Let's get a new Sheriff

Let's get a new Sheriff

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Eustis, FL

#1 May 3, 2014
Fellow residents of Lake County, let's use this section to start nominating people to run for Sheriff of Lake County in 2016.

Mount Dora, FL

#2 May 4, 2014
when it all comes to bear, cowards reveal themselves as cowards, and men reveal themselves as men

thank you men

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#3 May 4, 2014
Below is plagiarized from a local watchdog blog because it is totally correct. The people never see the sheriff's budget. Once several years ago one was leaked out. And it didn't match the one on the county website because the sheriff gets money from a lot of places. The total of all the funds that runs through his fingers has been quoted with as much as $10 million difference. One finance director even circulated emails saying she was not going to be held accountable for the budget missing monies. She even told her boss Judge Michael Johnson's brother to tell his brother that.Then another person in the finance department claimed two deputies come to her house and beat her up. Ther replacement several years ago stated he was going to be the CEO of the LCSO with a $65 million budget. So who knows? Everything around here is top secret. But, we do know that Chief Deputy Peyton Grinnell is stealing fuel from the taxpayers for his big personal boat.

Lake County FL Budget Woes Described, and our Counter Comments
Tavares, FL - Apr. 12, 2014

The Daily Commercial today published an article with quotes from all the known officials saying their budget was too little and they may need MORE taxes.

The Board of County Commissioners has not stood up to the Sheriff constantly increasing his budget when there are no public hearings on his budget, no performance audits of his operations and no publishing of his detailed budgets online. Both the County and School District DO have public budget hearings, publish their detailed budgets online and have performance audits. Why should the Sheriff be able to avoid those transparency practices?

- This article cited a number of deferred maintenance and equipment replacement reasons to increase taxes. This indicates poor management either condoned or not understood by the Board and the administration. A properly run organization would know, and budget for annual maintenance and equipment replacement funds, and not defer them irresponsibly. Why does government always play these games of up and down budget crisis? Why are there not professional County management standards that require adequate funding for maintenance & replacement needs as part of the budget. If you have 50 trucks, and only budget to fully maintain 30 of them, then sell the other 20, and don't hide the budget shortfall.

- So, it would have been great if the article also discussed the above issues by finding competent individuals to quote, rather than just a "give me the money" perspective.
the obstacles are

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#4 May 4, 2014
It is easy to say let’s get together and find a professional to run for sheriff of Lake County in 2016 and it might even be possible to find one, but what people don’t understand is these people like Gary Borders are not really elected, they are anointed by the establishment. If you somehow miracleiously happen to get a moral, honest person elected, they will get rid of them, one way or another. The problem is honorable people with good intentions do not understand this corrupt political system and they are so naïve most either lack the ability to understand it or just refuse to accept the facts that our government at the local level has become this corrupt. These people have more tricks up their sleeves than a card shark. For instance a man named Clint Curtis who worked for NASA some years ago testified before a congressional committee that he invented computer chips for former speaker of the house Tom Feeney (Jeb Bush’s first Lt Governor choice) that would make the scanners count votes like they programmed them too. Curtis even passed a lie detector test regarding this testimony. Anyone can find his affidavit online regarding this issue! The local tea party leaders thought they knew everything there was to know about politics yet not one of them could see the corruption right under their noses here in Lake County, and ultimately most of them wound up right in the sack with the corruption and/or on the local Republican Executive Committee. The most recent blatant example of this corruption here was the Board of County Commissioner’s hiring David Dee @$225. per hour to iron out a contract for the county with ACMS, Inc which is owned by former Citrus County sheriff and now State Senator Charlie Dean and his son. And David Dee already works for Charlie Dean to begin with! He ironed out the deal alright and got paid from both ends. Now he’s up in Putnam County putting the screws to them for another mob owned garbage contractor from South Florida. Even Commissioner Campione said this deal was already done before she got there in 2010.
When Gary Borders was selected sheriff of Lake County in 2006 a lot of people was shocked that a person with an alternative lifestyle could become sheriff of Lake County. Soon however those people realized that Borders got the job of sheriff because of that alternative lifestyle and not in spite of it! Because he was and is friends with all the right people. All Jimmy Conner, Bob McKee and Carey Baker had to do was start a few emails to Jeb Bush and have a few friends follow up that Borders was the one they wanted for sheriff, he was in their little private friends loop. At the time Major Longo was the Chief of Law Enforcement and was really the one next in line to the sheriff that got killed. No one could figure out how the Chief of Criminal Justice (Jail Chief) suddenly become next in line for sheriff. He did not have one day of real experience in law enforcement experience. Some people claim that Borders and his friends run a boys ranch in South Lake County for years that was really a pedophile ranch for important Republicans and their friends to hook up with a young boy when they come to Disneyland. They even called it Orlando West – where the boys are. They say the Republicans had these types of places in key locations scattered all around the USA . Anyone who wants to get an education on that needs only to Google “Conspiracy of Silence.” Several people have reportedly shared information about these local operations over the years. One thing is abundantly clear. For over 20 years constant leaks of sexual abuse of the boys at this ranch both by house parents and other students permeated the streets of South Lake County towns and cities. In all of those years not one person was ever charged with a crime at this ranch. One lawsuit was filed and Judge William Law whose wife Julia Law was the ranches attorney of record dismissed that case. Imagine that!
the obstacles are

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#5 May 4, 2014
On Nov. 21, 2009 when a seventeen year old juvenile was reported to Borders Sheriff Office to have raped five other younger boys over that summer, the ranch insiders released pictures of a grinning Sheriff Borders and the suspect that was taken in July 2009 – proving Borders knew the boy around the time the rapes started. And Borders never arrested or done anything with his little friend – who continued to abuse other people in a nearby county - that should tell you something right there.
Insiders around here have said another way they control these elections is with the absentee ballots. There is an old tunnel that runs from the Sheriff’s Office to the round building near the back of the voting office where the votes are tabulated. They collect up the absentee ballots and store them in this tunnel. All the paper ballots absentee and otherwise are counted on these optical scanners that can be set to fix the counts the way they want the election to go. So, they open the absentee ballots and if they don’t like the way they voted they shred the ballot and don’t even count it at all. In the August 2008 primary around 17,000 absentee ballots was requested by registered votes in Lake County. The elections office claims a whopping 9,000 of those ballots were never returned. Only around 8,000 of them was returned for counting. Does it make sense that 9,000 voters would go to the trouble to request an absentee ballot be mailed to them and them not take the time to return it? Of course not! Those people voted for the wrong person and their ballots was destroyed. The old big dude that works in the voting office is said to be in on all this with them. That’s why they like his boss, she’s been there so long she comes and goes when she pleases and half the time don’t know what day of the week it is.
Explain this. In the August 14, 2012 primary elections for Sheriff of Lake County and Public Defender (the entire 5th Circuit votes for Public Defender) but we are only counting the Lake County Votes. Both of these races were open to all registered voters in Lake County because the winner’s had no opposition in the November 2012 general election.(Called an Open Primary)
Michael Graves local lawyer with no real name recognition in his first run for a political office received 33,484 votes. His opponent received 7,496 votes.
Gary Borders had been the Sheriff of Lake County for almost six years by then, had run his first election’s in August and November 2008 and won both (somehow) and had billboards everywhere and his name on every county owned sign and equipment he could find – not to mention for almost six years he had 700 people with families working for him and Gary Borders garnered 29,778 votes on that date while his opponent received 14,653 votes.
Michael Graves won his election and in Lake County collected 3,706 more votes than the man who had been sheriff of Lake County for almost six years. Explain that when few voters had ever head of Michael Graves!
But, what is even more amazing is a total of 44,431 total votes was cast in the Sheriff Race that date; and only a total of 40,980 was cast in the Public Defenders Race in Lake County that date.
Accordingly 3,451 more votes were cast in the sheriff’s race that day. The numbers don’t jive! All the computer vote fixer chips cares is that the selected winner wins and it don’t care about anything else. In fact many times to get the selected winner the total votes cast will exceed the actual number of voters registered in a precinct. This is how Obama got 141% of the votes cast in St. Lucie County, Fl in November 2012 – and it didn’t even get an honorable mention from the lame stream media.
the obstacles are

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#6 May 4, 2014
No one will ever beat Gary Borders or any of their other selected candidates in an election. The people who know what’s going on around here will tell you that. Plenty good , honest, moral people have tried. That is not what the establishment wants – they want “controllable people” someone with a rail car full of baggage that they can flip out of them at a moments notice when they get to cocky – that’s how they can control them!

Eustis, FL

#7 May 4, 2014
That is why we need to band together and make an attempt to get an honest man in that office. Looking for nominations, let's see some names.

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#8 May 4, 2014
Oh dat be super cuz.

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#9 May 4, 2014
Jipped wrote:
That is why we need to band together and make an attempt to get an honest man in that office. Looking for nominations, let's see some names.
No honorable, credible, ethical person is going to stick their head in this noose until someone proves they have developed a way to overcome the obstacles they will face.

Sandy Carpenter tried that in 2012. Plenty of people told him what he was up against but honest people can't see the forest for the trees and he didn't believe he was running against an entire well heeled organization instead instead of one person until he was in the race and it was too late to turn around. When some of you folks figure out how to make the elections honest and in the sunshine and stop them from storing ballots in the tunnel and shredding the ones they don't like, and using those funky vote counters you might find an honest person with real law enforcement experience to run for sheriff. But the way things are going not just here but all around the honest people are dropping out of law enforcement just as soon as they can draw their pensions and not looking for anymore of it. Trying to find justice in the justice system in today's world is like looking for a needle in a haystax and good, moral, honest people can see that and many don't want any part of it.

Mount Dora, FL

#10 May 5, 2014
if minorities can't live peacefully in civil society, than they will be taken out like trash, its as simple as that!

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#11 May 6, 2014
"Let's get a new sheriff" sounds great! Every moral, ethical person around Lake County should agree with that. The only ones who don't or won't are the ones that have something to gain from all that's going around here and they missed those moral, ethical requirements anyway.

2016 is a long way off. And as bad as Lake County needs to get rid of Gary Borders and the rest of these gangsters that has hijacked Lake County we also have major problems with the lack of morals, ethics, transparency and just plain old decency in our state (and of course Federal governments as well)

Florida is in dire need of an honest, ethical governor for starters! As we can see the establishment controls the people choices for that job as well. We the people get to chose between Charlie Crist and Rick Scott. That's not a choice, that's more akin to a monarchy announcing which prince will become the next monarch!

Then we have the changing of the guard in the state legislature aka the Speaker of the House and the Senate President. Only the names change in order to protect the guilty - all other actions remain the same in this pay to play monarchy we call state government!

In the state of Florida ethics and morals start with the governor. He has the power to remove corrupt public officials and call for honest FDLE investigations, or he has the power to allow this corruption to flourish. Obviously Rick Scott has chosen the latter, just as Gary Borders has chosen the latter in Lake County. That is why we have people like Gary Borders and Rick Scott in the positions they hold. That is also why our only other choices will be people like Charlie Crist to replace them. You can have all the elections you want, but until the people demand real ethics and morals be returned to their public offices nothing will ever change.

How can you expect anything to change when we have a guy like Bob McKee as our Tax Collector? He lied about his master's degree's and his Navy service dates and was fired from the Clerk of The Court's Office, then picked up by the Board of Commissioner's as Deputy County Manager and soon fired from that job for more lying in 1993. They took him in at the Villages and made him Lady Lake Town Manager until 1996 then they run him for Tax Collector where he has been since Jan. 1997. Former County Officials have said for years that McKee was running from a New York Felony and a few years back private investigators uncovered at least four different dates of birth McKee has used over the last thirty plus years here in Florida. Three different ones he used with the Florida Department of Education to get a part time teachers certificate (without being fingerprinted) to be a Tavares Baseball Coach!

So, the reality is we don't know the true identity of our Tax Collector Bob McKee who collects and handlers millions and millions of our county and state tax dollars.

Yes we need a new sheriff! But, we also need a total government house cleaning beginning at most of the city halls and all the way up through the state government and on to Washington, DC as well. For all the good it will do we have some elections coming up later this year, where we can chose between those the establishment gives us to chose from!

What we need most is honest people who don't cover up the crimes of their friends while abusing others whom they have the power over. Hopefully their will be an especially hot corner in hell for those kind!

We will never find those kinds of people from the chose here list of candidates made available to the voters these days!

United States

#12 May 7, 2014
Tim Barrett

United States

#13 May 11, 2014
The staggering cost of silence: child abuse victims and stolen innocence
2014-04-29, Fox News
Posted: 2014-05-05 11:20:11

http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2014/04/29/sta... ...

The CDC estimates that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18. Worldwide 550 million children are survivors of child abuse according to the Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reports that there are currently 617,000 registered sex offenders in the United States, and typically 100,000 of those are unaccounted for. Other pedophiles are not on records or in databases. Research has shown that an average victim of child sex abuse has to tell at least seven adults before being believed. According to the Journal for the American Medical Association only 1 in 20 cases of child abuse are reported. It is critically important that every parent and adult responsible for the care of a child educate and empower themselves with the knowledge to stop predators. If we work together we can stop the stolen innocence of our children and that of others by spending a few hours educating ourselves. There is no greater tragedy than to live a life plagued by the shattered hopes and dreams of a vandalized childhood

United States

#14 May 11, 2014
For more on what is being done to fight against the sexual abuse of children, see the deeply revealing reports from reliable major media sources


United States

#15 May 26, 2014
Gonna tell y'all right now. Next in line for sheriff is Chief Deputy Peyton Grinnell.

United States

#16 May 27, 2014
there is no doubt that he is the man the mafia has in place to replace borders. in fact he lit up like a christmas tree back in 2010 when the feds was here with their so called investigation into borders and his jail inmate rapes when he and everyone else thought they was going to arrest borders on the spot.he was ready to throw borders under the bus then until he found out the feds got orders to haul arse and leave borders alone.

they are going to do what ever they want to do because they got the strings to pull. as long at they can collect up the voting ballots in the old tunnel between the sheriff's office and the back of elections office and when they open them up if they like them they count them through the counting machine, if they don't like them they count them through a shredder then the tell everybody the people didn't return the shredded ones. in the august 2008 elections, the first time borders run for sheriff 9000 absentee ballots went missing. They didn't like how they voted and they shredded them.if the election had been honest borders would not have won even the first election let alone the second which was rigged too.anybody that don't believe that there was 9000 more ballot requests where people went to the trouble to order an absentee ballot but didn't go to the trouble to fill it out and return it do a public records request for the august 2008 absentee counts. surly them must have to keep all that stuff and everything is public record. they will probably try to discourage you a few times but persistence pays off.

anybody thinking about running for anything around here should definitely check that out. also they have ways of making the vote counting machines give more votes to their mafia candidates in the first place.

Mount Dora, FL

#17 May 27, 2014
A really really creepy fact is that for some reason someone in law enforcement just wakes up one morning and decides...

"hey, I'm choosing to make a career out of sitting at a computer desk all day and pretend to be a pedophile and get to look at kiddy porn all day, and talk about having sex with minors all day long" That is what is really creepy. Would you want that person showing up at your door???

It sounds to me just like sex crimes employee(not even educated enough to be called a detective) Michael Miller -another POS "Michael"- at LCSO,(a closet homo who was groomed into a homosexual lifestyle by chuck theobald), now we have a homo who has direct access to child porn, does that make any sense to anyone?? I hope he doesn't take any home with him! These are taxpayer employees who fight for justice, so sorry but transparency is implied!

So why the hell would anyone want such a disgusting job which they choose willingly and know they will have to watch kiddy porn, do they like it???. Its disgusting, but it just comes down to 2 points.

1. Simplicity - Its the easiest job of any hat, cause your protected behind a computer screen(i.e. you don't have to be tough), and because 100% of your evidence is hard, so its easy as hell to do that!

2. Perversion - There is a small chance that the "law enforcement" who do this job are actually closet pedo's themselves, as disgusting as it sounds. I don't know, I'm not a f***king psychotherapist. But maybe it makes there d**k hard to do that job, cause some of these detectives may "steal" evidence for there own collection. Gross!!! But it's just a hypothesis of course, doesn't mean it can't happen!

So which is it... Simplicity or Perversion! I don't know, but since most of them don't have the c**k and balls to do a real man's work, I'm going to go with simplicity!

After all, those "special" detective's clearly aren't useful in any other cases.

Sheriff Peyton Grinell can't get here soon enough! He really needs to clean out the f*cking mess that has become the LCSO! Clearly something that only an alpha male can do!

Sheriff Peyton!!!
Sheriff Peyton!!!
Sheriff Peyton!!!

United States

#19 May 27, 2014
Why do you think the establishment put him in this position? Jimmy Conner, Carey Baker and the rest of the Lake County and Tallahassee Bush machine knew exactly what Borders was. His Green Isle Ranch was listed with the state as having 95 volunteers and 35 employee’s the summer of 2009 there was a total of six boys there including Jackson. You might just as well face the fact that this is a sick hell hole run by a bunch of well protected perverts and no one is ever going to change that until it evolves into something they can not hide and protect. Something like the San Francisco California City Hall homo war when jealousy fueled the city hall shoot out that even channel 9 could not have suppressed as good as they are at it.
List criminal deputies

United States

#21 May 31, 2014
02/28/2009 - Rex E. Harness -– Lake Deputy Sheriff Rex E. Harness arrested in Citrus County, Florida for Domestic Violence-

Bond arrest bond added to case with: arrest date: 02/28/2009 initial charge #: 1 initial action code: prosecutor count #: prosecutor action code: custody location: bond status: posted status date: 03/01/2009 bond type: cash bond/pwr no.: 20090092 bond amount:$50 bonding co.: Cash Depositor: Pelton, Jay

August 14, 2010- Casey Doll - Detention Deputy Casey Doll at Lake County Jail arrested on contraband charges - The Lake County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a Detention Deputy from the Lake County Jail. Casey Doll was arrested this morning by members of the Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit on charges related to bringing contraband into the jail, to include prescription pills.

Aug. 14, 2010 - Gary Don French - Lake Deputy was not arrested by Mt. Dora Police-
He was not charged or arrested that day after his wife accused him of choking her with a towel when she threatened to take away his Playstation 3 because he lied to Mount Dora Police who responded to the call; his fellow Law Enforcement officers took his word at the scene over that of his wife. But, French admitted during an internal investigation conducted by the Lake County Sheriff's Office that he lied to Mount Dora police when he said his wife put a towel around her neck and squeezed it.
French told police his wife put a towel around her neck and squeezed to make a red mark, but admitted during the internal investigation that he made that up.“He confessed that it was a lie after the State Attorney’s Office decided not to prosecute in the case.” Deputy French has a history of Domestic Violence! Why then was he even hired by the LCSO?
1998 CF 001674 – Gary Don French pled guilty to felony battery. But in a stunning reversal of his plea before Judge Mark Hill and represented by then Assistant Public Defender and now County Judge James Baxley – Gary French was allowed to withdraw his felony plea and plea to the lesser offense of Misdemeanor Battery. A little probation and a few checks to ROOM 105 the Lake County Probation Office coffers.
Later he becomes a Lake County gun toting badge wearing Deputy Sheriff.
2008 DR 002423 – Injunction for protection filed by wife Sarah granted by Judge Takac.
February 9. 2009 – Divorce granted to Sarah from Gary French by Judge Mark Hill.
December 18, 2009 – Married Michelle in the Lake County Clerk’s Office by a Deputy Clerk
August 14, 2010 – Choked Michelle over a dispute about his Playstation 3 and lied about it. Mount Dora Police took no actions until the incident was leaked to the media who surprisingly printed it causing Sheriff Borders to fake an investigation and move him to the jail. At last check he was still employed by the LCSO.
List criminal deputies

United States

#22 May 31, 2014
August 27, 2011- Robert Myers – Lake Court Security Deputy Robert Myers resigns amid internal investigation-
LCSO Court security deputy Robert Myers has resigned amid an internal probe that focused on conflicting statements he provided to law-enforcement officials investigating a domestic-battery allegation.
Myers, began his Lake County Sheriff's Office career in 1995 working in the jail for then Jail Major Gary Borders, submitted a letter to now Sheriff Gary Borders, saying he believed his resignation "to be in the best interest of the Sheriff's Office and myself." The letter made no reference to the internal probe or a separate domestic-battery charge he faces.
Myers had been on administrative leave from the department since June, when he was charged with battery, accused of striking his live-in girlfriend Robin Nycol Douglas, a former deputy, at their home in Marion County.
Myers later recanted his sworn statement when questioned by an official with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission, sheriff's spokesman Lt. John Herrell said. The commission was preparing a review of Douglas' law-enforcement certification
In April 2010, after co-workers noticed scratches on his face, Myers, who held the rank of corporal, told his supervisors he had been involved in a disturbance with Douglas. A sheriff's report said she acknowledged an altercation but described Myers as the aggressor, although she had no visible signs of injury.
Deputy Robin Douglas was arrested by Lake Deputy David Pelton for Domestic Vilolence after a meeting in the courthouse between Robert Myers and Sheriff Gary Borders when according to Myers and other witnesses, Borders give him an ultimatum saying “it’s either you or her make up your mind” on the Lake County case. Sheriff Borders even personally assigned the Deputy who wrote Myers written statement for him; Myers later saying he didn’t know what was in it. Myers come clean with the FDLE on this case and all charges against Robin Douglas was dropped but her job was never restored.
Douglas was charged with battery and pleaded not guilty. The misdemeanor case was later dismissed by County Judge Donna Miller on the condition that Douglas submit to a substance abuse and mental-health assessment.
Andy Hernandez - November 18, 2011- Lake County Deputy Sheriff Andy Hernandez Arrested on Marijuana Charges
A Lake County deputy sheriff was jailed after investigators found him in a home where an alleged drug deal occurred, authorities said today.
Andy Hernandez, 37, a deputy since 2007, was charged Thursday with possession of a small amount of marijuana; possession of K-2 spice, which is a synthetic marijuana; conspiracy after the fact; and failure to perform his sworn duty.

Detectives in the sheriff's Special Investigations Unit, who were involved in a probe of alleged drug activity at a home on Still Drive in Clermont, stopped a vehicle after suspecting a drug deal had occurred.

The driver told detectives he had just bought marijuana at the house in the presence of a deputy named "Andy."

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