I recently read the community news hearing all of the good things about Saline, Be HERE? The article sited new German Business coming to town. I wonder, did the mayor make money from this transaction since she is affilitated with Swisher Commercial Real-Estate? Especially since the City Council approved a task force to solicit new business from Germany. On the surface it may be hard to prove, but relationships can be extended and money filtered through a side door.

The article lead me to believe higher political positions may be avaiable for her. While she is committed to the city, I'd like to take some time to point out one observation. The Celtic Festival in particluar. This function is funded by the city with the expectation the Festival can make enough money to pay back the debt to the city. Yet, each year the Festival cannot pay back the debt to the city. What gain is there to be had for the city? What are the goals the city expects to achieve and how are they being measured to determine the return on investment.

The local merchants cannot make money due to the location of the Festival. Yet, this is the time the City Council members involved in the Festival are upset to think the local merchants aren't willing to donate to the Festival. I seem to recall hearing some of the City Council members state it is not the charter of the City Council to promote local merchants prosperity. Rather, to promote only the city.

I wonder, would each member of the City Council continue to invest in their 401k fund that continues to lose with each quarter? Especially in these times.

As for Ms. Driskell, yes I believe she has a chance to advance her political career. After all, she's doing a good job of throwing your property tax dollars to the wind.