Should state mandate immunizations? N...

Should state mandate immunizations? New requirements effective in July

There are 9772 comments on the story from May 4, 2011, titled Should state mandate immunizations? New requirements effective in July. In it, reports that:

Immunizations are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to protect children against childhood diseases and Tennessee law requires documented immunizations.

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#7042 Feb 18, 2013
David C wrote:
Vaccinations cause autism and narcolepsy rates to soar. Mercury is a main ingredient along with animal DNA. Anyone who demands that someone elses child by forcibly vaccinated should not have a say in public matters of any kind.
I'd be willing to bet that everyone who got a flushot here was down sick for several days afterwards.
Everyone I know that got the shot has been sick for weeks.

United States

#7044 Feb 18, 2013
Yeah, that's wha happens when you add gene sharing stealth genetically altered organisms to infections they already have! Or they die or end up like our soldiers...22 a day keeling themselves of criminals lies or suffering lies of PTSD instead of treating the truth.
Kid dies after flu vaccine...Why?
Borrelia burgdorferi, the aetiological agent of Lyme disease, employs sophisticated means to survive

in diverse mammalian hosts.

Recent studies demonstrated that acquisition of complement regulators factor H and factor H-like protein-1 (FHL-1) allows spirochetes to resist complement-mediated killing.

Serum-resistant B. burgdorferi express up to five distinct complement regulator-acquiring surface proteins (CRASPs)

that bind factor H and/or FHL-1.
This recruitment of factor H by pathogens provides significant resistance to complement attack, and therefore increased virulence.

Pathogens that have been shown to recruit factor H include:

Aspergillus spp.; Borrelia burgdorferi; B. duttonii; B. recurrentis; Candida albicans; Francisella tularensis;

Haemophilus influenzae;

Neisseria meningitidis; and Streptococcus pyogenes.

Oh you know---that stuff they pretend to vaccinate us with to protect us.

When are the people going to call it like it is? MURDER?

That's alright you who want your vaccines go ahead and get them...

Then we will blame YOU for being the ones to carry Rabies/Dengue and Anthrax to the rest of us....You freaking idiots....

Wake up dummies...People are not supposed to be able to carry rabies so you have to ask...HOW MANY MORE ARE CARRYING IT BECAUSE THEY GAVE US TICK VACCINES, our FEED ANIMALS TICK VACCINES, and OUR PETS TICK VACCINES?

United States

#7045 Feb 18, 2013
Just pretend the worlds leading virologist and discoverer of HIV has told US along with many others that HIV did NOT cause AIDS...Spirochetes did and do.
&fe ature=share

Cookeville, TN

#7046 Feb 18, 2013
We can now add psych meds to the list of ways to destroy the children.
Ashes to Ashes

Morristown, TN

#7047 Feb 18, 2013
Walk through any old cementary that dates from before 1930's. Keep a count of how many children's graves you pass. Immunizations protect the public at large from outbreaks of some horrible diseases. The benefit to our society as a whole exceed the risk of side effect.

Lavinia, TN

#7048 Feb 19, 2013
Sanitation and antibiotics have more to do with that than immunization
Free America

Oak Ridge, TN

#7049 Feb 19, 2013
Gustav Wynn wrote:
Republicans Kill and Love it..As long as it is not Them or there family.. Send the poor dumb people to fight wars for rich Republicans.
Well, the "Republican" that occupies the Oval Office right now has instituted assassination, and sanctioned assassination of American Citizens. LBJ, the "Republican" that followed the assassination of John F. Kennedy, lied about the Gulf of Tonkin incident so he could start a full fledged war in Vietnam.

Anything wrong with the above paragraph? If not then I guess Welfare, AFDC, Medicaid, etc. were "Republican" programs, and the "Republicans" have the first black President of the US in history.

I was disinclined to peruse the balance of your pontification due to the erroneous and fallacious opening. I'm guessing that if you're actually some kind of reporter, you can read and comprehend that sentence without a dictionary. However, judging from your immediate pronoun faux pas, maybe not.

Just to set the record straight, Lyndon Baines Johnson and Barak Obama remain Democrats, and that is the only thing wrong with the first paragraph of mine. Though it doesn't pertain to Vaccinations, it might be informative to search YouTube for "NDAA 2013".
Done my homework

Oak Ridge, TN

#7050 Feb 19, 2013
Ashes to Ashes wrote:
Walk through any old cementary that dates from before 1930's. Keep a count of how many children's graves you pass. Immunizations protect the public at large from outbreaks of some horrible diseases. The benefit to our society as a whole exceed the risk of side effect.
Infant mortality is down because of cleaner hospitals more than just about anything else. Vaccines? Not really so much.

For some, such as myself, this is less a debate of the ills of vaccines and more about government usurping our freedom to choose. If you think vaccines are good, I would in no way hinder you from receiving any and all you desire, but if I think they are not good I have a right and obligation to tell you what I know, and to refuse to allow their use on myself and my children. If I, or they, die, it was my decision to make, and that should be respected come what may. Whether you like my decision, or the outcome thereof, is irrelevant, and should remain so.

In China, at one time, aborticide was optional, but now it's mandatory. What if the same thing happened here? Would those who supported the choice then support the mandate? When does government intervention become too much, and will it be too late when "too much" gets here?

Sioux City, IA

#7051 Feb 19, 2013
NO...the government should not force parents to give vaccinations. Those are chemicals and usually dead or live bacteria. If it comes down to them forcing parents to do them...then yes, they should pay.

Then, if the child has any repercussions from the vaccines...then the governemnt should have to pay for any long term care that the child will require. After all...they forced in upon the parents.
Vaccine Joe

Rockford, TN

#7053 Feb 19, 2013

Camden, SC

#7054 Feb 19, 2013

Wartburg, TN

#7056 Feb 20, 2013

Since: Feb 13

United States

#7057 Feb 20, 2013
Okay lets get this straight. Obama wants to raise Taxes again. Raise the debt ceiling, enforce the "Wealthy" to be a higher tax bracket to "spread the wealth" Raise the min wage to $9.00, open the door for little toddlers to got to school at yet again another tax payers expense, change or impede the Second Amendment regarding guns. Force everyone to have insurance even at tax payers expense...the list goes on. However, at the same time the people that are receiving these benefits are not required to give back to society in anyway shape or form. Free housing, free medical, free food. Further, they don't think a simple drug scan to prove you are not using these benefits, when you really don't need them because it will cost the government to much in revenue to screen everyone. What???? Well if you screen everyone then...I'm think the program would pay for its self cause look how many would be dropped from the program. Further why would the government buy "food products" Like sodas, chips, cookies, candies, ice cream, donuts, the list goes on that is detrimental to ones health? The items are not essential to life. HOWEVER, these items ARE essential for life: Water, protein,(chicken, fish, beef, pork, tofu etc..) fresh/frozen vegies and fruits, beans, legumes, grains... etc... If you want to toxic your body with alcohol, there should a very high tax on that and sodas too. There is NOTHING beneficial in sodas. they are detrimental to ones health. Cigarettes are ABSOLUTELY ridiculous anyways why not it at 100 percent. Bet a lot of people would stop smoking, best stop smoking program in the world don't you think.
Finally, if you get anything free from the government you should be required to give back somehow in a fair spreed the wealth sort of way. Don't your think?

Morristown, TN

#7060 Feb 20, 2013
They should have required HPV and polio and Hep A, B, C vaccines specially the ones for sexual diseases women down here sleep around to much like most the girls i asked down here in the south how many guys they been with alot are over a 100 or close to thats pretty nasty to me what is even more odd is most these girls who told me that where only like 22-28 and some where even married for 2-5 years so when where they doing all this? This is why you need planned parenthood down here to teach teens the right way this whole churchy way they go about things down here is wrong sometimes you need real knowledge not stories by manmade books, Plus if you religious fanatics did your research you would realize it was all copied by Sumarian, Egyption stories and names changed it is all manipulated and was used as a tool to control people to get people to follow the kings presidents pharoahs what ever they had at that time do the research, I believe in God also but i believe God does not want me worshipping them 24/7 and giving money to some church where the preacher is making 6 figures a year and where they actually help no people, But yea i believe in god just believe he would rather have me live my life and be respectful of other humans everyone is equal even GOD.

Sparta, TN

#7061 Feb 20, 2013
Done my homework

Oak Ridge, TN

#7066 Feb 22, 2013
you are f ing stupid wrote:
<quoted text>WTF "women from down here" do you realize how dam stupid you sound? women sleep around in many parts of the world not just here! apparently you must be a person that thinks your sh!t dont stink well i hate to tell you but "WE PEOPLE FROM DOWN HERE" DONT LIKE YOUR KIND! you need to grow up.
Well, someone certainly needs to grow up.

The name you chose to post under says quite a bit about your maturity.

Knoxville, TN

#7067 Feb 22, 2013
Done my homework

Oak Ridge, TN

#7068 Feb 23, 2013
test wrote:
I'm sorry but no one heard that. Would you mind trying again?

Since: Feb 13

United States

#7069 Feb 23, 2013
The government should force us to do what every they think is good for us. We need to submit the will of the government. The rich should be footing the bill. I look forward to Sharia law too.

Since: Feb 13

United States

#7070 Feb 23, 2013
you are f ing stupid wrote:
<quoted text>WTF "women from down here" do you realize how dam stupid you sound? women sleep around in many parts of the world not just here! apparently you must be a person that thinks your sh!t dont stink well i hate to tell you but "WE PEOPLE FROM DOWN HERE" DONT LIKE YOUR KIND! you need to grow up.
I see you point. I would sleep around all the time if I could get away with it. Right now I do not have any suitors.

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