Hong Su

Rolla, MO

#1 Dec 3, 2011
Hi my name is Chasity Holmes, I am a Transportation Modal person for Hong Su dba Delta Connection. I have noticed a lot of traffic going to salem and will be suggesting to my company to begin offering flight from salem to other white trash mecca's such as Los angeles, louisville ky, and Texas. Happy Flying!


Salem, MO

#2 Dec 3, 2011
This is so messed up it's funny.

Jefferson City, MO

#3 Dec 4, 2011
Hong Su wrote:
Hi my name is Chasity Holmes, I am a Transportation Modal person for Hong Su dba Delta Connection. I have noticed a lot of traffic going to salem and will be suggesting to my company to begin offering flight from salem to other white trash mecca's such as Los angeles, louisville ky, and Texas. Happy Flying!
"White trash" - as opposed to what? Black plague? Brown fungus? Yellow thieves?

Before anyone has the audacity to open their shit-smelling mouths and call white people names, they need to make an honest assessment of the "other white meats" - you know, the so-called minorities here in the U.S. who call the down-trodden and persecuted of the white population names like "trash" and "redneck," when every minority in America is working feverishly to be as white as they can possibly be. Whites are forced by law to tolerate the blatant and unfair assault by these obnoxious people, an assault that has already taken away much of our rights that used to be guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

There is a segment of the white population that has been denied the opportunities and benefits of being American citizens that should be readily available to all citizens. The inherently poor white population, in most cases, has been denied the chance to advance themselves, and have been greatly discriminated against in order to cater to the thieving minorities. Whites, and especially poor whites are denied good educations, and unlike the whining, demanding minorities, they are denied job placement by the government into lucrative and well paying jobs. I worked in state government long enough to see white people who had worked hard for years in order to attain advancement and success in their careers, only to be denied promotions in order to satisfy the affirmative action laws. Interviews would be held for promotional positions, a person would be chosen for promotion to a position, and then the paperwork would be recalled. No one would be promoted because the affirmative action laws stipulated that a percentage of these good paying promotional jobs must be filled by minorities. Minorities would be hired from outside the departments to fill these jobs, and most of the time these people were not qualified to fill these positions. So much for working hard.

I know a young white man who's passion from the time he was a small child was to be a veterinarian. When he graduated from high school, he did so with honors. His parents scrimped and saved in order to send him to college, and his grades there were excellent. But when it was time to apply for veterinarian schooling, his excellent grades got him nowhere. He was told that there was no room for him in the animal health classes at Missouri University because they were filled by people who had entitlement to them by virtue of affirmative action. Poor white guy versus minority trash on a free ride to college.

We have poor white people in America who are now caught in a vicious cycle of no ambition, no identity with American values and no hope. This is happening to them because their chances to be successful productive American citizens have been taken from them and given away to the greedy minorities. Before affirmative action and the multitude of other "politically correct" laws were forced on the white American public, the number of white people living like ghetto slummers was very small. Now that white people are the ONLY group that is blatantly discriminated against in America, we are seeing this population of poor white people who are caught up in hopelessness grow by the day.

Salem, MO

#4 Dec 6, 2011
ootay you type to much and have to much spare time! EAT IT!

United States

#5 Dec 6, 2011
OOTA, you fell for a troll and you fell hard. Geez.

Jefferson City, MO

#6 Dec 9, 2011
OldOzarkCrow wrote:
OOTA, you fell for a troll and you fell hard. Geez.
Any time I can get the truth out there is okay by me. Troll or no troll, I hear this kind of discriminatory crap about white people all the time, and I point it out because everyone else is afraid of being on the wrong side of "I kiss minority ass because I'm afraid to stand up for my own people."

There wouldn't be so many poor, uneducated whites if our wonderful politicians hadn't given our country away to bitchin' whinin' minorities. They've got the government's helping hand to get them through college, and they are handed the best jobs so some mealy-mouth carpetbagger can show everyone how welcoming and diverse this country is.

Whites have been robbed.

Jefferson City, MO

#7 Dec 9, 2011
mac10 wrote:
ootay you type to much and have to much spare time! EAT IT!
"Mac10" - I'll say this one time: betcha' you wouldn't get away with telling me to "eat it" to my face. If you knew me, you'd know what I'm talking about.

Warsaw, MO

#8 Dec 9, 2011
OOTA, you hit the nail right on the head. I'd like the see a united white people college fund, white entertainment tv, and white magazine instead of ebony. Imagine the lawsuits and whining then.
Reynolds Resident

Wentzville, MO

#9 Dec 9, 2011
I think OOTA has a point. Affirmative action is causing ruin. Think about it, every day more people "migrate" the the US for a "better life". Of all that "migrate" here - they have to get jobs to have a "better life" - hence, less jobs for the ORIGINAL americans. Then they have babies that grow up & get jobs - more ORIGINAL americans out of work because large corporations are required to give jobs to minorities. I have spent my fair share of days working my tail off in a sawmill or busting wood to sell just to buy groceries and pay the electric bill! Nothing like an honest days work for a fair wage, but when I can't get a job because the company I'm applying for HAS to hire a minority (even though I have better qualifications & work ethic).... I say shut the damn gates! Give the USA back to the original americans. If more americans had the intestinal fortitude to stand up & stick together, the USA would be all the better!

Jefferson City, MO

#10 Dec 10, 2011
Small towns all over this country (Salem included) are purposely bringing minorities in, finding housing for them and making sure they get good jobs in some of the better paying places to work. The reason for this is that the federal government has promised these towns that the more diverse they are, the more they cater to blacks, hispanics and other minorities, the more grants and no interest loans the towns receive.

I had no idea that this was going on until I interviewed for a part time job here in Salem, and heard some of the city officials who were on the interview panel discussing it. They were really pumped about how many minorities that they have already "served" here in Salem, and were deciding how they were going to bring more in.

When was the last time a town brought in an ordinary white family, arranged for them to buy or rent a nice home, and made sure that the adults in that family had some of the best paying jobs available in the area?

Remember, affirmative action enforcers will not settle for the minorities getting just any old jobs - under affirmative action rules, these people must be moved into higher paying, supervisory positions. Before you doubters out there accuse me of making this stuff up, please know that I worked in state government for almost 20 years, and my job had a lot to do with human resources on a state level. I have witnessed literally hundreds of affirmative action placements that got very good paying state jobs that they were in no way qualified for.

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