Mexican Rights advocates love to shout 'being from mexico isn't illegal!' and 'undocumented immigrants are not criminals!'

They are wrong, and sound hideously unintelligent when they spout such nonsense!
To violate the immigration laws of the United States of America IS a crime, hence it IS illegal.

I propose a new penalty for the willful disregard of our nation's immigration law:
The death penalty.
The only reason that the Mexican Government keeps sending its people over here is in hope that eventually, they'll have enough anchor babies to make a significant change in the cosmology of the population. Well, guess what Americans, it's working. Soon you won't have to worry about whether they speak english, because they'll vote it in that you are required to speak Spanish, you won't have to worry about sealing the border - there won't be one.
Most of all, you won't worry about having to be a white person living in a brown person's world - they'll kill you and call it an act of nationalism.

Rise up, America, stamp out the Brown Plague, before it's too late!