Jeannie Bates
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#1 Sep 22, 2012
Just wondering what is happening with her.where she go?
straight down the tubes

Cameron, MO

#2 Sep 23, 2012
she sux

Rolla, MO

#3 Sep 24, 2012
she went to HE$L!!!!! fu#cin WHO#E!!!
#4 Sep 24, 2012
I know the skank need's go do to hell,worthless mother,daughter,gf,friend,noth ing but a no good druggie.She hasn't an never will be a good mother,or make something of her life but to depend on everyone else for a hand out.

Saint Louis, MO

#5 Sep 24, 2012
Any mother who will put her children in harms way deserves the death penalty! Its no big surprise that she got cought really think about it, she's left her children with her mother how many times to go to St. Louis for school she wouldn't let her kids father see them unless he would sleep with her so he went yrs without seeing his kids but yet she didn't even have them? Seems to me if one parent can't be there for what ever reason the kids should go to the other parent but no she pawned her kids off on her mom instead! They say karma always comes back around well here it is she's getting her dose but not fully yet there's more to come... she's in and out of jail atleast 3 times a month the life these children have lived is sad I hope she looses all her parental rights. Hopefully these kids stay with there father where they are safe and happy and can get a good education and live an actual family life style instead of the drugged out future they would have with her!

Odessa, MO

#6 Sep 24, 2012
I saw her getting out of the laws car at the sherriffs office the other night after she was arrested for the drug thing and she was out in a few days,but didnt show up on case net, well my guess is she Ratting everybody out to save her own fat ass,what a piece of shit
#7 Sep 25, 2012
You better believe she's a rat,but much much more and to (worthless) you hit home on that one.she is a pos and will never be anything more than just that.Suprized that pu**y hasn't rotted yet from all the std's she has or has had,That thing has to be bigger than the grand canyon from the thousand's of men.Really i mean how man men have claimed to fall in?

United States

#8 Sep 27, 2012
You all who are bashing her are gonna have to answer to God someday.Your stupidity is sicking.You are no better than her,start loving yourself and u may find peace instead of your hostility
#9 Sep 28, 2012
I see her life hasn't changed or even attempted to after she lost her kid's.Not that she deserves them anyway,i see her still running all around with her drugged out buddies guess they didn't mean to much to her.Also i hear she is blaming amanda for her problem's in her life an i'd just like to say.GROW THE HELL UP,TAKE RESPONSIABILTY FOR YOUR OWN PROBLEM'S,GET UR FAT LAZY A** OFF THE COUCH AND GET A JOB,GET UR OWN HOME AND STOP LIVING OFF EVERYONE AND WAITING FOR A HAND OUT,KEEP YOUR LEG'S CLOSED AN STOP WORRING ABOUT WHAT D**K YOU CAN GET TODAY,START WORRING ABOUT HOW U CAN BE A BETTER MOTHER AND TAKE CARE OF UR CHILDREN AND PROVID THEM WITH FOOD AND SHELTER WITHOUT MOMMY AND DADDY,IT'S BEEN 10yrs TIME TO GROW UP AN STOP THINKING ONLY ABOUT JEANNIE,LIFE ISN'T ABOUT U ANYMORE U HAVE 3 CHILDREN SO START ACTING LIKE IT!!!!!
just sayin

Warrensburg, MO

#10 Sep 28, 2012
Shes in bunker these days i hear...

Since: Sep 12

Location hidden

#11 Sep 30, 2012
shes part of heroin trafficing operation to get your kids hooked on dope so they can stay high at the expense of everyone else
jessica smith

United States

#12 Oct 2, 2012
You guys are so motherfckin dumb you obviously know nothing about her she's a good mother and has always took damn good care of them.. and I don't see the point in spreading rumors about good people nobody's perfect so look at your own life becuz u all are obviously the ones who have problems and keep your nose out of hers.. love you Jeanie!!

Warrensburg, MO

#14 Oct 3, 2012
Jeannie is a great mother! Love her to death! Keep your name out of your mouths you white trash idiots
#15 Oct 3, 2012
people who encourage other's and ok their parenting skill's by haveing herion in front of their children are white trash,yep i mean'YOU'.A good mother wouldn't have that around their children nor would they be doin it themself.if she cared enough about them or at all she would of thought more of them then herself...A good mother doesn't take chance's to risk loosing her children such as she did.A good mother would open her heart to her children's feeling's.Before u all go defending what a good mother she is answer one question.Can any of u tell me what them kid's are feeling right now?can u say they are not hurting?can u say they are ok being split apart?Can you really look at them knowing their life has just took a complete turn and still say she is a good mother?Sorry but she did this to herself and her children and in my eye's a mother that love's her children would never cause them that kind of pain.

Rolla, MO

#16 Oct 3, 2012
We're white trash idiots? Hey if not selling heroin around my children makes me white trash then yeah I guess you can call me that.
#17 Oct 3, 2012
Frankthefluffy wrote:
We're white trash idiots? Hey if not selling heroin around my children makes me white trash then yeah I guess you can call me that.
AMEN,would be honored to be if that's what white trash mean's....IM WHITE TRASH...
she didnt show
#18 Oct 4, 2012
She had court today!!! She didnt show warrant issued!!!!

Sweet Springs, MO

#19 Oct 4, 2012
Hey dumb a$$ yes she did go to court. Y in the hell are all of u guys sooo worried about her. Instead of bashing her on this site how bout u confront her to her face and see where that gets ya. Grow and and get a freaking life!

United States

#20 Oct 4, 2012
Hi everyone, hope u all enjoy bashing me lol... Its funny how all u ppl can get on here and say all this but none of u can confront me about it and u all act like ur lives r so much better... I guess whatever makes u guys feel better and helps u sleep at night.. U all assume u know whats going on or what has been going on but u have no clue, so i will just let u all row wit it.. Oh and its obvious who is all saying the ignorant shit and u can tell the ppl who r talking crap r just ppl who r mad at me but o well life goes on.. Anyway u all have a nice life and oersonally i am glad i give u something to talk about because as long as u r talking bout me u r leaving someone else alone.. Gd bye!! O and u all r very hypocritical cause u judge me but only god has the right to judge me.. God bless u all and may ur lives be filled with greatness!!

Farmington, MO

#21 Oct 4, 2012
I saw the video she was in. She really laid down those moves.

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