water supply facts & options

water supply facts & options

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james marple

San Diego, CA

#1 Dec 13, 2012
This thread will self-destruct within ........ so keep a copy

How many San Diegans know that an ongoing planning process called the IRWM is developing plans that will perpetuate outdated and wholly inappropriate planning while piling more than a billion dollars of new debt upon us yearly?

Very few, because the public servants who deny politicians a clear view of the most sensible planning options feed news reporters a steady diet of inaccurate and incomplete information.

This IRWM - INTEGRATED REGIONAL WATER MANAGEMENT planning group's RAC - REGIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE is selecting new volunteer members this month, while We the People have our attention focused upon holiday events. Is this just 'happenstane' or are the planners anxious to push their preferred members into office while no one is looking to give them dominance of the IRWM process for the next four years at least?

Our mailbox jamesmarple sixty six at yahoo dot com receives useful information daily from public servants unhappy with being ordered to misinform the public by creating illusions of good management of our land-water-energy.

Citizens for Responsible Watershed Management
james marple

San Diego, CA

#2 Jan 17, 2013
San Diego County politicians and news reporters blame the "Mighty Metropolitan Water District" for our high cost of water. Yet County officials committed us to paying three times as much for desalinated sea water. Meanwhile they dump 12 times as much rainwater as we use to the ocean.

Fresno's engineers were smart enough to dig 120 basins throughout their city to hold ALL of their stormwater. Our engineers have not been able to save even 10% or our larger rainfall even though we have hundreds of canyons that need only small, cheap dirt dams to become reservoirs.

An example: Next time you drive by the Miramar air base notice the many empty canyons and picture small dams in them to store its 3 billion gallons of yearly runoff.(Enough for all the households in La Jolla)

Engineers of our USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service are the world's best for planning this form of rainwater conservation. Our new Mayor and Congressman could make this happen immediately, saving us from paying the billion-dollar bill for Carlsbad's Desalination plant.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#3 Feb 24, 2013
Reporters consistently tell us; "an acre-foot is as much water as two homes use in a year".

Fact is, a typical household uses about 60,000 gallons yearly, so the 326,000 gallons in an "acre-foot" will supply 5.4 households.

Repetition of this false statement, pushed by water district wordsmiths upon overly trusting or educationally deficient journalists, created a false perception of need to import more water or build a desalinator. And that has laced more than $8,000 in new debt against our homes.

It looks like paying off that bond will require raising our water bills in the very near future by $320 yearly for the next 24 years. Hopefully someone can show that my calculator is defective,$54 added to our bills will be a major pain..
james marple

San Diego, CA

#4 Aug 20, 2013
Apparently all members and browseers either agree that we'll have to pay off what has ballooned to $14,000 in new debt per home and don't care enough to comment, or don't have a clue when it comes to managing water resources.

That is unfortunate for all of us because poorly informed citizens make foolish voters who allow extortion through our utilities and taxes.

The gross mismanagement by our public servants is allowed by the people we elect because the public agency managers they appoint are masters in the art of fooling the press and politicians.

This could be corrected at the next election if a majority of voters realized that they are losing $1,700 per person on average because cunnning professional liars hired by our public servants keep us too bewildered and frightened regarding water supply to think clearly.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#5 Dec 13, 2013
Half a century ago managers of San Diego County's water districts and public works departments were misguided by the criminal element of our business sector into fooling politicians into believing it made sense to stop saving rainwater and import water from distant rivers instead.

Cunning professional liars, hired by the land developers who expected huge windfall profits from this, fooled most of the people most of the time so that concerned citizens who recognized the obvious stupidity of this planning were discredited, shouted down or politically assassinated by the news services bought up by these profiteers.

To perpetuate this fraud the private sector criminals pushed their stooges who managed MWD into providing attractive posters and packets of propaganda to all schools so that the upcoming generation would be taught from day one that this was sensible and necessary.
That generations of students is now running local government and approving totally absurd policies, projects and programs.

Southern Californians are locked int paying more than $30 billion yearly for wholly unnecessary pipelines and pumps that steal water from Upstate to water the grass of wealthy folks.(The only ones who can afford to buy enough imported water for irrigation becuase 80% of their bill is paid by the public due to criminally inequitable water billing rates.)

Major land developers who branched out into energy and water supply profiteering continue to use MWD, corrupted agency managers, and foolish reporters to keep the public from seeing enough facts for it to wise up and cease electing the nitwits and crooks who allow our public servants to throw away six times as much rainwater as we use.

Orange County residents were smart enough to figure all this out and elect enough sensible, honest politicians so that their rainwater storage projects make good sense. But San Diego and Riverside County esidents have not yet realized that more than $15 million daily in new debt is being placed upon their homes by politicians not smart enough - or not honest enough - to base their decisions on common sense instead of the false and misleading conventional wisdoms they have been taught by schools and news services.

Our water bills will have to go up by $700 yearly, beginning after next year, to pay the cost of our failure to elect sensible, honest politicians.
Is all this important? Only to those who care that this monstrous scam cost each homeowner $15 today in new long-term stealth debt and that extortion and that rate will continue to increase..
james marple

San Diego, CA

#6 Dec 17, 2013
City officials are once again raising water rates for
low-income users and lowering them for the wealthy.

243,000 property owners with small meters pay $232
yearly in 'base fees' to buy 1/3 of our public water
supply, providing $56 million to the City.

27,000 property owners with large meters use 2/3 of
our water supply but pay just $13 million in 'base fees'.

So the folks who buy on average 60,000 gallons yearly
are paying $2.15 per 1,000 gallons for that privilege.
While those who use a million-plus gallons yearly pay
just 28 CENTS per 1,000 gallons for that privilege.

This is a $24,000 average subsidy yearly for homes and
businesses that use most of our water supply, money
stolen from 243,000 homeowners who use water properly.

"Extortion" is the most appropriate term for present rates,
yet public servants are making them even more unfair.

Orange County residents don't allow this extortion. Their
water managers charge 1,000% more for excessive usage.
San Diegans are willing victims, re-electing politicians who
allow water managers to rob the poor to please the rich.
james marple

San Diego, CA

#7 May 11, 2014
A San Franciscan upset about sewage effluent being mixed with the
pure mountain water supply of his city called to request a copy of the
CRWM North Coast Pipeline Plan. We suggested that he contact
impartial civil engineers from outside the state to discuss details of
this water supply option that CA planners buried from public sight.

I pointed out that the concept is simple: Take advantage of the fact
that as much rain runs off to the ocean from rivers and creeks along
the coast north of Frisco in a week each winter as S CA uses yearly.
We only need to design a system that will catch this as it flows out of
the many dozen rivers and creeks and feed it into a tube laid along
the shallow shoreline as a self-powered flow aided by wave action.

This would be a significant project, of course, but reinforced plastic
liners have been perfected for huge landfills so that capable engineers
could get it done quickly. Planners would hang a curtain to close off a
small part of San Francisco Bay to store part of the flow and a trillion
gallons would be pumped south to meet all S CA needs. The slimy
Sacramento River would then restore its Delta to health without us
having to contribute another $3,500 per home.

The North Coast receives 300,000 gallons more rain per acre than the
million per acre falling on the Mt Shasta watershed. This reveals the
poor quality of information provided by civil engineers to planners when
dams in that area were constructed. 10+ trillion gallons have been lost
each year because we elected fools and crooks.

California's water "problems" have been self-imposed, a result of false
and misleading testimony by civil engineers and journalists.
Alan Dickey

Pahoa, HI

#8 May 14, 2014
Rncho Penasquitos will burn. Not enough water
Alan Dickey

Pahoa, HI

#9 May 15, 2014
I dont know why the damn water is so expensive. The wells and pipes were laid and paid long ago. It only costs fractions of a penny to pump water out of the ground.

I should be billed $20/month as a flat rate, and save on meter readers who are sucking us dry. I have been here over 30 years when all of this was pasture, and as a retiree on a fixed income I HAVE PAID MORE THAN MY FARE SHARE! Enough is enough, I am going to a board meeting next month, WHO IS WITH ME?
james marple

San Diego, CA

#10 May 18, 2014
Yes, the pipes and equipment were installed long ago and the cost of
maintenance should be less than $20 monthly (that would provide $120
million a year for the SD City Water Dept, enough to cover salaries,
supplies, equipment and pensions. But we pay three times that much
on average because there's a long line of local and Upstate profiteers
siphoning off our dollars. And they control our database so most folks think they are necessary. You'll see an increase of $60+ monthlty in
the next few years to pay for the totally unnecessary Carlsbad
Desalinator and two new dams,$11 million being spent daily on them.

If you use just 25 gal daily you pay $3.00 per 100 gal for it.
If you use 25,000 gal daily you pay $.60 per 100 gal for it.
This is correctable if 10+ people holler loud enough before the election.
It was set up after fools and dishonest prominent citizens were elected.

I've discussed most aspects of this massive scam on the UT online forum Political section but was suspended from the County online forum for posting facts and figures.[http://sdirwmp.org/fo rum]
No one speaks out so the scams go on, reporters are a part of it.

Question firgures and opinions on my several threads on the UT forum
and you will accelerate progress to fixing our broken plumbing.

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