Roadshow: Parking in front of a neigh...

Roadshow: Parking in front of a neighbor's house is legal but irritating

There are 365 comments on the Ledger Dispatch story from Jun 30, 2009, titled Roadshow: Parking in front of a neighbor's house is legal but irritating. In it, Ledger Dispatch reports that:

Q: Whoa, Mr. Roadshow! Were you short on space the other day? Yes, it's legal to park in front of someone else's house, as you wrote.

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Just Me

Redlands, CA

#122 Jan 31, 2013
Also, the clueless person who lives there would leave her blinds open all day and night long with lights on while friends were visiting and being generally young and fabulous. Blinds were always open when she was gone for the day. And I'm sure if you mentioned to her she should close her blinds, she'd say, "Don't be jealous because I have nice things." So of course, being modern people and everyone knowing "It's none of my business, she'll take it the wrong way anyway," no one said anything.

She was burglarized in the first 2 months living there.

Rowlett, TX

#123 Jan 31, 2013

Dayton, OH

#125 Feb 10, 2013
We live on a one way street with, no drive ways just ally's and we do not have a garage, we have 4 cars and I park the 4th at my parents house cuz there is not much parking here so I have 3 cars parked in front of our house daily all on my property line well our new neighbor likes to park on front of our house when were not home and takes up two spots I can't park behind him and can only squeez one car in front of him, very annoying, he does not park in front of his own house and sometimes parks in front of another house instead of his???? No idea, the gf got home and she had no where to park she walked over bang on his door told him to move his car now she was very rude about it cuz she was very mad 3rd night in a row he then stars using bad language and yelling at her saying he does not have to do anything I heard this from inside ran out there beat the crap out of him then caught his car on fire just kidding I did run out there and got up in his face and told him to have some respect and a few other bad words he moved his car but he was not happy about it, hopfully we made our point ill tell him sorry for the yelling an bein rude next week and see if he can understand then we have lived here for a long time and everyone down here just knows what parking spot is there's hopfully he got the hint :)


#127 Feb 23, 2013
Lizzie Borden wrote:
Tear gas.
Really, find a cause worth putting all your energy into - Humane Society, volunteer work at your local hospital, etc...
Your obviously another uncourteous individual, I suppose u think its fine to own 4/5 vehicles and park them outside everyone else's house and keep your own drive way clear ,
It just sums up the kind of person you are
Rude trouble making attention seeker, probably with no friends!
Move your cars please

Encinitas, CA

#129 Feb 25, 2013
Yup. We have the neighbors 2nd and 3rd car
Permanently in front of our house. Not in their garage or their driveway. Every day. It's ugly seeing metal. I will plant lots of trees so I can't see them.
No consideration anymore

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#131 Feb 27, 2013
Two words for those a-holes that don't care about where the park....liquid a$$...look it up.

United States

#133 Mar 3, 2013
Ya parking infringe odd someone eldest home is rude and if your visiting friends our relative s park on your own damn side ppl don't think about shit until it happens to them or their car get smashed from being in the dam way bottom line is IM ask the neighbors to have their friends park on their side or everyday and night IM posting directly infringe of their door that's just childish got a whole damn block and because you don't wanna turn your car around to park on your side you block my shit up. And for all the ppl who are saying it's no big deal maybe you don't have a life or a car to park.

United States

#134 Mar 3, 2013
Major spelling errors Androids lol
Agitated Neighbor

San Jose, CA

#135 Mar 4, 2013
You obviously don't live in a home. the nieghbors all around me own more than their fair share of cars. And one neighbor has a motor home that he parks in front of his house (isn't this illegal?) It's very annoying when you don't have a parking spot for your elderly family to park in when they visit.

Garden Grove, CA

#136 Mar 13, 2013
We have neighbors that live accross a busy street that I'm sure are renting out rooms, which is fine. Problem is, the renters prefer (or are told) to cross the busy street to park in front of our house when there is plenty of not only driveway parking, but street parking! My husband and I both have cars as do our two children that drive and another that will soon be ready to drive. We are fortunate to have a circulare driveway and a side driveway to park all our cars. It is just not only annoying, it's rude. Yes, it is a public street, but when you purchase or rent a property I consider that portion of the street as part of your extended property in a sense. When that part of the street has trash, grass clippings, etc., I clean it up....not my neighbor. I don't take more than my share of parking when I do park in the street, don't take more than your share. My husband wants to go talk to them, but I'm not sure if that will help. If you are that disrespectful and inconsiderate of your neighbors "space", then you probably don't care and will not change and we will just get more agrivated with the situation. Dont get me wrong, I don't mind If someone has a special occasion and extra parking is needed from time to time. Just asking neighbors, please be courteous.

San Jose, CA

#137 Mar 18, 2013
The Real Anon wrote:
<quoted text>
WTF is their problem? Can't the cops tow them? If I were you I'd consider the vandalism. Just don't get caught. A BB gun might come in handy, you can break all the windows and nobody will hear it.
I feel you I can't get my trick out from my side driveway where I park behind double gates and no parking sign is posted but the idiots from the park can't park 20' further down the street so my sullition is a air soft gun thar makes there doors look like a golf ball with one pull of the auto trigger but it still doesn't help me get out.

Gloucester, UK

#139 Mar 23, 2013
i totally agree i dont mind someone parking briefly across the street of my house has recently started parking outside my house permanently and its so irritating which means my visitors need to go and look for parking elsewhere.i have wrote him a note asking him to park somewhere as i would also like to have access to the space.

Nashville, TN

#141 Mar 27, 2013
Call a tow truck, have it towed to the nearest shop. Just give the tow truck company a fake name and address, and pay cash. Worth every penny.

Austin, TX

#143 Apr 15, 2013
DDD74 wrote:
This board is full of whiners and complainers. Why don't you go TALK to your neighbor instead of complaining about it over the internet? BOO HOO, someone is parking in front of your house...
Yeah boo hoo,until it happens to you, how nasty and small minded of you. Heck you're probabaly one of the people parking in front your neighbors house, get a life and God bless you, it looks like you need it.

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

#144 Apr 20, 2013
my neighbor also parks in front of my house, it wasnt a big deal in the beginning but after a while it started to bother me because it blocks my house view from the street, so my house looks really crammed while their house is free of cars and looking nice.

Lethbridge, Canada

#146 Apr 22, 2013
if it is a once in a while occurrence and there are other spaces available further up, is walking 20 extra feet REALLY GOING TO KILL YOU?! Holy hell it's not like you're gonna die...

Casper, WY

#148 Apr 26, 2013
Lizzie Borden wrote:
Tear gas.
Really, find a cause worth putting all your energy into - Humane Society, volunteer work at your local hospital, etc...
It's a valid irritation and I see it this way, when you spend $180k to $250k on your home you should be able to park in front of it.

Since: Mar 11

Livermore 94551

#149 Apr 27, 2013
Momma wrote:
<quoted text>It's a valid irritation and I see it this way, when you spend $180k to $250k on your home you should be able to park in front of it.
Where do you spend 180k to 250k on a house? You must not be in Livermore, where this Topix thread is, or anywhere in California for that matter.

Columbus, OH

#150 Apr 27, 2013
I have the same problem. My house is next to a 2 bedroom apartment and the renters have 5 vehicles they parked everywhere, 2 in front of my house all the time. I recently started parking my own car in front of my house instead of parking it in my garage just to let them know that I don't like them parking in front of my house. They have 1 garage they could park one of their cars in, but they leave that open as well as their driveway while they park on the streets and in front of my house. Now they even make fun of me for taking up that space in front of my own property, imagine?? I have lived in my house for almost 8 yrs now and these people moved into the apartment about 3 yrs now. I reported them to the police for parking beyond 72 hrs at a time but even the police have not done anything to remediate this problem. They said the city has only 3 impounder and it will take them up to 10 days to check on your complaint. Then somehow, these people would move their vehicles before that time period is up so the count starts over again. Really, some people have no respect at all.They are just plain rude, inconsiderate and disrespectful.

Portland, OR

#152 May 15, 2013
I live on a corner lot so there is a lot of parking space and it does not bother me if a neighbor has visitors, and they need short term parking but when someone is storing a vehicle in front of my house it becomes annoying especially if it is an eye sore. Just recently my neighbor has his displaced grown children living with him and 3 extra vehicles supposedly only a couple of weeks I can make them move their cars but that would bring out a side of me that haven't seen in a while and would prefer to leave it in the past . typically I abide my time as the people like this are usually unstable and don't last very long any residence.

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