sallisaw sucks big time

sallisaw sucks big time

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Leonard, OK

#1 Nov 21, 2008
Is anyone else as fed up as I am with the way the City of Sallisaw treats the citizens?
It is going to be one happy day for me when this ghetto city goes belly up and it will.
The city can come on your own private property that you bought and paid for and destroy your property as they see fit. If you call the police out and try to have them arrested for destroying your private property, the police tells you they can't do anything about it and the police stand right there and watch the city workers destroy your property. Of course I can understand the police not arresting the city workers because the police knows they would get fired from their job if they did not go along with what the city wanted.
I have made my share of mistakes in my lifetime but the biggest mistake I ever made was moving to this ghetto City of Sallisaw.
I understand there is not many people that know about the TOPIX FORUM so for those of you that do know about Topix tell your friends and maybe they can share their outrageous experiences they have had living in this dictator controlled ghetto he*lhole of a place called Sallisaw.
Artie B Sequoyah County

Leonard, OK

#2 Nov 24, 2008
I have to agree with "Fed Up."
I moved here from another state because of the lakes around here and plus the property is a lot lower than other states.
After moving to Sequoyah County I can easily understand why the property values are so low. I can not imagine anyone living in such squalor conditions as I see around Sequoyah County.
Talk about "Trailer Trash Country" Sequoyah County is it.
My house is up for sale and I can not wait until it sells and I can move back to civilization.
Banjo Pickers

United States

#3 Nov 24, 2008
All I see in Sequoyah County is a bunch of toothless inbred morons.
Reminds me of the movie "Deliverence."
Keep picking on those banjos, local yokels, and waiting on those welfare checks each month.

Tulsa, OK

#4 Nov 24, 2008
I use to live in that rathole Sallisaw.
I was transferred there on my job.
I could not wait to get transferred out of there.
I have never seen such rude ignorant people in my life.
That has got to be the most run down trashy place I have ever seen.
People's yards were overflowing with trash, grass and weeds overgrown to the point you could hardly see the houses.
I am surprised the Health Department does not condemn that place.
It is definitely a health hazard.
Sallisaw Resident

Tulsa, OK

#5 Nov 25, 2008
I could not AGREE more!!! I have lived here 3 years in January and I have never hated a place more in my life. The people are rude,hateful and ignorant. Not to mention, people here have very bad hygiene. You can be poor and still use soap and toothpaste. It is a disgusting trashy town that I can not wait to escape as soon as possible. What is up with the all the trash in peoples yards?
Anyone else have trouble with the Sallisaw Police Dept? I am interesting to hear from others who have had an officer(in our case Officer Billy Oliver)kick in your front door,shove you,rough up your child...throw hand cuffs on your child WITHOUT a search warrant,arrest warrant or reading the Miranda.
There will be a for sale sign in front of our house right after the holidays.
Good Riddance SalliShitville!
Sallisaw Resident

Tulsa, OK

#6 Nov 25, 2008
* I meant interested...not interesting to know LOL

Leonard, OK

#8 Dec 5, 2008
mciw6 wrote:
It looks like you guys should move. You can make a home anywhere but I do not think you can. If a police officer is in chase he can enter where ever he wants if the guy he is after runs into your house. In this case was your child and maybe you should have taken him into the police station yourself. I have found out that children will tell you anything to keep from getting in trouble. besides if he hadn't been out getting into trouble or maybe had a job the police would be busting into your house. I'M sure they had been there before and was not the first time the kid had been in trouble.For the city coming on to the land that you own What were they doing.If it was cutting trees or digging up the ground to repair a water line it was better they do than you having to pay for it. The ground will be back to normal in the spring. Im sure they will smooth it down and clean up. Gosh who is holding a gun on you guys and keeping you here. Life is too short to be somewhere you hate MOVE!!!!
Spoken like the true ignorant trailer trash hillbilly that you really are.
Go back to drinking your Kool-Aid and shut up.
Better yet, go take a shower with some of that bath soap that was donated to a charity for all you stinky smelly hill people.
When I saw the article in the Sallisaw paper asking for people to donate bath soap to a charity so you slimeballs would take a shower, I laughed so hard I wet my pants.
I can tell by your misspelled words you never made it past the first grade.

Aurora, OH

#10 Dec 21, 2008
FED UP wrote:
<quoted text>
Spoken like the true ignorant trailer trash hillbilly that you really are.
Go back to drinking your Kool-Aid and shut up.
Better yet, go take a shower with some of that bath soap that was donated to a charity for all you stinky smelly hill people.
When I saw the article in the Sallisaw paper asking for people to donate bath soap to a charity so you slimeballs would take a shower, I laughed so hard I wet my pants.
I can tell by your misspelled words you never made it past the first grade.
is this seriously what it comes down to? baths and hill people?first of all sallisw has like one hill and thats wildhorse mountian, and ur leaving sallisaw at that pnt right, my fellow neighbors over in sallisaw? and im not racist at all, but isnt it black people that everyones always joking about drinking kool-aid. and i've seen nasty places in tulsa. broken arrows got places just like that. i used to live next door to a guy that had a house that was two complete differnt colors cause he never got around to finishing. his yard was always growed up, n in his back yard there was this ancient car. in the city limits of Broken Arrow, 100 miles away from sallisaw. theres places like that everywhere. when did everyone stop helping each other, and being whiny, mouthy, snobby, prissy, bitchy bitches instead? so much for the whole "united" states of america rigth? spoiled brats

Vera, OK

#11 Dec 30, 2008
Sallisaw is a rotten place to live and as soon as I save enough money to leave this backward hillbilly town I am leaving.
How can anyone stand to live in this horrible trashy rundown town.
Melanie Bagley


#12 Jan 2, 2009
I am getting out of this town. I could not agree more. I was arrested at 41 years old and publicized in the newspaper with nothing but a bunch of lies. You can read it. I am criticized big time. All will be fine, especially when I get the hell out of this town. So yes, I can make my home anywhere, it is just a matter of time before I will. Good luck to everyone else.

Inola, OK

#13 Jan 3, 2009
What else can you expect from a bunch of banjo pickers.
Keep picken boys.....

Fort Smith, AR

#14 Jan 7, 2009
I LOVE LIVING IN SALLISAW!!!!! I have never had any problems with the police department or any of its officers.

United States

#15 Jan 8, 2009
my family has lived in sallisaw for 12 yrs, and we love it! People i have met are pretty great, we have a great church and church family here and love it!!!

United States

#16 Jan 8, 2009
I have been in sallisaw for about 2 1/2 years i seen alot of cleanup going on. i think i might just live here till I die. And the people are great to be around and fun to work with.

Sapulpa, OK

#17 Jan 9, 2009
I lik livin in sallisaw cuse me and my 4 kids git a lot of help lik food stamp we git to live in 3 bedroom house for 15 dolar a month heat and water pad for. I got a new cumputer giv to me and they lerned me how to use it
me and my kids moved here from fort smith cuse fort smith did not help me and my kids lik sallisaw dos i need help cuse my kids dadies wont giv me any mony thank you sallisaw this is wher i will be stayin

Fort Smith, AR

#18 Jan 9, 2009
Tessie you girlfriend need to get a G.E.D and a J.O.B

Inola, OK

#19 Jan 10, 2009
Did they also give you a BANJO along with that new "cumputer?"
I hope you are enjoying living the good life off of the good old hardworking taxpayer's money.
What in the World

Danville, GA

#20 Jan 10, 2009
She is probably from Gan's. That's what I thought of when I read her post. Most of the kids that posted on the site where the two boys were killed didn't sound much different than Tessie. Tessie didn't use foul language but her spelling and non use of commas,periods, was just like them. I have read some posts from different towns. In one they lost two friends. I was able to read each comment that was written by these kids. No cussing , they wrote in English. I still can not believe the spelling and language from the kids from Gan's.
Ron Lockhart

Sallisaw, OK

#21 Jan 10, 2009
"Tessie" is obviously messing with you people. I see, from your subsequent posts, that two of you fine Topix users have fallen for "Tessie's" game. This person is most likely a younger individual who gets kicks out of saying outrageous things anonymously on the internet to upset people like "Banjo Pickers" and "What in the World".(They are otherwise known as 'Trolls'.)It seems that "Tessie's" ruse has succeeded.

And no- I am not really Ron Lockhart.
Ew La La

Tulsa, OK

#22 Jan 12, 2009
Save your money baby! You can save your welfare checks that fast huh?

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