Review: Roanoke Coin Exchange
Phone call said it all

Roanoke, VA

#21 Aug 29, 2011
I called before I came in, the guy who answered assuming was the dick head in question, was so rude I hungup the phone and couldnt believe this guy was still in business. He even told me he would appraise depending on what I had, really rudely, I asked how much he said come in and I will tell you, he then says I gotta pay rent you know. I Will not be going here, not wasting my time what a ass hole.

Grand Rapids, MI

#22 Sep 27, 2011
WOW! Somebody must be desperate for business if they compete by anonymously bad-mouthing the competition. I have never had a bad experience in this shop. The comments posted here are so, so over the top that they cannot be taken seriously. Think about two things:

1) If the "reviews" here were accurate, how could this store have been open with the same owner in the same location for THIRTY-FIVE years?

2) How ethical is the competition if they stoop to this level?

Natural Bridge, VA

#23 Oct 9, 2011
I don't think anyone here is competition trying to badmouth this man. I do think that they encountered his acerbic manor and got pissed. He rubbed me the wrong way (and still does, but I overlook it as an adult is supposed to do).

I could very well see someone encountering the man's rude, snotty nature and then blowing it out of proportion in an internet review.

It's true. The guy is an asshole. It's also true that you can find decent stuff and a reasonable price. He will haggle. Like many a coin dealer, if you pull out some cash... then they are more than ready to talk.

I do wonder though about his sticker prices and how he stays in business.

I learned recently that he used to have another employee that dealt with "the public", but I wonder about the veracity of the claim since it's been him behind the counter for at least the last 18 years.

And to many in this thread... you ARE hobbyists. There will always be a type of dealer that simply does not want your business. The folks that spent a few hundred bucks over the course of months? Heh. One numismatist can easily spend thousands in a single visit. Those are the customers he remembers and doesn't treat like shit.

I agree. He's a royal ass, but I don't think folks are being realistic in this thread at all.

Blue Ridge, VA

#24 Dec 15, 2011
Insulting! Does this man actually want to sell his inventory? When I asked him how much an item was his only response was "Well I can tell you its not cheap."
Well, I am sorry but I don't think I asked if it was cheap. I asked the price. He never told me. Just because I am under 40 does not mean I can't afford it. NEWS FLASH! If you want to sell your inventory you need to tell people how much it is and not be an outright jerk.

Fieldale, VA

#25 Nov 9, 2012
i have 7 silver eagles, 5 of wich are from 2012 in protective case.. im trying to find somewhere that will give me a decent deal. anyone want to buy them? email is [email protected]

Goodview, VA

#26 Dec 17, 2012
Ok, so where should you go for coin appraisals in the Roanoke area? Is the only place to go Yonces?

Roanoke, VA

#27 Feb 1, 2013
I like how the people taking up for the ol' goat have never met the man. Go in the shop before you stick your foot in your mouth. If you have never met the man, and have never been in the shop, what experience do you have to offer? And most of us are not going back again if you bother to read the comments.
Gumtree Man

Salem, VA

#28 Jun 18, 2013
I've known this guy for over thirty years and had multiple dealings with him. He knows his stuff! However, it's not a 'coin dealer's' responsibility to teach every customer the coin business. Serious collectors and/or hobbyist will find him informative. However, like any businessman, you need to pick your time when you start picking his brain! When he's busy or other customers are there may not be the best time.

Having been in the 'buy/sell' business myself, I know that a lot of folks buy 'junk' from an ad or fly-by-night; then want an expert to tell them 'what's it worth' for free! I'll admit that Reggie after 40 years in the coin business is short on personality and patience at times.

However, during the hours and hours I've spent in his ship over the years, I must say that I've heard him be 'rude' to only a small percentage of his patrons and when he was, boy did they deserve it! I'm not saying that they were rude, I'm saying they were either stupid and thought they were much more or they were trying to get something (his knowledge about coins) for nothing. Both are hard to be patient with!

Best to you Reggie and Roanoke Coin!
Gumtree Man

Salem, VA

#29 Jun 18, 2013
I doubt any of you folks would be reading this if you weren't interested in coins and/or bullion, etc! For those of you who are just starting or thinking about starting, please remember a couple of things:
1 - Precious Metals values are determined and posted hundreds of times every business day. Non-collectable coins value is determined overwhelmingly by this "Market Value" that is constantly changing.
2 - The "Market Value" is the momentary value of the metal as it is pulled out of the ground, smelted and in it's 99.9% pure state.
3 - Then there are minting, shipping & etc. costs that need to be added to it's price. Then the Retailer needs to cover his expenses and make a reasonable profit for his efforts. Thus your price should include all of these and many more factors.
4 - When a dealer buys your 'coins' he has to factor into what he offers you his risks in buying from you (someone who he doesn't know from Adam). The 'risks' are many; that your coins may be stolen is but one of about twenty or more.
5 - The least risk is "does he want or have a market for your coins?"

Regarding the majority of those complaining about Reggie: Based upon your description of your visit, uou guys went in with questions about your coins or the coin/s you wanted to buy. Truth be known, if the majority of you folks really were serious about what you were doing, you would have utilized the free internet and done your homework as compared to asking Reggie to do the work for you! Those of you who had a collection from someone else, you should have called ahead and scheduled a time for him to look at them and give you a price. Either way, you should have done some homework and knew ahead of time what the market value was for your coins. I know you do this with your car or house that you want to sell or buy!

Last but not least, you folks often ask what are my coins worth? If you are going to insure them that is a correct question. If you want to sell them, you should determine this value yourself and then go in and ask "do you want to purchase these coins from me and if so, what will he pay you for them? You see folks, a little common sense goes a long way! What are they worth requires a trained, experienced expert who normally charges $100 and up per hour for his time. Go to any certified gemologist and see what they charge to tell you what your jewelry is worth. Call any certified Real Estate Appraiser and see what they will charge you for telling you what your house is worth!

Come on folks! Get off of this "you owe me" kick and accept full responsibility for your own self and belongings! Get a Life and be aware of your surroundings and study it out for yourself before you just walk in and ask someone in the business what your coins are worth!

God does bless Fools and little Children! Which are we?
coin collecter

Roanoke, VA

#31 Dec 18, 2013
i went tothe shop and im a 11 year old coin collecter i went to the coin shopand when i took out my coins (i was just geting started on my collection) he practicly laghed when i took out my coins and i thought that my quarter was silver but it wasnt but whe i tryed to sell it to him instead of being polite and saying im sorry but its not silver he LAGHED in my face

Roanoke, VA

#32 Dec 31, 2013
All the above is true, I've been there as well. I'm praying for him.
Coin guy

New Baltimore, MI

#33 Jan 11, 2014
Ormaith wrote:
I've been going in this guy's shop since I was a kid. I used to think he was a complete dick too.
However, when I got older, he began to take me seriously. I've watched him for a while, and he is purposefully obtuse to hobbyists. The reason for this is simple: hobbyists will never spend enough in his store to make it worth the hassle.
If you are are a serious numismatist, then you will find that he changes, even if you don't buy anything. He'll chat with you at length about different coin topics.
I have also never seen the man give a bad appraisal. He can't help it that people buy junk (anything you see on TV is crap to a numismatist- and you got ripped off for paying what you did) and then come in to his store to "cash in on their awesome investment."
He is socially inept I agree. Charging 100 dollars to appraise junk is his way of saying "No thanks. I am not interested." instead of just saying it.
Really? A business that is open to the public should be prepared to deal with the public. Either you enjoy being verbally abused or you are a family member who is attempting to salvage his reputation. The guy is a jerk. I wonder how many young people he has turned away from becoming avid collectors and "numismatists".

Gloucester, MA

#34 May 1, 2016
Socially Inert wrote:
The owner of the coin shop is perhaps one of the most rude, vile, fat, and socially inert "persons" I've ever met. If you donít believe me, go see him. I brought in some coins to have them appraised. When he caught a glimpse of them, his only reply (in a very smart mouthed tone of voice) was, "did you just get them today?" I still don't understand what he was trying to say. When he "examined them", he didn't even take them out of the packaging. He spent a good amount of time implying that I was stupid for purchasing them yet he failed to understand that if I knew everything there is to know about coin grading, Iíd have my own store. He didn't like any of them but offered $100 to appraise them. I just walked out. To make a long story short... Don't see this snake. He's a bitter old fart who should be spending his remaining days appraising his neighbor's vomit, at the local nursing home. Itís beyond me, how this guy stays in business.. This isnít the only negative review you will ever see about him and it surely wonít be the last.
REPLY: I tracked this guys store down because he had a coin on eBay I was interested in...after reading all the posts (and I did read them all) I decided not to contact him. I am a fellow collector
and this reply is for my fellow brethren...I will tell you to go to PQDOLLARS .com The owner is named Steve and he will give you the customer service you deserve and are looking for. Honest,fair,super knowledgeable,and GREAT coins. I have bought and sold maybe 100K worth of coins with Steve over the years,and he has treated me A+++++...even when when I was "small time" starting out.
His store is in SC...I live everything I have done with him has been via the mail. I have NEVER had ANY issues and I have always felt good after every deal. I honestly think you will be glad you took my advise and bring him your business. If you are inclined...tell him you read about him on this forum,and the post was from "DONALD" "HAPPY COLLECTING" :-)

Roanoke, VA

#36 Sep 20, 2016
I just left this guys shop and every single comment that is negative about him is true. I've never seen anything like it. I told him before walking out that "I can't understand how you do ANY business. You're the unfriendliest person I've ever met." And it's true, as far as a business owner, he's the worst. I figure his shop must be a front for some other kind of shady business. There's no way anyone would spend anytime with him for anything other than trying to give themselves a stroke.

Madison Heights, VA

#37 Oct 4, 2016

Chicago, IL

#39 Feb 24, 2017
There's only one word to describe this business cheat.. you are better off going to a pawn shop this individual will cheat you and make you feel like you're getting a deal I wouldn't buy anything from him....
Agnetta Folkskog

Charlottesville, VA

#40 Feb 27, 2017
roanoke shopper wrote:
DO NOT GO TO THIS SHOP!!!!!! You will be insulted, talked down to, and ripped off. You will get better customer service from the taliban.
Noted.....I'm not from here and I make investments for the kids in my family on birthdays and Christmas. I won't wast a moment with a fat little pig. I will be treated with respect or shit in his floor.

Wytheville, VA

#41 Mar 2, 2017
Agnetta Folkskog wrote:
<quoted text>

Noted.....I'm not from here and I make investments for the kids in my family on birthdays and Christmas. I won't wast a moment with a fat little pig. I will be treated with respect or shit in his floor.
. I doubt you will shytte in his floor seeing as how u have already shytte in ur pants. Your comment was rude and not necessary. You just needed to post. I hear your momma calling------.

Wytheville, VA

#42 Mar 2, 2017
Johnruger wrote:
There's only one word to describe this business cheat.. you are better off going to a pawn shop this individual will cheat you and make you feel like you're getting a deal I wouldn't buy anything from him....
You have a Chicago IP. U probably won't be buying any thing for long. Soon we will be reading about you in the paper.

Wytheville, VA

#43 Mar 2, 2017
Jimbo wrote:
I smell that!

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