Lauren Ritchie Her Silence Is Deafening

Lauren Ritchie Her Silence Is Deafening

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read thru the lines

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#1 Aug 9, 2012
Lauren Ritchie has enjoyed years of being able to tell Lake County folks who they should or should not vote for. What environmental issues we should or should not be concerned with. She has parlayed her name in print into an expert in all fields.

Historically folks just laugh her off as another liberal columnist or journalist or what ever the preferred title of the week is for those who ply her trade but, sometimes the conspiracy factors within her drivel are a little bit more than the average educated Lake County folks are willing to accept for the truth.

By now we the people have become suspicious of everything and everybody because it’s our only possibility of survival. If we have learned one thing since the onslaught of Obamanation. We don’t know who to trust but we know for sure we can not trust; the media. We know Fox news comes as close to the truth as any of them and that is nothing to brag about.

Experts are quick to remind us everything USA starts right here at home. Public corruption begins at City Hall’s, State and County public offices as such and works it way to Washington not the other way around.

The culture of corruption in Lake County, while well organized, is not really unique to the present atmosphere of government bodies throughout the United States. Many researchers however do believe that the Jeb Bush sphere on influence in Florida has enhanced this ongoing corruption. The facts are no one from the outside who has an ounce of brains will deny “something is rotten in Lake County.” The defense of these criminals is so obvious to the people. No one well connected to the government can do any wrong. What is supposed to be credible law enforcement agencies with oversight of crimes and corruption turn their heads to whistleblowers and reports of crimes by upstanding citizens and many times even try to put words in their mouths which would effectively turn their concerns 180 degrees from facts. Some of our supposed to be professionally trained law enforcement officers and agencies are in fact doing nothing more than running interference for their friends within this culture of corruption.

If Lake’s well organized corruption can not control certain people they will make their lives miserable. They have been known to threaten people into a consensus with the organization to achieve their goals usually on such things as bypassing bidding processes as such as with the LCBCC projects, the parking garage, courthouse expansion,$3 million Fire Stations, LCSB construction projects and more recently grossly overpriced EOC building The only people who publicly deny these actions are the ones deeply rooted in the corruption. All the people have to do to see we have a major problem is look at the construction and the construction financing. In a recent Lauren Ritchie article she so eloquently states “Judge on the facts. Incumbents such as County Commissioner Jimmy Conner are particularly easy to learn about because they have records built during years in public office. Truer words were never spoken!

Is Ritchie one of those controllable people who have been threatened into submission to Lake’s culture of corruption? Is she akin to a kidnapped captive who is trying obstreperously to send everyone an SOS message in code? Or, is she simply a liberal journalist who can not hear, speak, or write the truth? It has long been said even a broken clock is right twice a day. Sometime she is right but, when she is wrong she does a really good job at being wrong.
read thru the lines

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#2 Aug 9, 2012
In Ritchie’s recent smoke and mirror’s article she made an interesting mention of “The party (Republican) recently started targeting homes of people who are registered without a party affiliation but who are living with others who are registered as Republicans. The idea was to persuade the non-Republican in the household to switch registration and to vote Republican.
Asked about the strategy at a political hobnob last week, Republican Chairman Mike Levine “developed amnesia.” Checking the party's website and talking with some of his colleagues might jog his memory.

WOW! We mean BUSTED! The Republican Party caught red handed Politicking! How much lower can they go? Actually walking house to house in the heat of the day and inviting people to join their party. Why wouldn’t they create some fictitious organization and maybe name in B-CORN and give them some benefits for putting a little squeeze on things and getting real Lake County – Chicago style results?

We think Lauren Ritchie stole this term “developed amnesia” from those anonymous bloggers she hates so bad! Why does Ritchie hate our constitutional right to free speech? She hates the fact that the people now have a medium of truthful communications which she and her comrades can not censor and suppress the truthful contents of. With her remarks “Take a little time from your busy schedule to do a little research and critically consider the information you find. Is it from a reliable source? Anonymous blogs aren't. Again the silence is deafening with her omission of facts concerning “anonymous blogs.” It is true since anonymous blogs come from people of all walks of life they tend to be a reflection of the cares and concerns of the bloggers. Quite naturally everyone in Lake County with brains has known for years Lauren Ritchie is certainly not “a reliable source” for anything. Just like bloggers blog Ritchie writes about whatever is “hot” at the time or whatever assigned “agenda” she is given by her masters.

But, once again Ritchie fails to mention unlike her articles which are never more than smoke and mirrors regarding her agenda at hand, those anonymous pesky bloggers many times attach documents retrieved from public information searches to prove their “allegations.”

Ritchie highlights incumbent politicians and says “Judge on the facts. Incumbents such as County Commissioner Jimmy Conner, Sheriff Gary Borders and School Board members Jim Miller and Roseanne Brandeburg are particularly easy to learn about because they have records built during years in public office.”

If Lauren Ritchie’s articles are not prepared to serve someone’s agenda why then are they not fair and balanced? Why no mentioned of every local incumbent including Senator Alan Hays? All one has to do is look at who the culture of corruption is sponsoring for office to see who not to vote for.
Interestingly she left out Carey Baker! But, again, even more interestingly she left out the second longest serving incumbent in Lake County; Property Appraiser Ed Havill. Why? Thanks for the tip of the day to “Judge these incumbents on the facts” they are voluminous!

Here again is she trying to warn us when she says “the facts. Regarding Incumbents County Commissioner Jimmy Conner and Sheriff Gary Borders are on the internet for all to see.(Google them to see he facts) Remember Jimmy Conner as the School Board Chairman was
read thru the lines

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#3 Aug 9, 2012
the chief cheerleader with Jeb Bush to pull off the appointment of Borders as sheriff; the Jail Chief and not Wayne Longo the Chief of Law Enforcement under Sheriff Daniels. Jimmy Conner’s connections to Brown and Brown Insurance representative, Scott Hindman who with Conner’s help has weaseled their way into the sheriff’s office checkbook.

“Challengers are a little more difficult.” It takes some time to evaluate their proposals. If they want to start a lot of new programs but claim they'll cut taxes, be suspicious. Most of them have websites where you can ask the candidate a specific question.

The truth is honest “Challengers” are honest challengers are practically impossible to destroy! Those who want to destroy them usually can’t really find anything wrong. Otherwise honest people like Lauren Ritchie resort to trespassing, burglary and pilfering through people’s garbage. Even then their efforts are usually fruitless unless they fuel their findings with unfound innuendo’s, just like she accuses the anonymous blogger’s of doing. Obama and his friends have made a political career out of destroying his opponents with lying innuendo’s since his days in early Chicago politics. They employ professionals to achieve their goals of character assassination. The funny thing is the corrupt politicians use the existence of their very own lies perpetrated by them against honest people to defend themselves against the truth from those anonymous pesky bloggers. They created a culture of lies and deceit of the voting public and use that very culture as their means of defense against the truth!

Again, is Ritchie really trying to send us a signal with her partial release of the importance of the people getting out to vote when she mentions “consider the 2004 election in Groveland pitting retired Pastor G.P. Sloan against Richard Flynn, a retired hardware-store owner. Results: 689 votes for Flynn; 689 votes for Sloan. We don't want that happening again, do we?“The two settled the matter with a coin toss, and Sloan won. The retired pastor served until his death in May 2005, and then council members appointed Flynn to fill his spot. That’s just good old honest politics plain and simple!

Lauren Ritchie has a history of lying by omission. For instance in this particular article there is many more important issues won by one vote – two more right here in Lake County. The problem is as a communist or communist sympathizer some of these results do not fit her agenda!

Think your vote doesn't count? Think again.
1645 – ONE VOTE –Gave Oliver Cromwell control England.
1649 – ONE VOTE – Caused Charles I of England to be executed.
1776 – ONE VOTE - Kept Aaron Burr from becoming president.(Later charged With treason)
1875 – ONE VOTE – Made Texas part of the United States.
1875 – ONE VOTE – Changed France from a Monarchy to a Republic.
1875 – ONE VOTE – Saved President Andrew Johnson from impeachment.
1876 – ONE VOTE – Elected Rutherford B, Hayes to the presidency. The man
who cast that ONE VOTE was an Indiana Congressman
elected by ONE VOTE.
1923 – ONE VOTE – Gave ADOLPH HITLER leadership of the NAZI PARTY.
read thru the lines

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#4 Aug 9, 2012
1941 – ONE VOTE – Saved the Selective Service system 12 weeks before Pearl
1979 – ONE VOTE – Elected Bob Poole City Commissioner of Clermont, Fl. In a
three person runoff, his mother cast the winning ONE VOTE.
1999 – ONE VOTE – Passed a Solid Waste Ordinance in the city of Montverde.

In less than a week, Lake County voters will go to the polls to choose county commissioners, School Board members and constitutional officers. It's a primary election, but “a number of critical offices, such as sheriff”, will be decided in six days because folks in the opposing party haven't put up a candidate. She goes on to say:

Increasingly, Lake County voters are fed up with snarky politics, and they are registering without a party affiliation — they're called NPAs in the political world. Of Lake's 195,712 registered voters, 33,050 are NPAs. Throw in another 9,556 who are registered as members of minor parties, and suddenly nearly a quarter of this county's voters are what either party considers loose cannons. No wonder the Republicans wanted to claim them.

More lies by omission- Even though she mentioned “offices, such as sheriff”, will be decided in six days because folks in the opposing party haven't put up a candidate.”

She omitted THE FACT THAT EVERY REGISTERED VOTER IN LAKE COUNTY CAN VOTE IN THE SHERIFF’S ELECTION ON AUGUST 14th 2012. Including those “voters are fed up with snarky politics.”

Then her final warning to voters is:”Most important, however, if you don't know anything about a set of particular candidates, do us all a favor and don't vote in that race. Really. It's perfectly OK to vote for president, for example, but simply not cast a ballot in another race. Your vote still counts. An uninformed vote is one that makes a sham of democracy.”

On October 16, 2006 – Just two days after his untimely death - Lauren Ritchie wrote a commentary on Sheriff Chris Daniels

Titled - Loss of a good man who just began to scratch the surface. She went on to say among other things - Chris Daniels was a good soul.
A devoted father, a loyal friend and clearly the best sheriff Lake County ever has been fortunate enough to elect.

He was all of that, and the foundation was simple: He was a good man. In this age of corrupt politicians and morals that change with the weather, Daniels stood out as an elected official who based decisions on what was right and what was in the best interest of the people of Lake County.
What is it with her: Does someone have to die before she has something good to say about them? Her silence is deafening about what a wonderful upstanding man Gary Borders is.
read thru the lines

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#5 Aug 9, 2012
Lauren Ritchie makes claims to the fact that the present sheriff is her friend. Where then is her articles in support of ”her friend the sheriff” Gary Borders? She once wrote about his dog escaping him and running away. That’s about the best thing she has ever written about him.

She has written articles attacking his opponent. But never has she written an article about what a wonderful person he is, nor has she written any articles in defense of all the truthful allegations than have been made against Gary Borders. Not just those recently surfaced allegations but, those allegations of his abuse of children at Green Isle Ranch. She is familiar with Green Isle she once wrote an article about the ranch. Where is her defense of her friend “the sheriff” over the long circulation the Green Isle Ranch and jail sex scandals jail chief Borders was involved in? Again her silence is deafening!

Since Lauren Ritchie was instrumental in the hiring of the sheriff’s new Finance Director in January 2012 – she should certainly be privy to the fact that he informed the sheriff that the salary budget would be over one million short by the end of this budget year. Apparently this is fact because just recently Captain Chuck Theobold was overheard by lot of people in finance that after the election they are going to have to lay off 27 people. If the sheriff has a budget crisis that is going to affect that many people where is this article? Is Captain Theobold lying to make some people uncomfortable around election time or is this a fact? If it is a fact where did the money go that was funded by the Lake Board of Commissioner’s to fund these salaries through the end of September 2012. The people deserve answers to these questions.

Even more recently with all the incidents that has surfaced on the news concerning the goings on at the Sheriff’s Office including the shooting of Andrew Lee Scott – not one mention of any of these allegations in her articles. Not one article coming to the defense of Sheriff Borders.

So, who is really writing Lauren Ritchie’s columns? Is she perhaps a double agent? One who goes along to get along or by her obvious ignoring of the facts at hand is she simply another useful idiot of the culture of corruption that plagues Lake County?

What we do know for sure is we can not believe anything she writes. Because lying by omission does not beget honesty and integrity. Honesty and integrity comes from people like “the sheriff” she was proud to call her friend. Chris Daniels, the sheriff she was proud to write good things about. The one who did not require of her to go out and uncover dirt on his opponents because his character spoke for itself and did not require the destruction of those who opposed him in order to survive.

We think it is important for the people of Lake County to realize just what Lauren Ritchie is not writing in her column. If she doesn’t have anything good to say about her friend the present sheriff, why then would she expect us to vote for him? Maybe she doesn’t want us too. Does her silence regarding the well known facts of obstruction of justice and other possible crimes committed by her friend the sheriff qualify her as an accessory after the fact? If not it should!
Or, Maybe she just can’t afford to tell us what she really thinks, who knows?
Thanks Lauren

Apopka, FL

#6 Aug 9, 2012
If it weren't for Lauren Ritchie who would we know who to vote for. It is so clear that her opinion is unbiased showing no favoritism for any one candidate. Without her the mindless would have no one to follow! My applause to you for keeping up the good name of Lake County. The last thing we want is to end up with reporters who write propaganda to keep their besties in Office and continue a culture of corruption. Its not like Lake County Deputies are in the news weekly for being arrested or killing people under the watch of a homosexual Sheriff who sleeps with his subordinates. I'm so thankful that she was able to bring to light the pole barn of Sandy Carpenter. Its not like Bob Mckee installed an underground septic system a few feet away from a Lake below the water table without a permit.
I salute you Orlando Sentinal for employing such an upright unbiased journalist that is Queen Lauren Ritchie.
( as I throw up in my mouth) this crap makes me wish I was as mindless as Richard Riker.
Lauren Said

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#7 Aug 9, 2012
COMMENTARY - Chris Daniels - October 16, 2006
By Lauren Ritchie, Sentinel Columnist

Loss of a good man who just began to scratch the surface Chris Daniels was a good soul.

That would have been enough for him -- to know that others thought so would have been for him the highest possible honor.

And he would have been right. Nothing is more important than being honorable.

The sheriff, who was killed in a freak accident Saturday night, will be memorialized during the coming week as all sorts of things -- a devoted father, a loyal friend and clearly the best sheriff Lake County ever has been fortunate enough to elect.

He was all of that, and the foundation was simple: He was a good man.

In this age of corrupt politicians and morals that change with the weather, Daniels stood out as an elected official who based decisions on what was right and what was in the best interest of the people of Lake County.

He seemed unaffected by the importance of a position that left others before him convinced they were omnipotent.

Chris was just Chris -- the guy who fretted over his teenage son's grades and snorted through interviews with clogged sinuses. A little unsure of politics and not always sophisticated -- but certain of right and wrong. Willing to give a little but never willingly trampled. A hometown boy.

When former Sheriff George Knupp was indicted on a charge of perjury and removed from office by the governor, Daniels was one of the top three managers in the department, though not the one closest to the former sheriff.

Daniels and the former sheriff had grown apart and often disagreed about how the department should be run, but Daniels remained grateful to Knupp for giving him career opportunities.

That is why Daniels went to the bank and took $1,000 from his savings account and handed it to Knupp in an envelope. It wasn't that he thought the former sheriff was being treated unfairly, but he knew his boss would be financially squeezed without a salary. It was Daniels' way of paying a personal debt.

Watching Daniels run for office was great fun. He thought long and hard about whether to enter the race, which was the first sign that he would make a good sheriff. Those who jump thoughtlessly into countywide contests generally don't have a glimmer of what they're in for, and they slam quickly into a wall.

Shortly after Daniels' election came his baptism by fire -- Deputy Sheriff Wayne Koester was shot and killed while responding to a domestic dispute, and in the midst of trying to mold the Sheriff's Office into the organization he envisioned, Daniels was called on to heal a community wound.
The sheriff could talk forever about law-enforcement and department operations. But he was not the sort of natural public speaker who could captivate a room and sweep the audience along with him -- like most of us, he had to work at it.

However, when Daniels rose at Koester's funeral to talk about the "thin blue line" that had held during the gunfight because of the commitment from the men and women of the Lake Sheriff's Office, I saw a new Daniels emerging.
From then on, he had a depth and determination that few public officials ever reach, especially when only halfway through their first term. His vision for the department came into focus. He began to more clearly see what role he wanted the Sheriff's Office to play in this rapidly changing community, and he laid out for his staff how to get there.
Late Saturday night, his stunned friend Lake Tax Collector Bob McKee remarked that since Daniels' election, the sheriff had been dealing with everyone else's tragedies. It seemed as though things had just settled down enough for him to focus on his own goals.

In making that observation, McKee pinpointed the real tragedy for Lake County. We lost an elected official whose leadership qualities were extraordinary and who was just beginning to bloom. We lost a hope for the future. And even worse, we lost a good man.

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#8 Dec 20, 2013
Common Tator Lauren Ritchie says "Blue Rhino reopening premature until cause of propane-tank explosion is divulged"

The guvermint investigation is flawed and has not revealed the cause of the massive explosions. She thinks they should be replaced by people with sense enough to do the job right.

Guess it all depends on whose ox is gored RIGHT?

United States

#9 Dec 20, 2013
(NBC News) July 30, 2013 - A massive fire in central Florida overnight after some 50,000 propane tanks exploded and caught fire at a Blue Rhino propane facility in the city of Tavares.

All the workers from the plant have been accounted for following the series of explosions. As many as 15 workers at the Blue Rhino propane plant had been feared killed, but the sheriff in Lake County says they all have been found safe.

Arial footage of the scene early Tuesday morning showed fires still burning over a large area shooting large flames and plumes of smoke into the night sky. Emergency crews could also be seen massing nearby.

Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders says "the blasts occurred inside the plant and blew the roof off." It was one hell of a blow job!

And you can trust Sheriff Borders to know a blow job when he sees one!

United States

#10 Dec 21, 2013
Guardian ad Litem program needs volunteers with a passion to help kids

Only special people need apply — the kind who care with passion.


Sennett is looking for people who aren't afraid to speak their mind, yet are able to work diplomatically with the state Department of Children & Families to get things done. People who are organized and stay focused when testifying in court tend to be the most successful, she said. And — not to be sexist — but Sennett could use a few more men. Only 35 percent of the guardians are male, she said, and many a young boy could use a man's influence.

Carolyn Rebholz, a guardian for five years, oversees what is possibly the most complicated case in the system. It's that of a boy in foster care for a decade — since he was 5. He came into care because his mother repeatedly let men have sex with the boy and beat him. He has been through 20 foster homes, where his psychologist says he was re-abused and repeatedly traumatized.

The boy has improved dramatically since Rebholz and his attorney ad litem, Kimberly Schulte, began fighting to keep him in a stable foster home. Rebholz said commitment to the child is the most important quality a guardian can bring to the job.

Click on the link at the bottom of this just above “reply” then click on the 44 page summary

To see the Green Isle rapist pictured with Sheriff Borders and read the handwritten statements of the FIVE little victims – when they finally got the courage to report what the sheriff’s friend had done to the over the summer of 2009 – the sheriff blocked their complaints while his little friend was out and about partying with his friends and ultimately committing more violence while the 5th circus of Florida covered up his violent crimes against these boys.

And, ask State Representative Marlene O'Toole of the Villages the reply she got when she asked Lake Sheriff Gary Borders if he was willing to help mentor boys within her TAKE STOCK IN CHILDREN organization.

She has told everyone who dared to listen, Borders asked "Can I take the boys home with me? When she replied NO! Sheriff Borders "snarkey" reply was "THEN WHY WOULD I WANT TO WASTE MY TIME?"


The sick sinister facts (evidence) concerning the life of Gary Borders and his penchant for hanging around the young boys is well documented for all to see. Those who are rewarded for turning their heads on his dirty deeds will have to live with that.

Will they be like the five little rape victims from the Green Isle Boys Ranch who waited for their rapist (the sheriff's friend) to leave the ranch before they come forth and outlined all the horrible things he had done to them over the summer? Will we have to wait until sheriff Borders is out of office for all his victims to come forth - many lawyered up for suits against both him and the county for aiding and abetting his crimes? All things have an ending and all endings someday see the light of day as it creeps in.

P.S. That jail inmate that told his neighbors and everyone else that would listen to him what then jail major Borders done to him in his office back around 2004 - the inmate whose story was supported even by some of the brass working in the jail - well after Borders has got him off WV Parole and he has used up his get out of jail free card he is back in jail in another county right now!

Check it all out! Every word is the truth and this is our sheriff, the chief so called law enforcement officer of Lake County.[The truth is the truth and it's not even political season] Now you see why everything has gone to hell around here?

United States

#11 Jun 15, 2014
Hey man you have got to give LR some credit for protecting her friends.

Now she has attacked the Clermont Mayor race trying to save the establishment Mayor Turville..........

He's the man that's holding thigs together in the hard times for the well greased contractors.. CPPI, Domenico Scorpio has got to keep building something and Bob McKee and his butties are running out of not only downtown projects in Tavares but, land to put them on as well.

LR is a legend in her own mind.......... and what the heck their might still be enough old hard sore communists out there to carry her water for her. After all somebody's got to be in the clique... or else they would be cliqueless..........

obxcarolina Rank 1524
Lauren has always failed to understand that the more she attempts to meddle in local elections, the better the results are for the person she is championing against. She would be wise to stay out of political elections. But further, she makes Mayor Hal Turville sound like a conservative spender and Rick Van Wagner a spend thrift....she missed a few facts....he voted for the construction of the downtown city center building, he voted for the construction of the new rowing facility and he voted for the purchase of the new 6 million dollar community rec center. And how embarassing for her to write an article making it sound like Mayor Troy Bennett did not support Rick's campaign for Mayor when he says below that he is clearly supportive.....running down his host committee list hoping to find a morsel of something to write about....boring!
Heres a rarity

United States

#12 Jul 5, 2014
Where has she been? Out walking her dog in the heat!

In 2012 (that's TWO YEARS AGO) not serveral. Two's a couple and three's a crowd and who knows how many several is but it ain't TWO for sure!

In 2012 the "Republican manipulators" made arrangements for some "wax job" to run against Ritchie's friend "the shuriff."

This supposed to be write in candidate showed up at the last minute at the "supervisor of errections" office and ill prepared to qualify.

So, just just two short years ago the Republican manipulators had an open primary for her friend "the shuriff" but like so many other things "Lake" she kept that top secret.Instead of announcing everyone could vote in the open primary for or against her friend Borders she attacked his opponent for installing a septic tank at his place without a permit!

Bob McKee's neighbors have been complaining for years that he had a septic tank drain field installed at his Lake Griffin home by Smelly Shelly without a permit. But, Like Borders open primary "that is not newsworthy!"

Most of the time it's what she leaves out that's really the most important issues of all.

Ritchie's remarks go like this..........

For the first time in several years, Republican manipulators of democracy didn't get a "stooge" to register as a write-in for an important race. This time, it was the State House District 31 race. That means all voters, not just Republicans, get to choose the person who represents them in the Legislature.

The way Florida's primary system works is that only those registered in a particular party may help choose that party's nominee for any given elected office — but there's a big "if" attached to that. If the opposing party doesn't field any candidates, then everyone gets to vote.
The idea makes a lot of sense. After all, if only Republicans are in the race, then a Republican already has won by definition. Opening the primary is in the spirit of democracy.

However, the snarkiest of Republicans have gone against the spirit of that law by getting a person who has no intention of campaigning or serving to sign on as a write-in.[THAT INCLUDES HER FRIEND SHERIFF BORDER'S IN 2008]

The open primary might make some difference in the House race, too.
Likely it would give an edge to" Belita "B" Grassel, who as a retired school-union leader" would be the obvious candidate to pick up some independent and Democratic votes. But moderate Republican Randy Glisson, a chiropractor whose father served in the Legislature for a decade and ran unsuccessfully for lieutenant governor in 1978, may stand to gain a few votes, too. Either of them would do a good job.

The candidates it probably will hurt are ultraconservative Jennifer Sullivan, "a 23-year-old woman uneducated beyond home schooling," and "Joseph Stephens, a conspiracy theorist who says he thinks that the media are trying to force Americans into communism." Stephens is too far out for most people to consider, and Sullivan must get more experience in life and in governance before asking voters to trust her with such an important office.

The open primary might make some difference in the House race, too.
Likely it would give an edge to Belita "B" Grassel, who as a retired school-union leader would be the obvious candidate to pick up some independent and Democratic votes. But moderate Republican Randy Glisson, a chiropractor whose father served in the Legislature for a decade and ran unsuccessfully for lieutenant governor in 1978, may stand to gain a few votes, too. Either of them would do a good job.

What we have here is a subtle endorsement by "the communist world bankster owned liberal media." The message is don't you dare vote for a home schooled candidate who has not been "public school establishment trained, and never vote for a "conspiracy theorist" who can recognize a communist a mile away! Only Glisson can win anyway!
What are the facts

Dallas, TX

#13 Aug 11, 2014
The Lauren Ritchie article on a pastor running for Mayor in Clermont ,Fl raises real questions .
Topix is a good place to hear the facts.
Is the LR article misleading?
What is the academic background for this senior Pastor seeking to be Clermont Mayor? Did his attended college listed on his internet resume indeed consist of only three months attendance beyond high school in Winter Park?
Bad investment decisions are understandable in personal life but not a glowing attribute for spending taxpayers money. Is he a fiscal conservative or a big spender?
Endorsements from officials in surrounding jurisdictions with their own issues does not give confidence to Clermont city voters.
Integrity is vital. What are the facts.

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