Who Is Bob McKee Lake Tax Collector

Who Is Bob McKee Lake Tax Collector

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#2 Apr 27, 2012
A copy of a State University of New York Diploma from Agricultural and Technical College at Farmingdale for an Associate in Applied Science Degree (Major In Police Science) dated 6/12/1970.

A copy of a State University of New York at Buffalo - Bachelor of Science Degree Diploma (No Major Indicated) dated 5/21/1972.

See the results of the Bruce Carroll investigation dated 1/27/1993 regarding the above educational documents as well as responses from some of the previous employments.

Bob McKee Employment History Dates/ Other Info:
U S NAVY 3/13/1968 TO 5/3/1968 (TOTAL 51 DAYS)
(No Information as to where he was for one year)

Aqua Quality Pools Part-Time May, June, July 1969 (they don’t recall him)
Allen Blvd. Farmingdale, NY 11735

Bob McKee come to Florida and got a Florida Driving license issued :
Florida D/L Issue date 6/30/1971

Back to New York with Florida Drivers License in hand per information he provided.
A & S Dept Store NY (8/1969 to 7/1971
Rt.#110 Huntington, NY 11706

On call 7/69 to 10/69 Part-Time 10/6/69 to 9/1/70
On call summer 1971

Leroy Robert & Thelma M. McKee
Closed on house in Clermont on 9/13/1971
1719 1st Street
Clermont, Fl 32711

State University College at Buffalo 10/5/1971 to 6/1972 (Student Security Aid) Buffalo, NY 14222 Very Unusual response to OCSO 1976 inquiry. His performance had been satisfactory while working as a student security aid.

Walt Disney World 9/20/1972 to 6/28/1975 (Boss Chuck Cone)
Lake Buena Vista Fl 32830

Great Adventure’s Jackson, NJ 7/75 to 10/ 75 (per OCSO app) also w/ Chuck Cone
P. O. Box 40
Jackson, NJ 08527

Unemployment claim filed 10/75- Termination Date Unknown
208 N. 3rd St.
Leesburg, Fl 32748

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#4 Apr 27, 2012
who on 12/21/1976 located to a new home at 420 North Street – Clermont, Fl 32711; moved on 12/11/1980 to become Bob & Bonnie McKee’s neighbor at 7031 N. Shore Drive – Leesburg, Fl 32748. No wonder no one could ever located Bob McKee’s HRS file!

5th Circuit Public Defender 2/1/1982 to 9/11/1987
Tavares, Fl

Included in his file here is a survey letter from the Florida Division of retirement inquiring about military dates of service. McKee stated he was in the military from 7/67 to 5/69 – also in that file he only provides his previous state retirement employers as HRS Counselor using above dates. He provided no state employment dates for 9th SAO or Orange Co SO. However HRS Bob Wear did make inquiry to 9th SAO where McKee had provided correct Navy service dates with eye excuse and still hired him anyway! Did Bob Wear get the DUI racing wreck information and the fact that McKee had lied about same from Orange County officials and hire him anyway? What about the DOB he put on the FDLE fingerprint card in hopes of entering police standards school? Did they all miss that too? Bob Wear was apparently close friends of Bob McKee and family. McKee should have never been hired by the HRS as a counselor with the criminal history he had!

Lake Clerk of Court 9/14/1987 to 9/1/1992
Tavares, Fl

Again hired without a comprehensive background investigation. By summer 1992 insiders were saying Clerk of Courts Jim Watkins was becoming skeptical of Bob McKee who was tooting his own horn and collecting allies, Watkins believed to be in preparation for running against him. Watkins simply done another restructuring of his office and abolished McKee’s Deputy Clerk position. When Watkins fired McKee an interesting twist come to past. In support of Bob McKee and against his mutual employer prominent Tavares law firm resigned as legal counsel for Clerk of Courts James Watkins after he fired Chief Deputy Clerk Bob McKee two weeks ago. In a ''Dear Jim'' letter from the firm of Williams, Smith & Summers, senior attorney Robert Q. Williams cited his long personal friendship with McKee for the firm's decision. Williams wrote:''Following your visit a week ago in the wake of Bob McKee's termination, I have given a great deal of thought to my continued role as attorney for the office of the clerk.
Since no one had ever done a comprehensive background investigation on Robert Kenneth McKee, it was only after James Watkins terminated Bob McKee and he was hired by the BCC that issues involving his lying about education regarding a Masters Degree he did not possess come to light. Then Watkins had Bruce Carroll investigate and call McKee’s former employers and schools. It turned out everything he had provided them from the beginning was a lie! That still didn’t matter to one of the most prominent law firms in Tavares. Robert “Q” Williams was still on board!

That loyalty of Robert “Q” Williams has paid off over the years. Among other things he was the Town Attorney for Lady Lake when McKee was Town Manager. More recently his firm has represented Bob McKee as Tax Collector as well as other McKee ventures such as Cornerstone Hospice and Bob McKee’s step-son Damon Bentley’s Utopia Investment Group.

Lake County School Board – Baseball Coach 10/26/1987 Application for Teachers Certificate

Original application dated 10/26/1987 Bob McKee used the DOB of 12/31/1949. While records indicate he was already coaching Baseball his application was forwarded to PPS by the FDOE on
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#5 Apr 27, 2012
1/4/1988 for inconsistency in some information provided on his application. Records reflect a hire date on 2/2/1988. Florida Department of Education Certificate number 623040. No fingerprint or comprehensive criminal background investigation was done on Bob McKee at this time.

From The Florida Department of Education:

NOTICE: Please be advised that the text below is the only version of this document in the educator certification database system, due to a database conversion in 1999. This reprint bears the original text but does not bear the format of the original document.

SOE DATE: 1/6/1988
Your application has been referred to professional practices services. That office will advise you of additional information that you will need to provide.“Submit official verification of your immigration status as explained in the enclosed form CC-30.“ These semester hours must have been earned subsequent to “date.”

Notice to applicant from Professional Practices Services re: Hauppauge NY – DUI in 1970 at age 18.(requires a DOB in 1952) Applicant replied in September 1988 and explained “A regrettable incident. I didn’t drink much then and I don’t drink at all now. I was 18 years old and attending the wedding of a dear friend.”“We can’t seem to escape our pasts.” RM

On 10/6/1988 the applicant was finally cleared by PPS. They apparently did not find the other DUI’s in NY nor did they find the November 5, 1976 Orange County, Fl - DUI (under DOB 12/31/1949) while racing which caused an accident with injuries! The reason he was fired from the 9th SAO and the OCSO after three days of employment when caught lying about it .

Board of Lake County Commissioners 9/14/1992 to 1/29/1993 Purchasing Director to Deputy County Manager
Tavares, Fl

Former Jail Administrator Tom Neumeyer contacted LCBCC Chairman Richard Swartz with allegations concerning the lies concerning Bob McKee’s resume which ultimately led to McKee’s resignation. County Manager Pete Wahl made arrangement for McKee to become Lady Lake Town manager while they waited to get him in a suitable public office in Lake County.

Lake County School Board – Baseball Coach March 24, 1993
Application for Teachers Certificate

In the process of re-applying for Florida teachers certificate # 623040 to be renewed the FDOE indicated the need for an FDLE-FBI criminal records search to be done. On this application Robert (Bob) Kenneth McKee provided the date of birth of (1/29/1950) applied on the application using current certificate number 623040. The certificate was issued apparently without FDOE employees noticing the discrepancies in the two different dates of birth used by the applicant.

Lady Lake Town Manager 5/12/1993 to 12/31/1996
Lady Lake, Fl
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#7 Apr 27, 2012
Summary of background investigation by Bruce Carroll of Lake County Clerks Office completed on January 27, 1993 – After Bob McKee’s employment had been terminated!
1987 Resume Statements by Bob McKee-
1. University of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida
Post Graduate Studies in Public
Administration – Presently enrolled

Findings of Facts:
1. Per UCF No record of enrollment
in post graduate studies at UCF
at any time.

2. Rollins College Winter Park, Fl
M. S. Criminal Justice – 1975

Findings of Facts:
2. Per Rollins and County Attorney’s
Office: No record of having attended
Never enrolled at all.

3. State University at New York
At Buffalo
Buffalo, NY
Post Graduate studies -
Criminal Justice
September 1972 – June 1973

Findings of Facts:
3. Per University: No record of ever
having attended, suggested a check
of Buffalo State College

3(a). Per State University of New York
College at Buffalo (commonly called
Buffalo State College)” BS Criminal
Justice 1972. No records of any post
graduate work.

4. New York University B.S. PUBLIC/
POLICE Administration 1972
Findings of Facts:
4. Per NYU: No degree granted.
No record of him ever attending
New York University.

5. Orange County Sheriff’s Department
Orlando, Fl
July 1973 – June 1975
Deputy Sheriff Patrol
Criminal Investigations

Findings of Facts:
5. Per Orange County Sheriff’s Office:
Employed Nov. 15 to Nov. 18, 1976
as Police Service Officer
(Total 3 Days)

6. State Attorney’s Office 9th Judicial Circuit
June 1975 – May 1977
Investigator, Criminal Intake
Criminal Investigations,
Drug Enforcement
Administration Strike Force
Organized Crime Strike Force

Findings of Facts:
6. Per States Attorney’s Office:
Employed Sept. 23, 1976 to
November 12, 1976 as a part-
time investigator
(Total 51 Days)

7. Department of HRS
Division of Youth Services
Lake County 6/77 – 2/ 81
Findings of Facts:
7. Not Checked!
8. Public Defender’s Officer 5th Judicial Circuit
2/81 to Present

Findings of Facts:

8. Not Checked!
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#9 Apr 27, 2012
2E Social Security Number

2E-1 Eligibility

As authorized by Executive Order 9397 of 22 November l943, and as directed by
MILPERSMAN 1000-060, the social security number (SSN) shown on the applicant’s
Social Security Number Card, OA-702, is the military personnel identification number
assigned to each member upon first entering the Navy. Accordingly, all applicants must
have a social security number before enlistment. An applicant who has applied for a
social security number but has not received it, may not be processed. To facilitate
processing and examination, applicants reporting to the Military Entrance Processing
Station (MEPS) or Mobile Examining Team (MET) sites for their initial examination
(normally Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) testing)) may be
required to present documentary evidence to verify their SSN as listed on the Request
for Examination (MEPCOM Form 7l4A). Therefore, instruct applicants to report to the
MEPS/MET site with documentary evidence of their SSN.

2E-2 Waiver. No waiver of the requirement may be made.

2E-3 Social Security Number Verification Document

Any of the following documents verify an applicant’s SSN:
a. A SSN card or replacement card issued by a Social Security Administration Officer.

b. The SSN stub (which has the SSN number listed thereon) issued by the Social
Security Administration in conjunction with the original SSN card.

c. Any Social Security Administration system printout that lists the applicant’s name
and SSN. The printout is acceptable with or without a SSA stamp (of any sort), or

d. The applicant’s SSN as shown on records/statements. Two different types of
documents or two similar documents issued by two different agencies must be
(1) Document issued by a Federal, state, or local government agency (tax form or
statement, valid driver’s license, vehicle or other registration, or
unemployment card).
(2) Document issued by an employer or former employer (wage or tax statement).
(3) Statement from a bank or other savings institution (statement of savings
account earnings or other earnings statement for tax purposes).
(4) High school or college transcripts.
(5) Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD Form 214) for prior
service veterans.
e. A letter on official Social Security Administration letterhead, signed by a Social
Security representative.
2A-2 Basic Requirements
a. Specific eligibility requirements must be met before an applicant can be considered
qualified for enlistment. To join the U.S. Navy, applicants must:
(1) Be 18-34 years old (17 with parental permission). Applicants must be
accessed onto active duty prior to their 35th birthday. No exceptions.
(2) Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident alien, or U.S. non-citizen national.
(3) Have a social security number.
(4) Be a high school diploma graduate (or meet High Performance Predictor
Profile (HP3) criteria). Be proficient in reading, speaking, writing, and
understanding the English language.
(5) Have a minimum acceptable Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score
of 31. Applicants with AFQT scores of less than 50 must be high school
diploma graduates (TIER I/HSDG).
(6) Have no more than one dependent (waivers are granted for financially
responsible applicants with more dependents). If single, applicant cannot
have custody of a dependent (see Section 2G of this chapter).
(7) Pass a physical exam.
(8) Not be under civil restraint, a substance abuser nor have a pattern of minor
convictions or any non-minor misdemeanor or felony convictions (waivers are
granted depending on number and severity). Applicants with lawsuits
pending by or against them must not be enlisted without prior approval by the
Special Assistant for Legal Affairs (CNRC Code 017).
b. Additional qualifications for each program are contained in Chapter 3.
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#10 Apr 27, 2012
(3) RTC Commanding Officer. The Navy Recruit Training Command (RTC)
Commanding Officer is granted commensurate waiver authority with NRD
Commanding Officers. The following exceptions apply:
(a) Two alcohol/drug related "behind the Wheel" (BTW) convictions
(b) Two convictions of possession/use of marijuana
(c) Negligent homicide
(d) Indecent exposure
(e) Indecent, insulting or obscene language communicated directly or by
(f) Sex crime related charges or child-molesting
2M-2 Definitions
The following definitions are for operational use within the alcohol and drug abuse
programs of the Navy. They do not change definitions in statutory provisions,
regulations, or directives that are concerned with personnel administration, medical care,
or with determination of misconduct and criminal or civil responsibilities for persons’
acts or omissions.

a. Alcohol Abuse. The use of alcohol to an extent that it has an adverse effect on the
user’s health or behavior, family, community, or the Navy, or leads to unacceptable
behavior as evidenced by one or more alcohol-induced incidents.

c. Alcohol - Induced Related Offense. Any adverse adjudication involving alcohol.
Pre-Service Behind-the-Wheel Related Offenses. Individuals who have been
convicted of an alcohol-related offense must be considered under guidelines for
processing applicants with past civil convictions. In this regard, two or more Behind
the Wheel (BTW) convictions (such as driving while intoxicated (DWI), driving
under the influence (DUI), operating under influence of alcohol (OUIL), driving
while alcohol impaired (DWAI), etc.) are generally indicative of a serious problem
with alcohol. Whenever an applicant is adversely adjudicated for driving while under
the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol, the offense is considered a BTW offense
regardless of what the State called the offense. As an example, a charge of DUI
which is reduced to reckless driving is still considered a BTW if there was evidence
presented that the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. An applicant
with multiple BTW convictions is ineligible for enlistment. However, an
exceptionally qualified applicant who has shown evidence of having discontinued his
or her abuse of alcohol or illegal drugs may request a waiver from CNRC provided
that the person has no more than two BTWs and no other civil convictions within the
last 1 year from date of last BTW conviction, other than minor traffic (Chart A)
offenses. Submit waiver requests to CNRC (Code 322). The mandatory waiting
period is not waiverable
2H-4 Official Transcript. An official transcript is the primary acceptable document for
establishing Tier status. Transcripts shall meet all the following conditions:
a. Contain date of entry into the school and date of graduation or exit.
b. Be signed by an authorized school official.
c. List courses taken, grades received, and credits earned.
d. Official transcripts are required in order to:
1. Detect invalid or manufactured diplomas
2. Detect programs developed for the military to circumvent the requirements of the
traditional high school diploma
3. Evaluate classroom attendance
4. Verify Carnegie credits or units for all requisite and elective courses
5. Verify attainment of passing scores on all parts of required State or local school
district exit exams
6. Determine grade level

Note: It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide required official diplomas
and transcripts. It is not the duty of the recruiter to obtain these documents.
e. The issuing institution must provide the official transcript either personally or
by direct mail to recruiting personnel. Recruiters shall not accept transcripts
hand carried by applicants to verify education status.

Real People

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#11 Apr 27, 2012
1. It is not the responsibility of the recruiter to obtain transcripts from schools.
Applicants shall instruct the school to send the official transcripts to the recruiter.

2. Telecopied transcripts from another NRS, NRD, or directly from the issuing
institution may be used for DEP purposes only and must meet the criteria
specified in this paragraph. The original documents must be provided directly
from the school to the NRS or NRD and will be placed in the original enlistment
kit within 30 days; original transcripts must be received prior to the shipping date.

3. Applicants attending a college or university with the capability for students to
access unofficial transcripts via a web site may use the unofficial transcripts for
DEP purposes only. These individuals shall not ship to RTC until official
transcripts have been received.

Note: This does not apply to high school applicants! Any public high school diploma that raises doubt as to its validity will be referred to the local ESS. Validation of Education, Section 2H-14, will be used to determine whether questionable diplomas are valid.

Note: The intent of this paragraph is to alleviate the difficulties encountered when
requesting official transcripts from school systems that have closed and/or in which
records have been transferred to a central repository or records center. It is not
intended to circumvent the requirements to examine and/or obtain those documents.

Robert McCloud

United States

#12 Apr 28, 2012
Man oh man this can't be true. Don' t tell me I just wrote a big fat check to this man for my taxes last month. If this is the truth sounds like somebody needs to do something about this man. Don't you have to have a high school diploma to run for public office? If this guy doesn’t even have a real high school diploma then all those other degrees are fake too. My brother in law was in Navy he's going to look up the reasons for separation on the DD 214 but, I looked up the Bupers Manual C-10306 and it starts with separation of enlisted person for convenience of the government. The Bumedinst 1910 covers a lot of territory about fake social security numbers and educational documents and such. Every politician lies but if all this stuff is true on this guy he's probably the real winner of them all. Wonder if the Tea Party people know about this guy? Being a politician he's probably right in with them. Somebody needs to address all these issues right now. No wonder we are in the shape we are in with people like him in office.

League of women voters

This is not even funny

United States

#13 Apr 30, 2012
It looks like this McKee dude has an attracton to degree's. All he's really got is a BS (Bull Sh*t) and a PHD (Pile it higher and deeper)

Why does the people let these clowns pull the wool over their eyes for so long? the people are not stupid, they can read and research things on the computer.

Bob McKee needs to resign all his government jobs immediately. Tax Collector and all affiliations connected to same. Cornerstone Hospice. If this man has lied about his life from the beginning the people need to bring this case to the surface right now. You can't call this one politics because no one is running against him. This is just criminal conspiracy to defraud the people plain and simple!
New Utopia Television

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#14 Aug 15, 2012
Visit New Utopia Television

Sign on with Bob McKee and Robert "Q" Williams for the greatest adventure of a lifetime!

how can this be

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#16 Nov 26, 2012
right to know

United States

#17 Dec 10, 2012
Where is this guy anyway? He used to be the life of the party, the kingmaker. He even liked to refer to himself as the untouchable Godfather.

Always having someone hold the Bible he he was swearing in all the new sheriff's and others he helped anointed to office. We didn't even hear from Bob McKee when Ed Havill died. Why?

Maybe he's getting ready to retire and "vammoose" his favorite of all his birthdates he uses is 12/31/1949 so he can claim he's 63 on the last day of this month. Gues when you use four or more you can be who you wnat to be and ever how old you want to be. It looks like if we're footing all these bills should have the right to know,

United States

#18 Dec 10, 2012
Why is Bob McKee's Tax Office Closed this afternoon?

I just got home from going to the Bob McKee Tax Office to pay my taxes and a sign on the door says they are closed from Noon to 5 PM today and will be open again in the morning.

What is this? Do you think maybe someone has finally decided to take Bob McKee out and run his pedigree and find out who he really is? All the FHP troopers carry one of those fingerprint ID machines that will identify prints right off the skin.

They are probably just partying for Christmas, At least the Sign on the door said MERRY CHRISTMAS and not just happy holidays! You would think they could have a party on their own time after five or on the weekends as much money as they make.

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