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Nashville, TN

#21 Sep 19, 2010
idk wrote:
Everyone has one judge and it is the Good Lord. Everyone sins, NOONE IS PERFECT **EXCEPT JESUS**. People have bad days, I wasn't there don't know what happened but I myself go to church and I have moments too. But you know what we have a forgiving God and all you have to do is ask him to forgive you of your sins and your slate is clean. If you will dig deep in your heart you will know I make sense. Everyone has bad days. I am sure alot of people that deal w/ children work other places and have bad days. You just saw this person and wanted to lay judgement when you should just turn it over to Jesus and let him take care of it b/c he will in his own time. Might now be time enough for you but Jesus knows best. I ask God everyday to give me the strength to make it thru the day. I am just a sinner myself like it said noone is perfect you have to ask for forgiveness I do everyday in my nightly prayer I say Jesus please forgive me for the sin that I have done today. And if you are sincere he will. I wish you the best with this just pray about it and don't put anyone else down, she has a family to provide for and she is doing her best to do so. May GOD Bless You. I will pray for you.
AMEN. Everybody has bad times, and we don't know all about the situation,we shouldn't judge someone to try to get them fired, they have a right to live and work and have for their family, how many do you know who will work. I would not deliberately try to get someone fired, it's not moral, it's their right to survive.She is trying. I'm not God, and I can't judge , that is what a person should think about. If I can't do anything for you, I won't do anything to hurt you. You got the right attitude in dealing with your fellowman.

Nashville, TN

#22 Sep 19, 2010
lovers wrote:
Poor Jake, Just take Robin to court and get it over with. Although i do agree she does not need to be working in the school system.I here she is a real crazy. I also here she takes a little more than just crazy medicine.
When you hear something from the gossips of Saltville, don't be guillable, they are not always truthful. I don't even know the girl, and as long as she's doin her job, the children aren't harmed, why cause her trouble. She works 2 jobs to better herself, jealousy is a terrible thing.She has her mind on her business, she isn't concerned with what others are doin, far as crazy, define sane.If you will read a psychology book on the mental diseases, you'll find you have at least 1 symptom or more of every disease. Abnormal behavior, is just an exaggeration of normal behavior.

Nashville, TN

#23 Sep 19, 2010
saltville wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm sure she has good reasons
I'll agree with you. A childs safety is mor than a "show cause" Remember the little kid from Tazewell, his mother took him off, and she n her boyfriend killed him...His father "showed cause" but a judge overruled it. She is the childs mother and I respect her decision.

Nashville, TN

#24 Sep 19, 2010
oldtimer wrote:
Steve Surber did it with a child on his bus route so i guess it is ok.
That is sick...if you're talking about the girl he married, how much difference was there in their ages? Not that much.
concernedparento f2

Waterloo, Canada

#25 Sep 19, 2010
I know robin able as good as if not better than anyone in this discussion, so I will voice my opinion on the subject. I grew up with robin and her family and have known her since elementary school. My children went 2 school with her children and were very close friends as well. I usta have tons of respect for her, and when she kicked jake out I didn't think anything of it, but when she kicked jonah out in the middle of one of the worst winters we have had in a while, and him havin no place 2 go, that blew my mind. I didn't know why she would do that, so I started doin some research, and found out that that punk that she met on the internet and jonah had had an argument, and she told jonah to hit the road. And for those of you who don't know jonah, he is a fine young man, he has had a job since he was 14, shows respect to all who he feels deserves it, and he will help anyone in anyway that he can. Granted that he may raise a lil hell and drink a beer from time to time, he is still a fine young man.

Waterloo, Canada

#26 Sep 19, 2010
I tell ya why the fat b**ch works two jobs, one reason is because that sorry p.o.s. Boyfriend of hers won't work, and the second reason is so they'll have a couple extra bucks 2 buy some dope with
IntelliganceInTh eMind

Rustburg, VA

#27 Mar 10, 2012
Robin Able doesn't do drugs. Anyone in their right mind knows that. Yes, Robin does indeed let her child see her dad. Their are people who don't need to be on Saltville Topix because they're not being factual. That's their opinion of Robin, and she doesn't do dope. Oh and by the way, rebel_wolf, if you don't know the full story don't comment. Her brother asked her daughter to come up to Baltimore. Robin isn't trash. She's a hard-working person. She tries her best to cope with whatever she can. She is wonderful to her children. No, she doesn't buy them everything they want, but hey guess what? Neither do you. I hate people who try there best to be mean. You know Robin doesn't do drugs, but , maybe you do. And you probably do it yourself and want to put it off on someone else. Don't talk about people wrongly because you think your better. Your actually lower than you orginally were.

Baltimore, MD

#28 Mar 28, 2012
I can vouch for the rebel wolf and the concerned parent of 2 robin is one of the low down dirtiest people I have ever met. She and I grew up together and were always friends, my son and her son Jonah were always good friends. While most kids were out and about enjoying themselves Jonah was mowing, weedeating, cutting wood and whatever else they asked of him. I can understand her kicking Randall ( her husband ) out, because they had a mishap ( which im not gonna mention) then she moved in Curtis Riegel a boy she had met on the internet, and became pen pals with him when he went to prison,( and keep in mind he was 2 years younger than Jonah). Jonah and the boy had a round because the boy was smoking weed and eating pills in front of Audre(Robins youngest daughter). Robin and Curtis took off to North Carolina for Christmas and told Jonah that if he wasn't gone by the time they got back that they would call the law and have them take him to jail for trespassing . Jonah left and stayed in his truck for about 2 weeks, and while staying in his truck still didn't miss a day of work . After some friends of Jonah's found out he was staying in his truck they fixed him a room at their place and took him in. So now all you people who are defending robin answer me this, is this really the kind of woman you want working with your kids or grandkids?

And for all of you who are fixing to say something about Jonah, this is for you. Granted that he does drink, and raise hell, can you really fault him for that ? The boy is 22 years old, and works all week, does he not deserve to enjoy himself and his hard earned money on the weekends ? Regardless of what kind of day hes had,where I see him, or who hes with he always shows me respect( more respect than my own son). He is a fine young man who shows respect to anyone that deserves it, takes his boots off at your door to keep from tracking in and will help you in anyway that he can.

Hermitage, TN

#29 Mar 28, 2012
Hannah Call wrote:
Now look here bub,Im a student at Saltville Elementary School and Robin is not freakin crazy.She the most funniest people I know.So if you commented badly towards Robin get your snoody butts out of this.
In need of a parent much? If you are a child at saltville elem then your parent/grandma needs to watch you better and you shouldn't be aloud on a gossip site where adults gather. Also who says what about who is none of your biz, if you are a kid (which I know you are hannah!) then you need to get outside and get some air. The excessive would be good for you! And a lot healthier than nosing behind a computer screen. But I guess this is exactly what is wrong with parents today. They cant get their head out their butt long enough to watch their kids.

Hermitage, TN

#30 Mar 28, 2012
Concerned wrote:
I guess if you live in Saltville you can get by with anything. I know for a fact that child does not need to be living with her mother. Question ask? Would you want your 21 year old son dating a woman in her fortys or fiftys. I would not. I sure would not want my little girl around a 21 year old that is living with a older woman. God knows what could happen. This guy is from my understanding North Carolina. She has a son older than this guy. Come on people. This is just not right.
Sounds to me like someone is jealous? Why is who she wants to be with up for question? If it were a older man and a 21 year old woman would you be so fast to judge? If a man does it its all high fives and good job! No one looks down on it and questions his motives and rather he should be around kids. Or how much younger he likes em? SO to speak. So Why is it with if a woman dates a younger man its just not right? Maybe she does just want him for sex? Who cares? Plus its none of your biz. Maybe she is in love? The point is she didn't want what she had and she found something she feels is better. You might not think it is. Brut she does. And in high and site that is all that matters. Face the facts if this were about an older man and younger woman we wouldn't even be talking about it. If its ok for men its ok for women case closed. I say congrats every woman needs a boy toy

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