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#165 Feb 13, 2013
Vallejo ISP is Gomes wrote:
You and Tony are a pill popping, drunken DUI plague upon Vallejo.
Easy to say behind an aliase, isn't it! Bet you don't have the nutsack to do that from your real name, now do you?
Bill Wilson

United States

#166 Feb 13, 2013
Don't drink and drive Tony. Come down to one of our fellowship meetings. It looks better to the judge if you go on your own. Otherwise he may have you go mandatory.

Bill Wilson

United States

#167 Feb 13, 2013
And if you do decide to come Tony remember ....

SamtheDomesticTe rriorist

Vallejo, CA

#169 Feb 13, 2013
somthin like this wrote:
"Hi my names Tony and Im an alcoholic."
Hi my name is Sam. I have severe anger management issues and have been arrested for domestic abuse/terriorism. I have had 7 restraining orders and spent 75 days in jail .I am well known for my blind hate andbullying those that cant defend themselves and

Sam Is Sick

South San Francisco, CA

#170 Feb 13, 2013
That's pretty funny sam- making un of the Alcoolics Annoymous program, something that has helped many people recover. Its sick that you have to make up things about someone you know nothing about by putting him in such program.

you are a sad, sick little man sam kurshan who will always be friendless and void of real meaning in life.
one year later

Vallejo, CA

#171 Feb 13, 2013
Tony: "When I first came to these rooms...." FOTFLMAO!
Tony Pearsall

San Francisco, CA

#172 Feb 13, 2013
My name is Tony and I am a disgraced drunken former head of FBP who was forced to resign, I am a womanizer, a prescription drug abuser and a bum. I have a DUI court case on Feb. 19th. My wife Stephanie is also a drunken pill popping lush.
Sam Is Sick

South San Francisco, CA

#173 Feb 13, 2013
one year later wrote:
Tony: "When I first came to these rooms...." FOTFLMAO!
Sam: "When I first entered my jail cell... Oh nooooo... it's going up my shussel again... please stop Bubba...."
shammie the hut

Concord, CA

#174 Feb 13, 2013
Hello may name is "sammie" I am short, obese, ignorant, and orange.


(t)urd enragement!
Tony Pearsall

United States

#175 Feb 13, 2013
Hello, My name is Tony, I'm limp,impotent and drunk.


VIB (t)urd enragement!
proud moments

Vallejo, CA

#176 Feb 13, 2013
"LOOK STEPHIE!!" "Got my thirty day chip!"

"Oh Tony!" " I knew you could do it!"
to hell with gomes

Vallejo, CA

#178 Feb 14, 2013
Tony Pearsall wrote:
Hey Stephie, lets go out and celebrate your moms death. How about the Val-Nap?
houseboy sappyman can drive them.
El Fatty

Richmond, CA

#179 Feb 14, 2013
racist Kurshan can seek mental illness help
i know im welcom anytime

Vallejo, CA

#180 Feb 14, 2013
Tony Pearsall wrote:
Hey Stephie, lets go out and celebrate your moms death. How about the Val-Nap?
what??? Tony's not welcome at the Relay any more? Lol
dickie bird

Vallejo, CA

#181 Feb 14, 2013
i know im welcom anytime wrote:
<quoted text>what??? Tony's not welcome at the Relay any more? Lol
he never was welcome, but he was a big spender and tipper when he got gassed up, which was often.
El Fatty

Richmond, CA

#182 Feb 14, 2013
fat Sam Kurshan used to stand in front of the Relay with a tin cup and dark sunglasses asking for money for the blind. Tony used to make Sam dance before he would put a quarter in Sam's cup.

This lays Sam's foundation for his ties to the VPD
big Uncle T Sleezball

Vallejo, CA

#184 Feb 14, 2013
I remember {and remember fondly} when Tony used to pull up to small gatherings of black children and say with a smokey drawl "dollah" and throw a couple of ones out of the shop window. He would then drive off real slow and watch in mirror laughing as they scrambled and fought over the bills. Hes just that way I guess.

Sunnyvale, CA

#185 Feb 15, 2013
More Inside Info wrote:
Mustard is that you? Seems like a whole lot of inside info on this post. Info only the cops would know. Sounds like another attempt of character assassination to deflect the cops actions. The guy didn't even pursue the issue and now you are attacking him. What is happening within the department that caused this story to be leaked? Seems like someone in the PD doesn't like Darden. That's the story.
Phish wrote:
I'm surprised by this obvious smear piece. Did the oh-so-great investigative reporter Dan Noyes, do ANY background at ALL on Blake Robles? He's a well-known troublemaker with multiple felony convictions in his native Napa. He frequently starts vicious fights, deals illegal drugs, and engages in felony hit-and-run accidents....leaving his bloody passenger and other injured parties at the scene of the crime while he runs away. He was already on probation by age 18! Check the Napa Register.
"Blake Adam Robles found himself sitting in a jail cell after police said he threatened and punched an elderly man following a traffic collision.
The incident happened Saturday at Salvador Avenue and Kingsford Drive in north Napa.
Robles smacked the elderly driver of the other car in the face and threatened to kill him, police said.
A passerby who came to the aid of the elderly man was greeted by the same threats, according to Napa police.
When Napa police officers arrived on scene, Robles proceeded to threaten the officers.
Robles, 20, who is on probation, was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats and violation of probation."
You really think Chris Darden didn't have an idea what sort of jerk he was dealing with?!? A simple radio check with Dispatch would have given him Robles' extensive record in seconds. And if you still believe Robles was in any shape way or form the "victim"'re a fool.
Inside info? You (f)ucking moron, that info was from the Napa newspaper. Are you really so pathetic that you need me to provide you with the link? I wish I knew who you are so I could laugh in your face. A dumb, paranoid, thickie thick conspiracy freak--what a horrible combination of personality traits you embody!

Plod your fatty fingers over to the Napa Register website and put Robles' name to the search function. The comments are especially entertaining. Napans hate him. Hence probably why he moved to Vallejo...and yes, he did beat an old man nearly to death. After he drunkenly ran into his car! Robles is king of the violent hit and run. Such a sweet, defenceless young innocent, yeah. Riiiight.

Find me a video of Darden or any other cop cruelly beating up a sweet middle-aged housewife whose worst crime is burning some pancakes or something. Then I'll be impressed. Smacking down a filthy little sociopath like Robles only makes me like Darden more. I wish he'd smacked him harder, in fact.

Peace out.

Sunnyvale, CA

#187 Feb 28, 2013
I smell a rat wrote:
"But then, one of the few good officers in your department decides enough is enough and makes a possibly career (and life) jeopardizing move to expose the brutality and corruption within his own odious organization, and his fellow officers are calling for his head."
And how would you know if it was an officer?
I smell an outside agitator!
Possibly, yes. Letter to the news station accompanying the video:

Either it was an insider, pretending not to be, or it was an outsider. Note it appears that they obtained the video from Darden himself, they didn't sneak it out of the station. They don't seem well acquainted with the station's inner workings either. Like who is no longer in a certain position. Or how someone else's name is actually spelled. And the part about when he emailed something could simply be from looking at Darden's email on his PC or phone. Easy as pie.

I smell a vengeful ex or former friend, perhaps. What's clear is that this particular incident is all about vilifying Darden. It's personal o him, tand VPD's involvement is collateral damage.

If the anonymous person were a station insider who really wanted to crucify VPD, I am sure there were more inflammatory videos they could have accessed (say one of last year's police shootings), instead of this rather insignificant smackdown on an extremely aggressive, violent career criminal.
its tony

Vallejo, CA

#188 Feb 28, 2013
tony pearsall is the only person i can think of with motivation to vilify darden after darden ripped gomes in a song.

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