Backwards messages: Speaking in tongues

Backwards messages: Speaking in tongues

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Men in the White Coats


#1 Feb 21, 2008
Tonight I decided to go search James G. Barrett and I came across this website:
My suggestion to Director Barrett would be to take up a recording career, and forget politics and being an electrician.
Though I find the subject of reverse music interesting, I got a chuckle out of the following words:
"It was just a matter of seconds after the song started playing backwards when I noticed that it contained some very discernable backwards words. It was very spooky to say the least and I thought for sure I was just imagining things. The more I listened to it the clearer it became that I was not imagining things but the sounds were really real words! I didn't want to freak my wife out (even though she is very open minded) so I didn't say anything to her about it for a couple of hours."...
"A lot of the words were plain as day to me. However some of the sounds, even though they sounded like real words, were not recognizable to me. Therefore I looked in encyclopedias and dictionaries for answers, I even looked in the Bible since some of the sentences sort of sounded like psalms to me. There are still some words that I can't interpret since my vocabulary is limited and surely not culturally diverse."...
"You'll also see my interpretation of the sounds. Listen to the clips and try to decipher the sounds for yourself, you may even be able to decipher better than I what the words are and if there is a message in the song or just random words. Explore, Enjoy! Cordially, James G Barrett"
Some of the things Director Barrett claimed he heard when listening to his recorded song backwards were:
For shame … Could I’ve may owed
Fools some… Men are Seiged
For shame say Faqim Faqim
Tortured… Perfidy
Toward Jihad of the Har-Megeddo
For who so I first shall possess
For some he taketh battle
Oh Hurts… Sing thy Fiddle
For his slit of cut wrist
Could he hurt that easy / even
For some lost earth today
Now who is never a good self
Were men worthy of the title
... Wow, what would the psychiatrist say... guess I know who the psycho on the Westshores is now.
There comming to take Director Barrett away..ha ha he he ho ho, to the Westshores funny farm, where life is wonderful all day long..where things are colorful and calm, and the meds flow into his arm... ho ho he he
SCSD Meeting Attendee


#2 Feb 21, 2008
Hey! Why didn't I think of that, that's FUNNY, sad but still FUNNY! Thanks for the laugh.
Long Time Resident

United States

#3 Feb 21, 2008
SAD! You people need to focus on what this website is about.
Exchanging ideas!
You all seem to be about attacking each other. If this does not change and focuses on current issues for this area, then I won't continue to visit!
Please, rethink your stratigy.
You cannot bring people into your fold by attacking others!
AKA SCSD Director Barrett

United States

#4 Feb 22, 2008
There will be less than $1,000,000 in the sewer construction fund after the salton city ponds are completed.

How is the district going to fulfill its contractual obligation of sewering out the remaining 2,000 lots that have no sewer lateral to them now?

The district received $250/lot from the original sub-dividers 50 years ago for the sewer lateral (and treatment facilties) to be installed. Those laterals and capacity have been bought and paid for.

How is the district going to pay for what they already paid for but spent,through the siphoning of the sewer construction fund interest?

Any suggestions?
SCSD Meeting Attendee


#5 Feb 22, 2008
SCSD Director Barrett wrote:
Any suggestions?
I want to converse about how your mental illness Director Barrett has exaggerated your aptitude to do the people's business.

That you have at last disclosed your exact agenda in:
"get inside the belly of the beast and devour it from within".

Jimbo, you need to discontinue listening to music BACKWARDS, it’s disturbing your judgment.

You also state that;
"I never ran for office to become a "career politician" "

That’s immense; then you won’t take offense to the assemblage that needs to make certain that this IS the conclusion of your political career. In the past you have alleged citizens were out to devastate your political career, now you’ve obviously altered your mind. Thanks for the green light!

You state that the office you were elected to is:
"This government entity is no different than any other....corrupt, incompetant, and abusive!"

Jimbo, Jimbo, Jimbo… you can say that now, as since your election things have turn south rather quickly. You were elected into this government entity with the understanding that you’d live up to what you ran on during the election. You’ve changed your agenda as soon as you got in; you ran on bogus pretenses, you duped the people and the community. You’re the entity that is corrupt, incompetent, and abusive! Director Barrett you are lacking capability.

You go on to blather:
“There are only so many things one can do from the outside but as an insider one is privy to much more information and documents that tell the real story of the SCSD and its' past and current dealings.”

You can’t go back and alter SCSD history, but you could labor for a better future. But in your reality I conjecture the future is; “fire and brimstone”.

“I knew I would be personally attacked but that comes with the territory...but yet I march on!”

I’m delighted to discover you learned the slightest lesson from the website on new Board Member training. You have to stand there and take it like a man, just wish you could gain knowledge of the “like a man” part.

“At the end of the day I know that I am doing the right thing by fighting for the people and the rule of law.”

The “right thing”, does not consist of fighting with the people and bending the rule of law to your needs. You are not managing this in a mode that the people had hoped you would. You’ve cost hundreds of thousands of dollars of the people’s money that could have been spent on items the Community needed critically. You’ve wasted hundreds of hours of employee’s work days, and community lives on your trivial bullsh*t.

”So attack away if you must, it doesn't change what my sworn duty is: "Uphold the Constitutions of the State of California and of these United States,”

Our duty is to end your rein of abuse, and that will happen in the next election. That’s the power the people have, as granted by “the Constitutions of the State of California and of these United States.”


SCSD Meeting Attendee


#6 Feb 22, 2008
Hey Sweetie he calls you a TROLL:

T= Talented
R= Resourceful
O= Outspoken
L= Lovely
L= Lady

Then claims your Gollum, me thinks he didn't follow LOR too well, he was a Hobbit. But then again he did claim "since my vocabulary is limited and surely not culturally diverse."

He shows that on a minute by minute basis.

He must have one of the 9 rings of man, maybe he has them all.

“I'm a Multifacted Personality ”

Since: Nov 07

West Shores of the Salton Sea

#7 Feb 22, 2008
My job as Topix Editor of this forum is to post news, events, that affect our area.

I don't have time to respond to Director Barrett's snipes and attacks of me. I'm a bit above the highschool bully mentality, he likes to bring up all sorts of things about me, when he should leave me alone, and do his job. I'm not part of his job description as Director. He's taken on attacking me as his hobby.

My father used to say; "People who are in pain and insecure like to hurt & belittle others so that they feel better about themselves."

I know who I am, what I stand for, and what I believe and those that truely know who I am are comfortable with me for me.

Those that will take another's gossip and rumors about me as facts, without getting to know me for themselves need to think, why is Director Barrett doing this, what is he trying to prove by attacking me in the manner he has.

If anyone has any questions of me, or would like to sit down for coffee and get to know me as a person, my number is in the phone book, or I'm sure you can get it from the Chamber, or even the SCSD Office.

Have a wonderful weekend, drive safe and keep dry.
AKA SCSD Director Barrett

United States

#8 Feb 22, 2008
I take it that means you have no ideas of how the SCSD is going to pay for sewering out the remaining 2,000 tracks.

Your as shallow as they come.
SCSD Meeting Attendee


#9 Feb 23, 2008
Why would anyone give you suggestions Jimbo, you steal them and claim that they're your ideas.

Your all powerful and all knowing, and you ran to FIX things well let's here your ideas on the matter. Not someone elses ideas you've stolen.
Don Holland


#10 Feb 23, 2008
I've seen my name in use on your website. I don't remember your asking nor my giving permission for you to use my name. When you talk of illegal actions of other members of the board shouldn't you think of your own illegal actions, such as your unauthorized use of my name?
SCSD Meeting Attendee

United States

#11 Feb 23, 2008
Sherrie Nuyen is such the bitch!

United States

#12 Feb 23, 2008
I agree totally!!!

United States

#13 Feb 23, 2008
In fact I've changed my mind about Director Barrett, he IS fighting for the people!
SCSD Meeting Attendee

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#14 Feb 23, 2008
Actually he did see to it that an illegal $18,000,000 Developer Impact Fee was overturned.
SCSD Meeting Attendee


#15 Feb 24, 2008
Director Barrett is stealing peoples nicknames and writting under them. See by the location.
SCSD Meeting Attendee


#16 Feb 24, 2008

Director Barrett is stealing peoples nicknames and writting under them. See by the location. If its from MO or IL, it's Director Barrett.

“Don Holland- journalist”

Since: Feb 08

Salton City, CA

#17 Feb 24, 2008
Yes he told me last night he was going to pull this crap to get even with all of you.

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