3-Year-Old Boy Drowns at Kalahari in ...

3-Year-Old Boy Drowns at Kalahari in Sandusky

There are 188 comments on the WJW Fox 8 Cleveland story from Aug 2, 2009, titled 3-Year-Old Boy Drowns at Kalahari in Sandusky. In it, WJW Fox 8 Cleveland reports that:

Investigators say a 3-year-old boy has drowned in an outdoor pool at a private waterpark in Ohio.

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Lima, OH

#165 Aug 5, 2009
So sad for everyone!!! My Kids and I are Praying for the Kalahari fam and the little boys fam. I will not let this boy die in vain, I swear to stay by my kids side and watch them even closer than i did befor!!! Sorry this young man had to go home so soon, but hopefully everyone reading this will remember him when your out with your kids or grandkids or nieces nephews god-kids neighbors kids, ect.

Lima, OH

#166 Aug 5, 2009
just an FYI seems that the story is mom left child playing in the very safe kids area. She needed a drink so she went to the bar was only gone for a min. When she came back her 3 year old was gone she then let sec. know her 3 year old was gone they just started to look for him as a 3 year old was being pulled out of the pool. SAD!!! This Mom made a mistake one that most parents make including myself "It is just a min. they will be fine" ", "I can let them play while i go use the restrooms" ect. it only takes a sec. and your/my life could change. Take that with you and hold it in your heart!!!!!!
Big Momma

Bellevue, OH

#167 Aug 5, 2009
Jaime- I agree with this statement. Keep your silence to protect your husband.
sundancer wrote:
<quoted text>
Jamie, if you indeed are telling the truth, speak no more because of a lawsuit that will undoubtedly ensue. The lawyers will take everything you say and use it. If it was your husband, speak no more about this to anyone!
Jim From Ohio

New Paris, OH

#168 Aug 5, 2009
Soo very sad, these parents have to be sick from this..
just shows you can not take your eye off a child for a second, around water even more than not. a 6 year old brother is not a baby-sitter! the kalahari can is not a baby sitter either.. the life-guards are there to help troubled swimmers but can not see every person at all times.. I hope this story makes parents think twice about letting the kids play by themselves.
Jim From Ohio

New Paris, OH

#169 Aug 5, 2009
god bless you Dani.... you did your best...

there is nothing that can be said to make you or the parents of this boy feel better..that is for sure!

but i know as a parent of a 4 year old.. she is never in / near the water anywhere including kalahari..with out me holding her hand!! now that she is getting older, she wears a life vest and swims to me.. i am never more than 4 feet away, there is no reason a child that young is not in arms length of an adult at a water resort...

but that is spilled milk at this point.. you did your best!!
Kalahari visitor

Berlin, PA

#170 Aug 5, 2009
My family was there when this happened.
My 7 year old and 4 year old daughters were swimming in that same pool.
They got out to use the bathroom, apparently right before they found this young boy.
As we were walking by we saw them working on him.
I was stunned and frozen at first,just praying he would get up, then as my daughter tugged on my hand wanting to know why I stopped I held both their hands and headed as fast as possible away...so they would not see.
Upon returning the young boy was gone, my husband a witness to it all as he waited with our sleeping baby son.
He told me how they kept working on him, how his mother came screaming from behind yelling, My Son...how the boy's eyes were open as they carried him past.
I spent the rest of that day in shock and grief for this little boy I never met.
If not for my daughters' excitement over being there, I would have asked for my money back and left immediately, it was our first of three days there.
It stayed with me the entire time, overwhelmingly so on Sunday, and I never did go back outside.
What I did do was hold my children a little tighter..and maybe smother them a bit much with overprotectiveness...
I'll never go back to Kalahari.
Not because I find them responsible, but because that memory will always be there.
I know the employees posting have been very defensive, and it's good that you love your job, but don't let THAT be larger than the sadness that this little boy lost his life.
While I'm not blaming the facility I do offer these recommendations as a one time guest...less people at one time..
It gets way too crowded..enough money is being made..let the ones spending their hard earned money enjoy it a bit more..and it'll remain safer.

There should be lifeguards in chairs by the pools, they would be able to see much better and more at one time.

When a tragedy like this happens anywhere grief counseling is made available, and while I understand that was not likely here...I was looked at badly for even mentioning the incident and I was told by one staff member that they were not allowed to discuss it.
I was upset and there was no outlet for it, it felt like It was umwelcomed...don't ruin the fun..and that just wasn't something you can put out of your mind.

Dearborn, MI

#171 Aug 6, 2009
My heart go to the family
dont blame the family
look at our goveremnt how many they send to war and kill young kids for no reason
melissa hilliard ohio

Hilliard, OH

#172 Aug 6, 2009
One thing I can say for sure is that Kalahari is not equip to deal with the huge volume of pple. The lifeguards.... many do not speak english well at all. THey need to take a good lesson from Great Wolf Lodge. My family was there on July 29th and they were way too crowded , one big problem is that they let locals buy day passes, so the water areas are wayyyyyy to crowded. Its just a money making thing with them. The more pple they take in , the more money they make.
melissa hilliard ohio

Hilliard, OH

#173 Aug 6, 2009
lifeguard number 2 wrote:
I work at kalahari as a lifeguard and we do go through training every week. I do feel bad for what has happened to this little boy but I also say where were his parents? I do also understand that kids run off my daughter does the samething! And people bad talking the place I like to work at is not nice due to things like this happen everywhere. I feel even bad for the guard cause he is an awesome guard who watches his water to his best ability and I will always stick up for the guards. And for the "witness" if u seen the little boy why didn't you say something or do something about it, all you are trying to do is make yourself look good but in reality you made yourself like someone who wants their 15 mins of fame and you distgust me!!!!!! Our supervisors, headguards and guards tried so hard to revive this little boy. And another thing parents don't leave your children unattened don't look away for even a second. There are life jackets for a reason we even provide them (look this could of been pervented if parents used them). And lastly WE ARE NOT BABYSITTERS!!!!!!!!!!
one thing u need to understand is that there is wayyyy too many pple. I would think u would be well aware that most locals do not even pay to get in. We were told by several of the lovey locals that they just park go in the front door, go down to cafe mirage and right out the back door to the outdoor water park. Once told that we started looking at the number of pple in the outdoor area with no wristbands and were amazed. Most of the guards are so bored and glazed over they dont notice.... care... who knows.

United States

#174 Aug 6, 2009
Excuses excuses. Poor boy.
A 12 yar old Madison

Hilliard, OH

#175 Aug 6, 2009
The life guards at Kalahari are extremely out of it!!!! They don't watch and its a job teenagers get real easy and i see how its hard to stay focused for awhile but they need to be more attentive!!!! And yes the mother should of known where her kid is, but the life guard should of seen the kid struggling!!!! And i read the comments where the life guards say they are not baby sitters and they are right they are not but they are getting payed for watching people in the pool and i think that they should at least be able to do that or they should QUIT!!!! They are way to crowded cause they let locals in. And for the people who saw the kid struggling WHY DID YOU NOT HELP!!!!! We left that Friday but if i saw him i would of helped him!!! And then they let someone who stayed there as a gust step in to help because they say that they were a paramedic I think that is ridiculous!!! My heart goes out to that family!!<3
i agree

Canton, OH

#176 Aug 7, 2009
Joy wrote:
Parents,please, please, please take responsibility for your own children. Children should never be leave your sight. Please take your small children for swimming lessons & teach them. My heartfelt sympathy to this family
I have a 3 yr old & we often go to the city pool which is quite large. I literally have to stay with him at all times because of the fear of what could happen if I took my eyes off him for even a second. Lifeguards are to rescue not to babysit, but we dont know all the details of why this child was unattended long enough for this tragedy to occur. I agree with you, we need to teach our children the dangers of water and how to swim, etc.. To the family...my heartfelt sympathies go out to you & your family. NO matter who was in the wrong...a family lost their precious child. God Bless You now & always.

Canton, OH

#177 Aug 8, 2009
if the life guards are there to save lives and all the other parents are watching their kids, shouldn't the ONE kid who happened to get away and believe me, it's very easy to happen there. Shouldn't it be easier for the lifeguards to see the ONE kid unattended and DROWNING??????????

Cleveland, OH

#178 Aug 9, 2009
I in NO WAY blame Kalahri or the lifeguards. I blame the parents who were not watching their children....your kids are YOUR responsibility...no one elses. Thanks to your husband for doing what he could under the circumstances...my husband is a firefighter-paramedic...you can't always save everyone.

Cleveland, OH

#179 Aug 9, 2009
You should be asking yourself "where were this child's parents?". Who's really to blame.

Cleveland, OH

#180 Aug 10, 2009
I don't understand why it's not mandoratory to wear a life jacket if under a certain weight/height?

Loveland, OH

#181 Aug 10, 2009
i think this is sad but the parents should have been there i mean come on he's 3. The lifegaurds can't watch everyone at the same time. I will pray for the family of the boy.

Muskegon, MI

#182 Aug 13, 2009
well the morther did not look after him so I think it is not his falt I do feel bad that he died but the mother is the one who did it when she was not looking after him

Sutton, WV

#183 Aug 25, 2009
This little boys death is so very sad. Lifeguards are not there to babysit your children for you while you relax on a lounge chair. This boy could not swim and he was left to swim in a pool with his 6 year old brother while his mother
lounged around on a chair. We visted Kalahari last June and the lifeguards would not let my 7 year old girl get near the wave pool without putting a life vest on. I was very impressed with Kalahari that weekend. Then again, I actually watch my children and am with my children in the water at all times. It's just not worth it because anything can happen at anytime. Don't people know that by now?
Take Responsibility

Windsor, Canada

#184 Aug 29, 2009
For one thing, no parent should ever allow their 6 year old child to supervise a 3 year old no matter where you are! It is a a parents responsibility to watch their own children. Life Guards are not babysitters! What difference does it makes as to who gave the CPR? The visitor? The LifeGuard? No matter who it was, they were trying to save a life. You would never leave your child alone in your backyard pool, why would you in a water park? It makes no sense. Accidents happen, and happen quick with water. It is easy to place blame...after the fact. You should be by your child's side at all times in a water park and if they had put a life jacket on the child, perhaps they wouldn't be in this situation (or if the children were properly supervised by the parents). It is a sad time for this family, and I am sure they are all thinking "If I only would have....." If you don't think water parks are safe or you fell after visiting twice it is disorganized, then don't go back. But, don't blame the water park or hold them liable for an accident that could have been prevented by a simple life jacket or supervision. Also, the parents are I am sure feeling like it is their fault, put yourself in their shoes. Think of how many times you have gone to the mall or anywhere and you lose sight of your child only if it is for a second. Feel that horror feeling and now put yourself in that family's shoes. They will live with that horror forever! Common sense....Supervise your child at all cost!!!

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