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I wanted to explain why the locations show the way they do. It goes off the person's ISP or connection, their dial up, DSL, or satellite status. But you can normally tell who is posting by their location; the only ISP that will not show individual locations will be AOL, as most everyone is shunted through one of AOL’s main hubs.

For complaints, again I will suggest the following:

If a post bothers you or you feel that it is inappropriate, in the upper right hand corner is the "report abuse" tab.

If you click on that it will _flag_ the post for review by the owners of this website.

It may take them some time to get to the review but as we have seen in this forum before they do take care of abusive posters.

There is also a new feature called "judge it" this gives you the reader of a post the option to "judge" the content of the post. It will not help in the removal of an abusive post through. The only way to do that is to report it.

After you have done that you can go to the “Feed Back Forum” located at:
There you can leave a more detailed complaint, please include what Topix page you are complaining about (example Salton City Forum) and include the post number(s) of the offending posts, and why they are offending.

You can also email Topix at: info@topix.com and include attachments of the offending posts. If you are a victim of identity theft, etc.
If you’d like to speak to someone at Topix the corporate contact information is as follows:
Topix LLC
1001 Elwell Court
Palo Alto, CA 94303

6.5.0-4.6.1- (phone)
6.5.0-6.9.1- (fax)

I do hope that this helps; I will also post this as a new topic in the forum, so that it will be visible by all that view the forum.

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