When a friend of mine from England visits, we spend the week checking out local BBQ restaurants. We are now finishing up our first week down here in Florida. And I would like to pass on to you our TOP pick to get a good BBQ.

It is located in a small (very small) town called St Leo, Fl. So how does one who is staying in Kissimmee find such a place. Well you know the saying "he said, she said"? As it goes, a friend of mine from Roatan Charters (SCUBA diving buddy) knew of a BBQ grill and invited us up for lunch. So we accepted the offer.

I email the "On Q smokehouse grill" to get their address.(33030 S.R. HWY 52) The next day we met at Roatan Charters and headed out for lunch. My friend and I ordered the Rib Platter. Four smoked ribs placed over two slices of bread, two sides and a drink. The ribs we not smothered with dry rub or cover with BBQ sauce not of my picking. They we smoked to perfection and you decided what BBQ sauce you wanted on them from a selection of what looked like home made sauces. And when you sink your teeth into the meaty ribs, the meat melted in your mouth.

What is YOUR favorite place to get a BBQ? And why?