Cleaning Up Ham Radio in San Antonio
truth an justice

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#1443 May 11, 2013
thomas o caldwell wrote:
<quoted text>
no "the truth is an absolute defense"
To bad you do not tell the truth.

You lied with your accusations on the recording software.

You are caught 100% dead to rights in dozen other lies

Too bad you have no defense
a polite ham

United States

#1445 May 11, 2013
And for the sake of argument I heard someone talk about how poor Gary is dragged into these conversations by bad oh Tomny.

That simply is not true. Gary drives all most all attacks equally with Tommy and in fact actually is the instigator in most cases.

it had been said on here and on the air Gary s driven by jealousy of what others have. If you listen to what he attacks on others that appears to be true.

Tommy appears to be driven by pure hatred.

But the question still begs an answer.

Why? If you all stopped this would all stop. All issues center around two individuals.

If you look at the common denominator is Gary and Tommy then it becomes clear who and were the problem lays
Just a thought

San Antonio, TX

#1446 May 11, 2013
All very good points.
Vacheron Constantine

United States

#1447 May 11, 2013
This thread reads like a kindergarten classroom. Its sad to think that allegedly grown adults somehow think that the constant bantering of a fellow ham is going to fix ham radio on San Antonio.
the law

Houston, TX

#1449 May 12, 2013
A_9972 EEXX wrote:
<quoted text>
tommy~o~rotting~foot .....If U know the law ,why did you not tell fairy not to park with michael whittle,, with coke and meth ? If you Know the law why did you not tell you brother not to drink and drive after 20 plus DUI ? If you know the law why did you hit Suzanna ? If you know the law ,why did U not tell the flower child to threaten to shoot somebody ? yeah you dress like you know the law !!
Because they think they are above the law
A_9972 EEXX

San Antonio, TX

#1453 May 13, 2013
I Was sent the funny recording .... tommy said he has a daughter !!
Vacheron Constantine

United States

#1456 May 13, 2013
In Internet slang, a troll (pron.:/&#712;tro&#650 ;l/,/&#712;tr&#594;l/) is someone who posts inflammatory,[1]extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[3] The noun troll may also refer to the provocative message itself, as in: "That was an excellent troll you posted."

Trolling, really? I think not. I wasn't aware that the internet slang, Trolling was such a difficult concept to grasp. One may want to reference the "big words" prior to posting them and clearly embarrassing themselves in a public forum. My comments thus far in this thread are consistent with reality, as opposed to the juvenile comments being made by supposed adults. Just because the inappropriate use of slang terms may make you sound highly intelligent and very well read to your ignorant friends who don't know any better, your post confirms the exact opposite. I am not the target of your aggression, I simply made a statement. My suggestion is that if you feel you need to correct me, or otherwise make a witty statement at my expense, at least have the decency to use English in the proper context.
A_9972 EEXX

San Antonio, TX

#1459 May 15, 2013
white nose , how is your lawsuit against ARRO coming along ??? is rotting~foot tommy your legal adviser ? ask the flowers child how that work out for him ! can you spell J-A-I-L T-I-M-E ? what a way to spend a Christmas eve , right flowers child ?!
Just a thought

San Antonio, TX

#1461 May 16, 2013
Once again peace prevails across Hamradiodum.
The in fighting will be kept to a minimum and we can focus on some other stupid shit. I am glad, I am peaceful by nature,

Just a thought

Padre Island Ntl Seashor, TX

#1464 May 16, 2013
dumb ass report wrote:
Hey boys and girls it is time to offer congratulations to his royal fat ass. Turns out his RN wife, got promoted to research scientist and now yesterday she was promoted to a Dr.
What a rapid rise in the medical field she has had.
Or shudder. Could it be oh soiled sheets is lying again.
what is it u facking people are talking about. I get on this site every so often nd see this facking stupid forum. I would like to meet u a@@hole just to find out what kind of person u are, and no I have no idea who any of u are

Padre Island Ntl Seashor, TX

#1474 May 19, 2013
Eddy wrote:
Damn ol Gary sure is being pitiful.
he is being followed. REALLY? BY WHO? WHERE?
Gary is a legend in his own ass.
probably u u facking passy creep
Just a thought

San Antonio, TX

#1475 May 19, 2013
u facking passy creep ???

San Antonio, TX

#1476 May 19, 2013
Just a thought wrote:
u facking passy creep ???
Did you expect grammer and spelli g from a friend of tommy and gary?
A_9972 EEXX

San Antonio, TX

#1477 May 19, 2013
lawyer wrote:
<quoted text>probably u u facking passy creep
White Nose but down the crack pipe , find a spelling help .
A_9972 EEXX

San Antonio, TX

#1478 May 19, 2013
fairy shitts , just because you know Mr. Findley's name dose not make you any cleaner. you talked for twenty min. about how close you were to him .but ...... can't remember when he passed ............ ..... Denny Findley YRR May 2009

Padre Island Ntl Seashor, TX

#1486 May 21, 2013
Mark wrote:
Gary made a statement Saturday morning. "you really have to be bad to get a letter from the FCC".
Well then what does this say about Gary and his friends. They have recieved multiple letters of warning from the FCC since 2006.
So was this Gary admitting that he is one bad individual who needs to be punished. With this confession might not the FCC take the final action to rid us of him and his kind on the air waves.
On top of multiple arrest for drugs and misc criminal mischief.
What really makes one ponder the human mind is people who seem like decent folks and who know what kind of people Gary and Tommy are, but carry on conversations with them. Mike, Joe, J.D, Steve, Harold?
Gary gets off on these people talking to him and has even stated "they support me"
ur all a bunch facking idiots all 4 of ya

San Antonio, TX

#1487 May 21, 2013
retardedkid wrote:
<quoted text>ur all a bunch facking idiots all 4 of ya
This sounds like Russ ???
Just a thought

San Antonio, TX

#1488 May 21, 2013
Russ can't count either????

Denver, CO

#1489 May 21, 2013
Just a thought wrote:
Russ can't count either????
Beyond talking like a third grader with childish names for people Russ can not do anything with out instructions from his handlers

Denver, CO

#1494 May 23, 2013
I agree 100% with the players posting. We need to stop being floor mats and allowing these shit heads to walk all over us.

I think from this point on every attack needs to be returned in kind and doubled.

We tried pretending they were not there and ignored them and it only seemed to drive them.

Gary has a ton of skeletons to share with the world. Play his game.

But I do not support is being the cause and problem. But I do agree with no longer letting them get away with crAp

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