This case is a prime example of how bad some of our laws are and how prosecutors threaten citizens to take their plea (so they win the case) or they will really stick it to them. the public has no idea of how many people take the plea (even though innocent or not as bad as prosecutor makes it look)because the prosecutors scare the hell out of them with length of sentences they could get. there is something seriously wrong with our justice system and yet congress and our state legislators continue to drag their feet on throwing out mandatory sentences, and reviewing the laws on the books that need to be changed or abolished. And the public goes on believing that everyone in prison deserves to be there. The public has no idea of the cuts in prison budgets to the point where it is just lock up and no rehab. Therefore these real criminals will get out and return to the same old ways and we will continue to pay for them to be habitual offenders--when good rehab and vocational training programs might have turned some of them around. And the people who took the plea or were railroaded spend their time with nothing meaningful to do--along with the rest. And the gangs in too many prisons run things their way either because there aren't enough guards, or in some cases the guards are afraid of them and look the other way. How much more do we have to pay to support a law system that is in dire need of repair?