Support Your Local Bandidos Mc
fast and furios lol

San Antonio, TX

#44 Nov 25, 2011
<quoted text> We will put all the Bandidos & their associates in prison,and any other crooked politician & law enforcement affiliated along with them. We will shut your shitty club down.
Yeah politicians lol, and law inforcment . That be a great start
El Mezz

Austin, TX

#45 Nov 25, 2011
bandidos aint nuthin they even stole their emblem from the fritos commercial why should anyone even care about those puzzez?

for one id be much more afraid of a mongol or angel than frito the pinche bandido

Loudon, TN

#46 Nov 29, 2011
They have been hitting the news a lot lately World Wide on and the have patched so many young guns to build numbers against the hells angels that is going to cause the Bandidos to go down one day very bad. I hate to see them have a bad deal because they are taking all these young guns in that are going to take them down. Numbers may seem like a lot of brotheerhood to some people but sometimes it's really not.Because down the road numbers can cause a great deal of problems when a young gun get's shakey and rolls on all the business he knows about. Always remeber numbers arent't the best way to expand a club with a bunch of young guns.
El Loco

Knoxville, TN

#47 Nov 29, 2011
Too many young ones as they are trying to build numbers to out number the Hells Angels World Wide are going to keep them under radar with the cops . The young ones are to gun ho read and they are getting them busted for everything under the sun.

United States

#49 Mar 28, 2012
So when was the last time you actually saw them do something? I never have, and I been around em occassionally. I'm sure they are capable of it as needed, but thay haven,t instigated anything, in Nebaska, as yet,

United States

#50 Mar 28, 2012
I was in the vacinity of an almost issue with the Red and White last month, It was well handled by the old timers of both clubs It was the younger guys of their asso, club, that were crateing the issues.

Is the youngsters of the assoc, clubs thagt was cAUZING TROUBLE.

Fremont, NE

#51 May 1, 2012
Original Biker wrote:
We don't want criminals in Nebraska
Got news for ya son, Hells Angels in Omaha, Bandidos in Ogallala, and Devils Diciples in McCook. Looks like you have your work cut out for you.

Fremont, NE

#52 May 1, 2012
DAMMIT wrote:
you frickin idiots 1% doesnt mean criminal its a free way of life not conforming to your traditional ways. Its the main difference between a biker and motorcycle enthusiats. Its people like you who think you know whats going on but in reality you just know what you see on the local media outlet.
Ride Free
Agreed. There are good and bad with every aspect of any type of club. But its about brotherhood. You support your brother, even if you do not agree with his actions or ethos. Either you get it, or you dont. That simple. The "1%" lifestyle is as American as it gets. Ride free, live free, BE free. If you dont agree with any "club" thats fine just stay the hell out of their way. Give respect, get respect.

San Antonio, TX

#53 May 1, 2012
So you support your "brother" even if he sells drugs, steals, murders, rapes, etc. I won't respect anyone that does those things. But I guess you must be hard up for friends.

San Antonio, TX

#54 May 1, 2012
I disrespect all these biker clubs, because they expect everyone to be scared and they disrespect those around them. They must have an ego problem.
El Comandante

United States

#55 May 1, 2012
Brown Berets are the original instigaters of the United Front.
west side CUERNO

Atlanta, GA

#56 May 1, 2012
they a bunch of snitches, tricks, n hoes T S make em all look like bitches.

United States

#58 May 5, 2012
Fu++ the banditos, the Brown berets, the Hells angels, and all the other low life scum motorcycle clubs. I'm sick of their chip on their shoulder attitudes!!

Knoxville, TN

#59 May 11, 2012
Cali1 wrote:
<quoted text>
You do know that the Hollister riot was in July 1947, and the Hells Angels were not official formed until march 1948. There was alot of clubs there Boozefighters, Top Hatters, Pissed off bastards, Raiders, to name a few.
Right On buddy do your fxxxing Research on this stuff b4 you all go out and run them penis wraps. You know I lived in Houston in 80-90's and have known some Banidos and thye RIP -GBNF and also I have been to swap meets in Pasadena Tx. where hte booze Fighters and other clubs have made their presence it was all fun and games not one Hells Angels was saw in the midst but go to Biker and see what kinda of Biker War is going on in Ausie I mean it's terrible and it's a power game but HA's are not in my group of friends so let them kill off each other like they're doing in Syndey and Melbourne Aus. they're using 17 yr. old kids now in Syndney to do their drive bys now thta's getting really fing bad


#60 Jun 3, 2012
met dallas in borallon jail 2001 good guy dont judge till u meet all i have to say

San Antonio, TX

#61 Jun 3, 2012
I notice you said you were in jail. What disgusting crime did you do? Theft, fighting, possession, drunk, disorderly, sexual assault, selling to minors, etc. Oh I forgot, you were in jail just because you were a biker. Don't puss down my back and tell me it's raining!
Mr Who777

Fultondale, AL

#62 Jul 5, 2012
uvanna humma wrote:
Motorcycle gangs are so gay.
"Lets all dress up in leather and ride around together. Later we can have a party. Woohoo!"
your gay for commenting

Schertz, TX

#63 Aug 26, 2012
Support Your Local Bandidos!!!!!

Old School

Sandy, TX

#65 Oct 13, 2012
DAMMIT wrote:
you frickin idiots 1% doesnt mean criminal its a free way of life not conforming to your traditional ways. Its the main difference between a biker and motorcycle enthusiats. Its people like you who think you know whats going on but in reality you just know what you see on the local media outlet.
Ride Free
Really? Let's see what happens when you wear a 1% patch and walk into a Bandido hangout. I'm sure they'll welcome you with open arms as a "fellow Biker", jerkoff.

San Antonio, TX

#66 Oct 14, 2012
I want to prospect and become a bandido how do I get this task accomplished. You know why the cops are jealous of the Bandidos ? Because they can pull more women (probably their women) than the cops. I would rather my sister be a whore than my brother a cop.

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