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#22 Jun 15, 2012
Scooter, if you can try to hire in for Renz, they may have cameras, but they pay better. And a lot of PTIs problems are also that the problems can be better or worse depending on the location and local branch management. UPSEU is a joke of a union and no help, considering what the company is paid by the railroad I have to wonder where the money is going. Unless the dispatchers (who are not real bright a lot of the time) are getting paid really high hourly wages?
zomg you fail

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#23 Jun 15, 2012
emiliano zapata wrote:
The unions have ruined this once great country. I say get rid of all the unions and get back to 70 hour a week jobs, no weekends off, no insuranceof any kind no vacation, and being very humble to the bosses. That's the way it should be for the spoiled Americanos. You union people need to go work in the hot fields to appreciate the gravy you have. Without us mexicanos you would all starve you thankless pigs!
maybe you need to go back to Mexico where this is accepted, Unions are what made people come home to their families safe at the end of the day, and actually get a wage that lets them support their family and enjoy time with them when off. Are all unions perfect,no, but they help the working man.
MT Coach Driver

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#24 Jun 15, 2012
jimim523 wrote:
Scooter, you are wrong. Federal Regs, DOT Regs all say, a driver can drive 12 hours, take a 30 minute rest and can then drive up to a total of 16 hours. At that point, driver must have an 8 hour rest time before he can then drive again (at the least). PTI does NOT allow over 40 hours of work time (due to lawsuits past and presently being litagated). If you are an employee, call PTI Dispatch and talk to them about your hours of service. I think you are getting some misbegotten information <UNLESS> PTI has to follow some other law/regs just in Wisconsin...but I doubt it, but maybe. States we drive in, all PTI locations are on the same DOT regs, my version, not yours.
Also, all PTI drivers (to my knowledge, company wide, all 300 locations) use a regular drivers license (do NOT need any version of a CDL license) and since PTI is chartered under a LIVERY license, NOT a DOT license, you cannot carry more than 4 railroad crew members and 1 driver. If you are carrying 5 railroad crew plus the driver, then you are actually in violation with not only the railroad bylaws but also PTI's bylaws.
We cover 6 States, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New York and I have not seen no more than 5 Chevy Uplanders in the YARDS (NOT the road) total; Yard vans are Toyota Sienna's or Suburbans or Explorers. Road vans are 2010-11 and 12's Chrysler Town and Country,(some) Dodge Carivans and (some) Toyota Sienna's. All of those fit up to the (*ALLOWED*) 4 railroad crew plus the driver and their gear. If you work for PTI, then you need to complain to your Branch Manager about the equipment they are giving you because around the country, everyone else is upgrading -- uplanders..are OUT.
Maybe you are not big enough to have the newer equipment, but awfully surprised if that is the case.
I have no clue what regs you are quoting, but for the year and a half that i have worked for Coach America here in Glasgow, MT we can NOT go over 10 hours of drive time, unless the weather is horrible and slows you down, which then allows you 12 hours. We go under a 10 and 15 hour rule, 10 hours drive time, with up to 15 hours of wait time, so if i drive for 2 hours wait for 11 and then drive back for 2, I then have to take 8 hours off for rest and then go back at it afterwards. If by chance your saying that PTI doesn't allow over 40 hours of work a week, i will be quiting in under a week of the transfer.

Syracuse, UT

#25 Jun 16, 2012
comeon... have YOU checked YOUR yellow sheets with EACH authorization number against your pay sheet??

TRUST ME ... NO BODY, NO ONE will check to see if you got paid the correct amount...YOU and ONLY YOU can do this and if you have found an authorization number that was not paid, then YOU need to go to your Branch Manager and fill out a Payroll Inquiry form and have your Branch Manager to fax it over to payroll.

You can sit and bitch about how you think you have not been paid correctly all you want but if you do NOT check your pay sheets against your yellow sheets with the authorization number for each trip, then you have NO ONE to blame but yourself if you got cheated and didn't get paid for a trip!!!!!!!!!

Now pull up your big girl panties and stop whinning and figure it out for yourself!
Sienna 1

Port Republic, VA

#26 Jun 26, 2012
How does the $400./ week guarantee work with all the mileage and wait times etc.?
Joe Friday

Evansville, IN

#27 Jul 6, 2012
scooter54601 wrote:
What really sucks is that PTI to my knowledge has no BNSF contract, so that's really gonna put a dent in my hub. And PTI has uplanders? I wonder if someone told these people that BNSF despises uplanders with a passion, especially on deadheads. You ever try to fit 5 grown railroad employees with their grips in one of those things? I can't wait to see this go down at the yard, lol. Looks like you train crews better go on a diet so I can fit you all, lol.
PTI has BN contract, they will not be using Uplanders.

Syracuse, UT

#28 Jul 6, 2012
Answering a couple of posts here:

1. MT Couch Driver: PTI does not pay (except in EXTREME conditions) for over time, nothing over 40 hours, they do not believe in it at all. The days of you getting overtime will come to an end once PTI absorbs Coach America.

2. Sienna 1: I, personally, have not heard of any branch getting a $400 guarntee, however, it (could) be possible but my guess you have been misinformed. You better check that out COMPLETELY before you hire on based upon that statement!!

3. UPSEU (IS) a joke, however, the thing about it is in the contract, it spells out how much money you make, raises each year and vacations, all there and it can't be avoided by PTI. I know of some branchs that are NOT in the union and PTI can and does pay them (below) what the union branch drivers and yard drivers make. It also gives you a voice for grievances you have against PTI and your local Branch Manager as well as other employees; it also represents you in case you have an accident and are called in for a safety meeting which could include write up's, suspension and even being fired.
*** NOTE: if the branch you work for is NOT in the union, then I suggest you contact me to see how your branch can join and (though limited I agree) you can get better guarnteed wages at least that have already been negotiated for any branch that is a union member.

4. Yes, the Chevy Uplanders ARE going away and the rumor has it (from a trusted source) says that the Toyota's and Dodge/Chrysler's are also going away to a new vehicle that CSX and NS (at least) will pay the difference in monthly lease rates that PTI pays for the current vehicles vs the new vehicle lease payments. At this time, NS is paying the extra for Chevy Suburbans (and I hear Ford Expeditions) in the YARDS as they are more designed for the conditions in the YARDS. Road vans is what is changing very soon.
Coach and Broke

Montevideo, MN

#29 Jul 8, 2012
All these crew transport companies are the same. They are a bunch of criminals. If you don't stand up to them they will walk all over you and steal as much from you as they can get away with.
Coach is the same. Checks are wrong, they steal your wait time, miles and try to make you split your work week up so they can screw you on overtime.
Keep all your trip vouchers and all other payroll info. Dont throw it away, because then you have no recourse, and they know it. Don''t just hand everything over to your lead, make copies of everything first before turning in any payroll info. Then go through everything with a fine tooth comb when you get your check, because they will have tried to screw you out of something.
If you like being abused and your hard earned money stolen from you then hire on with one of these crew transport companies.
Coach and Broke

Montevideo, MN

#30 Jul 8, 2012
By the way, how fast you drive does matter. If you are traveling 35mph on average you are going to travel less distant in the span of one hour as compared to traveling 55mph on average. Therefore you have made less $ per hr. 35 miles x .20 =$7.00/hr. which is below min. wage. compared to 55 miles in an hour. 55 x .20=$11.00/hr.

Also, you do not average everything over a 40 hour week. You get your per hour average by calculating each trip individually. So if your trip consists of 100 miles,120 minutes wait time and the whole trip took 4 hours your average $ per hour for this trip would be as follows:

100 miles x .20(20 cents per mile)=$20.00
120 minutes wait time x .13(13 cents per minute=$15.60
$20.00 +$15.60 =$35.60 / 4hours(length of entire trip)=$8.90 per hr. for this trip.

Then there is a bunch more calculations for figuring out your overtime rate.

90 percent of the people out there don't really know how to calculate their pay and don't really know how bad they truly are getting screwed by these companies. These companies complicate this payroll process on purpose to confuse you so they can steal from you. Plain and simple. No other reason. They should all be in prison. You and I would be if we did this. Welcome to corporate america.
Coach and Broke

Montevideo, MN

#31 Jul 8, 2012
Jim do you work from PTI management? Because it sure sounds like it.

The main point here is that Nobody should have to fight for what they have earned. And I dont want to hear all the BS that mistakes happen. Every pay check!!!
Coach and Broke

Montevideo, MN

#32 Jul 8, 2012
From what we are hearing. The BN and UP contracts are tentative. And the BN really doesn't want PTI.
Coach and Broke

Montevideo, MN

#33 Jul 8, 2012
All you Coach drivers out there. Don't turn in your PTI W-2's or any other employee related material until you can speak to an actual PTI rep. Coach and PTI are trying to bully drivers into signing on without knowing any crucial details, so they can pay you min wage and put all these stipulations on driving unpaid to the hub locations, etc. Also, Coach doesn't want you to go on unemployment for obvious reasons.

Also, if you read through the purchase agreement at bmc Coach has to keep the company running at normal levels with no deficiencies or PTI can possibly back out.

Make them sweat it, because trust me they are worried that only about half of coach's drivers have applied with their company(PTI).

You can always sign on at the vary end if you are desperate. With only half the drivers how will they cover all the runs, coach cant cover them now with all their drivers.

Now is the time to stand together and push for better terms. Once they actually take over the opportunity will have been squandered.

Coach and Broke

Montevideo, MN

#34 Jul 8, 2012
scooter54601 wrote:
<quoted text>
16 hours? Don't know what rulebook you're reading out of. Crew drivers are under bus driving rules (10 hours driving, 15 hours on duty time total with and 8 hour rest period when you reach that point. And we also run by the 70/6 rule.) If you're driving 16 hours, then you are probably in violation of DOT regs.
From what I understand the federal dot is 10/15 and no more than 70hr in 8 days. That's the Federal Law, each state's DOT laws might be different and more stringent. Minnesota follows the federal dot law. Keep in mind though that federal dot law only applies to vehicles of 9 passengers or greater. So in Minnesota there is no dot regulation on hours of service, it is Coach's company policy to follow the federal dot laws for insurance purposes and artificial safety requirements. Coach only uses this policy when they want to get rid of someone. I know several drivers who go over all their hours of service and even get warning notices from coach and nothing is done to them. They have been doing it for years. Dispatch even forces you go over your hours when there are no other drivers available. It's all a facade.

I hope that helps. Check it out for yourself, than you know for sure. Go to the federal dot website or call them, they will explain it to you. And don't forget to check your state's requirements, because they may be more stringent than the feds.

Syracuse, UT

#35 Jul 8, 2012
Coach and Broke: No, I am NOT management!! If you read my posts from the start, you will see that. I am one of Walbridges Union Stewards though, and I have sat in on our "curbside" meetings, which is where someone from the Safety Committee, someone from HR and an upper management is on the phone as a conference call with a driver and Branch Manager and Union Steward (if driver asks for that) and they discuss an accident they had, perhaps a complaint from RR crew etc. which can lead to being suspended or justified or fired.
As I said above, if you work for a PTI branch and you DO NOT belong to the Union (as bad as it is), at least you fall then under the union agreement with PTI which covers many things, but mostly pay, pay raises each year, vacations etc. etc.. If you are complaining that you only get (whatever).14 cents a mile, then you need to have all or the majority of drivers want the union to come in AND PTI cannot punish you for organizing.
Also Coach and Broke, when it comes time for the PTI take over to happen, any driver that does not want to join PTI, PTI will happily part ways with those drivers and pay less per hour and per mile than those that stay AND again, if your branch is NOT in the union, there is nothing you can do. Also, you should ask about Seniority and what happens to that when PTI takes over and you have stayed. I am not sure, and will check in our union contract, but I believe you can put in a grievance with the union (If you belong to the PTI union) that your seniority carries over or you could go DOWN in pay until you reach the PTI first 60 day level, then fixed at the a little higher rate for the first year and on your one year anniversary, another raise and then three years etc etc etc. If you work in one of the YARD jobs, your seniority pays off there in what you make per hour (no miles only hourly).
PTI is DEATH on anything over 40 hours though I had heard before I started you could work 7 days and overtime was not a problem. But that is NOT the case anymore - too many accidents, late performance and then there are the lawsuits against PTI which they have consistly been losing so they clamped down on over time. Times are changing with PTI and if you join a branch, you might be in for a BIG surprise.
One other thing, PTI has gone to an onboard "GPS" system which is another form of "big brother" like the hidden black box which can tell them how fast you were going, where you went but the new system everyone has to log into, it is paperless now (but keep a copy of your entire run including times and miles to make sure you get paid the right amount) but anyway, it tracks when you started, when you got to the pick up point, any stops and for how long and when you dropped off your crew and where. Another way for PTI to stop "rounding off" your wait time to pay you less. At least we don't have camera's onboard too like Renzenburger Vans have!!
Coach and Broke

Montevideo, MN

#36 Jul 9, 2012
Well it sounds very discouraging at the least. I have seen the endless lawsuits on the web. That speaks volumes for both the character of PTI and its farce of a union.

I'm interested to see how they think they are going to hire at lower wages than coach and not pay overtime. coach is unable to hire or retain people in many of their areas at the higher rate and are being forced to pay overtime to the drivers it has, because they can't cover the runs. Does PTI think they can snap their fingers and the people will come running for jobs? There isn't much time left and they are loosing ground, not gaining. Drivers are quitting or getting ready to quit. It's going to get very interesting and the railroads wont put up with this BS for very long and just go with a different carrier.
Coach and Broke

Montevideo, MN

#37 Jul 9, 2012
By the way, I don't know if you are aware, but the twin cities area gets 23 cents a mile and 16 cents a minute wait time($9.60/hr). Many of the drivers take their vehicles home. And they are constantly short drivers.

Friday night rolls around and their are no drivers to be found and the those how are working are getting all kinds of overtime and working 7 days a week.

Now PTI thinks they are going to come in and pay 18 cents a mile, 13 cents a minute, take your vehicle away and hold you to 35 hours a week (which means they will have to have a third more drivers than coach at the very least and more vehicles). What are these guys smoking? And then to top it off throw in all the bad press (lawsuits, complaints etc.)!!! Reality check!!!
Coach and Broke

Montevideo, MN

#38 Jul 9, 2012
Well it sounds like the hold up for the take over is caused by a petition filed to resolve several labor disputes with coach before the final transfer can take place. just found on web ...

Can you say hemorrhage!!!
Joe Friday

Evansville, IN

#39 Jul 16, 2012
Coach and Broke,

So far I have seen ZERO in your posts that is accurate aside from being sure to see a PTI rep. It is obvious you do not like this business and highly recommend you move on to bigger and better things that I am certain you are fully qualified to do.
Coach and Broke

Montevideo, MN

#40 Jul 24, 2012
Well Joe Friday. Looking at your post location you must be connected to PTI corporate in some way. What else can you say other than what I have said is inaccurate. Prove it is inaccurate.

750 coach crew transport employees have not signed on with PTI. Do you think that is by accident, or because you are such a great company, or because you treat your employees like kings. I am afraid not. Its because your company has one of the worst reputations in the country for mistreating its employees, mainly its drivers. That's why you have how many states investigating your company for department of labor issues? What is it up to now 5, 6? Oh, of course those are all invalid claims. And of course all the driver postings and bad press are all lies.

It's not that I don't like the business. It's the corporate management that I don't like and there unethical and criminal treatment of their employees for their own personal gain. Like lining themselves with a local congressmen and funding his campaign to try and get him to pass a house transportation bill stating companies like yours don't have to pay min wage and over time to their drivers because they cross state lines.

Are you really that greedy?
Truth Teller

Murrells Inlet, SC

#42 Aug 7, 2012
Bottom line NO MATTER who says what PTI is a totally disgraceful company. They could not care less for their employees if they tried. 7.25 wait time and 14.6 cents per mile which is monetary RAPE. In addition, PTI will screw you over each and every pay check. You HAVE to watch them BIG TIME!!!

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