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Archive for censored 'Sum Dim' posts

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Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#1 May 8, 2013
Everyone knows that I also post as 'Razer Ray" and 'Auntie Imperial', but my posts have been disappearing from online forums faster than the invisible man lately.

This thread is an archive for them.
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#2 May 8, 2013
It's up to the individual, a nonviolent, non-criminal individual just sitting there in this case.

While the blackshirt you see overbearing the gent on the lawn is about 6' 4'' and built like a football player.

But even without a direct threat of physical confrontation, they have been known to call the police *without* a legitimate reason (as I've seen in the case of a bike with it's owner on the lawn... Just like the jackass at city hall did twice to me at that location), therefore increasing "Police Calls To Louden Nelson Park" and in the process creating police statistics that 'validate' their raison d' etre.

These blackshirts help create the statistics that ensure their continued employment.
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#3 May 8, 2013
I didn't say the student population dictated the price of housing. I said the UC REGENTS (in collusion with the city of Santa Cruz and property interests) does.

There's a difference. Like the difference between blaming a victim (of a trashy high priced UC ejumakashun they're trained to believe they need) and naming the REAL CULPRITS.

The City.
In collusion with the UC Regents.
In collusion with out of town property interests.

No matter how much whining the city does about UCSC, it boils down to "Whose gonna pay the tab? now that the city spread it's legs and allowed the regents to have their way with our community's jobs and housing.

The old redneck right around here always blamed the students for the change... But THAT change they spoke of was in relation to the political texture of the town in regard to 'liberalism' and shit like that.

In reality, much like Sarah Palin and the Energy Sector crowd who came to Alaska at the same time and managed to gerrymander Alaska's political structure, so too, have the so-called "Progressives" of Santa Cruz.

But there's been no real social change in any progressive direction, except progressively economically running the city into the ground with it's ass-in-the air to be pimped to corporate chain stores and typically out-of-town commercial property interests..

I remember the very first HARD CORE "Police Sweep" in Santa Cruz a year or so after Zocolli's opened for business at their current location. All the action was across the street in front of the Market Deli and United Cigar (a building still on long term lease to that store's owner) because the Market Deli, despite INCREDIBLE PRESSURE by the city, sold food for food stamps at a time when the only other place downtown was Albertson's supermarket (at the current location of Trader Joes), which was known for falsely accusing traveler types of being shoplifters and thugging them before the police arrived.

(Eventually that Big Blond Football player bag boy met HIS fate at the hands of a falsely accused UCSC student, who also happened to be a Karate Black Belt and wiped the sidewalk with him outside the store until the police arrived. There IS justice in the world.

During that sweep (has to be late 70s), with a police car rolling down Pacific every 5 or 10 minutes, the Chief of Police used then fledgling Zocolli's as a Forward Operating Base, staring iut the window watching the operation all day for the two or three days it lasted, an accomplished nothing.

When I see the name Zocolli on the public "Safety" commission board, I think back to those days, before the Code Blue thugs caused their whole crooked SCPD 'police' operation to crash.
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#4 May 8, 2013
Is that the city is ALL SET to declare an "Emergency" that would allow them to limit how many (middle age or teen male) humans can congregate on a street corner, and I DO remember NY city doing it with three or more during the Vietnam war because any time a crowd developed a riot ensued.(giggle)

But I say there IS an emergency in Santa Cruz. A housing AND job emergency that HORRIBLY IMPACTS THE FUTURE OF CHILDREN here (let's focus on that aspect.. the future homeless and drug addicts of Santa Cruz) and an "Emergency Order" limiting how many students can be employed by a business, and also limiting the flooding of the housing market by CHARGING A SURCHARGE on students from out-of-the-area who choose not to live in the Slums UC has provided for them on campus further forcing the students into the local rental market.

I think a surcharge is MORE than fair considering that housing while away from home at a college can be somewhat deducted from a person's taxes giving the transient student a direct economic advantage over a local youth in the areadry fucked up beyond all recognition local housing market

On the OTHER hand... I ♥ the idea of a 'congregation' emergency order because it will, in short order, lead to overview by a state or federal court as to WHY the city of Santa Cruz NEEDS to implement such dramatic suppression of our constitutional right to simply assemble in a public place for no particular reason.

I expect a "Jone"-like decision and a rescinding of that 'emergency order' to result.
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#5 May 8, 2013
Here's what I wrote to a friend and have commented on the points at, dast I say...(Dast! Dast!) the Santa Cruz Senile's comment system that refreshes the page for no apparent reason destroying a number of comments I was in the process of writing. But I still got a few in:

[...]Could the Fascists be losing control of their "Dirty Filthy Feces Needle Dropping Homeless People" narrative? A cage match between Take Back Santa Cruz and Together for a Safe Santa Cruz County. Crypto-Fascists Vs. "The Poverty Pimps".

Still no one mentions a livable city with a job and housing market controlled by the city in the interest of it's citizens instead of being pimped off to the UC Regents.[...]
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#6 May 8, 2013
Sylvia: "Of course treatment works, but the opposite of "untreated mental illness" is court-ordered medication..."

A LOT of the acting out behavior I see downtown is related to medication side effects typically un-checked until the police intervene or the person shows up at their next therapy appointment acting a mess. A few years ago they must have been handing out a new pill to women. Over the period of a month or so I saw at least 3 women I know by sight (and was somewhat familiar with their odd behaviors) literally growling and snarling like animals at people.

If it was just one person I might have suspected some other causation, but three people whose behavior I was aware of exhibited exactly the same ...symptoms, made me consider a reaction to a new medication.

Last night in front of Betty's Burgers there was a rather neatly dressed guy who looked like a construction worker hollering into his cell phone: "I'm not gonna fold another goddamn American flag!" and other less intelligible things until the police showed up, discerned he was drunk, and took him to the tank. My guess from what he said is he's a veteran having problems.

After all there are only so many job descriptions where one might be folding American flags a lot, and military funerals are the only one that immediately comes to mind.

The meme that 'homeless' people have more of a tendency to that sort of behavior may be correct but the sequence of events is that they're homeless BECAUSE of those behavioral problems, and truth be told that cohort IS NOT the only group that acts out on a public street downtown. Besides the scene describe above I saw a very nicely dressed (Saks 5th avenue style) middle age woman downtown a few years ago start hollering at people early one morning in front of the Coffee Roasting Company for no apparent reason.

I could probably think of other incidents like this but those two are illustrative enough.
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#7 May 8, 2013
The most recent comment at the Senile's article (Monday morning 3/25/2013, Cesar Chavez Day), and my response:

[...] Jim Levy:

Take Back Santa Cruz in the New York Times. How about them apples?

Leigh Meyers:

I'm from New York. They're laughing at you like the vicious provincial fools you are.

Did you know that NYC made a smoking law for their parks. When I heard that I laughed and thought "Oh yeah! Their union's REALLY going to like the idea of them having an even BIGGER target on their backs."

Indeed. In the first three months the ordinance was in effect the NYPD (Not YOUR Police Department) issued 1 (that's ONE) ticket... to someone who DEMANDED they write one, to apparently test the law.

TBSC crows about themselves without realizing how ugly they look to the rest of the world, and honestly, they look like vicious fools to most of the residents of Santa Cruz too.

Good luck in your nationally publicized future Fascists. Do you KNOW how many relatives of victims of the Nazi regime live in New York, and what they visualize when they hear about the likes of TBSC? The same thing the fellow who owned Morris-Abrams thought when the "Code Blue" goons hit him up for their thugging operation. Just before he dropped the dime to call the State Attorney.

Btw, the code blue SCPD goons knew local kids like them were an "issue"...Billy Pinnino and Gabe Butterfield, two local-before-anyone used-the-words East Side/West Side kids who were part of a teen burglary ring at the time were in their thug sights as well as street people and travelers.

Eco's Eternal Fascism: 14 ways of looking at a Blackshirt.

The 14 things that signify a Fascist organization... TBSC exhibits ALL 14 traits, and they're proud of it.

Point 6 is telling:

6. Ur-Fascism derives from individual or social frustration.

That is why one of the most typical features of the historical fascism was the appeal to a frustrated middle class, a class suffering from an economic crisis or feelings of political humiliation, and frightened by the pressure of lower social groups. In our time, when the old "proletarians" are becoming petty bourgeois (and the lumpen are largely excluded from the political scene), the fascism of tomorrow will find its audience in this new majority.[...]

The Modern World piece linked above is an excerpt of Eco's treatise. Youtube has an audio version in full.
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#8 May 8, 2013
The word is responding NOT reacting Sylvia. TBSC is a crypto-Fascist front for the city's property development interests (moreso than the merchants) founded by a twice convicted Bank Frauder and I'm RESPONDING to them with vitriol and hatred.

Tough. Love.

It's really that simple. Just because these freaks developed a following of mortally terrified pseudo-affluent middle class people who aren't aware of that agenda in NO WAY makes the organization any less fascist or dangerous. Read Eco. I posted the link.
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#9 May 8, 2013
"Yuppies don't want to live in your neighborhood... They want to live in THEIR neighborhood where you USED TO live." The social class TBSC has attracted is inherently sociopathic.

Don't EVER forget that while the city and county officials lie to your face about "Working With You" on any given issue. The leadership of TBSC is no diferent. They HAVE NO INTEREST in 'working with you'

That CERTAINLY includes the newest progressive darling electee Micah Posner "Pedal Power Boy", who sold out every bicycle rider in Santa Cruz by allowing the city to circumvent the county's requirement for a bike lane on Mission Street as required on every road in the county, no matter how small (I had a friend who lived on a TINY private road in South County. When the road association attempted to sell the road to the county they were refused due to lack of a bike lane).

His sell out, allowing the city to create a de facto limited access road on Mission Street, has caused every homeless person, can collector, transgender, or anyone who doesn't look 'normal' to ride through VERY GENTRIFIED neighborhoods leading to neighborhood watch people potentially calling the police on the passage of any person who 'looks like they don't belong in the neighborhood'.

Thanks A LOT Micah. For proving my long standing belief you're just a two-faced weasel and a sell out like all the other so-called 'progressives' of Santa Cruz
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#10 May 8, 2013
The last I knew (and I learned this from state DOT training for a class A licence).

You can cross a street in a straight line from curb to curb as long as you DO NOT interfere with a vehicle in the roadway... That means the car SHOULD NOT have to even slow down. You CANNOT wander in the street though. To put it another way... Point A > Point B without interfering IN ANY WAY with the traffic flow. That includes diagonally from corner to corner.

The only exceptions I know of are as Robert stated, or, as on 41st ave there are signs in the median that actually say "No Jaywalking", and limited access roads (running across a freeway for example).

99% of Jaywalking tickets are illegitimate and intended as harassment but if there was a moving vehicle anywhere in sight it's hard to prove the vehicle did not have to take measures to avoid the walker, and the police testimony, if they perjure, will stand.
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#11 May 8, 2013
It gives one a lot of time for introspection and analysis... builds character...

One of the things you learn spending more than booking time in jail is there are more honest people inside jail than on the streets. and with the time to analyze one comes to the realization there's a reason for that.

Further, being able to sneer out the glass at your captors assured in knowing you are right and they are simply following orders for $$$(just ask any police officer or law enforcement person... They view crime as a means to a paycheck before all else) builds stamina.

We're gonna need the strong character and stamina... "American Spring" will be here before long, and it's gonna be a looong spring and summer.

Think globally ACT locally.
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#12 May 8, 2013
Cynically Ironic tweet of the day for the thousandth plus day of Bradley Manning’s illegitimate incarceration without trial.

Follow @Carwinb at Twitter for the latest details from Bradley Manning’s “Hearings”
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#13 May 8, 2013
As Gil Scott-Heron stated in his short history of American society "B-Movie".

That's what we want. Nostalgia. NOT Reality.

Here's the reality of Santa Cruz.

In my almost 40 years here, has ALWAYS had the kind of crime we see today. Knifings, burglary, robberies... All of it. Houses being cased up on Branciforte Drive and emptied into moving vans while the residents were out of town (1983 or so). I remember a homeless woman whose name I forget found raped and strangled in the woods in... Must have been 1978 or 79.

I could go on, but reading as far back in the SC Senile's as you can will inform of one thing.

The crime-free days of yore everyone is seeking NEVER WAS. It's a myth.

..and and albeit everyone want a safe crime free town there are VESTED INTERESTS behind that myth who really don't care about anything but property values and selling things to you.

...and THOSE PEOPLE (yeah... THOSE people) used to be 'trollbuster kid's parents throwing Raul the Sun Worshiper who frequented the Cooper House when Warmth stil played their, off the flyway to San Lorenzo park and his death.
...and THOSE PEOPLE (yeah... THOSE people) are the Canepa boys who ran drugs all around the reigin in their towed vehicles at the behest of Senor Escobar, and when busted, because mama Canepa 'owned the cars' got to keep their collection of VERY EXPENSIVE VINTAGE RACE CARS, just like you'd expect from the Mafia.

...and THOSE PEOPLE (yeah... THOSE people) made their seed money to start their downtown vanity shops selling cocaine after hours at Max Walden's Oak Room bar at the Cooper House. You could see them from outside at their private parties, but even a hip street person could get invited.

I'm sorry. Santa Cruz may be pretty environmentally, and ugly in it's unchecked gentrification, but it's NEVER been 'crime free', or even low crime. Criminals GO where the money is (like Willie Sutton bank robber said when asked why he robbed banks), and as long as the affluence has been here, so has the crime, and twice as many security guards and SCPD wouldn't change it a bit.
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#15 May 8, 2013
Facebook has blocked me for a day for replying with that publicly available information on the Santa Cruz Sentinel's forum... for simply and straightforwardly (unusual for me but I knew I was playing 'close to the bone') answering a question about who owns a domain name.

Twiiter discussion with G., a well know Indybay poster follows (edited to name and text only for readability)

Razer Ray:
ROTF! Blocked from FarceBook 4 a day b/c I posted this as a legitimate reply to a newspaper forum: …#Facebook #Fascicm

Interesting info,@AuntieImperial. I wonder if any TBSC felons are involved...

Razer Ray:
@PeaceCamp2010in SOMEONE reported it as a TOS violation prolly the same person who broached the question or the common troll 'an be'...

Razer Ray:
@PeaceCamp2010in ...and in a recent article about the topic of FB blocks the writer said they give a 'quick glance'... 2 seconds to requests

Razer Ray:
@PeaceCamp2010in IF, when I repost it they suspend me, THEN I can complain. Until then... No recourse. If the FB acct goes away I won't...

Razer Ray:
@PeaceCamp2010in be heartbroken. FB IS the 'suburbs of the internet' with all pages looking the same,,, A place where funny pics of cats...

Razer Ray:
@PeaceCamp2010in ...get thousands of likes and serious comment get none Example. This post is pushing 800 likes and reposts @Tumblr...

Razer Ray:
@PeaceCamp2010in >> ...and @Facebook I've only 3 likes. That's with about the same in my immediate circle.

Razer Ray:
@PeaceCamp2010in Another way of looking at it:[img].#Pitiful If FB goes away... tsk tsk.(I have another anon acct)
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#16 May 8, 2013
Facebook is a Stock Market FAIL!
Their artificial intelligence isn't too bright either.

Pamela Comstock for RIOT PORN Star!
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#17 May 8, 2013
Let's REALLY keep it real.

Take Back Santa Cruz presence is a threat to the economic survival of what's left of a resident working Class in Santa Cruz and a threat to the physical survival of the homeless.

In that, it's more than legitimate to say they're a reactionary vigilante organization

Funny thing tho... The Working Class members of TBSC are unaware of TBSC's overarching agenda... Gentrified Development of Santa Cruz in the interest of property development interests such as the lower Ocean Street project modeled after ... Wait for it... Redwood City.

At one time the TBSC's AND the city's info in regard to the project led to an image of an arch cribbed from an artist's rendition of the Redwood City arch, without modification. It still read "Redwood City".

If Lower Ocean IS redeveloped, all the TBSC residents of lower Ocean will no longer be able to afford to live there. They're just too stupid or greedy to know it.
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#18 May 8, 2013
...and I'm entitled to my opinion about his motivations, ethics and morals.

As opposed to him vilifying a mysterious clan of unseen campers who allegedly leave LARGE QUANTITIES of syringes in the woods.

Listen rube. I know all sorts of speedfreaks and junkies around here, and I KNOW where many of them camp (abeit I'm not a regular visitor... most campers prefer to keep the traffic to a minimum whether drug addict or not), and I say the BS about finding "Bags full of syringes" is a pure myth backed up by perception managers using MEDICAL WASTE...

Perhaps illegally dumped by some of SC's finest medical offices cheap hired clean up crews.

There's a LOT of illegal dumping by businesses and construction companies going on around Santa Cruz.(A recent example of toxic materials dumping by a CorpStore construction crew that everyone downtown got to watch as the SCFD stood by and also just watched on request)

You can simply ask SOS... You know, Save Our Shores, who also work the river banks, for verification of how FEW syringes they find during clean ups because ANYONE related to TBSC's word means less than shit to me and SOS doesn't see those "Bags of Syringes".


Like I said. I'll catch up with TJ and his BIG FANCY TRUCK on the street.
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#19 May 8, 2013
Surely you jest. TJ was a punk speedfreak kid scared straight and apparently stoopid.

Flea beat his way to the top... The top "beat him" and not only did he recover, he's HELPING INDIVIDUALS WITH PROBLEMS NOT ASSISTING IN THE VILIFICATION OF ANY INDIVIDUALS OR GROUPS OF PEOPLE.

Your comparison is crass and ignorant of the facts.
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#20 May 8, 2013
Subtitle: Voice of experience Vs voice of disinformation

Weak because the San Lorenzo rises and falls and washes needles away, while the woods allow trash to accumulate.

Duh... Drug users aren't at the waterline, or even close to it, and they surely don't go down there while the river's up.

Weak because the San Lorenzo is currently devoid of trees and shrubs so you're exposed shooting up there so who wants to shoot there, but Pogonip is shrubby and private and that works just fine.

Historically, SOS just does NOT find large quantities of Syringes. Is that clear enough?

Weak because the San Lorenzo is off-limits and patrolled regularly by First Alarm guards in trucks, while Pogonip isn't.

False Alarm guards? NO ONE CARES about them, and Pogonip IS not only "regularly patrolled". It's staked out. Have you tried walking up the tracks without being jumped by a local drug task force? One can barely walk a dog anywhere around the tracks or on hwy 9 outside of town without running into the "Drug Squad".

Meaning... Due to intensive police-related surveillance there just aren't many druggies in the pogonip.

They CAN afford motels and housing, and if you check the papers you WILL see that most drug crimes happen around HOUSING drug users inhabit. Not on the streets or in the woods.
Sum Dim

Sunol, CA

#21 May 8, 2013
Are the Pigs part of the 99%? Wrong Questions Get Wrong Answers.

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