Inmate injured in assault at South Wo...

Inmate injured in assault at South Woods State Prison in Bridgeton

There are 102 comments on the Millville News story from Jan 4, 2011, titled Inmate injured in assault at South Woods State Prison in Bridgeton. In it, Millville News reports that:

An inmate at South Woods State Prison was taken to an area hospital Tuesday afternoon following what scanner reports described as an assault.

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United States

#41 Sep 7, 2012
I was incarcerated @ southwoods in 2009, some really good guards that jepordize there jobs trying to make life better for the inmates, I was also assaulted for protecting another inmate from an assault by six guards in the clothing shop, the guard just punched him in the face for talking in line, I threw my body ontop of him while the guards stomped on him, he was an old man.
an ex inmate

United States

#42 Oct 21, 2012
iv seen some of the conditions in intitutions. i think that a theynybody who works in any kind of
institution of confinement. being a prison. state school or asylum should be hold accountable for
any mistreatment of any imate. a sevear penalty
should be inposed. on them including the death
penalty. cause there is no excuse for mistreatment
they are soposed to be highly trained and disaplained for there jobs. some of them need to be on the end of a rope. cause they are as mouch
criminals as the poeple they are gaurding

United States

#43 Nov 8, 2012
wow this is ridiculous!!! daniel I am sorry to hear about your father but how dare you defend what he did saying he was sick!!! pedophiles are not sick like cancer patients, they are sick demented twisted fucks that do not deserve special treatment so what you are saying is you are disgusted that he was left all alone sick? kind of like those two little girls were left all alone all those years with the nightmares of what he did to them? so it wasn't reported for 20 years and im sure in that time there were others, raping or not, no child deserves to have an adult betray thier trust and take their childhood from them. obviously you don't have kids or if you do i truly hope they don't get your sense of values.....or your grammar! my daughter was molested and i just found out the asshole that did it is now in swsp, was only trying to find out what kind of place it is and am sooooo glad to hear nothing but bad things about this place.
concerned relative of inm

Woodbury, NJ

#44 Jan 1, 2013
where do we start to do something to stop this type of treatment towards inmates?...they are still humanbeings afterall...I've heard that they treat anyone with any kind of sex charge like garbage.....some inmates treat them badly too....

Murfreesboro, TN

#45 Jan 2, 2013
i know right from wrong, and i do my best to live on the right side of life, with that said, i am also not a judge of mankind, i guess some of you people have decided to be the judge jury and executioner,,,, ONLY God has this power, and i am sure you are not Gods, all mankind will be judged, and you will also. all these people that have never sin ed, standing around throwing stones, you will be judged!!!!!
Speaking the truth

Burlington, NJ

#46 Jan 3, 2013
Everyone who has not been incarcerated are slightly mistaken. Medical staff handles medical issues. Guards handle counts and problem issues. As far as child and baby rapists they did what they did and God punished them. If your father did so much for those girls and their children and his 7 children. Why don't you know how to spell. He sent you to school and started businesses for what a dummy. I hate to think negative of anyone but your wrong. Your father was taking care of by the medical staff as best they could with the limited medical staff in the area. If you are so concerned with the well-being of your father, tell the state to hire more medical personnel and stop talking about matters you have no knowledge of. The person who dressed inappropriately wear lose fitting baggy clothing and you wouldn't have a problem. Stop visiting like your stepping out to the club in your hooker gear. We all have standards and you knew you wouldn't be able to get in before you got there. Come on get it together. As far as Mrs. McNeal I have no knowledge of that situation so I won't comment. Inmates are not supposed to get treated like Kings in prison, if they were treated like that. They would keep coming back as over half of them do. Prison is there to rehabilitate but most of the inmates don't believe in rehabilitation. They think of ways not to get caught the next time. The bigger plan, but it never works. It does for a minute but then the dream is a reality again still doors and a four walls. I have always treated people with the inmost respect no matter what their crime. All I can say is raise your children right and the system and all the bad person won't have to do it for you. End of story. Keeping it real. Speaking the truth

Murfreesboro, TN

#47 Jan 6, 2013
I'm done with this!!!!!! I hope you all burn in hell!!!!!! I hope you and your children and your children's children suffer and die a horrible and lonely death!!!!! like my dad did!!!! that would be justice!!!!! med staff what a joke,,thay sat and played cards while my father cried in pain could not feed himself or use the bathroom thay sat and played cards while he died!!!!!THATS THE TRUTH!!!!!! THATS THE REALTY OF IT!!!! I HOPE YOU ALL DIE!!!!!
in memory of Nathaniel Mc

Willingboro, NJ

#48 Feb 13, 2013
lvnv wrote:
I was incarcerated there for sometime. While i was there i seen a lot of neglect towards inmates that were in medical ward. Nurses didnt care neither did the co's. Its a damn shame that there hasnt been any investigations into these deaths. Im sorry to read and hear these stories. Just remember Karma is a bitch.
I truly understand and empathize with you, my son's father was there back in "99", supposedly the mistreatment of the inmates went as bad as them knowingly giving the inmates foul water, and a group of them got sick, when they finally got him some "Real" medical attention by way of the prison section at local hosp, they told him he had mesothelioma, gave him all type of chemo, nothing worked as like he was some kind of Guinna pig for them he lasted 6 months after being diagnosed. They made numerous unnecessary transfers within the institutes while he was sick and this was during the winter. He did Dec. 09, How bout they didn't even put the correct cause of death they said natural, but treating him for cancer.

United States

#49 Feb 17, 2013
My daughters father was in this prison when his life was taking he was on suicide watch yet for some reason still had sheets I don't know what really happened but from reading what you all have wrote I think its answered a bunch of my question I never visited because I was to far away and I was never aware of how bad this prison sounds

Camden, NJ

#50 Mar 8, 2013
WOW so sorry 2 hear all these stories My man is in there n will spend the next 18 months there WOW this is crazy!!!

Saint Paul, MN

#51 Mar 24, 2013
One of DOC's employees favorite sayings is "They do it because They Can". Sad but True. They are seldom held accountable for their crimes.

New York, NY

#52 May 20, 2013
Smh can't believe wat I'm reading hope it has gotten better

Fort Wayne, IN

#53 Jun 15, 2013
I hope my dad is ok in there. He's been there since 2001 and after reading this it makes me scared. Another half a century to go. I see him but each time it gets worse. I never get in without being given a hard time like I have done something wrong.
dan d

Murfreesboro, TN

#54 Jun 17, 2013
God is my judge!!!!!!!!!

New Castle, DE

#55 Jun 24, 2013
I'm sorry but the stories I hear in prison are not right from what I here from inmates that been there the female guards are having sex with the inmates unforuntally this is true or it wouldn't have been in the papers.And the guards beating up the inmates. You have to have faith. The guards need to be accountable for there actions we do. And I'm sorry but no exceptions to the rules.
The guard

Staten Island, NY

#56 Aug 7, 2013
I'm glad your pedophile dad died a horrible death. People that rape kids should all die like that. What if it were your kids he raped?
Co co co

Belleville, MI

#57 Aug 7, 2013
I hope when your shit head father goes to hell. Satan touches him like he touched the girls.
dan d

Smyrna, TN

#58 Aug 7, 2013
You are the ones who will burn in HELL,,, sin is sin no difference between stealing a candy bar or murder in God's eyes,,,, and God forgave him,so do you think I worry about what you think or say, you are wroung... now Mr. Guard what makes your judgment better then God's... I really hope you wise up and don't burn in HELL!!!!!!
child of God

Smyrna, TN

#59 Aug 7, 2013
The panda

Belleville, MI

#60 Aug 8, 2013
dan d wrote:
You are the ones who will burn in HELL,,, sin is sin no difference between stealing a candy bar or murder in God's eyes,,,, and God forgave him,so do you think I worry about what you think or say, you are wroung... now Mr. Guard what makes your judgment better then God's... I really hope you wise up and don't burn in HELL!!!!!!
Do you think your dad offered those girls candy when he raped them, like the guy from family guy?

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