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Go Brown and Boxer

Anaheim, CA

#21 Oct 12, 2010
A vote for Carly the job outsourcing queen is a vote to make it harder for CA to recover from the Republican recession. A vote for Barbara Boxer is a vote to create jobs, instead of outsourcing them to China and India as Carly proudly proclaims she did w 30,000 jobs at HP. Boxer will keep on working hard for the middle class and not only for the elite wealthiest top 2%. To vote for hypocrites like Megabucks Witless, who couldn't be bothered to vote, and hires illegal aliens but denies it when exposed and busted. And job outsourcing queen Carly is a vote against creating jobs here in CA. Voting for these 2 is illogical and stupidity at its worst. Vote for Jerry and Boxer, the job you save may be your own!
Lynda Hernandez

Huntington Beach, CA

#23 Oct 12, 2010
Duane Roberts accepts no money from corporations and will vote for green jobs, fair taxation and an end to the occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Vote the D

Anaheim, CA

#24 Oct 12, 2010
No way I'll ever vote for anyone running with the Green party- ever. Thanks to that stupid arrogant POS Ralph Nader having to get his 15 min of fame, he made the whole crappy W Bush nightmare Presidency possible thanks to being a stubborn jackass in 2000 that refused to lisetn to reason. I do agree w many Green, Peace and Freedom, & Independent party positions -yes. But I won't throw away my vote to make some sort of political statement nobody cares about or will remember a month later. Voting like the well intentioned but woefully naive FL voters who cast a ballot for Nader, who unintentionally paved the road to Hell because we ended up in the damn Bushes again!(poppa Bush was a bad enough Pres from 1989-93, but moron Junior was at least twice as bad and nearly retarded to boot!) If only a small percentage of Green party Naderites in 2000 in FL would have stopped to reconsider the possible consequences! W Bushes chances to turn the nation into the trainwreck we are still trying to recover from would never have happened. Gotta vote the Dems to stop the radical rightwing tea baggers guys!!!


#25 Oct 12, 2010
Time for a change Boxer is for herself not the people
Michael Saulenas

Orange, CA

#26 Oct 12, 2010
Time for a real change.
Vote the D

Anaheim, CA

#27 Oct 12, 2010
Voting for Corporate special interest backed billionaires who want to purchase our votes will mean more job outsourcing and cutting back school budgets and environmental protections. They are way out of step w Californians. The regressive policies they embrace were long since tried and proven to be monumental failures. They want to do for Califoria what junior Bush did for America! NO THANKS ladies!!! Been there, done that!!! Republicans create problems, Democrats solve 'em.
Dave Moore

Los Angeles, CA

#28 Oct 12, 2010
"Vote the D" is a complete idiot. That moron Al Gore won the election nationwide by 500,000 votes. But he's scapegoating Ralph Nader for George W. Bush stealing the election. The Democrats did nothing to stop him. Even the worthless Barbara Boxer refused to vote on an attempt by the Congressional Black Caucus to investigate the theft of the election.

Stop throwing your vote away on worthless Democrats like Barbara Boxer. Vote for Duane Roberts for U.S. Senate in California. In fact, vote for GREEN PARTY all the way down the ticket.

Go to www.voteforduane.org for more information.

Temecula, CA

#29 Oct 12, 2010
Emily Montan wrote:
Meg is an idiot and didn't start participation in the US political process (vote or run for office) until last year. Babs has done very little. Time for new effective progressive representatives.
Uh...excuse me Emily, this thread isn't even about Meg. You seem to be the idiot here.
Michael Hudspeth

Kahului, HI

#30 Oct 12, 2010
Boxer has richly rewarded special interest groups but accomplished nothing for the vast majority of Californians. SoCal voters need to stand up, vote, and replace her.
Travis Goodman

Chico, CA

#31 Oct 12, 2010
Pro Life

Cerritos, CA

#32 Oct 12, 2010
Boxer is Boxer and she loves Obama and i don't so there
Going 4 Brown and Boxer

Anaheim, CA

#33 Oct 12, 2010
The Repukes are only looking out for the very rich. They are dishonest corporate backed tards who want to return to the failed policies of that imbecile Dumbya Bush. Wasting my vote on the greenies will do nothing but elect Repukes. If the Greenies like the ones above truly think any of the little barely known 3rd parties including them will win statewide or nationwide office then they are dumber than Bush ever was. More than likely these green party posers are really Repukes trying to dilute the Democrats voting power. The old divide and conquer deal. Repukes are a dying party of mostly old bigots with old failed ideas out of step with the times. They know they can't win larger elections w/o cheating tactics so I guess I don't blame them much for trying desperate measures like that.

Newport Beach, CA

#34 Oct 12, 2010
Barbara has always been for women! Carly is a corporate shill.

Crescent City, CA

#35 Oct 12, 2010
Boxer is a liar and an uultra-liberal facist
Repugs Suck

Hendersonville, NC

#36 Oct 12, 2010
Don't allow those whack job repugs to gain even one seat.
Regular Joe

Anaheim, CA

#37 Oct 12, 2010
Dianna Singleton wrote:
Stop throwing away your votes on the lousy Democratic and Republican Party candidates.
With all due respect screw that green party jazz. You really are nuts. Backing those green party unknowns could give Sacramento to far right loonies and that would be the worst thing to happen to the state. If Boxer and Brown don't make it then the state will be no place any working family would want to be. I had enough of that big business Bushie stooge Arnold and dont want that greedy power mad b*tch Carly F killing off whats left of the struggling working class folks. She and big money Meg are no friends of union familes or have any interest in helping out low wage workers or making improvements to schools.
Turtle Dove

Hacienda Heights, CA

#38 Oct 12, 2010
Go Brown and Boxer wrote:
A vote for Carly the job outsourcing queen is a vote to make it harder for CA to recover from the Republican recession. A vote for Barbara Boxer is a vote to create jobs, instead of outsourcing them to China and India as Carly proudly proclaims she did w 30,000 jobs at HP.
Let's see.......How many jobs has Boxer outsourced overseas not only in California, but across the Nation due to stuff she has passed when in the Senate? Surely it is way more than 30,000 jobs!

Boxer needs to GO! Vote for Carly!
Anyone But Boxer

United States

#39 Oct 12, 2010
A 3rd party candidate should win once in a while. Besides, Boxer is a PHONY environmentalist!
Turtle Dove

Hacienda Heights, CA

#40 Oct 12, 2010
Vote the D wrote:
Democrats solve 'em.
Oh, BULL! Democrats can't stop spending other people's money.
Enough is enough - get rid of all these moronic donkeys.
Anyone But Boxer

United States

#41 Oct 12, 2010
I am undecided, but Boxer has lost my support for sure.

If we are going to blame Nader for costing Gore Florida, then we must also blame Pat Buchanan for costing Bush the states of Oregon and New Mexico. If Bush had those Buchanan votes then Florida would have been insignificant.

Or if Bush had the Buchanan votes in Florida, then it would not have been so close and there would not have been a month of uncertainty while officials discerned the intent of hanging chads.

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