Cleaning Up Ham Radio in San Antonio
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#918 Jan 1, 2013
By the way when you send out disk with distorted reality files on them, make sure that Russ does not use is registered copy of PDF creator, it signed his name to all of the files dumb ass. As Greg has gotten copies he has shared them with all of us. He also includes the portion of the files and court documents you left out of each case.
San Antonio Hams

San Antonio, TX

#919 Jan 1, 2013
Are you aware of how many friendships that Steve has developed over the past 3 to 4 years thanks to you two individuals and your antics.

What we have all found, is a very knowledgeable ham radio operator when it comes to VHF operations and what we have found is a ham that has a vast wealth of technical knowledge, but someone who is not afraid to admit when he does not know.

What we have found is a very generous, helpful ham who offers his hand in friendship, help and has spent many hours helping others and never puts a price tag on it and never ask for anything in return.

That is the meaning of a true friend.

I am proud to call Steve Stienbach my friend.

Is there anyone out there that is proud to call you or Gary friend?

No Gary has to buy his friends. Any thing he does for others comes with a price tag. But that is how you operate when you are forced to buy your friends or black mail them into friendship.
San Antonio Hams

San Antonio, TX

#920 Jan 1, 2013
You’re absolute defense is the truth. You would not know the truth if it bit you in the ass. Your attack on Andrew and his health problem. Bell Palsy can be caused by many things from high blood pressure, swelling of a nerve, stroke and so on.

But you with out any knowledge of his situation pick the one thing that can have a negative and use it to attack him showing your extremely ignorance and hatred.

Do you know how many people you drive into joining ARRO and the Unusual Suspects when they hear the stupid mindless ranting you perform and then they see and hear the victims of your attacks and it is clear were the problem is?

Look at all the people Gary had to talk too 4 months, 8 months, 1 year ago. and now look at who he has. Lee and you. Everyone else is fleeing from him so fast it will make your head spin from the draft.

Even the local ARES folks are working on a repeater solution in Bandera to get away from you insane people. That is public knowledge and a fact jack.
San Antonio Hams

San Antonio, TX

#921 Jan 1, 2013
It has been pointed out to both you and Gary countless times how pointless your actions are and how the only result of your actions is to convince more and more individuals that you are extremely sick individuals. It is scary how the definition of sociopaths fit you all so close.

Stop your war on Amateur Radio and Humanity and lead normal lives for what little time on earth you have remaining.
Dissapointed Ham

United States

#930 Jan 1, 2013
Help a brother out!!! I see everyone quoting Toe but I don't see any of his post WTF?? Not that I really care but I would like to read his justification for acting like a jackass all the time, NOT!!!
What the hell wad going on .52 last night?? Everyone acknowledging White Noise and talking to him. What was that all about??? And that drunken jackass Paublo, seriously.... Your trying to act like a Russian, then a Mexican?? Why don't you act like yourself. Oh you did you drunken jackass....
If this us what ham radio has come to ill gladly give up my license and try CB.....
Dissapointed Ham

United States

#935 Jan 1, 2013
From the above posts looks like Tommy has been busy. Guess he is playing both sides against the middle again. Guess he and Fat A$$ will be playing good cop/bad cop with White Nose again tonight. Maybe White Nose will wise up and come to the dark side.....
Wake up kid your being played!!!
advanced ham

Dallas, TX

#938 Jan 3, 2013
Question of the day. Is there any one that lacks more brain cells than cello John?

But it was neat to hear him out fat ass in his place
Just a Voice

United States

#939 Jan 6, 2013
Because of the imature behavior of san Antonio's very own sociopaths has driven away most of the individuals they once talked to, they were no longer getting the audience and attention they crave.

So forced to go were they can stir up trouble and garner some attention, they come down to 146.520 t stir up crp.

Has anyone in life seen two individuals, well okay three since cello john is of the same personality that need to be the center of attention as deeply as these three sociopaths?

How is Lee going to deal with the move back to 146.520, even someone with his head buried up as deeply in his own ass denying reality has to finally see what is going on. All of tne other gary deniers have seen the light and fled the misfits of 147.280 gary lost half his radio buddies in the past month, which is what prompted this move.

Tommy claims it s post on topix.
Gary claims it is jammers.

So in response they go and try to goade into a fight the group that has done more to discourage jamming, illegal behavior and posting on topix then ever before.

How sad.

The move to 147.280 was a huge mistake for gary, it showed to many what he is really doing and what is really going on. It pissed off most of the Bandera folks, activity is darn near non existant on 28 and plans for a new regional repeater is in the works.

And now moving to 52 and attacking the fine, friendly group there, one of the only true Amateur Radio groups in the area, will be even a bigger mistake as it shows even more people what fucked up animals they are.

You go gary
Truth teller

United States

#940 Jan 6, 2013
I think the real reason gary moved back to 52 is too distract everyone from a very simple fact of life.

Gary and tommy were unable to make that piece of shit repeater ork and they need to distract everyone from that reality and try to tell the orld how great of radio techs they are.

Any day now gary will ask some amazing question such as.

How do you hook up a light bulb o a dc power supply?
Just a Voice

United States

#941 Jan 6, 2013
Gary all you talk about is the same old shit. I'm tired of hearing about poor Gary. 

Your the one that keeps stirring the pot.  Maybe if you just quit talking about
jammers and TOPIX and things that happened 40 years ago, bringing up old dead horses that no one cares about.

We got it Gary.  You put up a repeater. Thanks. Good job.

You think you have a better license than everyone else. We got it.

You've two good kids. Check.

Your blessed because your wife works and brings food down to your bed. ditto.

You had 250 back operations. Check.

You went on a couple of boat trips. OK.

You built your house.

You helped catch a jammer. or two.

You be da man.

You got on 75 and had fun. 

You had a great time in high school.

You got a scholarship playing football.

Move on Gary and grow up. No one gives a shit
Just a Voice

United States

#942 Jan 6, 2013
I am sitting here reading the definition of a sociopath. Amazing how it describes these three clowns to an absolute t.

One thing that strikes me with interest here though is that they must always win.

That is profound, and now we all know what we are doing wrong that is driving them too attack the Amateur community day in and day out. We have not aloud them to win.

So gsry as of today we herby announce to all of tne world at large. Ntionally we the people of the Amatuer community herby announce to one and all that you are the winner. You win. A winners certificat will be mailed to you this week.

You win.

We admit no other Ham has a more barren rock pile in the hill country given to them.

We admit no other ham has a finer sub standard condemed home than you.

We admit no other ham has had more towers fall down than you.

We admit no other ham has a finer fake Rolex than you.

We admit no other ham is as stupid as you.

We admit no other advance ham has displayed the same level of ignorance as you.

We admit no other ham has so many good people living in his head rent free then you.

We admit no other ham has displayed more ignorance in antenna theory than you.

We admit no other hams antennas setup is as big of a joke as you have put up.

We admit no other ham is as eaten up by hate as you.

Are you happy. You win in all catagories. You are the man
Just a Voice

United States

#943 Jan 6, 2013
Oh poor silly me, i forgot a few of your biggest accomplishments.

No other ham has done as many community service hours as you did.

The winner is gary r sheets 320 hours on cocaine conviction.

No other ham paid as high of a fine as you on cocaine conviction.

$2500, surprised you do not brag about this last number gary. You tell us all what everything else you pay for cost.

Oh do not forget court cost and other charges.

And remember your other arrest, if not I will be happy to provide the information.

So what is that three arrest, tht is a lot of time in hand cuffs and jailmfor a man who claims tomhave never been arrested.

So with that we declare you the top winner in the liar contest.

You win hands down.

You are truly the man
Just a Voice

United States

#944 Jan 6, 2013
Truth teller wrote:
I think the real reason gary moved back to 52 is too distract everyone from a very simple fact of life.
Gary and tommy were unable to make that piece of shit repeater ork and they need to distract everyone from that reality and try to tell the orld how great of radio techs they are.
Any day now gary will ask some amazing question such as.
How do you hook up a light bulb o a dc power supply?
Most excellent point. I suspect you are correct in that assesment.
Just a Voice

United States

#945 Jan 6, 2013
I shall part with this thought. Why does gary attack cello john for holding illegal conversations with white noise aka dung beatle?

When in fact gary himself held 4 conversations with him. And you in those conversations encourged him to go to 146.52 and 147.380 to be with there own kind. We ave the audio proof gary and tht will be played or all the members who have been harassed by you t next club meeting.

And tommy the toe not only talks to him, but encouraged him to give fake call to mak it appear legal and fully admitted to knowing white noise was using not only an illegal call, but that he trained him on how to get on repeaters for the sole purposes of harassing the arro hm club.

Thank you white noise you may be the one to take toe and tub down.

Thanks. Beer is on me

Denver, CO

#948 Jan 10, 2013
I listen to Gary bitch about this and that. Why is it he just seems incapable of understanding if he did not make it his personal business to butt into everyone else's business and air what he thinks are other people dirty laundry, there would be no conflict.

But he seems to believe he can trash talk about others and if they respond it is all them.

Tommy is pure evil and Gary is pure stupid.

In fact in a brains contest he would get beat by a common cock roach .

Denver, CO

#952 Jan 12, 2013
Tommy showed up 3 hours late with mounds of trash.

Pure crap. Should have gone in trash bin
Twister tommy

United States

#957 Jan 21, 2013
These two guys talked for nearly 6 hours. Not until the end did this come out.
Cello John mentioned his mail delivery today. Someone sent cello John unaltered police report of Gary's drug arrest. When asked, the "Tommy Twist" kicks in.
Tubby was almost nominated to person of the year.  Well, "yeah", toe said,  "Tubby had to pay $2,500 bucks. Toe said "but it was forgiven". Toe said it was a setup.
It was just a police mistake. You know how those cops are when it comes to drugs and all .....
Tubby later passed a drug test. And a lie test. And a driver's test. And a blood test. Don't forget the eye exam. They also made sure his ears were clean.
He even passed a hair cut test. The lawyer was just making money.  Oh wait....I think the lawyer that signed for the defendant was a close member of the wife's
side of the family?  What was his wife's maiden name?  Yeah....Toe said the charges were dismissed. Really?
Thirty days in the hole.
Dimissed charges do not net you
$2,500 in fines
320 hours community service
30 day in Bexar County jail
And 2 years prohibation

Spin Tommy Spin
Twister tommy

United States

#958 Jan 21, 2013
Tommy you asked why we target fat ass. It is really simple.

You are a sociopath and there is no cure for the evil that lurks within you. You are a sick bastard.

Gary on the other hand is a cowardly little shit, who hides anytime a threat appears, such as FCC showing up. He instantly threw you and Russ under the bus with regards to white noise.

But he takes great pleasure in dragging everyone elses good name or past mistakes through the mud. If he thinks it is so much fun. Then we feel he should enjoy it as well.

So play he will.

I have over 100 pages of documents proving he is a fraud, liar and his shady past, p lus fun stuff we found out about his heritage and parentage.

Gary should be tickeled pink to have all this private family and personal stuffed aired out on him. After all he likes the game.

Listen to the airwaves to all new shows coming soon.

The difference is we do not require any fabricstion or make believe on our part
Twister tommy

United States

#959 Jan 21, 2013
Corrections to some alterations of the truth as told by Thomas Caldwell in reply to the questions asked of him by John Stuart.

John Stuart asked very good questions and he is to be commended for his integrity throughout the conversation with regards to Mr. Gary R Sheets.

Clarifications: All of the below facts are documented by Court Documents.

Item A: Gary R Sheets was not setup by the police. He was caught using
Cocaine, an illegal substance.

Gary R Sheets was found in possession of multiple controlled  

Item B: Gary R Sheets was convicted and given the following punishments:

30 days in Jail
320 Hours of Community Service (May explain Rodeo work?}
2 Years of probation
Fined $2,500 plus court costs.

Upon successful completion of the above punishment and terms
of his release, the conviction on his record was changed to deferred 

Item C: if Gary was the driver as Caldwell claims, his automobile was 
impounded for auction for using it during a  commission of a drug 
related crime and he was booked for more than just possession of 
cocaine. The passenger (who admitted meeting to do drugs) was 
booked on the same charges Sheets faced in court.

Item D: This is not Gary R Sheet’s only arrest. He has a history of criminal 

Item E: Look to the court documents. It appears the attorney that represented 
him was family member - not a money hungry leach as claimed.

No matter how Thomas Caldwell wishes to spin the truth, the truth remains as outlined above.

As to Thomas Caldwell's question,“Why do we expose Gary R Sheets for the liar and criminal that from court documents it appears that he is?”. 

Simple. it is that he gains great pleasure from exposing the history and mistakes that other individuals have made in life.  He leaps upon life failures and perceived failures of others. 

He brags of how many ham radio operators’ jobs he has impacted over the years...

It’s because of the failure of Gary R Sheets to learn to leave other people alone and to stop taking such glee from others’ past history while refusing to acknowledge his own failings.

Unlike Mr. Sheets we do not take pleasure from these games.

They believe the slander, lies and attacks upon others is all fun and games. It would not shock me to learn Thomas Caldwell sent the reports out just to stir things up. It was clear by his desperation to get John to leap upon Greg and attack him that he is bored that no one will play his childish game with him.

He was not surprised to learn that john had recieved a copy in the mail. Further in my mind supporting my belief he was involved.
A-9972 ex

San Antonio, TX

#962 Jan 23, 2013
Has anybody evey heard tommy use the words ... " My Girlfriend " ?

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