Simulated Los Angeles Earthquake Dama...

Simulated Los Angeles Earthquake Damage Study

There are 11 comments on the KESQ-TV Palm Desert story from Sep 9, 2012, titled Simulated Los Angeles Earthquake Damage Study. In it, KESQ-TV Palm Desert reports that:

A new study released in the Los Angeles times describes a scenario simulating a 6.6 earthquake on the Santa Monica fault estimated that 54,000 buildings could be damaged, including 85 beyond repair.

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Dont Worry Nothing To See

West Covina, CA

#1 Sep 9, 2012

I mean Obama's at the helm. What could go wrong?
Speaking Of Disasters

West Covina, CA

#2 Sep 9, 2012
Obama had 4 years to change the country for the better.

I need not explain how he and his corrupt Chicago mafia handlers have made everything worse. Simply look around with your own lying eyes for proof.

We need real jobs, not McWalmart jobs.

We also don't need the Obama Administration continuing on it's current path to oblivion without having to worry about re-election. This would be dangerous to our constitution's survival and our pocketbooks.

Romney is owned by the same international bankers as Obama destroying America from overseas.

However by hittig the reset button on the corrupt, power crazed, Obama administration it gives more Americans time to wake up to what is presently happening to America.

Obama may be likeable but he is incompetent.

In some aspects Obama is right when he says "you didn't build/create that, government did."

Let's look at what this administration has created in 4 short years and imagine what he can do with 8:

- Socialist eugenics based health care (((Obamacare)))

-NDAA (((National Defense Authorization Act))) where Americans can now be disappeared without a jury

- Out of control (((Crony Capitalism))) where government picks winners and losers based on payouts -not the free market eg. Solyndra, GM, MF Global, Numerous Bank Bailouts, No Prosecution of criminal Banksters

-(((Fast and Furious))) and other suspected domestic false flags to argue for abolishing the 2nd ammendmant

- Massive (((TSA expansion))) onto America's streets and armed (((survellance drones/now blimps))) operating over US territory.

-((UN control of U.S. military troops to invade))) Egypt, Syria, parts of Africa, etc. for offshore bankers aka Nazism

- The idea that nothing can be built without (((more government bureaucrats and global warming regulations/taxes))) getting in the way

-(((Throwing Israel -an important ally- under the bus))) by destabalizing all the county's around it but not offering them any assurances of protection

- A (((continuation of Bush's failed policies))), like not getting out of Iraq, Afghanastan, and no closing of Guantanamo torture camps

-(((Polaraized race relations))) eg. Disrespectful hadling of the Treyvon Martin family after his murder -opportunistic my son would have looked like Treyvon soundbite- and media staged racial infighting between Americans setting up for social conflict right before the 2012 election

-(((No Proof Obama supposedly got Osama)))) America was never really allowed to see the body/proof ; -)

-(((Defunding of NASA))) No exploration of the stars for the U.S., leave that to countries that are exceptional

- And of course my personal favorite (((legalizing the illegals))) temporarily until the election is over but not once addressing true immigration reform

- The list goes on.

Is this change you can believe in? Is this what you really want another 4 years of?

As Donald Trump would say: Obama you're fired (you too Mayor Villar):

Too bad Ron Paul chickened out. I'd still vote for him if he changed his mind however.
Do You Trust Obama

West Covina, CA

#3 Sep 9, 2012
If a natural disaster hit would you feel safe with Obama as President?
Smell Volcanic Activity

West Covina, CA

#4 Sep 11, 2012
Ok, so we have earthquake swarms hitting So Cal most recently: Yorba Linda, Salton Sea Area (massive swarm), Central Valley. Then we have a small fish die off in the Salton Sea which supposedly is causing a 120 miles worth of rotten egg smell to permiate accross Souther California.

Heard on the radio this morning some disk jockeys joking around saying they put in in a call to the Cal Tech Earthquake lady and she supposedly said smell does not preclude earthquakes.

However, what does a sulfer smell preclude? Answer: Volcanic activity.

Not necessarily a volcano, but volcanic activity.

Not to mention fish don't react too well to volcanism under water -they die off. in large numers.

Not sure what's going on here, but again it's something to think about.

"They heard hissing sounds and later described the rise of "smoke" from the fissure, which had the repugnant smell of rotten eggs. The "rotten egg" smell is a hallmark of H2S gas, and the crack that opened in front of them would, within hours, develop into a small volcano."
Volcanic Sulfer Smell

West Covina, CA

#6 Sep 11, 2012
I don't know, fish die offs (Redondo/ Salton Sea), ongoing magnituded 5.0 quake swarms up and down the CA San Adreas fault line and off British Columbia, unexplainable humming noises in the state of Washington, and a mysteriously shut down nuclear plant near San Diego.

Not to mention lame explanations or no real coverage from the mainstream media.

Where is this going? It's been real quiet in this section of the "Ring Of Fire" -North America- lately with the the other 3 corners getting 7.0 quakes. You tell me...

Who is gaurding the major quake faultlines from some crazy group -say for instance some rogue element within a government agency- from destabalizing these faults before the 2012 election to create a disruption? Remember Superman?

I hope this never happens, but is anyone watching for this considering all the creepy stuff our federal government is involved with now?

I hope there is still some good left in this world and even in our government.

Maybe by talking about it, stuff like this can be averted.

This is stuff people need to think about considering the strange times we are living in.

Since: Sep 12

Fremont, CA

#7 Sep 12, 2012
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Ocotober Suprise Oct 18th

Upland, CA

#8 Sep 12, 2012

Hmmm ...all the megaquake drills are on October 18th this year.

Is this going to be the Obama Administration's October suprise to throw the elections into chaos?

Looks like it. There is nothing this criminal regime won't try. Environmental false flags are the latest fad if you read between the lines.

Of course it's possible with today's technology...
October Suprise Oct 18th

Upland, CA

#9 Sep 12, 2012
They always seem to stage govt false flags alongside major drills like this. This whole things looks suspicious.

Call them as I see them. Hope nothing happens but people should be aware and judge for themselves.
October 18 Quake Suprise

Upland, CA

#10 Sep 12, 2012
Sorry if this reposts.

They always seem to stage govt false flags alongside major drills like this. This whole things looks suspicious.

Call them as I see them. Hope nothing happens but people should be aware and judge for themselves.
October 18 Quake Suprise

Upland, CA

#11 Sep 12, 2012
Why are Idaho, Utah and Arizona on the list? Do they usually have megaquakes?

Why not D.C. or Wallstreet/NY?

I guess even earthquakes don't want to be around these corrupt crapholes. Who could blame them?

Get your "quakebed" ready I guess...

Quakebed lol... yeah sounds like something the government built.
Oct Suprise Quake

Brea, CA

#12 Sep 12, 2012
If the Obama Administration felt they were going to lose by a landslide in November and they had the power to disrupt the election do you think they would?

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