without commercials use your computer and go to and the Anthony trial will be one of several options. Really!
Missionary-Trace y Elaine

Detroit, MI

#738 Jun 9, 2011
Ms. Nancy Grace is defamating the character of the names Casey, Stacy, Laci, Tracee, and other rhyming names. Thus,she and her editor team claims to be honestly resolving murder cases in the honor of our 'due prodess' constitutions of the law. Hence, sodiety is only learning through her network, the cruelties of the presumption of the laws on liberty.
Well, if she loses her anchor position, she will then have a chance to experience her own defamation of character. She will then have a chance to experience a taste of her own medicine for once in her own life..........

Houston, TX

#739 Jun 9, 2011
Hell Yes! Nancy Grace needs to stay and crack the
top on some of the nuts that call in and try and
feed her a line of B.S. She not only has the education to back her, is not afraid to say what is on her mind. WE need more people like N.G.
Maybe things would be smoother.Ya think!
Ann Clark

Seattle, WA

#740 Jun 10, 2011
Nancy, you HAVE become terribly rude to your guests, demeaning them when they are actually accomplished & respected scholars, & you are TERRIBLE toward victims, who most certainly deserve life or death, but you do it long before they have had their trials.
NOW, I'd like to bring up an observation about Caley, or whatever all their names are. Notice her demeanor when experts are postulating what may have happened in the child's death......she seems to be "saying"...."no , that's not the way it happened", or "how did you come up with THAT scenerio when I did it differently".
Well, I think she is guilty, but quit picking on her for how many tears she has or hasn't, & so forth. She is mostly wiping her mascara so it doesn't run too much.

Troy, PA

#741 Jun 11, 2011
Why is everyone hateing on NANCY.

Washington, DC

#742 Jun 11, 2011

am honored with the fact that we have articulate,educated people who are willing to put themselves out there for millions of viewer's knowing full well that they will come under criticism from other experts AND people who know nothing about the subjects being discussed. I dont think Nancy Grace is rude. She has years of professional and personal experience with the awful cruelty that we as humans can inflict on each other. I first learned of the monsters among us when John Walsh's son was so brutally killed. His show helped me be a better more aware parent. I am proud that we have a woman who is not afraid to get into someones face and tell it like it is. I would trust her with my life if I were accused unjustly. Last but not least, Thank You Nancy Grace. Thank You Jane Velez-Mitchell. Thank You Dr Drew. Thank You Vinnie Polecek and if I have forgotten anyone else, I apologize. The victim's and their families are lucky to have you all speak for them.


#743 Jun 12, 2011
Without getting "ugly" about it, let me just say that Nancy Grace's style of tabloid journalism on the air screams out DRAMA QUEEN from start to finish. Even the way she referes to Casey as "Tot Mom" gets to be irrating after the twentieth time. She thinks it's so clever that she was irritated last night on the Joy Beyhar show when Joy asked her (just out of curiosity) why she made that reference. Nancy was clearly annoyed to have to explain herself when we all know it's her cute way of being different and trying to put her own spin on the innocence or guilt of the "Tot Mom" she devotes her whole show to.

Lincoln, NE

#744 Jun 18, 2011
I'm so glad you brought that up, Scott. Yes, she became very defensive with Joy, didn't she? If a teenage mom is a teenager, what is a "tot" mom? IMPOSSIBLE! Without adding so much as a syllable she could have said "tot's" mom and been grammatically correct but, oh no, she'd rather be "cute." ???

United States

#745 Jun 20, 2011
I watch Nancy Grace for the court coverage. Nancy Grace is obnoxious and rude. The words " media wh#$%" describe her best. Real journalism investigates all aspects. Nancy Grace is always one sided and usually comes up with her own conclusions. I miss court TV.

Lincoln, NE

#746 Jun 20, 2011
Well said, Autumn! N.G. now starts each show with "Breaking News" and goes on to describe the day Caylee's body was found in the woods. WTH??? That was "breaking news" THREE years ago! I don't know what has happened to this woman's brain. Back in the days of Court TV she seemed intelligent and her speech was usually grammatically correct. Now she doesn't even seem to know that all verbs have a past tense. grrrr. Just listen to her. She never says George molested Casey. She says he "molests" her. As if he's still doing it while she is in jail!!! It drives this former English major Crazy. LOL.

Hinsdale, IL

#747 Jun 24, 2011
I agree. I used to watch Nancy Grace all the time and used to like her. But now that her ratings are up, boy has she changed! She treats people like
crud! No one can disagree with her, and if they do,
she cuts them off, and cuts off their mic! What happened to freedom of speech? She yells at her guests, embarassess them, even humiliating her producer! Where does she get off snubbing her nose at
people? I am very disappointed in seeing someone turn into such a narcissistic ugly person. She is the Queen of narcissistic, rude and nasty. GET HER OFF THE AIR!!!

Chapel Hill, NC

#748 Jun 25, 2011
And what's with brother Lee??? Crying on the witness stand like a little b%tch. Because "I wasn't involved". Involved in what??? What the hell was he suppose to do other than be a good uncle when Caylee was born. As crazy as he sounds I think he feels as if he was supose to rub his sisters stomach, go buy her ice cream or read her bed time stories? What on earth is this grown man thinking along with his silly crying fiance? I hope they don't make fun of him when he returns to work!!!!! And Cindy....just a LIAR like her daughter. They are ALL crazy.
Robert Rieth

Parsippany, NJ

#749 Jun 27, 2011
Robert Rieth

Parsippany, NJ

#750 Jun 27, 2011
the more i watch nancy.... the more i wish another network would carry the trial. she's a blonde bimbo. she's so crude and rude. the vote tally is almost 50-50 close enough for hln to consider a replacement
NOT bombshell-s friend

Georgetown, TX

#751 Jun 27, 2011
I would give anything to be able to reach into the TV set and slap the $hit out of her. She was such a BITCH tonight,like she is every night. HLN needs to get a replacement for her! She asks a question but won't let the person answer it... she butts in and disagrees before they can even give their answers! I can't stand her. She is such a phony it is unreal. Her mouth needs to be stuffed with a dirty, smelly sock! I can't handle watching her show for more than a few minutes! If she is as great a prosecutor as she claims to be, why doesn't she still practice law instead of running her mouth???

United States

#752 Jun 29, 2011
I love nancy grace she is the only one that truly is a great avocate for our children. Keep us informed about other children in our country. It truly need to be addressed. Thank you
JennyJen40 wrote:
Well I love Nancy Grace. she puts up with no b.s. she has to be hard otherwise questions dont get answered. I like watching her show. she is a prosicutor not a defender. we need more ppl like nancy sticking up for the rights of ppl. not helping the losers in this country.
Lorie from Vermont

Burlington, VT

#753 Jun 29, 2011
Yes they should fire her, because she is so rude to the guest speakers. As soon as Nancy does not agree to what is being said to her, she cuts the speaker off. There are 2 sides to any story and Nancy is bias and acts like her view of thinking is the only correct one.
Her cast has these lawyers and other people on the show and she should not be so bitchy to them. I have stopped watching her show because of her rudeness. I know this can up the ratings for the network but enough is enough.
Robert Rieth

Parsippany, NJ

#754 Jun 29, 2011
so tired of watching that blonde bimbo nancy grace, she's such a drama queen, the trial in and of itself is sensational, so why hype it more.
she should be dumped. rob

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