drug addicts losing kids

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been there done that

West Liberty, KY

#1 Feb 26, 2008
i would like to know because of my job i lived in maggofin and in 2 other counties next to magg. and is it just me or are they more people shooting up and other drugs and losing their children in maggofin or do they have a better social workers and law inforcement and catch the no count parents shame on you saylersville i have done polls and they are more people losing their kids cause they rather buy dope or shoot up than feed their kids or pay their bills they paper is full of it compare the paper with morgan or breathett co. people are selling their foodstamp cards at a discount and stealing meat at the local grocer to trade to drug dealers while kids are going hungry sorry ass parents of salyersville u know who u are dont make me name names shame on drug dealers taking from families love your kids more than drugs it is possible u just didnt love the little ones enough to begin with
west liberty

West Liberty, KY

#2 Feb 27, 2008
damn woman sounds like you know salyersville very well. i know people from there that's lost their kids because of drugs. i know what you mean. my kids are my life and i don't understand how anyone could put their kids through that.

Dwale, KY

#3 Mar 8, 2008
Its not only Salyersville people thank you, It every were. People need to grow up and be parents, and not do that crazy shit. I'm from Salyersville but moved to Paintsvile and its just as bad here. I've done drugs when I was younger and I had kids and I gave it up. There are people from Salyersville that are good parents. I never took from my kids to get a buzz and Ive never shot up. The drug dealers need to get there kids took and put under the jail, like tresa cornet & angie wright. For some reason they always get out of it. I hope the twin sisters get put away for life. there nasty they tresa let her childs father go down and go to jail, shes still selling. Crazy bitch.
been there done that

West Liberty, KY

#4 Mar 10, 2008
it just seems like a lot of kids r being taken away from parents in magg is it more drugs or better social workers or more drug dealers i know several
been there done that

West Liberty, KY

#5 Mar 10, 2008
by the way im a guy
miss right

West Liberty, KY

#6 Mar 19, 2008
paintsville wrote:
Its not only Salyersville people thank you, It every were. People need to grow up and be parents, and not do that crazy shit. I'm from Salyersville but moved to Paintsvile and its just as bad here. I've done drugs when I was younger and I had kids and I gave it up. There are people from Salyersville that are good parents. I never took from my kids to get a buzz and Ive never shot up. The drug dealers need to get there kids took and put under the jail, like tresa cornet & angie wright. For some reason they always get out of it. I hope the twin sisters get put away for life. there nasty they tresa let her childs father go down and go to jail, shes still selling. Crazy bitch.
Was that Teresa married to David Cornett from West Liberty? He has killed by her nephew that she was having sex with. Can you say sick bitch? I seen her last week in West Liberty, bitch was buzzed out of her mind. I knew David, he was a good friend of mine that's how I met that bitch. I don't know how many kids she has now, but Josh belonged to David and she hasn't let David's family see him since David was killed and that was in 1994. They need to shoot that bitch 11 times like they did David.

United States

#7 Mar 19, 2008
I moved away from Salyersville 20 years ago but I come home to visit and it always surprises me how time has just stood still in the hills. No job, and the same people in office. And when they do get someone who is honest and hard working they find a way to push him or her out. Doc is building him a summer home futher south. I guess he got through adding on to the one in Magoffin. Follow the money that tells you a lot. And meanwhile Bob Jordan cant pay the bills and can't pay for help. And when he arrests the wrong family name??? The town (or rather the ones in charge of the town) hang him!!! That's why things don't change there!

Staffordsville, KY

#8 Apr 20, 2008
Excuse me, I am a parent from Maggofin country. First let me tell you I do not nor have I or will I ever do drugs. I am 26 years old,married, and have one nine year old daughter who always come before everyone and everything. In regards to the papers being full of drug related issues well guess what so is every other damn paper. The thing is the social workers and the law in association with Unite are doing their jobs here. Ask yourself if just because you may not hear so much about these problems where you live does that really mean that those problems do not exist or just that no one is doing their job? Things do not change here because in honesty no one wants them to. Even the older citizens are not changing or calling for change. The only change is wanting more jobs brought in and every one that tries to get a job has to have the right name or they are shit out of luck. Drugs, violence, lies, and kids being taken from homes happens every where people open your eyes, look around in the youth homes and on the news.

Flatgap, KY

#9 May 10, 2008
Im a 32 yr old mother of 3 and I have never nor will ever do drugs or ever give my children up. Yes, their is alot of druggys here in Magoffin co but we're not all drug heads. And yes their is way to many people giving the children up due to there drug problems. But you know what the children are better off without parents like that. Its very sad that people dont care enough about their children to take care of them rather than have a drug. Im 32 yrs old and my dad didnt raise me and I turned out just fine actully better than most children that was raised in a two parent, church going home. I had a very hard life growing up. People would say bad things about me and my sister because our parents wasnt good parents. But I bet their kicking their selves in the ass now that me and my sister doesnt want for anything we both are very good mothers and their kids are in jail, on drugs and have gave their children up. Im just saying not all people in Magoffin are bad people and maybe their better off not being raised by parents with drug habits. Oh and theres drugs every where not just Magoffin co.
Salyersville_Gir l

Staffordsville, KY

#10 Jul 26, 2008
U all are setting there talking about the twins, but there is more people out there then them. U all are probably doing it your self.. You all don't know what all went on so dont talk shit when you don't know what happen.

Booneville, KY

#11 Aug 2, 2008
i know what happened teresa got her husband killed because she was sleeping with her nephew eugene. don't tell me i don't know what happened because i do her husband david was a good friend of mine for many years. yeah there is plenty of people in every county on drugs but i'm not one of them. i'm a single mom of a 11 yr old and an 8 yr old and get no help except for a medical card but i work my ass off for min. wage and it takes every dime i make for us just to pay the bills and try to live. hell, i couldn't afford it if i wanted to 'cause the gas stations get most of my money lately. my kids are the most important things in my life and i don't see how some of these people put the drugs before their kids.

Since: Aug 08

Salyersville, Kentucky

#12 Aug 5, 2008
Some things will never change...
pike countian

Hurricane, WV

#13 Aug 16, 2008
I currently live in pike co but am from Magoffin. The drug problem doesn't stop or start at the Magoffin Co. line!!! I have somehow noticed that it seems to worse in Magoffin. I do not know why though. I have some family members there on drugs and do not work and I have some family members there that have better jobs than I have. The ones even with better jobs some do drugs and some do not!!! I do not understand? The only thing that I can figure is since the economy is so bad there, Drugs are a very lucritive business and there are more people selling the drugs and they are also more society acceptable in this area. I am thinking of visiting Salyersville today and showing off my wonderful two daughters and wife.

Since: Oct 08

Salyersville, KY

#14 Oct 28, 2008
It seems to me like the problem is not only on Magoffin County. There are alot of Grandparents raising Grandchilren everywhere. There are alot of people in mag that have given up their children because of drugs but there are alot more that work hard and and raise their kids.Another thing I want to point out is the fact that just because someone has a drug problem dosent mean their life is worth any less than yours or mine.Alot of good people end up with a drug problem and you could too. For example; If you happened to have a bad car accident or get hurt in some way and a docter perscribes something for pain,Thats all it takes. Alot of people didnt just start taking drugs to get a buzz. They had them gven for a real problem and found themselves addicted. They have a very serious problem and need help. Just because the children have gotten took from the home does not mean the parents never loved them or didnt take care of them. I know there are the parents who have neglected their children because of drugs and i totally believe those children needed to be removed from the home but alot of people that have lost their kids took care of them and love them very much. Its whats called a functioning addict.But even though the kids are in no danger whatever they get removed from the home. When I believe the parents should be able to get help for their addiction without losing their kids. Now, I know there are cases where parents have had ample oppertunity to get help and raise their kids and they couldnt have cared less. If a parent is like that and dosent even try than they dont deserve another shot. But the courts should work with the parents that try and every case should be looked at individually.Drug addiction is a very serious disease and Im sure if most addicts wish they had never even seen the first pill. Being an addict does not make someone a bad person. I think we should be trying to help people and find out what we can do to get them sober and get all this poor children back in their parents care instead of judging and seeing everything in black and white.
pike countian

Hurricane, WV

#15 Oct 28, 2008
I agree!! As I have said drug addiction attacks all people, from all social and economic backgrounds. No one is safe, I was once a rebellious person and have tried all kinds of things, but fortunately they didnt stick with me. My biggest problem was alcohol, but now my wife of almost four years and my two daughter's have given me a new outlook on life. But I still wonder if the foolish ways of my youth has done any long term damage? I have regrets, but I have also come through with a new understanding in life. I have never been addicted to anything, we were (me & friends) were just addicted to getting high! We did whatever we had or could afford! Now most of my friends have grown away from these things and have jobs and families, but there are a few that are addicts. I know some that are the functioning addicts that you have spoke of, and some are just flat out junkies. So I do not judge them, nor do I think myself any better, I just find myself fortunate to find a wife and settle into the family life or I would probably be on the same path of destruction!! I do find it difficult to see my old friends in their self destructive state. I see so many that are very intelligent and also gifted in many arts and vocations that I grew up with or worked with going in and out of rehabs and clinic only to fall right back into their old ways due to environment or society labeling them and not giving them a chance for a new life. Nobody wants a druggy for a employee. And most of society thinks it is incureable!! Iknow this is not a fact, I have seen people drop the habit, but it takes a total life change. Sometimes we just neeed to give them a chance. Ones encouragement could be all that it takes!!!
An Addict

Staffordsville, KY

#16 Oct 29, 2008
God Bless you, Curiousmama and pikecountian! I am an addict, and I didn't get addicted from getting a buzz. I am one of those unfortunate people that had a car accident that did irreversable damage! I am addictd, but I have to have the medicine for pain. I will be on the pain medicine for the rest of my life. But no one knows how bad it hurts to be called names and looked down upon. I do have children, but I take my medicine the right way, and only take what I am supposed to take. There are a lot of pitiful people here who do take drugs to get high, and they will let their children starve to death for their "buzz". That's a shame, and that's when their children need to be removed from their home. And its awful to say that when the children are removed from the home, they never try to get them back. But yes, you guys are right. Instead of people looking down on this county, the people that are in this shape need help--DESPERATELY! The main problem is we don't have law emforcement or a judge that has a heart! Go to court here, and you'll see when an addict comes before the judge, all they want to do is give them time in jail. They simply don't care enough to work with them to help them clean up and get their life and their families back together. Sorry I took up so much time, but this thing with addiction has hit home. The main thing is, I have worked very hard to keep my family together, and I have a family that cares enough to help me!
pike countian

Hurricane, WV

#17 Oct 29, 2008
There is another thing that needs to be said. Even if a addict started out using drugs to get a buzz he or she never intended or even thought that a drug could take a hold of them. Everyone thinks that they can handle it. Lets face it nobody plans on throwing down their kids, robbing their family and a lot of the other things you see some do!!! If you could see in the beginning how it would end most addicts wouldn't be in these predictaments!!! I have a teen brother-in-law who lives close to me. He is a good kid but no one in todays time has or can be sheltered from drugs, they have to be educated!! What I tell him is this: Look around and see what is going on. Look at the known addicts that live around us. Break out a year book talk to people their same age or who grew up around them and you will find out that at one time they too were bright teenagers with a good future. But one wrong mistake can cost you a lifetime of repercussions!! The biggest baddest people you see can not handle drugs. You might be like me and take this or that and it not take a hold of you but I guarantee that if you keep on you will find that drug, the one you cannot do without!! There is one demon that is custom fit for just about everyone!! If you are young and haven't used, or are starting to experiment in todays time, you have to be either completely blind to your surroundings or a complete idiot!!! I am not talking about the people with injuries but your recreational users. I have seen some people that even at one time thought were invinceable, but after time it takes a hold. No one can out run the devil!!! I MEAN NO ONE!!!

Stanton, KY

#18 Nov 26, 2008
Doesn't anyone know how to spell Magoffin right? geez

Stanton, KY

#19 Nov 26, 2008
paintsville wrote:
. The drug dealers need to get there kids took and put under the jail, like tresa cornet & angie wright. For some reason they always get out of it. I hope the twin sisters get put away for life. there nasty they tresa let her childs father go down and go to jail, shes still selling. Crazy bitch.
Every single child these two have ... are out of their custody. Does it make you feel good inside to know a child is without his/her mother? They weren't the best parents but they made sure their kids had whatever they needed.. Selling drugs is wrong, but it fed those children!!
And you sure know a lot about Teresa and her drug selling habits...makes me go hmmm?

Staffordsville, KY

#20 Nov 26, 2008
If someone is selling drugs they should be put in jail, for a long TIME!! I don't care for what reason they might be selling. They don't care who they sell to as long as they get the money. They might be selling to your child or mind, do they care?? Nope all they care about is the money. Sellers has hurt and caused pain in many families, not only their own. Have no mercy on them and send as many to jail as they can....

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