9 Youths Convicted in Halloween Beati...

9 Youths Convicted in Halloween Beatings

There are 75 comments on the The Associated Press story from Jan 26, 2007, titled 9 Youths Convicted in Halloween Beatings . In it, The Associated Press reports that:

Nine black youths were convicted Friday in juvenile court of beating three white women in a racially charged attack on Halloween night.

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Dixie Smith

United States

#1 Jan 26, 2007
I'm very appalled to see the parents and people that gather around to voice their opinion against the judge decision. The 9 Youths were wrong to do what they did, What if the people had died (then what). They need to find why they did it? The parents should stop putting the blame on other people. The youths
need to accept responsiblity for their actions. I feel sorry for the people that they hurt, and sorry for the youths, but they should had thought of that before they did what they did. I will keep them in prayer and may God hold them in his arms.
Robert Reilly

Long Beach, CA

#2 Jan 26, 2007
When parents pay attention to their children on a full time basis, these kinds of behaviors will diminish.

Lawrence, KS

#3 Jan 26, 2007
I pray for these children, they are either without guideance or without conscious'. Either way, my prayers go out to the victims, as well as the criminals. I feel that the younger assailants were probably influeneced by the older ones. Why can't they teach them to do things that are productive, and quit being destructive. Too much evil in this world..
really concerned

United States

#4 Jan 26, 2007
I really have some kind of sympathy for these kids parents,but not enough for the young kids that commited such crime and i pray for the ladies that were involved in this difficult and awful situation and just hope they get passed all this nonsense.

Glendale, CA

#5 Jan 26, 2007
Well, I agree with the jurors, why are the parents raising there voice, when they should had raise there voice wen this kids were asulting the whites folks
Gary Bowman

United States

#6 Jan 27, 2007
violent hate crimes are an abomination.
It is imperitive that all racists be villified.
Yes, even if they are black.
Racism is either okay for none or okay for all.
Celia from Cerritos

San Bernardino, CA

#7 Jan 27, 2007
I was satisfied with the verdict.
The parents of the 9 youths need to stop blaming others. Their children committed horrible crimes, and they all need to accept the responsibility for their actions. Hopefully, the victims will be able to heal and move on with their lives. My prayers are with them all.

“is it friday yet?”

Since: Jan 07


#8 Jan 27, 2007
i strongly believe that this behavior starts at home, therefore parents need to take responsibility for actions that which are injust. And im ceratin that this behavior has been influenced by their enviornment and within their family dynamics. I think if these youths get punished, then the parents should too.

Norwalk, CA

#9 Jan 27, 2007
I have some concerns regarding this case as these are children we are talking about. Mistakes are made by all people and the fact that nobody knows what really happened is troubling. I don't think these kids would be racially motivated to just assult the victims without perhaps "maybe racial slurs benn tossed at them first being that they were in the neighborhood trick or treating. Could it have been the victims as they are being called not felt they belonged in that neighborhood? It's all so sad and to see these kids have their records marked for a lifetime or a strike is pathetic. Sad but true racial slurs were not started by blacks but has been a part of history for ages from slavery. I will pray that a healing process can begin and the defendants can move on with their lives, go on to college and become leaders of thier communities, and let this be a lesson for learning.
Legal Beagle

United States

#10 Jan 27, 2007
Mspeppermntpatti, with all due respect, your post blaming the victims (oh,they MUST have called the black kids racial slurs first - NEVER MIND THE FACT THAT NO SUCH THING WAS ALLEGED DURING THE TRIAL) for the actions of the perpetrators reflects an attitude that shows EXACTLY why racism is still alive and thriving today. In fact, your post is a fine example of racism in and of itself. Blame whitey, even have to bring slavery into the mix for good measure. Tell me, who was your slavemaster? Your father's slavemaster? Your grandfather's slavemaster? How far back in your family tree do you have to go to even find someone who was a slave? You say you will pray that the "healing process" can begin, and yet keep hanging onto all the wrongs done generations ago by people long dead now. Seems a bit hypocritical to me. Either you want the healing to begin, or you want to keep dredging up the past. Which is it, patti?

Your statement that "no one knows what really happened" is also patently false. The victims know what happened, the perpetrators know what happened, the witnesses in this case (who were harrassed and threatened by gang members for testifying, by the way) know what happened, they all testified before the judge, and the judge rendered his decision based thereon.

And for your information, racial slurs did not begin in the days of slavery. Racial slurs have no doubt been hurled about since the dawn of man. I'm sure the egyptians had derogatory terms that they called their jewish slaves. You want to rail against racial slurs? Rail against the rap singers who throw down the "n" word in almost every song they sing (if you call that singing).

Placentia, CA

#11 Jan 27, 2007
i went through that as a youth in south central l.a. when we were outnumbered by blacks.

Dillon, SC

#12 Jan 27, 2007
OH BULLSHIT MSPEPERMNTPATTI, If those children were raised right they would know that it's not right to harm ANYONE like that. You know the children I pray for...YOURS. Hopefully they are smart enough to realize what a racist YOU are and to think differently.

Lawrence, KS

#13 Jan 27, 2007
Playing the "race card" is not going to make this look any different. It does start in the home, and when the parents were dissatisfied with the jurors decision, then that should tell you something about their upbringing.

Either way, my prayers are with the families and the children, all of them

Austin, TX

#14 Jan 27, 2007
why didnt this story get the coverage that the Duke Lacrosse team got? where is jesse jackson and Al sharpton.. i think we have a double standard.we can not progress as a society as long as these black animals are roaming the streets of our country
Low Profile

United States

#15 Jan 27, 2007
I strenuously object to this vicious racial attack being characterized as a "fight." A "fight" is when two 16-year-old boys square off for some fisticuffs. This was a vicious mob attack of about "thirty to forty" black gangsters on three defenseless white girls. These girls were severely injured, suffering broken bones in the face, eye injuries resulting in one of the girls being forced to withdraw from college, and numerous bruises, cuts and scratches. One person in the mob repeatedly struck one of the victims in the head with a skateboard! Their earrings were ripped right theough the tissue of their ear lobes!

I am appalled, but not at all surprised, at the entitled, irresponsible attitude of the black parents. This nation is suffering an epidemic of hateful, vicious black-on-white crime. WHEN will white Americans finally stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and start defending themselves?

Glendale, CA

#16 Jan 27, 2007
I sincerely pray that this case get the attention that truly deserves. At least as much as the LaCrosse case! It is just as important. I'm pleased that an appeal is automatic hopefully more light will be shed on this story such as;

1. why the children were id'd in a parking lot.

2. Inconsistant, uncollaborated testimony.

3. Dispite the children having never been in trouble and not disciplinary problems -- honor roll, star atheles and college-bound students, they have been incarcerated without bail for more than three months. Although their families are working class and upstanding in the community in which they reside.

4. This case reminds me of the so-called "wilding" charge leveled at Black youth in New York in the 80's, only later to be found to be without merit later.

I feel as one of the defense attorney's pointed out. "Had this case gone before a jury it would have been thrown out!" Prehaps a change in the this day and time, some changes need to be made in how juvenile cases are adjudicated, allowing for some cases to be heard by a jury instead of a single judge.

Nonetheless, I am praying the children and their families that, by the Grace of God, the whole TRUTH comes outsoon!
Bob Sacamento

San Diego, CA

#17 Jan 27, 2007
Oh, some of them were star athletes??? Then, obviously they couldn't have done anything like this!!!



Concerned Citizen

United States

#18 Jan 27, 2007
First of all allow me to say that I am totally opposed to any hate crimes against anyone due to race, age, sexual preference, religious beliefs,etc. I am appalled at the events that took place but what is even more shocking for me is some of the comments posted. One person was attacked for posting her thoughts on this yet if any of you were identified, charges pressed, hauled to court and determined guilty you would say you were the victim. what happened to freedom of speech? Now, were any of you actually there and do you know 100% that the youths deemed guilty by the courts are the ones who actually committed the crimes? If any of you can honestly say you were then all I can do is agree that the decision was the proper one. If you can't then there is reasonable doubt. I know someone or several people were involved. Having been around a long time I also know that many times I have seen the wrong people sentenced for crimes committed. Lastly, why attack the parents and why automatically assume that the parents didn't bring these children up right even if they were the ones who actually committed the crimes. Parents have a legal and a moral responsibility to train their children. But one cannot say that the childrens actions mimic that of the lessons learned at home. If any are parents you will attest to the fact that children can and often are raised in two parent households, given proper instructions, guidance and direction and still veer off the path. I've said enough.
Rese from Long Beach

Huntington Beach, CA

#19 Jan 28, 2007
Hold on now. These black children are NOT animals. They are simply misguided youths who have not been properly taught by their parents. Don't you ever again in life refer to any children,(rather they be black, brown, pink, yellow, blue or purple) as animals....
a fly on the wall

Dayton, OH

#20 Jan 28, 2007
Shame,Shame on you Miss Peppermntpatty trying to justify a savage mob beating on 3 helpless young girls left with lifetime injuries and their parents with broken hearts and medical follow ups. Not one bit of sympathy for the victims. No big deal? Oh Yes, miss P. the attackers do desreves what they got for what they have done and I hope they "never" become leaders of any community. Thank God for the black man who stoped the attack and for a darn good reason. They may have been killed. You are pathetic miss P. Go pray for yourself so will understand the difference between right and wrong.

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