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Elizabethtown, KY

#1 May 12, 2009
Does that place still stink? Use to be awful smelling!!!!!!!
wells girl

West Liberty, KY

#2 May 12, 2009
That's pretty much false. The conditions are not very bad at all, in fact, the animals are very well taken care of. They're loved, they're fed, and they each have a name. All three hundred of them.

Randy has a full time crew working, feeding, cleaning, tending to all of the needs of the animals.

I had worked with him, early last year, to reconstruct the image of the foundation, as many new opportunities were arising, but ultimately decided to back down for many reasons-- which I won't go into.

At any rate, the animals are well cared for, and that's what matters.
I know

Elizabethtown, KY

#3 May 12, 2009
Yes, That place use to smell to high heaven..eewwww
Could smell it before you saw the place. It has been a few years back though since I have been up that way...But it did STINK!!!! EEEEWWWWW!!!!
I don't see on here where anyone has said anything bad about the animals...only you wells girl...???????

Elizabethtown, KY

#4 May 12, 2009
I heard that man up there is really NASTY......!!!!
I think his name is Randy lives in a shack were dogs crawl up threw the floors and there is a couple other shacks there that other people live in as well???!!!!
I feel really sorry for the neighbors up that way.
I use to see an ad in the paper all the time were the Trixie Foundation was wanting help..I don't see it anymore. I figured he must of went through everyone around here once they got up there and saw how nasty it was......I'm surprised to hear anyone working there and actually admitting It!!!!!

West Liberty, KY

#5 May 14, 2009
Ya know, this man does more for the homeless animals around here than anyone. With all the morons around here that do not get their animals spayed or neutered, it is wonderful that he takes them in.. We wouldn't need places like that if people were responsible about pet ownership. So, don't be jumping on here badmouthing someone who is doing such a great deed.. If he is happy living in a so called "shack" more power to him. Who are you to call anyone "nasty"? I am sure there are things about you that are very nasty in someone else's eyes too. You know that people do not see things in the same light, so before you throw stones, wash the windows in your glass house... Better yet, why don't you volunteer at the foundation, and then YOU can help clean it up if it is so nasty.. Think before you type...
wells girl

West Liberty, KY

#6 May 14, 2009
To "I Know" and "Yes": Both posts are made from Argillite, both seem to have a problem with using only one punctuation mark at a time, and frequently capitalization is rampant. Same person, I'm sure.

Anyway, I've never seen the foundation in bad condition. It's not the Hilton or Mariott, but it's suitable for the animals.

The barn in which dogfood is stored in has a distinct smell, especially when Randy can't use the most of it up before it goes bad. Maybe that's what you smelled.

Or maybe you're scorned and trying to be a tool about the whole thing.

Furthermore, what negative opinion did I express about the foundation? Maybe you should re-read.

Flatwoods, KY

#7 May 14, 2009
I still think its a GROSS place. Maybe what is a good condition to you is a bad condition to me. Depends on where you come from and what you've seen before and man I have seen a lot better than that!
What would I have to be scorned about it? If you're thinking I ever volunteered there..NO..I would be afraid I would catch a disease!!!!!!!!!!
I heard that those animals WERE NOT adopted that true?
Either Way

Flatwoods, KY

#8 May 15, 2009
Either way you slice or dice it, the Trixie Foundation is a sh** hole!!!!!!!!!
Anyone who says that place isn't in bad condition lives in a sh** hole as well.
The stench there is no excuse for!!! Don't you know ahead of time when something is getting ready to go bad? Ever heard of rotating your stock.
I can certainly call something nasty. That place and man are NASTY!!!!!!!!!
wells girl

West Liberty, KY

#9 May 15, 2009
The pens are shoveled out and cleaned by a full time volunteer crew that Randy has hired on a rotating shift. He has several people that do this job.

And as far as your slurs about "anyone who thinks it's clean...", is ridiculous. I'm very particular about where I live. I've lived in several large cities across the eastern US and not one of my abodes have been anything less than perfect. Say what you want, you obviously have some motive to be on this board talking about a place that has taken in so many animals, gave them a home, kept them fed and medicated.

Aside from the flooding problem at the lower side of the kennel, and aside from the obvious over-population problem, the animals ARE taken care of. Unless you've been up there and been all over the grounds, and actually KNOW what you're talking about, then refrain. Please.

As far as the adoption plan, "Well", it is true.

I had hoped that this topic would bring some light onto the misappropriation of funding and planning, instead those of you who are so immature that you'd spout off about me living in a similiar environment,(because let's face it-- that's what you're saying and I'm who you're aiming it at), sort of changed my mind about discussing the issues that I had with the foundation.

I won't cast pearls before swine, and in this case, I won't discuss a very serious topic to those of you who are so ignorant that you would only come here to personally attack and slander others just because you can do it anonymously and are not obligated to face any real human confrontation.
Good Grief

Flatwoods, KY

#10 May 15, 2009
If you've lived across the eastern US, then how could you stand to be up there?
Cut the crap talk and talking out of both sides of your mouth, you may not have that problem.
Randy appears to be more of a "collector" then a shelter operator.
Have to find a real human first at the Trixie!!!!
I've heard all kinds of stories about that place through the years.
About the funding and planning it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.
I've heard that the working environment there is horrible. I heard he cheats people out of their money that they work for and I heard once about some woman living in one of those sheds and getting paid like $20.00 a week?

Kansas City, MO

#11 May 15, 2009
wells girl:

I'm with you on this topic. If you haven't been there, especially in recent time, then those opinions really aren't valid. I was there about 9 months ago and met Randy. The place was clean, the dogs were happy, and I never smelled anything at all that made me think it was an unclean place.

I admire Randy for doing what few would do. Can things be better? Sure. Does he need help? Yes. Can he be difficult. You bet. But I do believe his heart is in the right place.

I for one, would love to have a discussion about whatever your original intent was for blogging instead of these ridiculous all cap, exclamation pointed accusations from others on this e-mail chain.

Please reply back if you'd like to continue the discussion in your intended direction.

New Britain, CT

#12 May 15, 2009
i have been there and RANDY NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL for treating dogs the way he dos and randy is nasty and the hole place is nastey.randy dos it 4 money becalws he is to lazey to work he has a pipefitter book and wount work and never would not belive the dum ass people that has not been there and gave him millions over the years while he treats dogs like shit.please some one close him dowen

West Liberty, KY

#13 May 15, 2009
freand wrote:
i have been there and RANDY NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL for treating dogs the way he dos and randy is nasty and the hole place is nastey.randy dos it 4 money becalws he is to lazey to work he has a pipefitter book and wount work and never would not belive the dum ass people that has not been there and gave him millions over the years while he treats dogs like shit.please some one close him dowen
Good Lord! Listen I am going to let you in on a little secret here.. When you type and the words are underlined in red- that means they are not spelled correctly.

The dogs on his place are well taken care of.. What have you ever done to help homeless animals? I would really like to know.. I bet the answer is NOTHING!

Why would anyone want to close him down? So they can take all the animals and kill them in a "shelter"? Instead of getting on here and griping about it, get off your butt and do something! How about donating money to a spay and neuter program so he doesn't have all these homeless dogs? How about telling every pet owner you know that their pets need to be spayed/ neutered?? We would not need places like this if everyone would be responsible pet owners..

If you don't like him or his foundation stay away from it.. There is absolutely no need for name- calling or some of the ignorant statements that have been posted here.. These animals are God's creatures and Randy's job is to care of them and he is doing a wonderful job of it.
I bet

Flatwoods, KY

#14 May 17, 2009
Maybe when Randy gets done patting himself on the back and feeling like a saint something good can become of that place. Why don't you go out Randy get yourself some FRESH air then go back and look at yourself in the mirror..that is if you have one. Why don't you adopt those animals out and try to give them a chance at a good life. How many years has that place been in business? You're still not organized? Whats the problem? YOU!!!!
You get plenty of donations!!!! Get off YOUR ASS and do something with it and stop the poor pity me act. Reconstruct the image of the foundation? Please I heard that BS for at least the last 3 years, so whats the problem there? Again..YOU
You don't fool anyone..You're full of BS.
why in hell

West Liberty, KY

#15 May 17, 2009
Anyone that thinks Randy Skaggs is in it for the dogs is a fool. He will not adopt them out, and won't take one in, unless of course it comes with a hefty donation. I have heard that the has been told to move that eyesore away from the road, hopefully that is correct. And for the people on here talking about what a fine person he is..... Next time your up that way, stop in and have a chat with his nearest neighbors. I know they don't share those views!
I think

Grayson, KY

#16 May 18, 2009
I don't think he is a fine person.
Seems like he always has his hand stuck out for someone to give him money. He has plenty of money but no one ever sees any results of him doing anything. I feel extremely sorry for his neighbors who have to put up with that stench.

Kansas City, MO

#17 May 18, 2009
Wow, what am I missing? There is a lot of hatred out there for this man. I really would like to know how much of what is being said is from personal experience with him or simply hearsay. Anytime someone says "I heard" I don't believe it -- it's gossip.

No, he has not been TOLD to move the sanctuary away from the road by anyone of authority. Maybe his neighbors do hate him, but why are you assuming that Randy is the only party responsible for that?

True, he does NOT adopt out but I wouldn't adopt to anyone in the area he is in either.

And I love the one from Good Grief: I heard, I heard, I heard...if you don't have facts or personal experience with him then quit spreading rumors.

Wrong, he does take dogs in without donations. Do you really think he's gotten donations on all those dogs? Not true. And, most of the dogs he's taken in are strays or dumped either on his property or in the area.

I'd like to see the documentation, freand, where he has received millions over the years. Seriously.

And, no, he doesn't pay $20/week. And you know what, if someone is stupid enough to work for $20 a week then they deserve it.

Just think if someone was judging any of you from things they'd 'heard'. How hurtful would that be and how much of it would be fact? I'm not saying he is perfect or that things can't be better there, but seriously he's not Mengele or Mussolini.

Grayson, KY

#18 May 18, 2009
"Curpo" Are you saying the people in your area are not fit to adopt an animal from you,but are good enough for you to take money from?

The $20 a week thing mentioned above,you are a user and a abuser if you did that and also was a disgusting response.

Being a non-profit organization the public have a right to ask questions about the organization. You should welcome any and all questions, it shouldn't matter if it is hear say again all questions should be welcomed.

Looks like you have some serious image reconstruction to do. Any organization would want to hear what people "heard" so the organization would have the chance to set the record straight so to people.

Stating that you wouldn't adopt animals out to you're own community is bad PR. I can certainly see why now there is no love going on between the shelter and community that is sad and a shame. Everyone is a loser that way.. Start reconstructing your image right away. ASAP

Kansas City, MO

#19 May 18, 2009

Possibly you think I am Randy or work for Randy? Not true on either point. How did you make that assumption?

Are you kidding about the $20/week? We all have free will, and if someone CHOOSES to take a job that would pay that amount then that's their issue and decision. This still America. What I SAID is that Randy does NOT pay his workers $20 a week. Get the point?

Of course, if you are non-profit people have a right to question the integrity of the foundation, but it DOES matter if it is hearsay. I'm not saying that questions cannot be addressed to Randy himself or the foundation. Did all these questions in this blog get addressed to him? No, they've appeared on a blog, and expressed in a very gossip-like manner. That's all I'm saying. It really is about the truth - whatever those truths may be.

Again, I'm not affiliated with Randy. I'm simply stating my opinion as someone who HAS been there. Again, this is how rumors and false accusations get made: misinterpretation and misinformation.

Somehow, you have completely missed the point yet made my point by your response.

Elizabethtown, KY

#20 May 18, 2009
Curpo, since you have been there why don't you enlighten these poor pathetic people.
In your opinion is everything OK there?

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