RANKIN I think your the one that is scared, get over it already! people like you are never going to be happy, when and what you write only shows your ignorance.
Exactly what I said , your just another unhappy , bitter person . You have to resort to slanderous remarks, and lies. But let all of that eat up your conscience and maybe one day you can look back at all of this, and realize how ignorant you were.You want to talk about False Prophets,Get a mirror and hold it up to your face, and tell me who you are to judge !

RANKIN ,I see your anger building up little by little, your like a pot of steaming boiling water about to erupt! dont you have anything else to say? This is not Victor Lopez, I'm sure he doesn't have the time to come to this forum, he has more important things to do, as for me I'm just a concerned person who see's everything from a different prospective.

Grow up Rankin
Still crying over spilled milk
The so called stolen elections
Lost the city account
Due to your unethical ways
Continuing with your so called drug theories

Nothing but LIBEL and SLANDER

Get a backbone , stop being a crybaby!!

Have a good day !!