amazing! kkk is a jewish front !!!

amazing! kkk is a jewish front !!!

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Dr Piles

Long Beach, CA

#2 Feb 13, 2013
You are hallucinating. Seek professional help immediately.
an intellectual

Wellsboro, PA

#6 Feb 15, 2013
I kept hearing that Jews are so evil, but had to find out the hardway. I used to bang a Jewish chick and she was the first woman to eat my butt and finger it. A Jewess manipulating me into faggdom until I started spreading my cheeks for other men while she taped it. Evil people. Hilter was right.
grave digger

West Plains, MO

#8 Feb 20, 2013
you know who has called the jewish people bad sense the begining of time?,,,the devil and the devils evil followers,,,thats right,,,the devil and the hell bound,,,ha haa haaa
grave digger

Fordland, MO

#10 Mar 8, 2013
11truthseeker wrote:
<quoted text>
The word is "since" dear. But you're correct, you do make "bad sense." I feel your pain.
well teacher,,,thanks but no thanks cuz aint nobody feels anyones pain unless they have lived that persons pain and with that said,,,the grave digger has been tracking the fallen angel demons and found out when you hear a loud unexplained boom sound,,,thats a demon crossing over,,so with that said this story will make perfect sense,,,this one time at band camp the grave digger,,,thats me and a couple other bullies were trying to shove a tuba up the buttocks of a male flute player and the grave digger heard a loud boom,,,and looked away from the fag flute puffer and saw a black figure,,,so anyhow the tuba wouldnt fit so the flute blower was let go with a stern warning that the vasoline lid had to be super glued on and all us bullies had greasy hands was the reason none of us could un-screw the lid,,,and to never get caught in the band room after midnight again,,,so after the band teacher ran away out of the room,,,ha haa haaa,,,the grave digger told the other bullies what the grave digger saw,,,and guess what?,,,these freakin bullies turned on the grave digger,,,these 6th grade chicks were mean,,,remind you the grave digger is male and was in 12th grade at the time,,,but this is besides the point of the story cuz cuz cuz ummmmm 2 of them jumped me from behind,,,yeah thats it,,,2 of them jumped the grave digger from behind,,,now guess what?,,,that fag flute players flute is stuck in the grave diggers buttocks and every time the grave digger farts the grave digger whistles dixie in c-minor,,,ha haa haaa,,,when the grave digger eats chili for supper the grave digger can almost fart that whole jethro tull flute classic,,,ha haa haaa,,,but anyhow,,,the point of this story is,,,when you show people the mistakes they make no matter how small or big or with good or bad intentions,,,you never know what your gunna get,,,ha haa haaa,,,next post please read,,,
grave digger

Fordland, MO

#11 Mar 8, 2013
this one time the grave digger saw a hobo bum while sitting in my car at a stop light and the bum was holding a sign that said,,,will work for food,,,so the grave digger,,,thats me,,,motioned this hobo over to the drivers window and told him to tap dance in front of the grave diggers car and the grave digger would give him the grave diggers lunch,,,guess what the bum did?,,,the bum flipped the grave digger off,,,thats right,,,flipped the grave digger off,,,so you want to know what the grave digger did?,,,pulled around the corner,,,put on a ski mask and ran up to the bum and robbed the hobo bastard,,,then ran back to the car and sped away around the next corner and waited and watched the bum,,,ha haa haaa,,,you know what that prick bum did?,,,walked 2blocks over and got in his cadalac,,,thats right,,,got into his cadalac,,,now this pissed the grave digger off cuz in the bum hiest the grave digger got 576 cash,,,ha haa haaa,,,so anyways the grave digger followed this cadalac driving bum to the biggest house the grave digger ever saw and the freakin bums garage was bigger then the grave diggers whole house,,,ha haa haaa,,,guess what the grave digger did next?,,,waited and waited and waited on the street for this bum to leave again,,,waited so long the grave digger had a domino's pizza deliverd for supper,,,ha haa haaa,,,paid with the hiest loot,,,ha haa haaa,,,so anyhow,,,the bum leaves right after sunset and guess what?,,,10 seconds after the bum left his house the grave digger was already sqweezing thru the basement window and robbed the prick again,,,ha haa haaa,,,the point of this story is,,,when you think your smarter then the next guy,,,think again,,,read the next please,,,
grave digger

Fordland, MO

#12 Mar 8, 2013
it was a warm but bone chilling night in a back alley in a getto neighborhood,,,and the grave digger was just walking along minding the grave diggers own buisness,,,and these 3 gang members jumped out to rob the grave digger,,,can you beleive that,,,rob the grave digger,,,ha haa haaa,,,so anyhows the grave digger did everything the grave digger was taught to do in a 3 to 1 fight,,,fall to the ground and cry like a freakin baby,,,ha haa haaa,,,guess what happened?,,,these gang banging thugs gave the grave digger comfort and took the grave digger back to their hood cove and gave the grave digger a beer and offered the grave digger some kind of stinking getto microwave food,,,and said they were sorry and that they thought the grave digger was a rival gang member and they would never hurt a mentally challenge retard crybaby adult,,,this is how good of an actor the grave digger is by the way,,,ha haa haaa,,,so anyway,,,when these gang members fell asleep or passed out,,,the grave digger used duct tape to duct tape all these scumbags up,,,then took to the basement and then drove to a home depot harware store and baught 25 bags of quick dry cement and some 2by4's and nails,,,guess what happened next?,,,the grave digger walled them,,,thats right,,,built a wall with the 2by4's and cement and ended up building one hell of a wall with these 3 low lifes behind it,,,ha haa haaa,,,the point of the story is,,,every strnger you meet has secrets,,,ha haa haaa,,,read on,,,
grave digger

Fordland, MO

#13 Mar 8, 2013
this one time back in the 70's the grave digger saw a bigfoot by the mississippi river,,,the grave digger was fishing,,,drinking and smoking pot with a buddy on the north side and looked across the river to the south side and saw bigfoot scooping water into its hand and drinking it,,,the river was only about 100 yrds wide and when we yelled,,,bigfoot looked up at us,,,then guess what?,,,bigfoot flipped us off,,,ha haa haaa,,,the point of the story is,,,bigfoot is real and what the hell happened to that kick ass 70's weed,,,ha haa haaa,,,punk,,,thank you for waisting your time reading the grave diggers bullshit no sense stories,,,,ha haa haaa,,,

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