Destin Beach Small Jellyfish Swarm

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#22 Aug 3, 2012
leaving destin 8-3-12 wrote:
...we have been here in destin and ft. walton all week and the seaweed and seagrass is absolutely awful!!!!When you get out of the ocean, you are covered in the slimy stuff. Worst I've ever seen. Also, the beach is covered in these weird looking pink blobs that don't move yet appear to be jellyfish without tentacles. I googled it and they might be called sea pork or sea ham, cause they look pink like ham maybe...anyway, its gross. And also these gray colored blobs that leak purple stuff, and they do move!!!I understand its a beautiful and living ocean, I'm just not used to seeing this stuff in Destin. If I had known this stuff before I left for here, I would have rescheduled my one and only vacation for the year.
You can check out creeks and lakes even maybe go fishing and boating that's the best thing about destin! You have other options go shopping anything! Try something new!! good luck!
love it

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#23 Apr 23, 2013
I go to Destin every year. The people are always friendly and never been attacked by a creature of the sea..
Ago gal

Fenton, MO

#24 Jun 17, 2013
Any news this year?

Panama City Beach, FL

#25 Jun 17, 2013
We are in panama city beach and having sea grass seaweed and jellyfish.
Ago gal

Fenton, MO

#26 Jun 18, 2013
We are heading down in August do things look now?
At the beach every week

Panama City, FL

#27 Jun 18, 2013
kim wrote:
We are in panama city beach and having sea grass seaweed and jellyfish.
That's NOT true, PCB waters are the clearest they have been in 3 years. No june grass, no bloom, no jellyfish. Crystal clear and 85 degrees.
same ole

Livonia, LA

#28 Jun 19, 2013
The gulf is full of lifeforms of many kinds.If you are really paramoid of lifeforms,swim in the many pools available.A small bottle of white vinegar will ease any jelyfish stings.Been a local for 58 years and never been shark bit,of course i don't swill out past the second sandbar as the water there is deep and fish do live and feed there,have only been bitten by jellyfish once that drove me from the water in 58 years.Any grass is just part of the ecology of the beach and there are always clean areas.I actually like the sargasso weed as it houses many small and beautiful fish,crabs and fish the children can be shown to see the life in the water.There are beautiful fresh water lakes and springs inland that can be fun for tubing and swimming with clear beautiful water.I prefer to swim in the gulf over pools with so many people in them in a closed water system,do what feels comfortables for you and don't allow kids to swim without watching them or allow anyone in your family to ride a float out to far especially with no lifejacket even close in for small children.I see many parents not watching children in the water,if your childs in the water,pay attention,get in with them and don't allow them to use a float to go out to far.

Destin, FL

#29 Jun 19, 2013
Saw a large ray today in destin beach. Decided it was time to hit the showers. No jellies that I saw, perfect water...not much seaweed. Do those rays typically come that close to the shore and are they aggressive?
Destin local

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#30 Jun 29, 2013
There has not been a shark attack since 2005 I swim everyday I snorkel around black tips and bulls just don't swim if the water is murky and don't freak out if you see them yes it's ocean/gulf there will be sharks jelly stingrays seaweed and ick just be smart when swimming. Right now there is seaweed and Jellys and ick but that changes from day to day for the most part also keep in mind rip currents they are our #1 killer here and yes the rip current possibility is still there when there are green flags flying with no waves always swim where life guards are present if you do get caught in a rip current don't swim against it swim out the side of it towards the beach and try to get the life guards attention if not comfortable with your situation
Destin local

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#31 Jun 29, 2013
Brendan, alway remember anything can be aggressive when provoked however stingray are not aggressive animals two things just to always remember 1. Don't panic and Shuffle your feet in the sand when you see a stingray! 2. When in dought get out!!
family traveler

Montgomery, TX

#32 Jul 3, 2013
Heading to Destin July 7 - how is seaweed, rip currents, and jellyfish? Do these things occur more after a rainstorm?

Panama City, FL

#33 Jul 4, 2013
Come to Panama City Beach, no jellies, no seaweed.

Morristown, TN

#34 Jul 6, 2013
I am really concerned with the tropical weather issues about next week. We are due in the 8th of July and I was so hoping my kids could see the gulf.

Is the beach going to be trashed after such violent storms?

Stl gal

Fenton, MO

#35 Jul 19, 2013
Heading down soon how's the water? Any jellyfish.
small jellyfish sucks

Destin, FL

#36 Aug 6, 2013
we are here and the small jellyfish are in the ocean today...didnt see them the last few days. My daughter was stung today...not that big of a deal but we ended up in the pool real fast. I didnt rent a chair and umbrella but plenty of people did and ended leaving. As we left there was a line to rent them so i made a point of "asking" the guys taking money and they denied it...called them small bubbles...I said the bubbles stung my daughter...the line cleared...Word to the wise...if there are not many people in the water something is going on...the place was packed last 2 days and today 20% of the people.
Texas vaca

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#37 Aug 7, 2013
At the beach as I type there are jellyfish my 11 year old was stung but she got right back out and is swimming. The seaweed isn't bad once you get out of the bay. It's crystal clear water and we are having a blast.

Tucker, GA

#39 Sep 1, 2013
We just arrived at Fort Walton Beach and the water is very murky and full of seaweed. There are clear areas, however, and I enjoy the life that the seaweed brings. I am interested in visiting a fresh water area for a day, such as the springs some one mentioned a while back. Any other recommendations? It would be much appreciated!

Plymouth, MN

#40 Jan 9, 2014
I am going to Destin in March with my kids, how I the seaweed and jellyfish this time of year

United States

#41 Jan 17, 2014
Ouch this is terrible !

Grayson, KY

#42 Feb 17, 2014
I'm curious as I have read through this post the locals say they do not get in the ocean due to sharks ok. Well if the locals realize how bad sharks are in the area why do they not take up a petition to stop people fishing off the beaches? does this not attract sharks uhh yes it does?! I have been to the area many times and have seen stupid people fishing off the beach where people and kids are swimming at any given time of day, sorry but this should NOT be allowed at any beach! If they want to fish go to a pier fish at night when people are not in the water or better yet get on a boat.

this makes me so angry more than any thing else is to see some idiot casting a line with bait on it where people and kids are swimming, not just because of attracting sea life but because what if that cast so happened to hook a small child? When you are allowing people to fish off the beaches you are chumming the water and there for every person in the water becomes chum because the sea life mistakes people for food. Just had to mention that, ALL BEACHES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD SHOULD NOT ALLOW FISHING OFF THE PUBLIC BEACHES WHEN PEOPLE ARE SWIMMING MAKE IT A LAW!!! IT MAY SAVE A LIFE OR SAVE A CHILD FROM BEING INJUERED DO TO SOMEONE'S STUPIDITY! We were in the area last year and some man and his son was standing on the beach not in the water fishing and there were people every where there were small kids sitting in six inches of water playing and this man and his son were just casting over these babies heads! I honestly wanted to go off on them! I didn't I politely asked them if they seen these kids in front of them I got an answer yes. I said dont you think this is a bit dangerous they said well were casting over them! I wanted to scream!!! I finally looked at the man and said hey why don't you walk out past them and fish.. You know what his response was? No cause my bait might attract sharks! I looked at him and told him all the more reason to wade out past the people so if some one was going to be a target it would get him first! Yes the man left never seen him back on the beach

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