El Rick wrote:
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Born and raised in Arizona, my beloved state. Grandparents came from Chiuaua,back int he 1800s when Arizona was a territory. My dad was from Durango, MEXICO. My grandparents left Mexico and never looked back. They taught me to love this country, and to be proud of everything that it has given us. They both became U.S. citizens and had the American Flag pinned in the living room of our little house. I served this country honorably in the USMC,and I would fight to the death to defend it. If Mexico wants to take us on let them just try it. There are many compadres all ex-marines, chicanos, who would join me in a heartbeat.
Que viva los estados unidos!
I am glad that you love and respect the country that your grandparents choose to live in and to raise their family. I am sure that where ever they are they must be very proud of you.
No body is against legal immigrants. Nor this is a racial thing either. We are against the illegal ones that disrespect and hate this country and its people. Many of them are criminals and are raising their big families out of the tax payer’s expense.

Californians have to protest and stop the sanctuary cities from protecting and housing the illegals.

FEED and house our mentally ill homeless and our homeless veterans with our tax money. Not criminals and illegals.