Bandido mc and Iron Order MC

Dallas, TX

#63 Aug 17, 2010
Turk AKA Tennessee wrote:
<quoted text>I ride in the real world with real bikers up here in Tn. and as I would if I still lived in N.W.Houston or Heights Area in Houston Sons of Asses 's patches are for sale on EBAY LMAO a dime a dozen you have to earn Red & Gold or Black &White or Southern sSons MC in the town of LaFollette North of Knoxville in which I live in.There is a Club back here in the East called Gim Reapers and are pretty good ole Fellows I see them at Beech Bend Racepark in Bowling Green,Ky. when I go watch Top Fuel Harleys race and by the way I do not Support someone like a person from a fictional motorcycle soap opra.
Who you calling a soap opera bitch? We at the Reaper rule, all others drool...

Plainfield, IL

#64 Aug 20, 2010
Why would anyone run there mouth on this site. Be a man and state your grievance to a patchholder. Have respect for all club members even if you don't agree with the club. They have earned their respective patches and deserve respect for that alone.

Dallas, TX

#65 Aug 22, 2010
EL COQUI wrote:
I hear the "Order Of the Chupacabras" are at war with the "Iron Butt Hole Surfers".
I have not heard of either of the above mentioned biker clubs. In motherland we have no problems with Chupacabras, we just run over them with truck...

Riceville, TN

#66 Aug 24, 2010
Fat Mexican wrote:
<quoted text>
That is hilarious that you are talking shit when we made you punks wear that texas rocker gunslingers style. Watch what you say boy you know better than to talk shit.
By our choice... Not yours...

Nampa, ID

#67 Sep 6, 2010
Iron Order Mc is non territorial and yes I have ran into a some guys from the Albuquerque Chapter. They are some stand up guys with the intent to help Veterans. Most of the guys I met are Veterans and some are Cops,Feds and other walks of life... Nevertheless they are in no way here to take anything from BMC, they mentioned that they avoid all conflicts if necessary.. I'm sure if you push those guys around they will push back, and BMC won't like the ATTENTION they get from Law Enforcement...
Fat Mexican

Lafayette, LA

#68 Sep 14, 2010
IOFFIO wrote:
<quoted text>
By our choice... Not yours...
Your choice just happens to be exactly what you were told to do. Don't even try it punk ass

Riceville, TN

#69 Sep 14, 2010
Fat Mexican wrote:
<quoted text>
Your choice just happens to be exactly what you were told to do. Don't even try it punk ass
;)... A little to much SOA on Tuesday???
Settle down Jax. lol

Houston, TX

#70 Sep 15, 2010

Florissant, MO

#71 Sep 15, 2010
Turk aka Tennessee wrote:
<quoted text>What Happened at Easyriders bike show at Knoxville,tn I was there who left Outlaws mc Or Iron Order well the Outlaws stayed and enjoyed the bike show!!!!
How did I know I would find you here?:-)

Florissant, MO

#72 Sep 15, 2010
Fat Mexican wrote:
<quoted text>
Your choice just happens to be exactly what you were told to do. Don't even try it punk ass
Play nice.....

Winterville, NC

#73 Sep 20, 2010
IOMC...still fighting the internet battle lol
Wichita Falls

United States

#74 Sep 29, 2010
Red and Gold wrote:
<quoted text>
AHAHAHHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH You can't wear a Texas Rocker on your back Because the Bandidos TOLD YOU NOT TO. Now go put them in their place B!TCH. AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAH HAHA
How do u ride with a club if interested? No matter the type of club.

Florissant, MO

#75 Oct 1, 2010
Wichita Falls wrote:
<quoted text>
How do u ride with a club if interested? No matter the type of club.
You stay about fifty feet behind them, and watch for flying debris and fallen bikers kid.:-)
Real Deal

Rineyville, KY

#76 Oct 7, 2010
Defiant joke (Iron idiots)! You cop club bunch of HYPOCRITES! You all look down on the 1%er clubs and call them criminals yet you immitate them with your 3 peice patch and Kentucky rockers and hide behind your badges! You want to look like them, ride like them and party like them, you even run your club like them, your all fake and a joke. Who do you think made the rules and upheld the culture? Was'nt COPS, they just jumped on the band wagon and hide behind their badges and hijack their peice of what someone else paid for. Now you bunch of posers are sporting a Diamond on your vest, are you kidding, Cops really dont mind if the public runs around in police uniforms do they? Hypocrites! You all just want the respect the 3 peice patch gives you living off the reputation of the 1%er's and old school clubs that did it for a reason. What's gonna happen when they start associating you with the 1%ers again just like they did when you POS's were Iron Order, you gonna leave and start another BS club. You aint in it for the club your in it for the patch! There is protocol established by real mc's and it has been done for years because of history in the motorcycle community, the 1%ers. Dont give us any of the BS about them being criminal organizations, and I wont go into how many cops are busted anually for criminal activity, their bad apples dont seem to spoil the bunch.

Austin, TX

#77 Oct 7, 2010
IOMC are a bunch of panty wearing fags that ride only after completing their shift at the local McDonalds. They are a bunch of burger flipping welfare collecting sissies that can't support their families. Love it when I go into HEB and see one of the trailer trash IO's paying for his twinkies with the food stamp card.

Florissant, MO

#78 Oct 8, 2010
Real Deal, calm down they didn’t make the joke, I did. Sorry to put your panties in a bunch. I was victimized by one of the 1%er clubs so your words are lost on mem you see I know the truth about just who the 1%ers are and what they represent.

Uphold the culture? What the hell does that mean? The culture is steeped in criminal behavior, depravity, disrespect, chauvinism, racism, narcissism, and sociopathic behavior. No rational person should be interested in upholding such a culture.

I, in no way, believe any peaceful club should emulate a bunch of paper gangsters and two bit thugs, who it just so happens have banded together for support and who swear allegiance to rapacious symbols. Not to mention an often delusional brotherhood of thieves and predators. That said I am amused that these guys have the gonads to wear the three piece patches in spite, and perhaps BECAUSE, of the 1%ers and their infantile protests. Way to go guys.

You mentioned respect; it isn’t respect the 1%ers have earned. I have repeated it over and over again. It is fear, nothing more. They are simply willing to be brutal to force their will. Most of those in the general public or in peaceful clubs, will cower to such brutality. If not for the numbers game, the 1%ers wouldn’t even get away with that much.

You don’t want to talk about how many cops go to jail? Oh please let’s do!!! You don’t want to talk about it because you are talking bullsh%t honey. There are 836,787 sworn police officers in this country, how many of those do you think are felons? Let me help you with that one….none. Just how many are there in the ranks of the OMGs? Well?

If someone in the LE community commits a serious crime they will be ostracized. In the 1%er world they will be embraced and celebrated, given support and sanctuary. Yeah…. see the difference. You are part of the Propaganda Bullsh%t Machine and you know it. I don’t have your back honey, but I’ve sure as hell got your number. So go skulk in a corner somewhere, because no one is impressed or intimated by your “unreal” reality.

In case you actually do need reminding about what’s real and about just what illegal activities the OMGs occupy themselves with, here is a list…Drugs, production, smuggling, transportation. distribution, weapons trafficking, human trafficking, murder, prostitution, money laundering, explosives violation, bombings, motorcycle and motorcycle parts theft intimidation, extortion, arson, assault, insurance fraud, kidnapping, robbery, theft, stolen property, counterfeiting, contraband smuggling, oh and let’s not forget, gang rape and rape. Need I say more?

Austin, TX

#79 Oct 8, 2010
Melisa at Sun Park apartments on Bandera road said that the Bandito's are nothing but little pussy's that can't get a hard on unless they stick their short little cocks in some guy's azz. Her old man said that when he was in prison the Bandito's would be him to stick his penis in their azzholes because they were little sissy mfers. Are the Bandito's a bunch of queers?
Man of Mayhem

United States

#80 Oct 9, 2010
EL COQUI wrote:
I hear the "Order Of the Chupacabras" are at war with the "Iron Butt Hole Surfers".
I´d pay a nickel to see that.

United States

#82 Nov 28, 2010
I have several Houston Bandits I proudly call friends. I think they are mostly fine people but I would be VERY careful about talking too much BS. They have good computer guys and I think they could find you if they so wanted. I also know you would not stand in Bandido territory and talk that shi*t!
Always remember that it is much harder to become a bandido than it is to become a cop.
Piss on 81
What a joke

Humboldt, TN

#83 Nov 28, 2010
Seen where the bandidos filed a lawsuit against law enforcement They are true outlaws lmao

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