CPS Corruption in Rowan

CPS Corruption in Rowan

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Lexington, KY

#1 May 31, 2012
WARNING Rowan county Ky child protective services are one of the many corrupt government funded programs that kidnap children for money and profit.....The courts of Rowan Treat the word of a social worker like gold........Good Families are being torn apart and cps are abusing the children by taking them out of the homes.....The Cps of Rowan Co. say what they want about peoples families and do not do proper investigations. (Note this does not pertain to all families and there are some children who are being abused or neglected)

Lexington, KY

#2 May 31, 2012
Families can not get help from being wrongfully accused by a social worker until the children are abused from being ripped form the families.The Cps are doing more harm in some cases than good to the children by sending them to live with complete strangers.There are known cases of some people who temporary adopt these children In this county who have sexually molested the children and put pictures of them on the internet THIS NEEDS TO STOP
&fe ature=share ( please watch this video)

Lexington, KY

#3 May 31, 2012

Dayton, OH

#4 Jun 3, 2012
I disagree. Yes I'm sure you had a bad experience and its awful when any CPS treats you unfairly. Rowan CPS came to my house. I fully cooperated and they ended up paying a month rent for us, gave me gift card to shop for presents for my kids on top of brand new clothes. That was the best christmas my kids ever had. I think Rowan CPS is the most caring and non judgmental CPS I have ever seen.
I am

Lexington, KY

#5 Jun 4, 2012
I've seen cases where children were taken out here and everything was found false and place back in the home. there was NO neglect abuse or anything of the sort going on. the last thing a social working IS suppose to do is take a child out of the home they are there to help the family.forth most the child they are to work with the family to help them out whether it be proper discipline or help paying an electric bill. but she is taking children out of the home first and asking questions later. everyone please pray she learns how to be a better social worker and stop doing it for the money. she is hurting more children then she is doing good.
is there

Lexington, KY

#6 Jun 4, 2012
is there any known cases in morehead or surrounding counties of social workers or foster parents drugging the children to make them manageable ? there was a news article in ky stating a doc was prescribing anti psychotic meds to foster children per requests to make them more manageable.

Mount Washington, KY

#7 Jun 4, 2012
NO ONE from the government is your friend.
This is stupid

Morehead, KY

#8 Jun 4, 2012
Underestimated1 wrote:
I disagree. Yes I'm sure you had a bad experience and its awful when any CPS treats you unfairly. Rowan CPS came to my house. I fully cooperated and they ended up paying a month rent for us, gave me gift card to shop for presents for my kids on top of brand new clothes. That was the best christmas my kids ever had. I think Rowan CPS is the most caring and non judgmental CPS I have ever seen.
So basically you mooched off the system - great - thanks for letting us know that.

Morehead, KY

#9 Jun 4, 2012
I had to call Social Services on a close relative of mine who ahd put her children in harms way by letting her physically abusive boyfriend hit one of the children. He was also emotionally abusive and they both were doing drugs. The social worker(s) came by made the guy leave and that was that. Afterwards they did a few follow ups that were supposed to suprise visits to see if my relative was hiding her boyfriend in the house.(She was) but they didn't catch her. She was taking away food from her children to feed this "boyfriend" and the children even knew it was wrong. She had several cases of neglect filed against her and the last charges were the drug charges. One of her kids went to school and reported to a teacher that the mother was doing drugs. At that time the mother was leaving for a "vacation" to another state. They let her leave and she took her children and never came back. Previous to this - with all the open cases against her - she had her children taken away once before and got them back by complying with Social Services but after she got them back it seemed that they weren't really interested in trying to help the kids anymore on the later accusations. Then the one time she wasn't doing anything wrong and had shaped up - someone called Social Services on her again and this time the Social Worker was very verbally abusive to her and had all her facts wrong. She had the wrong name and social security number for the case. So Rowan Co. Social Services is a joke. They do not care for the children - they only care about getting their f*cking paychecks and going home at the end of the day. I know not every worker is like that but most of them are. Having spoken to one - in particular (who happend to be a man)- he seemed to be the most thorough of the incompetant group and still managed to let the children fall through the cracks. It's sad. I grew up in the system - in another state - and it's not just Kentucky or Rowan Co. that is like this. It's everywhere. People temporarily "adopt" these children for the paycheck and benefits that go along with them. When is our country going to take a stand and make these people who I believe are true terrorist pay for their crimes? Instead as a country we're more concerned with who Lindsay Lohan is dating or has slapped rather than the care and safetey of our own children. This applies to the homeless also - why feed another country's homeless when we can't even feed our own? It just doesn't seem right.

Alto, GA

#10 Jun 15, 2012
&fe ature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch... http://www.youtube.com/watch... http://www.youtube.com/watch ... This is not just happening in kentucky there are Please before you post watch these videos and get informed first before you make a fool of yourself and post something stupid

Morehead, KY

#11 Jun 15, 2012
I had no idea that this was as bad as it is. I knew the systerm was corrupt. I knew it about two different states it was corrupt - I had no idea it was naton wide - call me naive but I thought people were above this. Leave it to politics, money, and greed to throw children in harms way and use them as "merchandise" in such a way. This honestly turned my stomach. I was a child of the system and now some of my family is probably going to be also. This woman Nancy Shafer was murdered for speaking out publicly about this... that goes to show how much money is at stake here. You can say she might have comitted suicide or that she was murdered randomly but it really sounds as if our governement had her killed. I also do not think it is above our government to do something like this - do not even get me started on 9/11. These are children though - they're making money and getting job stability by taking children. Yes there is some need for it - in my case it was needed. How many cases are there though where it's not and why is there no one for the CPS to answer too? That right there should send off warning signs. This country and the people in it are fastly going downhill. People are turning there heads, are out to make money, and don't care who gets hurt. It's really sad. It needs to stop - CPS needs to be investigated for their crimes and as a nation we need one voice on the matter. We can't keep letting this happen to our children. I am deeply saddend and sickend by what I have found out tonight just by watching these videos. I had no idea who this woman was but as a product of the system and having dealt with the system with a family member I see now it is corrupt it really is. So when they come and get your kids - then will you start to fight back too?

Since: May 10

Newburgh, IN

#12 Jun 21, 2012
Not gonna name names, the ones in power , we know who they are. Instead, allow me to give my input on this corrupt organization.

&fe ature=relmfu

Take that with you.
need to know

Grayson, KY

#13 Jun 22, 2012
How do I get hold of CPS?

Grayson, KY

#14 Jun 22, 2012
What about when they take kids from badparents?

West Liberty, KY

#15 Jun 27, 2012
Be the parent u need to be and u won't have to worry bout cps
not so

Wagoner, OK

#16 Jun 27, 2012
what wrote:
Be the parent u need to be and u won't have to worry bout cps
I had been called on by my sister because she was jealous.She would not work,never bought a car, been evicted from HUD.never did anything except stir up trouble.It's all come back to haunt her now,4 kids by 4 men and a young husband that just plead guilty to grabbing and sexually propositioning a 14 yr old girl.Funny thing is the CPS won't make him move ,won't make them work.I mean I thought they are suppose to follow a case plan,kinda like a self sufficiancy contract.Not so!! How does a family of 6 survive with no car or jobs,,they mooch and lie that's how!!

Vanceburg, KY

#17 Jul 1, 2012
I know a girl who got her 2 kids took css has been to see the kids one time plus have never took the case to court told her as long as she went to pathways they would just give them back even though she is still doing the same thing she got her kids took for! also called and ask wuy nothing had been done they said ever case was differnt. I guess it will matter when someone gets hurt or something.

San Diego, CA

#18 Jul 15, 2012
That's a little disturbing that the system is that corrupted.

Morehead, KY

#19 Sep 4, 2012
I think the whole town is corruted! From the top to the bottom

Louisville, KY

#20 Sep 4, 2012
CPS workers (not all, but some) don't do what is in the best interest of the child a lot of the time. They literally are there to get a paycheck. "Phew, I nabbed a stable job" is all they care about. I have advised friends who are going through some stuff with CPS to contact Frankfort for help on getting things investigated, looked at and to help "clean up" where the system is failing. From what I am reading, it's not going to help. Any info on who to contact in Frankfort? Can their be a legitimate, HONEST and real petition or agruement brought to Frankfort by several people being effected to maybe help? I am not talking about jealous exes, angry bums, etc. I am talking about people who are honestly, wholeheartedley capable of prooving their arguement (and it has to be a legitimate one) to come forth and fight to get help into these county offices that will ensure the best interest of the child is what is happening? It's such a sad situation. Next we will see a new "Amy's Law" or something because the system failed and it cost a child their life or harm. Don't let it get to that! Also, on a personal opinion matter - I think small towns have more trouble because everyone knows everyone. The case worker is mom's ex sister in law or Suzie's neghbor, etc. THIS is a HUGE problem! It needs to be stopped before a child gets hurt worse... it's an effort to break the cycle these kids are on!

Fight for the children and to rebuild healthy families rather than hurt or slander someone who pissed you off!

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