Way way

Albuquerque, NM

#62 Jul 10, 2010
The Blue Bird restauant
weekend warrior

Kansas City, MO

#63 Jul 12, 2010
Remember the Lechero that came to Santa once a week to sell fresh milk from his dairy. $1 a gallon and 50 cent for a half-gallon
Funkys Uncle

Horn Lake, MS

#64 Jul 13, 2010
We used to have a lechera named Katherine. The price was about the same. I wonder if they were a team/couple.
weekend warrior

Kansas City, MO

#65 Jul 13, 2010
Funkys Uncle wrote:
We used to have a lechera named Katherine. The price was about the same. I wonder if they were a team/couple.
this lechero used to come in the early 70's and he came from southern NM.
Catfish Falls Beach Bum

Albuquerque, NM

#66 Nov 18, 2010
memory lane wrote:
Salsa Roja!!
.....de Santa Rosa!
Catfish Falls Beach Bum

Albuquerque, NM

#67 Nov 18, 2010
Ninja wrote:
I remember that the Santa Rosa Public schools did not allow girls to wear pants back in the 50's. On cold days we were allowed to wear them but only under our dresses. I think it was an unwritten rule. Does anyone know about this?
I remember this very well! Santa Rosa actually used to have it's very own Taliban Ayatolla Posole. His name was Father Henry Rael and he was a monster who terrorized young girls.

Santa Rosa, NM

#68 Nov 20, 2010
the milk truck from corona yummy

Westcliffe, CO

#69 Nov 21, 2010
Beach Bum: I don't recall being intimidated by him although he was pretty assertive with everyone. My question surfaced only because it occurred to me that we must have been unaware of the separation of powers. I guess we just learned to keep the muffin tops and lolas all covered up anyway lol... (which wasn't an altogether bad thing).

Westcliffe, CO

#70 Nov 22, 2010
church and state not powers
Catfish Falls Beach Bum

United States

#71 Dec 4, 2010
This is a wonderful thread and I'd like to bring it back to the top of the page with several radio station "Who Remembers?".

1) Jim Hat, the big city (Chicago?) disc jockey who brought his skills to Santa Rosa for a brief period circa '61-'65. He may have been instrumental in introducing the talent shows as a regular feature at the Pecos Theater but I can't swear to that fact. I do remember him emceeing them for several years.

2) When Gerald "Spider" Sanchez was the DJ at KSYX during his high school years. This was the tail end of the "Beatnik" era and Dobie Gillis was king. I can close my eyes and get a perfect visual image of Gerald riding his black "English Racer" up Sunshine Hill on his way to the radio station.

3) The "Santiago Juanijo Show" weekday afternoons beginning at 2pm. Jimmy Johnson was the DJ and I have to admit, he was a natural at it. This program aired throughout the '60s.

4) Hokey Quintana and Linda Andrews rocking the Santa Rosa AM airwaves and pushing boundaries with cutting edge rock music that many other AM radio stations did not dare play. I believe it was a four hour program on Sunday afternoons. They introduced me to many great artists, especially The Moody Blues". Thank you Hokey and Linda!

5) Mike Sally going bonkers and destroying the Radio Station with an axe. This was 1969? Federal criminal charges were soon to follow.


Westcliffe, CO

#72 Dec 5, 2010
I'd already left town by '69. What's the story with Mike Sally?

Santa Rosa, NM

#73 Dec 7, 2010
When they pulled out the dead divers out of blue hole.
Catfish Falls Beach Bum

United States

#74 Dec 11, 2010
Trippin wrote:
When they pulled out the dead divers out of blue hole.
How about when they pulled the drowned fishermen out of Hidden Lake in 1960.
been there done that

Duncanville, TX

#75 Dec 15, 2010
1. Oasis Motel
2. Western Auto
3. Chiefs Auto Parts
4. Alice's cafe
5. The Royal Rooster
6. pada's R.I.P!!!!
7. Jimmi Johnsons flea Market and chickens Lol!!!

Santa Rosa, NM

#76 Dec 19, 2010
Remeber Amalia she use to run a little store in the corner for lunch most kids would go eat her sandwhices she was a nice lady.
The taxman

Santa Rosa, NM

#77 Dec 20, 2010
Remember in the 50's and 60's the bread truck in the Homecoming parade? Those little loaves of bread they would throw to the crowd!
Way Back

Santa Rosa, NM

#78 Dec 20, 2010
I am now in my 50's and for one do not remember those days as being very happy ones. I remember being afraid of the "pachucos" from "across the tracks". I can remember in my pre-teens living in constant terror most of the time. It seemed like you had to keep up a tough vaneer all the time. The only solice I had was with the few friends I had living "up on the hill", the Dodges, the Sextons and the Delgados. We were a pretty tight group. There were a lot of other friends, but we were a pretty tight knit group. It's likely that most of my fears were quite unfounded, but as a young adolescent, this was serious business to me. I'm sure many of you readers will agree.
As the '70's arrived, it became somewhat easier to assimilate into the "rebellious,hippie/post-h ippie" lifestyle. The antagonism seemed to ease up. All you had to do was succomb to the "doper" lifestyle and again you were welcomed to the "free spirited, sexual revolution, in crowd". You couldn't be yourself. It was no different than what these people pretended to be in opposition to. They protested against "The Man",(those in authority), but at the same time demanded the same type of adherence to what they wanted you to be.

It was not an easy thing growing up in the 70's. Just as it is not easy growing up in the 2000's. We did not have the technology kids do now, but people are the same, regardless of the times.

I just wish people in Santa Rosa would learn to stop putting such pressure on each other, and realize that we are all in the same family and learn to love each other.

Westcliffe, CO

#79 Dec 20, 2010
To Way Back: Hey, we were from "across the tracks" and WE were afraid of the "pachucos". I remember my mom cautioning us not to take shortcuts through the alley because that was the same route the so-called pachucos and pachucas walked. The pachucas even had a name: las Ma-fye-ahs (I suppose it was a mispronunciation of "mafia"). They supposedly wore their hair up in a beehive to hide a switchblade. But we needn't have worried; we were never bothered. They were archetypes created by our elders to teach us to be cautious, I suppose.
Way Back

Santa Rosa, NM

#80 Dec 27, 2010
I suppose that the obatacles we faced growing up here served to make us stronger adults. I can remember growing up with very little as far as matierial things is concerned, but growing up in a large family surrounded by other large families, and living in a very tradition oriented community gave life a richness that cannot be bought with all the money in the world. I feel really sorry for children growing up today that cannot even imagine such a life guided by a sense of values, understanding of right and wrong, fear of disappointing our parents and grandparents.

Santa Rosa, NM

#81 Mar 8, 2011
Remember our little leaugue teams were just named after our sponcers? I played for Art's Exon!

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