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Cleveland, GA

#21 Mar 17, 2009
This whole yarn is so obviously conspired by a scorned woman....

West Liberty, KY

#22 Mar 18, 2009
This whole yarn is so obviously conspired by a scorned woman....
Now what would make you think that???

Chesterfield, MO

#23 Mar 22, 2009
When is the next party??

Ashland, KY

#24 Mar 26, 2009
Its a shame someone who was scorned on Valentines Day and was not invited to this party herself is the one starting all this stuff. Pretty pathetic trying to hurt other people because you are pissed off about it yourself.
Michelle Herron

Campton, KY

#26 Mar 27, 2009
So why am I getting credit for starting this? Hmmm…well let’s see, could it be because I am very vocal and have voiced my own personal opinion of this situation and many like it? Could it be that I broke up with Rod the next day? I suppose it could be. So let’s get all that out in the open as well, shall we?

I didn’t attend this party. My not-so-considerate ex-boyfriend did invite me…last minute. I do not make last minute plans because a) I have two children and b) I have more self-esteem than that. His story, explaining the inconsideration was that the original plan was to take Justin to a strip bar. Again, I don’t know and I don’t care. Truth be told, I already knew he and I were breaking up that weekend, I just thought it would be on Sunday. Did he and I argue over this night? Yes we did. By this point, I stayed so hurt by him and so angry with him that we argued over many things---and as many relationships wind up, very few of those arguments were really about the subject that started it. Did he and I argue after this night, and still about it? Yes we did. Do I believe for one moment that a man decides to go to bed alone with a party going on his house? No I do not. Is that possible? Everything is possible. It doesn’t matter. Rod and I broke up for a lot of reasons that would be there whether or not any of this took place.

However, it is apparent that someone wants to know what I think, so I will share that now.
I think that Melanie has likely finally gotten out of a small town where she was always considered plain and not very noticeable---she has gone to an office full of men that work in Corrections---she has gotten attention and has liked that. I don’t know Melanie, so this is all based upon what I’ve been told and I could very well be wrong, but that is what I think. How far she has taken that, I do not know. I do not care. It does not involve me. And for those of you thinking that I do/would care if she was/is involved with Rod---you are wrong. That would be on Rod as far as I go. Rod and I are over—I don’t care what he does now.

I will say that I have heard talk of her being involved with a man from her office. But this is a small town and a lot of talking goes on---some of it true, some of it not.

As for the night in question…I will say it again, I was not there. I don’t know if she made out with anyone. I don’t know if she had sex with anyone. Looking at this situation from the outside, I would assume something happened with someone---but maybe it didn’t---everything is possible.

What I will say, is that a married woman going out drinking with a group of co-workers, then going back to a single man’s house to continue drinking to the point of passing out---with several men(none of which are her husband)….well, I think that she should expect people to think the worst. I think she disrespected her husband. I think she disrespected the married man’s wife. I think she disrespected me (as Rod and I were technically still together at this time). Most of all, I think she showed an enormous amount of disrespect for herself by putting herself into a situation that she had to know would be viewed this way. She is from this tiny town after all.
Michelle Herron

Campton, KY

#27 Mar 27, 2009
As for the Valentine’s Day comment that I assume was directed at me…Rod and I got into a very big fight the week of Valentine’s Day, this is true. In fact, I was very angry and hurt and was not going to see him that night at all. I did see him. I gave him a gift I put a lot of thought and money into. He gave me a very beautiful vase filled with red roses and day lilies. We went to a lovely dinner. Later that evening, we had quite a heartfelt conversation about our relationship. If this is your idea of being scorned, well then color me scorned…but perhaps you should check your adjectives just a little closer next time.
For the record, I didn’t start anything with anyone here. However, I will say…you can’t get caught if you didn’t do anything wrong. So, if you’d like to continue your little games and finger pointing, I’d suggest you start pointing them in different directions. As for me, I am done with Rod…I am done with this event…and I have given “you” what you so evidently desired---my views on the situation. I’m sure you are disappointed that I didn’t get upset or try to argue or even continue this game with you by giving you more to feed off….I just stated the facts as they were told to me and offered an honest opinion of a situation. I have no desire to continue this conversation as I have no interest in trying to uncover the details of that night or anything that has transpired since. It does not make a difference in my world.

Melanie…I wish you luck in working this out with your husband if that is what you desire to do.

Tuck…If you were brought into this unduly, I am sorry. I can only tell you what I was told.

Rod…The door is closed and you should move on. I am not sitting here concocting ways to hurt you or anyone else. I am happy with my decision. I am happy with my life.

Justin…If you were sullied unduly, I apologize. Again, I can only tell you what I was told.

I sincerely hope this satisfies everyone involved. This is not my style and I have no intention of perpetuating it further. If you elect to do so, it will be without me.
Michelle Herron

Campton, KY

#28 Mar 27, 2009
There is a 4000 character limit and I had to break up my did not post correctly, so I will try it again. It should have started with this...
Michelle Herron

Campton, KY

#29 Mar 27, 2009
I’ve been baited and I’ve seen allusions to veiled accusations both here and elsewhere. I’ve decided that someone wants to hear from me so now they shall.
First and foremost I’d like to say that everything I know about Melanie Adkins comes from other people and one short encounter with her at the P&P office. However, I work in the industry, was dating a P&P Officer and I live in the same town---I’ve heard a lot!
As for this night in question, I wasn’t there. My ex-boyfriend, Rod Smith, told me the following day that everyone met at a Mexican restaurant for dinner and then went to a local karaoke bar. After the bar, I was told they picked up alcohol and returned to his home. His story went on to say that he went to bed leaving people partying in his home and was told the next day by his co-worker Tuck Buskirk that Melanie and Justin Willen were making out, that she passed out and that her husband came and got her at 6am, mad as hell. Maybe this is where I should mention that this party was a going away party for Justin because he got called back into active duty. Again, I wasn’t there…this is what I was told.
The following week I corresponded with Tuck myself and in the end, he denied telling Rod about the making out. Obviously, someone here is lying. I don’t know which one and I don’t care. I have ended my relationship with both of these individuals. I don’t like liars.
Michelle Herron

Campton, KY

#30 Mar 27, 2009
Ok well now it is all showing up. It wasn't before. I guess it's all there now.
heres the thing

Chesterfield, MO

#31 Mar 27, 2009
you all really should email and get this crap deleted. If any of this true... there is two hurting family's right now. . . Regardless of opinions and tales being carried on by this website and in the passing hallways of the EC prison... 2 family's are hurting and trying to figure out their lives. So here is one more opinion .... get this thread deleted, and let these people be. No one is perfect, every one makes mistakes. Good luck and god bless.

Salyersville, KY

#32 Mar 28, 2009
The only sex I saw going on that night was Max(Rods Dog) humping his rabbit.

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