What exactly does a city manager of S...

What exactly does a city manager of SALEM do?

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“You be smart....I be nice”

Since: Jan 09

Salem.. syphilis...whatever

#1 Jan 22, 2009
I see David Mayle driving a city car (with lights on it) running around like a teenager who recently got his licence, flying on peoples bumpers like he is going to pull them over. I see him smoke his pipe and sit at random places....watching. And of course I get the news letter he co-writes in the mail, but that's it. What is he getting paid to do? Anyone know?

Defiance, OH

#2 Jan 22, 2009
I couldn't tell you what David Mayle actually does to earn a paycheck from the residents of Salem.

But, I can tell you that TODAY he WAS NOT present at the BIG meeting at the Harrison County Court House, concerning the stalling water project.


The City of Salem sent their attorney instead.

When asked... "Where is the Mayor or Manager of Salem', their attorney's responce was, "He is currently indisposed at home."

The water issue is finally over.

Salem is going to get a low interest loan and their water woes will be resolved.

Since the MAYOR nor the MANAGER thought enough to actually show up at this BIG meeting, the decision was made for them... in a sence.

If the so called "LEADERS" do not bother to show up for scheduled meetings, then how is Salem ever going to move forward?

My opinion, they now can say,(since neither one of them was actually at this meeting), that they had nothing in the decision making of the water project.


Enough said?

I think you all can get the picture.
Salem Wv Proud

Ville Platte, LA

#3 Jan 23, 2009
Wll atleast the water proablem is going to be fixed thats all that matters!!

Defiance, OH

#4 Jan 23, 2009
"The water is going to be fixed and that is all that matters."

Do you realize that since the TWO JOKERS have not shown up for BIG meetings in the past, PLUS this BIG meeting, that the decision to fix Salem's water woes WAS TAKEN OUT OF SALEM'S HANDS???!!!

Are you proud of the fact that the city of SALEM has two "Keystone Cops" for leaders?

You couldn't be. Nobody could possibly be happy with that type of "leadership".

If the leaders of other citys acted that way they would NO longer be there.

So, at least you can be happy that there are a few people out there from the county and state that actually do care if the residents of SALEM have plentiful and clean water .

You should thank them.....


“You be smart....I be nice”

Since: Jan 09

Salem.. syphilis...whatever

#5 Jan 23, 2009
woo hoo for the input "fix water now" Glad to see you were there, and glad the problem will be fixed (tired of the itchy skin) As far as the manager and the mayor, something needs to be done. The only thing I have ever seen like I said before, is David and Eric driving around with gas that we paid for DOING NOTHING!
My nephew got pulled over during the summer ....By DAVID, He was spinning his tires on the pavement and David hit the lights on his car then told my nephew "that's against the law....you wait right here till I get a hold of officer Willis" The sad thing....he actually waited, and got a ticket for reckless driving, Willis said "we can tear up that ticket right now...if you agree to come out and help with the city wide cleanup....What crap.

Defiance, OH

#6 Jan 24, 2009
I have heard many complaints from Salem residents about these two JOKERS.

But, it seems that most are actually afraid to speak up! Can you imagine being afraid of your city leaders??!!

The only way that this situation will change is to get a few qualified candidates to run against the Mayor (if that is an elected position. In some citys it is made by appointment).

Once the Mayor is replaced with some new blood then the manager will soon follow.

My advice would be to start voicing your concerns at council meetings. Get your family, friends and neighbors together on this single issue.

Soon, you will out number ANY admirers that these two have.

Soon they will either start doing their jobs they way the residents of SALEM think they should or they will feel to uncomfortable to stay.

But, the residents have to become involved. They have to actually care that the city of Salem is sooooooo far behind.

Much work needs to be done to make Salem the city it once was.

I know how Salem was years ago. And it is so sad to see it in it's current condition.

It once was clean and had a business climate that was able to succeed.


I went to college in Salem years ago and it was a nice friendly place to live.

I would personally LOVE to see that happen again.

Business will come back once you have water.

But, MORE than just water is required to run a successful city.

The leaders must have a vision and work toward a common goal.

Not self gratification or ego stroking little men will accomplish this goal.



I'll be checking in on the city from time to time to see how it's going.

Water is coming!

And that, is a very good thing!

“You be smart....I be nice”

Since: Jan 09

Salem.. syphilis...whatever

#7 Jan 25, 2009
Last night my Mom went to BINGO at Village Square Conference Center in Clarksburg, and saw none other than David Mayle and Al Swiger up there....odd, eh? Especially odd now that we learned the very same night they were spotted there the BINGO hall was raided and 144 machines were taken. Isn't it funny that they cannot attend a meeting concerning their own town's drinking water, but they just happened to be in the mix when another town has a problem.
I know the mayor was not there so when I reference "them" I am talking about Al Swiger the mail man (and a very good one at that) So save your posts...awful you have to have fine print to keep people from looking like fools.

Defiance, OH

#8 Jan 26, 2009
This doesn't surprise me. However I do not know this, Al Swiger person. Who is he? Does he have something to do with Salem. Or, does he live in Salem?
You are correct in stating that he (mayle) couldn't attend an important meeting.... but, still could go out BINGOING!! ha ha !!
Sounds "Par for the course", if you ask me.
If Salem residents want to get him out, I personally would be happy to help. I live in Clarksburg though, so anything I say or would do could be seen as, "putting my nose where is doesn't belong."
I truly hope Salem does come back from the dead.
a person

Ville Platte, LA

#9 Feb 2, 2009
Salem Wv Proud wrote:
Wll atleast the water proablem is going to be fixed thats all that matters!!
no, that's NOT all that matters. you apparently cant see the big picture here, and that is the problem with the country today... if its not sports or celebrities, most people dont know their ass from a hole in the ground.

these people are getting paid your tax dollars to handle the city's important issues. yet they dont feel the need to show up to meetings concerning these issues. what are they getting paid to do then? drive the police cars around and have cop fantasies?

sure, the water will be fixed, but no thanks to these worthless officials. had they been doing their jobs, the water problem would most likely have been resolved a long time ago. people like this are the reason salem is the way it is... poor management.
Salem Wv Proud

Ville Platte, LA

#10 Feb 6, 2009
I have nothing against Eric and I do not know David well. But I do know Eric very well and he is a very nice person. I remembered when he worked at the 7-11. And my daughter was only 3 weeks old and my husband went into the hospital. And here I was with a newborn and a very active 2 year old. And Eric occupied my son and fed my daughter so I could use the rest room and eat a sub. Because he knew I hadn't been able to eat all day.

“You be smart....I be nice”

Since: Jan 09

Salem.. syphilis...whatever

#11 Feb 7, 2009
I know Eric as well went to school with him my whole life, indeed a nice guy, This thread was never about anyone's character, instead the leadership, er I should say the responsibility of the "leaders" of our lil ol town. It takes more than being a "good guy" to be in charge. They represnt every single resident of Salem...and they (mayor and manager) can't even drag their butts to the most important meeting concering the water being piped from Sun Valley. I think its a buncha hoop-la.

Defiance, OH

#12 Feb 7, 2009
On Tuesday, February 10, 2009 at 7:00 PM there will be a public meeting at Salem City Hall concerning the approved loan by the state of WV.
Your "leaders" will talk this down and try to scare you.
Show up and demand CLEAN WATER!!!
Good Luck!!
In town

New Caney, TX

#13 Feb 21, 2009
Any comments on the mayor can be taken back. If you live in Salem then YOU elected him. He ran as a joke and for some reason won. This is the city residents fault for electing a 20 year old as mayor of their town.
long run mayor

New Caney, TX

#14 Feb 22, 2009
The city managers job is to ride around town eating free ice cream from DQ isn't it at least thats what i thought.

ps. what does he smoke in that pipe

Valley Head, WV

#15 Feb 25, 2009
I feel that City Manager Mayle has done an outstanding job. He is someone you can approach and at least get a decent anwser you may not always agree but at least he will talk with you. For results in the town last summer while driving through I saw Mr.Mayle sweeping the streets with numerous other volunteers, I see the exon has been cleaned up and the dangerous tanks removed, we have a police force that is now out on the streets doing their jobs,I see street paving patching going on,I have seen Mr. Mayle on TV AND I read the our town newsletter as well his column and TV apperances make me proud to call him our city manager. As for the water I think it is a total joke to have to connect to Sun Valley Water, I feel that the people in Salem will end up paying for Lake Floyd's water and to me that is a crying shame. I also read your comment about pulling someone over GOOD FOR MR. Mayle ! If he did it good for him, these punks for way too long thought they had complete control over our town. I think the anwser to this those comes for the program that was in the newsletter I recieved today and that is the Volunteer in Police Service maybe instead of griping about it you should join to help patrol the streets. As for our Mayor Mr. Wolford walked into one hell of a mess with the previous adminastration of Sheldon Dolly and Ken Yost do you not remember how bad it was with these "two jokers" ? They are the reason for Salem having to hook up to this clarksburg water I have read many documents indicating that Salem had the money to build their own plant but as a parting gift by Mr. Yost nothing happened with it and the state took the money away. So I think you may need to get educated on the issues before you speak for the town as a whole. I just hope we don't loose Mr. Mayle in these trying times we need a leader like him. I hear is very connected with people at the CAPITOL and yet he chose Salem , and I remember reading his interview with the paper when he said he had the community at heart and I believe him. The best advice I would give you is if you want to run the risk of returning to the Ken Yost day's keep up what you are doing but I for one think our town is moving in the right direction so be it known you dont speak for everyone.
long run mayor

New Caney, TX

#16 Feb 26, 2009
as for lake floyd they are the only reason that sht hole town stays afloat
Salem Wv Proud

New Caney, TX

#17 Mar 4, 2009
Iagree with Salem4ever :)
Lake Floyd Citizen

Clear Spring, MD

#18 May 26, 2009
It was brought to my attention during dinner, in Salem, that this blog existed. I felt compelled to check it out and see what people were saying. OH MY! Some of the people who are posting comments are, in my opinion, very ignorant. I know that I am not a citizen of Salem, but at some point my children will most likely attend school in this city. I am appalled at some of the officials and ideas that the "uneducated" citizens of Salem have. I want everyone to know that when the water comes to Lake Floyd, you better bet we will be paying for it. I believe that the prices will be jacked up to the point that at some point in my lifetime I, personally, will have paid for the entire system. As I drive through Salem and see the campaign signs I am appalled that people resort to such slander in this city. I think that it would be a crying shame to elect someone who can't rise above the pettiness and fight a clean fight. It is a shame that David Mayle has to get his friends to run for office so that he can stay afloat. Where in the United States of America does such a small town pay a city manager $40,000 dollars a year? Does he even have a college degree? If anyone out there knows the answer to this question please let me know. I know that I am not a citizen of the city but I am concerned for my friends who do and am concerned for my children who will attend school in this city. I love the city of Salem and believe it could be very charming and return to it's former glory, but not under the current administration. Please, will the citizens of Salem get out on June 2, 2009 and vote.

“these people are funny”

Since: Apr 09

salem, wv

#19 May 26, 2009
I have to agree, I have known Mr Plauger for years, and I have lost all respect for him with this dirty campaign. I hope others will also see it for what it is. The town of Salem has several difficult issues to deal with in the future, is it wise to elect someone who is petty, and resorts to children's antics. From what I hear David does have a 12 month degree from a online institution. He worked at the Industrial Home, but not in management. In my opinion he does not have the credentials to back up or even been considered for the City Manager Position. The question is does Salem even need a City Manager? To manage what? I guess its just like they need a new police car, for all those officers who works for a few months then quits!! With that said why should we continue to keep the police, why not ask for policing from the County. That has been discussed before. It will save the town some money. Salem cant afford to pay perdeum for prisoners at the County Jail. That's why the County Police make over 50% of Salem arrest all ready!! Jim Plauger is David Mayles life line, he knows his days are numbered. He has made some critical mistakes with not wanting to provide Salem residents with clean water!!!!!!!!

Clear Spring, MD

#20 May 27, 2009
I heard about the raise they try to give the city manager David Mayle at city council last night. He refused the raise. ha ha !!!!! According to some people he only has a 12 month online degree. If he had a master degree in business management I could understand giving him a raise. He needs to produce something instead of talking about it. What do you think about the upcoming election in Salem on June 2.

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