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New to the Area


#1 Nov 17, 2008
We will be moving to the area of West Shores and need to find out about mail and trash pick up.
Thanks in advance

“I'm a Multifacted Personality ”

Since: Nov 07

West Shores of the Salton Sea

#2 Nov 18, 2008
it depands where your moving to on the West Shores about mail service. Desert Shores has home delivery, Salton Sea Beach, and Vista Del Mar I think does as well.

Salton City does but only in certain areas. You can get your mail delivered to the General mail box at the WestShores Marketwhile waiting for a mailbox (I hear it takes almost three years to get one, or for somone dies).

You can pay for a mail box at Lilly's Mail, prices vary on the size of box you want 7 6 0 3 9 4 0 1 6 0

Trash pick up is through Burrtec you'll need to call them and sent up an account 7 6 0 3 4 0 2 1 1 3

Welcome to the neighborhood!
Long Time Resident

United States

#3 Nov 18, 2008
Welcome to the neighborhood!
Just realize you are moving to an area where there literally are no services.
They are there (to some extent) but you have to search and then accept that you may have to drive some thirty-plus miles for the others.
However, you will find an area where you can see a clear sky at night full of stars and a beautiful sunset or sunrise; plus knowing your neaghbor, and saying hello to just about everyone you see on a daily basis.
I lived in LA for more than twenty years and I cannot say that about the person living right next door. Sad - but that is what the metropolitan life offers.
WHEN to BIG one hits, I honestly feel sorry for the people living in the large metropolitan areas -- they will be completely on their own.
I feel that by living here there will be a neighbor or a friend who will come check to make sure that my house/my home is at least surviving and OK.
Once again welcome to the neighborhood just be patient (we are not the big city), and enjoy what the desert has to offer.
New to the Area


#4 Nov 19, 2008
I have live in the Los Angeles area for 54 years and I have been fed up with it for about 40. It was nice here before but now it is just a attitude ridden homeless self centered sewer.
You can't go to the store without someone asking you for money, hearing gunfire or hearing that blaring music. I don't mind driving half an hour, because it takes half an hour to go 1 mile here sometimes.
AKA SCSD Director Barrett

United States

#5 Nov 20, 2008
Howdy Neighbor!

As a friendly gesture I invite you to visit to get an idea of what kind of a corrupt governmental agency is going to be your "Big Brother"

The website also has information on area parks and government services.

Watch your back partner, there's theives in them thar parts!
Long Time Resident

Roy, WA

#6 Nov 20, 2008
AKA SCSD Director (but MORE importantly 'New to the Area'):
My Barrett was unfortunately elected to our Board of Directors and has done nothing since his election to destroy it.
What I said before is actually true -- you have not only neighbors in your immediate area but also people accross town that great you with a smile and will also come check on you if they have not heard from you in some time.
Once again, welcome to the area. You will have to weed out the good from the bad for yourself; and many years living in L.A. County will certainly give you a good start!
Good luck and WELCOME!

“I'm a Multifacted Personality ”

Since: Nov 07

West Shores of the Salton Sea

#7 Nov 20, 2008
SCSD Director Barrett wrote:
As a friendly gesture I invite you to visit a SCSD Board Meeting to get an idea of what kind of a corrupt governmental agency is going to be your "Big Brother" (it'll be ME ME ME)
The SCSD also has information on area parks and government services.
Watch your back partner, there's theives in them thar parts!
Yes and Director Barrett cost the SCSD Community 10,000.00 + every month in legal FEES.

When he's out of office you'll all be able to do a little more for our Community. The SCSD might even be able to say; "Hey we can do all of those projects now, we have money and a budget that won't be blown.

354 Days til the End of a huge ERROR; Director Barrett.
New to the Area


#8 Nov 21, 2008
I don't understand why an elected official could be so crude and childish as to refer to an agency as "Big Brother", and call the people he represents "Thieves".

I have no so called "Big Brother", as I pay more than 30K in taxes a year which puts me along with all the other good residents in the drivers seat.
We can elect, and we can also recall and remove.

From what my understanding is of the SCSD is as follows:

Salton City and its neighboring community of Desert Shores are governed by the Salton Community Services District (SCSD) which is a special district per California Government Code. The legislative body of the SCSD is a five member Board of Directors who are elected by the registered voters in the district every two years.

The SCSD is authorized to provide seven services:

1. Collect, treat, or dispose of sewage. 2. Collect, transfer, and dispose of solid waste. 3. Provide fire protection. 4. Acquire, construct recreational facilities. 5. Organize, promote community recreation. 6. Acquire, construct, and improve street lighting and landscaping. 7. Provide emergency medical services.

Aside from acting as the architectural committee for architectural compliance with the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rís) of the 80 plus tracts within the district the SCSD has no land use authority under existing law, that responsibility falls on the County of Imperial Board of Supervisors.

I see no big brother here, and as far as the thieves which are everywhere including Beverly Hills, Palos Verdes or wherever can and will be dealt with S&W if need to.

Our community is what "WE" make it, not our supposed elected officials which are here to serve us as taxpayers and voters.

What an idiot.
AKA SCSD Director Barrett

United States

#9 Nov 21, 2008
As a neighbor, I just thought I'd give you fair warning. If you decide to ignore the facts of the situation that is your right.

Have a good day.
AKA SCSD Director Barrett

United States

#10 Nov 21, 2008
Also, I was not calling the people thieves, I was stating that the district and the Board of Directors as a whole ARE thieves.

What else would you call someone that charges you a fee that is not authorized by law and has a lien over your house while doing it?

Wait till your sewer rates DOUBLE next year, then you'll understand what I am talking about.
New to the Area


#11 Nov 21, 2008
That is just ridiculous, and if you were any kind of a good neighbor you would welcome all with open arms, not warnings and what are you warning me about?
I respect and abide by the laws set forth by our constitution, our voters and most importantly by our God Almighty.
I am a quiet person, stick to my own business and I will protect myself, my neighbors and try and help make my community safe and a nice place to live, not degrade it like yourself.
It is people like you that give the Salton Sea a bad reputation, as this is all I have heard before I actually came out and met some very nice and respectable people besides yourself.
I get the feeling that you are trying to scare people from living there, and if that were so why do you live there?
I can take care of my business fine thank you, and I don't need any advice from someone that thinks they are, yet are nothing to fear but the fear that they have from themselves.
Everyone else has been nice, and all I asked was about mail and trash. I guess I found out about the trash alright.

What an idiot, and who elected him. Why don't
you recall?
New to the Area


#12 Nov 21, 2008
I am not going to let a sewage fee keep me awake at night as there are more important things in life to tend to. Get a life.
I too am new


#13 Nov 21, 2008
I hope this is the only crack pot you have on your board.
The Daily Matinee

United States

#14 Nov 22, 2008
"New" says he/she will "protect myself, my neighbors" but gets down on Director Barrett for doing just that.

What kind of neighbor would Director Barrett be if he kept pertinent information about moving to an area with a legally questionable government entity running it from them? has so many bonafide government documents that prove time and time again that the SCSD and it's Board of Directors have a longstanding track record of doing things contrary to law (and the the article about the former public forum bulletin board that the general manager and Director Butler tore down because they wanted to control what information the public was getting). But it's always soooo much easier to attack the messenger instead of taking the time to read and understand the facts.

"Short Attention Spam Theatre" is alive and well at the West Shores. But don't worry, the SCSD won't charge you the sales tax on the popcorn; even when the State Board of Equalization says they have to. So what's so wrong with that?

BTW "New" welcome to the West Shores. Have a Good Day.

“I'm a Multifacted Personality ”

Since: Nov 07

West Shores of the Salton Sea

#15 Nov 23, 2008
The SCSD Board meets monthly. The SCSD's website is located at:

Please take a look, the office staff is there to help you ou can contact them at 7 6 0 3 9 4 4 4 4 6
I too am new wrote:
I hope this is the only crack pot you have on your board.
The Daily Matinee

United States

#16 Nov 23, 2008
But don't forget Imari, to mention that if you go to you can look at/download an exact copy of what the Directors look at (Directors Packet) before they meet for their monthly meetly.

You can't get the Directors Packet from the District's own website, or the local newspapers
(West Shores News / Salton Seafarer). It is only availible at ...FREE!

It is Salton Sea West that takes the time to digitize (.pdf) the Directors Packets and to put them on their own webspace all as a public service to their neighbors in the Salton Community Services District.

Does that count as Community Service? Imari will no doubt say no.
I too am new


#17 Nov 23, 2008
Well, if I myself need anything from anyone I will surely go to the Imperial County Board of Suvervisors, Almighty God is watching.
Like new to the area I will mind my own business and if anyone crosses the line then I will let the tiger out of the cage.
It is sad that so much of energy goes into fighting amongst each other like children when so much energy could go to promoting such a nice area making it enjoyable for everyone.

So sad

“I'm a Multifacted Personality ”

Since: Nov 07

West Shores of the Salton Sea

#18 Nov 24, 2008
Director Barrett yet again has been reported to Topix for his previous attacks, and since he even demonstrated how he has done these along with past attacks, Topix was very greatful.

Again if you read a post that you find offensive you can click on the "report abuse" button and it will be reviewed by Topix Staff.

Again if you find a post that is an attack, remember that the party might just be doing it to get a rise out of you, because they have nothing better to do with their life, or their out of work.
These posts have all been juvenile, sick and sad and demonstrates the nature of a bully. Some people never get out of there role from junior high school. Some people carry it over to their Adult life and use it daily to get things there way, or clear their way to getting what they want.

These tatics are so old.

Director Barrett used to be an Editor on this page, when he continued to attrack the online Community here, the scsd. and do harrasment of a personal nature he was removed.

It took all of us to get that done, and I wanted to personally thank those that helped, because this Board if he had been allowed to continue would have been so full of hate and bigotry.

Now Director Barrett has reared his ugliness yet again, under various peoples nicknames and that of "the daily whatever".

The Topix Board needs to understand that what Director Barrett is doing here to our online Community is what he has done and is doing in the real SCSD Community.

The question then is are we going to wait a little less then a year for Jimmy to get voted out of office or are we as a Community going to take that first step to remove this bully from the playground.

Enough said, I have work to do, and I've wasted way to much time on Director Barrett today.
New to the area


#19 Nov 25, 2008
It's just horrible what I have read on the Salton
Sea West website. Does this Barrett have anything else to do but try and scare people away? No wonder there are so many homes for sale in the area. Who would want to move to an area where all you hear is whinning about any little fee and how corrupt it's own members are.
Isn't this site supposed to promote the area, welcome new residents into the area and promote new home sales?
It should be trying to sell the area, not slam it. No wonder there is a deficit in the budget, and no wonder fees have to increase. With so many empty unsold houses the shortfall of course has to be passed on to the current residents.
As a new resident I will do whatever it takes to make the community a better place and I have been getting people to come out and look at the area as I read and I know that the Salton Sea is a Jewel.

Give it up Barrett, get a life and stop your bickering. You are not helping the area or your neighbors by slamming your constituents and the area fees will keep increasing unless more houses start selling with more people putting into the pot.

Long Time Resident

United States

#20 Nov 25, 2008
New to the area,
Thank you. You have stated exactly what local residents have been saying -- this is an area to be promoted, this is an area that, we as local residents, want to promote.
However, there are those few that want to destroy it.
Mr. Barrett refers everyone to his website and then lets Mr. J. F. McGuire do all of his dirty work in trashing the Board and this area.
Thank you for having a head on your shoulders, and thank you for promoting this area to your friends.
As a member of this community for several years I am not sure I want a lot of people moving into this area; but I am sure of one thing -- everyone that moves here actually wants to be here despite all the adversities that they have to deal with.
Those adversities are really minor, driving some thirty miles to the grocery store (only a few years ago); paying higher gas prices than those 'in town,' driving into town for simple shopping of school clothes and etc.
I would continue to do all of that just simply to go out my back door and look at the stars and the moon each night.
Welcome to the area, and thank you for your insight -- let's just forget that Mr. Barrett exists!

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