Would you sign a petition to get me o...

Would you sign a petition to get me out of office?

Created by AKA SCSD Director Barrett on Nov 19, 2008

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Yes! In a heartbeat!!!

No, I'll wait your time is up

I'm staying out of this.

AKA SCSD Director Barrett

United States

#1 Nov 20, 2008
This POLL was put up by an imposter....(as if you didn't figure that out already)

The TOPIX editor known as "Imari" (amongst other names that we can't print here) is well known for posting as other people....I don't mean she uses alias or pen names, but she actually posts using other peoples established screen names.

The thoughts and views of the real "AKA SCSD Director Barrett" can be read at www.saltonseawest.com

Have a Good Day
Long Time Resident

Roy, WA

#2 Nov 20, 2008
In this instance I do have to agree with Mr. Barrett --
He knows how a great majority of the constuants feel about him and he also knows how the majority of his fellow Directors feel.
He was not the person that placed this post!
I honestly feel that he would not pose such a poll.

“I'm a Multifacted Personality ”

Since: Nov 07

West Shores of the Salton Sea

#3 Nov 20, 2008
*Editor HAT OFF*

Yes Director Barrett we know how well looking at the past posts of all of the people you've been here on TOPIX.

I'm sorry but it's impossible for anyone to use a registered name here in this forum, unless you are hacking into accounts and playing around on that parties CPU.

So please stop making yourself LOOK like the victim here. You're the village idiot please stay in character, your good at that.

*Editor HAT ON*
AKA SCSD Director Barrett wrote:
This POLL was put up by me posing as me but blaming an imposter, I actually have posted here using other peoples established screen names.
The thoughts and views of the real "AKA SCSD Director Barrett" can be read at www.saltonseawestisfullofshit.com
AKA SCSD Director Barrett

United States

#4 Nov 23, 2008
BTW , if a persons screenname doesn't have a "Joined" "Comments" tally on the left column of the screen then the name is NOT registered and ANYBODY can post using that name.
Long Time Resident

United States

#5 Nov 23, 2008
See what I mean "Long Time Resident"
Imari Love

United States

#6 Nov 23, 2008
eeewwww!!! get me out of here
Imari Love

United States

#7 Nov 23, 2008
My name is Imari Love, I am a crackpot
New to the Area

United States

#8 Nov 23, 2008
Boy Was I wrong...after reading some articles and government documents on www.saltonseawest.com I realize that it is not Director Barrett that is the Idiot; it is the rest of the Board of Directors. What a bunch of hoodlums!!!

Woodsfield, OH

#9 Nov 23, 2008
The little man is getting upset, He needs his bottle.

“I'm a Multifacted Personality ”

Since: Nov 07

West Shores of the Salton Sea

#10 Nov 24, 2008
Director Barret yet again has been reported to Topix for his previous attacks, and since he even demonstrated how he has done these along with past attacks, Topix was very greatful.

Again if you read a post that you find offensive you can click on the "report abuse" button and it will be reviewed by Topix Staff.

Again if you find a post that is an attack, remember that the party might just be doing it to get a rise out of you, because they have nothing better to do with their life, or their out of work.

These posts have all been juvenile, sick and sad and demonstrates the nature of a bully. Some people never get out of there role from junior high school. Some people carry it over to their Adult life and use it daily to get things there way, or clear their way to getting what they want.

These tatics are so old.

Director Barrett used to be an Editor on this page, when he continued to attrack the online Community here, the scsd. and do harrasment of a personal nature he was removed.

It took all of us to get that done, and I wanted to personally thank those that helped, because this Board if he had been allowed to continue would have been so full of hate and bigotry.

Now Director Barrett has reared his ugliness yet again, under various peoples nicknames and that of "the daily whatever".

The Topix Board needs to understand that what Director Barrett is doing here to our online Community is what he has done and is doing in the real SCSD Community.

The question then is are we going to wait a little less then a year for Jimmy to get voted out of office or are we as a Community going to take that first step to remove this bully from the playground.

Enough said, I have work to do, and I've wasted way to much time on Director Barrett today.
Long Time Resident

United States

#11 Nov 25, 2008
New to the area,
Sorry to hear you say that!
Please read the actual governmental documents --not just the ones posted on SaltonSeaWest.
You will find that the real governmenatal documents disagree with those of Saltonseawest (in some cases). Not that they are stating things incorrectly; just that they are looking (in general) at arising questions.
General questions result in general answers. There is literally nothing on the Saltonseawest werbsite that actually relates to the SCSD!
Do your own research and then decide. You seem like a person with your own mind.

United States

#12 Dec 14, 2008
What exactly needs to be done to fix the Sewer that requires the 50% increase in rates. I was reading about that on this website http://www.saltonseawest.com/ . A quarter of a million dollars for Sewer Maintenance? Are you saying you need more money for something that really needs little attention or is the damage that bad? I just need to know what is not functioning with the sewer system? Sure maintenance is required like cleaning drains after it rains if need be but it seems like that is way overdoing with this 50% rate increase. These kinds of proposals with that big of a jump in basic utility's will always lead to an imbalance that effects the economy. That means that the community will have less money to survive on and that leads to more need such as welfare, food stamps and things that cost the state in the end more than it would of had you researched other alternatives to maintain the sewer drains at little or no cost. In the end, you would of saved the community money and created a system that would require less money to maintain. You could help the community by lowering rates so the community is not suffering as bad. It is that and only that type of planning that will bring the city out of the economic crisis we are all in now and help people get back on their feet. But if rates are going up then where is the effort to expand waste management? Are the funds from waste management going to something other than waste management? If so, then that would be an indication of mismanagement and not handling your responsibility as a leader of the community. Also its a good idea to have all the evidence of the damage of the system, what needs to be repaired, and repair cost, maintenance and exactly how much money is already coming in from the peoples existing rates combined to show how much money is already available so that we can compare the numbers with repair cost and maintainance and expansion so that we are assured that the data is correct before you even think of proposing this type of increase on the community. When you are not disclosing this information to the public in detail, and just tell them to pay the increase with nothing to show for it then people will begin to suspect foul play. Reason why i say that is because you being an elected official by the people for the people, need to show the people responsibility, develop trust among the people that has chosen you to lead the people into a better economy and overall and most important, a better environment. Now about the years of skimming one-third of the interest off of the Sewer Maintenance Fund by the Board of Directors would bring up a red flag in my book. Its like this, the so called skimming will continue and by asking for a 50% increase in rates tells me that the rate increase is not paying for the sewer system itself but in fact is using the increase to fund other things that people may not be aware of that dont necessarily benefit the community and environment.

United States

#13 Dec 14, 2008
The funds are not being used to develop treatment plants and other waste and water purification plants i would guess given the current situation with pollution coming from over the border from Mexico being dumped right into the salton sea. I would bet that those funds from utilities, sewers and what have you, are not being put to good use to clean up the pollution coming from Mexico. Isn't that the whole purpose of a sewer and waste system is to keep the waste OUT of the city? DO I STUTTER WHEN I SAY THAT? So in other words, people are paying twice as much to have a sewer system but the waste is not leaving the city, and i would bet there is more waste coming in the city than going out. You can thank management for that and the millions of excuses management will use to justify their in-actions and pure irresponsibly on their part. People do not elect people to make life more difficult for the community and raise rates. People elect people to make the cost of living more easier and affordable and improve the environment through strategy and careful planning. The community are the ones paying for it, and just because they are the ones paying for it doesn't mean you can take advantage of them any time you feel like it and do nothing about the problem in return. If that's the case, then you can use any excuse to price gouge the people, acquiring money that you really didn't need, or didn't use responsibly to better a unhealthy environment, and that's why we need the evidence on all the data to be sure your not defrauding the people for your own personal gain. Any resistance to the discloser the evidence and data would be interpreted as an admission of guilt resulting in further investigation on the matter. Rate increases will never get us (the community) out of the economic crisis that we are in, it just makes it worse, "THATS A FACT". Have you ever heard of the California Conservation Corps?(CCC) Im sure you can work something out with the state to get a crew out there to clean it up, free of charge. Maybe you can work out a plan with the state to have a small CCC base there to assist in other environment related tasks and or construction of waste management plants to keep salton city clean from waste that's going out and coming in. But if your proposing this increase without researching other alternatives, then actions tell me that its only about the money and not the people and environment. Do not get me wrong but we are talking about the sewer and waste management arent we?
Long Time Resident

United States

#14 Dec 14, 2008
Please do a little more research!
The SCSD has nothing to do with the Salton Sea or the in-flow from Mexico. It can't fix it -- that is the responsibility (supposedly) of the Salton Sea Authority and the state of California.
Of the some $1,000.00+ dollars you pay in property taxes each year to Imperial County the SCSD gets back (currently)$280.80 dollars per property, per year. This amount of money maintains your sewer system, fire department, and parks. Ask Imperial County what they are doing for this area for the balance or YOUR taxes.
The reason for the increase to sewer rates is simply to replace or maintain a 50-year plus old system that has not been previously maintained on a CONTINUOUS basis.
As far as storm runoff -- what are you thinking??
Just flushing your toilet, taking a shower, and washing your dishes and clothes creates waste water. Where do you imagine that goes and how do you think that is all treated (AND at what cost)!?!!?!?!?
CVWD increases their rates whenever they feel the need as does IID (December 6th. a lot of people were without power for more than 5-8 hours). There is never an explaination, a reason or an excuse. Just be glad you have a forum where you can complain -- but, like a I said, do a little more research before you start talking about something you have no clue about what you are complaining about other than an increase in cost.

Brawley, CA

#15 Jan 19, 2010
Imari that troll lady is seriously the fattest woman I have seen in a while. unless that pic isnt actually her in which case I am sorry. EPIC TROLL TREAD FTW!!!

Brawley, CA

#16 Jan 19, 2010
nevermind I'm pretty sure that fat bit/ch is the one that did that poll thing. what a dumb who/re.

Brawley, CA

#17 Jan 19, 2010

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