Review: The Golden Skate

Review: The Golden Skate

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Walnut Creek, CA

#1 Mar 26, 2012
Grand Theft, Assault and Battery at
Golden Skate in San Ramon!!!
I want to report a horrible incident at Golden Skate in San Ramon last Friday night. At approximately 8pm on Friday, March 23, 2012, we dropped our girls and their two friends (12, 13, and14 year olds) at Golden Skate. I went in with them to be assured leaving them alone until 11pm would be safe, I spoke to the manager on duty. He said,ďYes, parents leave their kids here all the time to go out and enjoy a romantic eveningĒ.
Around 10pm the girls called us at dinner to say that two of their cell phones and money were stolen out of their shoes (hidden under the table) while they were skating. We immediately called Golden Skate (GS) and told them we were on our way and asked them to call the police, they did not. My husband called the police on our way to GS, when we arrived the police were not there so he stepped out to the lobby (so he could hear) to call the police again.
I went inside, found the girls they started showing me how they could see the missing iphones on a tracker app and that they were still in the building. We started searching the area/table where the girls were sitting. I asked some women next to their table if anyone had seen the iphones or people in or around their stuff. The women got very defensive and started screaming at me! It turned bad in just a few seconds. We were surround by their party of more than 10 women, and threatened! My 14 yr old said donít hurt my mommy and then my 12 year old daughter was thrown to the ground then hit over the head repeatedly with an unknown object. As I was thrown to the ground, my 14 yr old was punched in the face, grabbed by her hair and her face was slammed into the table, then she was thrown to the ground, her earrings ripped out of her ears, kicked in the face and a chair thrown on her back!!! We were assaulted from all angles by a gang of savage black adults.
Still on the ground I noticed my purse was missing, then I was beaten over the head with it! At that point my iphone was missing too. I stood up and saw my daughter screaming with blood running down her face! We ran, scared for our lives, to the exit doors but the owner and DJ redirected us to his office and told us to stay put.
In the meantime, three San Ramon Police squad cars arrived without lights on. I was detained in the office while an officer took my statement and identification. EMTs came to check out my daughter they said she should be taken to the hospital to be checked out further.
During this time we were in the Golden Skate office, someone had turned in my cell phone (it was powered off and case taken off). I had pictures on my phone that I snapped when we first arrived at Golden Skate. My younger daughter showed the pictures to the SRPD the officer walked around with my daughter and friends while they pointed out the women who attacked us. The police told them not to point and to stay calm while the women that hit my daughter was screaming in their face, the officer did not take her name or any information. The SRPD let everyone just leave the building. We ended our night in the Emergency room in San Ramon!
We talked to the officer the next day, 3-24-12 he said they will give all our information to the detectives on Monday. When we asked him if any arrests were made he informed us that there was not and they took no other statements, identification of people or spoke to any witnesses other than ourselves. They simply let every one leave when grand theft, assault and battery were committted (Thanks San Ramon PD)!

Walnut Creek, CA

#2 Mar 26, 2012
The attack happened right in the middle of Golden Skate in front of the snack bar. There were a lot of people around but no one would help they just watched. After the attack the DJ led us into the office, Iím sure she saw everything but was not questioned or forthcoming with pertinent details to the police that could have resulted in the arrests of the gangbangers!
San Ramon Police are currently looking for tall black women one with a giraffe hat, one in a orange shirt, one in a all pink sweat suit, and another in a red and black top. Iím sure they have a lot to work with here, they should have taken down some names and license plates, or something!
The Golden Skate Roller Rink does not seem to have any security staff nor according to the owner do their security dome cameras have the ability to capture these events. Their only working cameras are in the back office that were just changed out because they had been robbed at gunpoint last year by two adult, black, males.
If we would have known it was mostly a crowd of rough adults, we would have never let our kids go to Golden Skate. We are now learning from other local parents that they do not let their kids skate during the final session because it turns ghetto after 9pm. We wish we knew this before we left our kids and want to make other parents aware that Golden Skate is not a safe place anymore!!!
~Parents/Residents of the San Ramon Valley since 1970

Pleasanton, CA

#5 Mar 27, 2012
Aweful - I've heard it's turned into a rough place some time ago - sad but true - everyone needs to know - its not a place for u to drop your kids much less even go to anymore.
Local Resident

Walnut Creek, CA

#6 Mar 27, 2012
we are just sick that a place like this could exist here in our try valley! Mr. Sharifi - Business Owner please take you business to your peoples town, may i suggest OAKLAND . we do not want your patrons in our towns without families and children too!

Alameda, CA

#7 Mar 27, 2012
This is a distressing situation on many levels. Individual crimes were perpetrated on individual people, These comments instantly blame "blackness", ghettos, Oakland and "our try valley". The police sounded useless and the business owner even worse. The best course rather than burning down civilization is to sue the pants off the business. Even if you are told that there is no case. Sue in small claims court. You and everyone else who has been injured at this venue. Their insurance will demand the installation of security cameras and personnel. Pressure the mayor and city councils. Write letters, demonstrate in front warning others of the bad business practices inside. More people of every color want law and order. Only the lawless don't. We are in the huge majority. Please do not dilute our power along racial lines. No one benefits.

San Jose, CA

#8 Mar 27, 2012
This kind of thing wouldn't happen in Danville!
Tax Payer

Santa Cruz, CA

#9 Mar 27, 2012
What was grand theft? Look it up, cell phones valued at a few hubdred bucks is not grand theft. This is awful. Only thing, wish u did not make yourseld sound like a racist.

“Avise le Fin.”

Since: Mar 12

Fremont, CA

#10 Mar 27, 2012
Troll wrote:
This kind of thing wouldn't happen in Danville!
I'm sure people would have said the same thing about San Ramon before this event.
Tax Payer wrote:
What was grand theft? Look it up, cell phones valued at a few hubdred bucks is not grand theft. This is awful. Only thing, wish u did not make yourseld sound like a racist.
Theft of goods valued at $400+ constitutes Grand Larceny/ Theft in California. Replacement value of a single iPhone 4s is $800, I don't think tax is considered.

Fremont, CA

#11 Mar 27, 2012
iphone 4s which these were cost $800 each and there were 2 stolen from the 12 and 14 y.o. girl + cash! that means at least 1600. this a crime and needs not go unpunished, not to mention the 2 girls and her mother we brutally beaten inside the rink simply asking if anyone knew the phones whereabouts. they were tracking the phones inside the rink so they knew they were there inside on another friends iphone. if the management had security or called the police and the mom didn't have to do there job it might had ended different. Mr. Golden Skate Prepare to Loose Everything.

Stockton, CA

#12 Mar 27, 2012
The fact is that the females who assaulted this innocent family were black. Open your eyes you idiot. This isn't a racist comment! Did she blame the entire black race? Did she blame THEM cause they were black u moron! The black chics stole the phones and beat a mother and 2 little white girls. If the roles were reversed in Alabama it wld be a race issue picked up by the ACLU and "Reverend" Jesse Jackson! Wake up! We go to golden skate in san ramon because when attended by san ramonians or danvillians who are pro dominantly non black this sort of thing doesn't happen. CALL ME A RACIST. I don't care! Im realistic! Not a racist! I grew up in Oakland, I attend events in Oakland all the time, and I've been forced to live land locked in walnut creek because Oakland is not safe! When did Oakland change from a great beautiful city to a slum full of murder pimpin assault robbery drug dealing and welfare???? Post wwII When the "demographic" changed. Detroit? Compton? How bout closer to home antioch? Pittsburg? Concord? Yeah... You know the answer u politically correct moron. Why don't u go down to eastmont mall on hegemberger and macarthur and do ur shopping then, since u don't think inner city black ppl are not violent. Shut up with ur idiocy! It's ppl like u that perpetuate this innocence of inner city gang bangin blacks. Are ALL blacks violent gang bangers absolutely not. I'm not racist I call like I see it! And I've seen it my entire life. I hope they find these bitches and publicly prosecute them like they wld whites who commit hate crimes!
Local Guy

Walnut Creek, CA

#13 Mar 27, 2012
spot on!

Union City, CA

#15 Apr 2, 2012
With all the sympathy to your girls I must add few things:
1. They do have lockers (and they are hard to miss)- for only 50c. Lockers there for a reason and "hiding" $400 item in your shoe is not a good idea.
2. Trying to convince person who just stole from you (assuming that was able to identify that person properly) to return your stuff if not a best idea. Thugs and thieves rarely return stolen items on a good will basis.
Without hearing police side of this story it is hard to criticise them, but it is very unlikely that they would lock down the place and conduct a strip search because of two stole phones and a brawl.
I do not recall any guards there and not sure why would the have any, they do not serve alcohol and mostly carter kids and teens.
They do tend to be very strict over the rules at that place, like making sure that your skates are ok, not allowing to wear heat (why?) and making sure ppl do not skate recklessly (whatever it means in their opinion).
They try to squeeze every penny of profit - f.e. they pitch those lockers to no end (almost forcing you to use them as you are not allowed to leave you shoes in cafeteria area), bringing you own food or drinks is no-no too.
With all that said they getting my credits for keeping place clean and run smoothly. My kids enjoy skating there (and they do have early day session reserved for kids only).
golden nugget

Concord, CA

#17 Oct 20, 2013
hey black bitch lets hook up at golden skate next friday late session
see you here. i'll be in my kango and sweat suit and sneakers.

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