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Review: Oxford Driving School

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vidhya gopalakrishnan of San Francisco, CA on May 10, 2009

hi i would like to really appreciate the instructor micheal of oxford driving school. my first class itself i can very well understand the patience, instructing mode in positive way, motivating and constantly providing necessary assistance and motivation to boost one's confidence on the road while taking class with him. I was surprised that i can drive a car with such a good instructor that too on the first class. im so happy with the instructor as he never used negative assistance like dont go dont don that stop etc...instead he keep on giving positive assistance to make me much more motivated and kept my confidence level high on the road in a couple of hours. i would recommend this driving school for any one who is really really worried abt a good driving school and instructor. i would highly recommend this driving school especially for indians who have kids. Such a wonderful positive encouragive cooperative understandable motivating instructor is Mr Micheal. i highly once again recommend this driving school

vani of Sunnyvale, CA on Jan 12, 2010

I agree with vidhya . He is the best of the instructors I had here. I would hightly recommend him to anybody who has less confidence on their driving skills.

Andy of Sunnyvale, CA on Feb 7, 2010

Instructor Michael gave me three lessons before the drive test. He teaches really well! I past the test in one shot.
Here is the school website:

Lei of United States on May 26, 2010

I had two lessons from Michael, and pass the test today. He is a very nice and experinced instructor that not only teach you how to pass the test, but also how to driving safely in your future life.

I would highly recommend this driving school and thank you very much again!

Lupee Estrella of San Anselmo, CA on May 29, 2010

We Mexicans don't have to drive good!

Andrew of Stanford, CA on Jul 31, 2010

Huge shout out to instructor Michael, who is hands down, the most patient and forgiving driving instructor I've ever met. In three lessons, he managed to teach me everything I needed to know about driving and make it completely enjoyable as well. He was even nice enough to ask if I needed to make any stops along the way or after the lesson and was more than happy to answer any questions I had about the test. I ended passing with only one minor mistake and I have Michael from Oxford Driving School to thank.

Jai of Antioch, CA on Dec 18, 2010

Hi I am really thankful to instructor micheal from oxford driving school. He is a positive,motivating instructor who teaches driving really really well. He has lot of patience and he is very kind to his students.I really thank God for getting such a good instructor.He clearly identifies - what mistakes the students are doing and he corrects those mistakes in a polite way.He is a expert in teaching driving and will help you to gain confidence on the road in a short period.I would highly recommend the instructor micheal for any one who needs a good driving instructor.I really thank instructor micheal a million times for his teaching,kindness and good driving lessons.

Pranavi Santa Clara of Santa Clara, CA on Oct 17, 2011

I highly recommend Driving instructor, Mr Michael Xu. He is very professional, patient and teaches rules clearly. In short, he tries to make you a confident driver. On the day of the test, he really tried to make me be calm and focused.I am very grateful to him for helping with the test.